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Zombie Apocalypse: Pokemon

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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, its characters, and other characters.

Pallet Town, Kanto/At night...

"Fuckin' hell... Fuck this world..." Ash Satoshi Ketchum (Pokemon) said, laying in the backseat of his black toyota. Ash was very drunk, more than six alcohol bottes were scattered around him, and he was very depressed.

Ash's profile: Age: 36, Height: 5'11, Weight: 189, Size: Muscular physique, Birthplace: Pallet Town, Kanto, Universe: Pokemon, Attire and appearance: Short raven hair, black hat, white shirt, black pants, black boots, and lack of facial hair. Status: Alive

Ash's depression had all started when his long-time lover, Misty (Pokemon), was tragically murdered a month ago. Minutes before Misty had gotten murdered in Cerulean City, Misty's own birthplace, Ash and Misty had celebrated their 25th year anniversary as a couple; their romantic relationship had started since they were ten years old, after Ash and his mom, Delia Ketchum (Pokemon), had went on a vacation in Cerulean. Ash and Misty's personalities and traits were dissimilar, but the only thing they had agreed on was to never get married; Ash was confident, clean, masculine, in great shape, calm, and careful, while Misty was tomboyish, energetic, rushy and impatient, independent, and athletic.

Misty's profile: Age: 36, Height: 5'6, Weight: 115, Size: Skinny, Birthplace: Cerulean City, Kanto, Universe: Pokemon, Attire and Appearance: Red sneakers, Short orange hair, blue shorts, yellow shirt, various tattoes of blue waves. Status: Deceased

Who had murdered Misty? Team Rocket thugs. Why did they murder Misty? A five minute drive-by shooting around Cerulean City, due to the grunts being bored. Misty had died in Ash's arms, but things had gotten worst for Ash as a whole. Misty's older and bitchy sisters, Daisy (Pokemon; Cerulean), Lily (Pokemon), and Violet (Pokemon), had blamed Ash for her death despite Ash being 100% innocent and them disliking Misty themselves, Misty's sisters and other family members had blocked Ash from going to Misty's funeral, Ash had lost his confidence and become an alcoholic, he had lost his job and Pallet home after telling his boss to go fuck himself, he had a few legitimate fights with Delia, his other relatives, and even his friends in and outside of Pallet Town, and he had lost between thirty to one-hundred Yen everyday.

Today was November 30, 2019 in this timezone, Ash's birthday. This year's birthday was obviously Ash's worst birthday ever. It would've been a special had Misty lived. Right now, Ash thought about death, but drinking alcohol everyday wasn't enough. He had nowhere else to go; his future was very bleak. If Ash decided to die, then reuniting with Misty in heaven would be the only way to set him free.

Somewhere around a special galaxy...

"Ugh... I am so bored... What am I to do...?" Rosalina (Super Mario Bros. series) spoke to herself, sitting on her throne, magically viewing each and every universe around the crossover galaxy, looking bored as hell. Rosalina was very special. She was a magical goddess, but the only special thing she had allowed humans and non-humans to do was to enter another universe, and return to their own universe or enter another one after six hours. Ash and Misty had done it a couple of times during their vacation days.

Rosalina suddenly stopped her magic as she found something extremely interesting in the common universe. What was it? The Walking Dead, a currently popular AMC show. Rosalina smiled evilly, preparing to do the unthinkable.

"Crossover galaxy. Oh, crossover galaxy. In the next couple of hours, I will enjoy chaos, and that chaos will end after twelve days. Every. Three. Years," Rosalina said.

Pallet Town, Kanto/The next morning...

"Ugh... My fuckin' head..." Ash woke up as non-stop screams, cries, and growls happened non-stop. "Damn, I thought I was dead... Is the radio on...?" Ash added as he got up.

"HELP ME!" a stranger screamed for his life as he banged on Ash's drive window and startled him.

"Hey, what the fuck is going-"

The stranger failed to reply as a rabid zombie grabbed him from behind and bit the left side of his neck. He screamed louder than before as blood and fore splattered out of his neck, scaring Ash a lot more. Then, more zombies appeared near the Toyota before punching, scratching, and bashing all windows. Ash digged under his pockets, but all pockets were empty.

"Fuck, my keys! Fuckin' zombies!" Ash yelled as he desperately searched for his keys. But thirteen seconds later, he shouted, "Goddamn it!"

