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The Adventures Of A Horny Adrien Agreste

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There was complete silence for a few moments. Nobody knew exactly what to say. “So did we, uhm, interrupt something,” Nathaniel asked and Adrien’s cheeks were on fire. He wasn’t sure what to say. I mean obviously they knew what he had been doing. I mean he was still covered in his own cum.

“Uhm,” Adrien thought for a moment. What should he say? He had to say something. “Wanna join me,” the words left his lips faster then he could really think of what he was saying. He knew they were dating so this was kinda dumb. I mean would two people dating want to so this with him.

They shared a look and seemed to be having a silent conversation. Adrien assumed they did this often because they seemed to understand each other perfectly well. They walked over and Adrien couldn’t tell if they were going to come beat the shit out of him or what he hoped they’d do, which was obviously join him.

Nathaniel tilted Adrien’s head up roughly and Adrien expected to get punched, but then he felt Nathaniel’s lips on his. The kiss was hard, Nathaniel biting Adrien’s lip and drawing blood. Marc was softly kissing at Nathaniel’s neck and slowly pulled his boyfriend’s shirt off.

“Please Agreste. I’ve had my eyes on you for a while. Of course, so has almost everybody,,” Nathaniel said and then kissed Adrien again, but this kiss was just a peck unlike their previous. “And my love Marc here admitted that he wouldn’t mind getting fucked by you,” Marc flushed at his boyfriend’s words, but they were true. “I always figured you were bi, but I figured it was best not to say anything. Just in case,” Nathaniel explained and then began to stroke Adrien slowly.

Their lips locked again, except now Marc was on his knees, kissing lightly at Adrien’s neck. Not leaving marks, perhaps to save Adrien a long explanation or maybe he was gentler than his boyfriend. Adrien reached his hands forward to undo Nathaniel’s jeans. Adrien struggled.

“Need help Adrikins,” Nathaniel said, undoing his jeans.

“Please don’t call me Adrikins. Makes me think of Chloe and trust me, I’d rather not have her voice in my head right now,” Adrien whispered as he pulled down Nathaniel’s jeans. He could see the tip of Nathaniel’s dick poking out of the top of his boxers and Adrien noted that he was uncircumcised. It was the first time he had seen a dick that was uncircumcised, other then porn at least.

Adrien pulled off Nathaniel’s boxers and examined that Nathaniel was about average, which Adrien didn’t mind. They both looked at Marc, who was still completely clothed. They both went to work quickly of stripping him until he was in a tight pair of briefs.

They all heard talking outside the bathroom and quickly took their clothes with them and locked themselves in a stall. They heard the door open and close and heard the stall next to them close.

Nathaniel grabbed Adrien’s hair and pushed him onto his knees in front of him. Adrien looked up at him for a moment, obviously knowing what Nathaniel wanted. Adrien wrapped his fingers around Nathaniel’s dick and pulled back the foreskin with his thumb and began to stroke slowly. He opened his mouth and slowly took the first inch into his mouth. He then felt a tongue slide up the length of his dick and glanced down to see Marc staring up at the two of them, slowly taking in Adrien’s dick. Adrien focused on Nathaniel again and began to take in more of Nathaniel’s dick.

Nathaniel’s grip on his hair tightened and he began to thrust. Adrien let him fuck his face as Marc began to take in more of Adrien. Marc sucked him off with much more skill than Adrien could imagine he had. His tongue was like magic on Adrien’s dick.

Adrien suddenly felt Nathaniel’s dick hit that back of his throat and Adrien pulled off coughing hard. “Dude, you okay,” Adrien heard someone ask. Adrien couldn’t place the voice. He wasn’t sure he recognized it or not.

Adrien took a moment to respond. “Yeah. I’m good,” Adrien said and then he felt Marc take his balls into his mouth. Adrien had to bite his lip hard not to let out a loud ass moan. He wasn’t sure if Marc was doing this to make him have to fight off moaning loud or not, but if he was, it was definitely working.