Ash forcefully kicked the passenger door, and the zombie close to it flew towards another zombie. Ash ran straight to Delia's house as he witnessed more tragic deaths from innocent people. Ash couldn't believe this. He had never imagined a zombie apocalypse coming to life. Five years ago, in Ash's old home in Pallet Town, Ash and Misty had watched a variety of zombie films all day and night, and Ash had predicted that a zombie apocalypse in this universe would never happen, with Misty strongly agreeing with him. Sadly for Ash, he was 100% wrong.

Ash lacked a weapon, hence why he was going to Delia's place, which wasn't too far from his Toyota. When he made it, he said, "Shit, the door's opened!", before rushing inside. Delia's home looked very amazing despite not being expensive, inside and outside, especially the well-decorated living room. Ash used to have a room upstairs until age eighteen, the year that he had moved out. Ash hadn't revisited it since.

"MOM!" Ash shouted as he saw Delia's corpse, and several dead zombies, in the living room. Delia's reason of death? Suicide. Delia had murdered the same zombies during her final twenty seconds, but more had surrounded Delia, hence Delia's suicidal death. Delia had purchased the Handgun since Ash was three years old, due to Team Rocket spreading all over Kanto and even Johto. But oddly enough, a Rocket had rarely committed a crime in this town despite it being close to Viridian City, Team Rocket's turf. Furthermore, Delia had never wasted a bullet prior to today.

Delia Ketchum's profile: Age: 53, Height: 5'10, Weight: 122, Size: Skinny, Birthplace: Pallet Town, Kanto, Universe: Pokemon, Attire and Appearance: Red hair with a ponytail, pink shirt, long light blue skirt, and blue heels. Status: Deceased.

"I'll have to leave right now!" Ash said as he grabbed the Handgun near Delia and Delia's car keys from her $1,500 red couch.

On his way out, Ash shot a zombie in the head. Back outside, Ash saw two zombies surrounding Delia's green Mitsubishi motorcycle, then he murdered both before driving out of Pallet Town with the motorcycle. Back in 2006, Misty had purchased her own Mitsubishi motorcycle, but it was red; Ash had driven it a lot of times until 2012, where Misty had sold it for many Yen.

"Those fuckin' zombies aren't acting generic at all! They're as smart as the average human! Damn it!" Ash said as he continued to drive north. "Hey, wait... I just realized that I can't exit my own universe! Is it because of the apocalypse!?" Ash added. Anybody around the crossover galaxy couldn't leave a universe for twelve days. "I had thought about joining Misty in the afterlife yesterday, but... we... had promised each other that if one of us would somehow die... the other would have to move forward with happiness... Shit, I had fucked myself up... I'm sorry for being a dumb bastard, Misty... I hope you forgive me..." it wasn't really Ash's fault for almost forgetting about that promise.

Viridian City...

Compared to Pallet, Viridian was more chaotic. Before the late 70s, Viridian City was peaceful and friendly, and no crime was ever committed. But after Team Rocket was born, Viridian's crime rate had increased like mad crazy, the highest in Kanto history. It was the Chicago, Illinois and Memphis, Tennessee, both dangerous cities in the common world, of Viridian. Team Rocket hadn't been discovered yet; Viridian's police and other authority figures weren't good enough to stop Team Rocket.

"A single Handgun shouldn't be my only reliable weapon. I need more firepower," Ash said.

Thirty-two seconds later, Ash stopped the motorcycle, after seeing three zombified Rockets near a normal, but suspicious-looking home. Very curious about it, Ash murdered the zombies before grabbing another nearby Handgun and more ammo. Inside, Ash heard so much screaming and gun noise, but at the same time, he found a secret staircase from below.

"Am I really heading to Rocket's secret hideout? If so, then I might become the first non-Rocket to identify it," Ash said as he continued on.

As Ash move on, he saw tons of corpses, zombies, bitten Rockets, and non-bitten Rockets. The noises suddenly stopped. By the looks on the non-Rocket's wounds, Ash had assumed that the non-bitten Rockets accidentally shot and killed each other, but he was right. But in the bitten Rockets' case, some of them had killed themselves because they didn't want to turn into zombies.

Ash went on and on until he reached the end of a hideout, a giant room with many doors and small rooms. Ash investigated more as he checked every small room, identifying more corpses. Then, back in the main room, he noticed the rest of the bodies, zombie and human.

"Wait, have it seen those two before?" Ash said as he recognized the corpses of James (Pokemon) and Jessie (Pokemon). Between late 1994 and mid-2019, Ash and Misty had seen Jessie and James, in casual clothing, together many times.

"A mess, isn't it...?" Giovanni (Pokemon) asked weakly, after pretending to die, with nasty looking gunshot wounds surrounding his body.

Giovanni's profile: Age: 55, Height: 6'8, Weight: 227, Size: Muscular physique, Birthplace: Viridian City, Kanto, Universe: Pokemon, Attire and Appearance: Short brown hair, a fancy and very expensive leader-like tie and suit, lack of facial hair, and brown and expensive looking boots. Status: Alive, for now.

"Yeah. And judging by your looks, you're obviously leader of Team Rocket," Ash replied.

"Giovanni's the name..." Giovanni said.

"How long have you been leader of Team Rocket?" Ash asked as he sat next to the dying Giovanni.

"Twenty-six years, after my mother had stepped down as leader..." Giovanni replied.

"Fuckin' 1993. You wanna know what happened the year after that? Misty and I had fallen in love with each other at the age of eleven. We had been together until October 30, 2019, where several of your Rocket goons had taken away her life... My life had went downhill afterwards. But I know what you're thinking. You don't feel sorry for me, and you don't regret your Rockets' actions against Misty," Ash said.

"You're right... But lucky for you, I'm fucked... and Team Rocket as a whole is fucked..." Giovanni said.

"I was hoping that those goddamn lazy pigs would put an end to Team Rocket one day... But of all the goddamn things around this universe and other universes, it had to be fuckin' zombies," Ash said.

"Rather zombies than pigs... Team Rocket is dead, but its legacy lives on... You can either waste a bullet and kill me, or you can leave me dead... It's up to you..." Giovanni said.

"Heh... I can collect weapon and ammo anytime, motherfucker," Ash said, holding Giovanni at gunpoint.

"Congrats on being the first to kill me, then..." Giovanni said as Matori (Pokemon), Giovanni's secretary and leader of the Matori Matrix, appeared. Minutes ago, at Viridian's diner, Eat and Relax, Matori, her, underlings, and many others were attacked by zombies, but only Matori survived.

"Leader Giovanni!" Matori cried as Ash smirked at her.

Matori's profile: Age: 44, Height: 5'3, Weight: 101, Size: Skinny, Birthplace: Unknown, Universe: Pokemon, Attire and Appearance: Glasses, Purple hair, red eyes, and an expensive dark red uniform. Status: Alive.

"Who the fuck are you, ya ugly ass four-eyed bitch? Giovanni's AIDS-infected mistress?" Ash asked.

"His secretary!" Matori replied. "Please don't kill him!"

"He and Team Rocket are dead regardless!" Ash said before executing Giovanni.

Matori pulled the trigger from her own Handgun, but she lacked bullets as Ash stood.

"No bullets, huh?" Ash taunted Matori as the latter slowly moved away from Ash in fear. "And you look scared! I thought every Team Rocket member's motto was supposed to be about bravery and murder!"

"Please let me live!" Matori cried as she shedded tears.

"You motherfuckers had murdered my girlfriend at Cerulean City! It had happened on October 30, 2019!" Ash shouted.

"But I was playing pool with my Matori Matrix squad that day!" Matori defended herself, but it was a waste of time.

"I don't care what the fuck you've done outside of Team Rocket activities, bitch! If a Rocket doesn't do shit while their buddies commit crimes, it means that they've indirectly harmed or murdered their buddies' victims!" Ash said.

"I'M BEGGING YOU! LET ME LIVE!" Matori sobbed loud.

"Fine," Ash said as Matori suddenly looked confused.

"F-Fine?" Matori stuttered.

"Yeah. Fine," Ash said as he tossed on of his Handguns to Matori. "If you kill me, you live. Are you ready, bitch? You better be."

Ash reacted shortly after his words, injuring Matori so bad, causing her to drop the Handgun.

"I'll take that!" Ash said as he got his Handgun back. Then, he dragged Matori towards Giovanni's corpse.

"J-J-Just k-k-k-kill me..." Matori cried again as Ash sat a bit far from her.

"Not yet," Ash said, toying with her.

"N-Not yet...?" Matori said.

"I just want to remind you that yesterday, I wasn't sure if I had wanted to die or not. Had I died, you'd live right now. Oh, wait! I lied! Team Rocket's already dead!" Ash said before grabbing an expensive looking alchohol bottle near him. "Do you drink?"

"Substance abuse as a whole is unhealthy, so no..." Matori replied.

"I can't drink much because I'm about to live this shithole. Hell, I had already drunken enough yesterday," Ash said, getting up. "Get up," Ash ordered, then Matori slowly got up. Next, Ash got closer to her. "Have fun in hell, bitch!" Ash added before slamming Matori's head with the bottle with great force and finally murdering her.

Ash gathered a Shotgun and an AK-47 before leaving the deep Rocket hideout.

End of Chapter 1