“Okay man,” the guy said and Adrien heard the toilet flush and the stall open and close, then the door to the bathroom did the same.

“Okay. Stand up Adrien,” Nathaniel said and Adrien did as told. Nathaniel bent him over and dropped to his knees behind him.

Adrien was confused for a moment until he felt a tongue drag across his hole. Adrien let out a long moan. He had never felt anything like this before. Nathaniel’s tongue felt better then his fingers ever had.

Adrien looked back and the sight was almost as good as the feeling. Nathaniel’s face was buried in his ass and Marc was now sucking off Nathaniel. Adrien felt Nathaniel’s tongue occasionally slip into his ass and god did that feel amazing.

Marc stood and then got in front of Adrien and pulled off his briefs. Marc was a bit smaller than average, only four inches in length, but he was completely hairless unlike his boyfriend who had a small bush of pubes.

Adrien opened his mouth and took Marc in completely in one go. Having had Nathaniel already use his throat had definitely made it easier to take the smaller boy. He felt the tongue leave his ass and let out a whine of annoyance, although it was muffled from the dick in his mouth.

“Don’t worry, won’t be empty for long and of course we won’t let that fat cock go to waste,” Nathaniel said and gave Adrien’s dick a hard tug, earning a small gasp from the blond. Nathaniel pressed himself against Adrien’s ass and began to thrust between the crack before pressing the tip against Adrien’s hole.

“Marc baby. Please pull out of Adrien’s mouth for just a moment,” Nathaniel said and Marc did and then leaned over Adrien to kiss his boyfriend as Adrien felt Nathaniel’s hands grip his waist hard as he pushed himself inside of Adrien. Adrien let out a loud moan as Nathaniel pushed himself in. Nathaniel stayed in place, which definitely felt better then when Kim had fucked him. Kim had been rough as fuck, but Nathaniel was giving him a little time to adjust. The slight pain faded slowly and Adrien began to press back into Nathaniel who met him halfway, burying himself inside Adrien, both letting out a long moan.

Nathaniel pulled out about an inch before pushing back in. He continued to do this, slowly pulling more out and pushing back. His pace was slow, but it was mostly to make sure that he didn’t hurt Adrien, although Adrien was curious what it would be like if he did. Marc pressed his dick against Adrien’s face, who took it back between his lips. Adrien loved the feeling of having both of his holes filled.

Nathaniel pulled out almost completely before thrusting back in, this time, harder than he had been thrusting back in before. He slowly began to increase speed, every thrust pushing him forward more onto Marc’s dick. Nathaniel’s grip on his hips began to become harder, most likely leaving small bruises as he began to quicken his thrust. When Adrien felt like he was getting close to his climax, Nathaniel pulled out suddenly and the loudest cry Adrien had possibly let out escaped his lips. Nathaniel pulled him off of Marc’s dick and sat Adrien on the closed toilet seat.

Adrien watched as Nathaniel pulled something out of Marc’s ass, Adrien recognizing it as a butt plug, Marc turning Adrien then and positioning himself above Adrien’s dick. Nathaniel grabbed onto Adrien’s dick and positioned it so it would be easier for Marc to take it. Adrien was speechless. He hadn’t expected to actually get to fuck Marc. He’d figured maybe some other day, but he’d thought Nath would just fuck him until he filled Adrien’s ass and Marc filled his mouth and they’d leave him there, leaking their seed.

He let out a gasp as he felt himself push into Marc. Marc’s hands were on Adrien’s shoulders and Nathaniel had one on Marc’s back, rubbing soothing circles into his back. The moan coming from Marc was fucking phenominal to Adrien’s ears. The idea that he was the cause of that moan made him happy.

He lightly grabbed Marc’s hips lightly and pulled him up slightly and then pulled him back down to the base of Adrien’s dick. Marc stayed in place for a moment to kiss Adrien lightly. Marc’s kisses were much softer than Nathaniel’s. He dragged his tongue over the spot where Nathaniel had broken skin, causing a shiver throughout Adrien. Marc pulled himself up until only Adrien’s tip remained and slammed himself back down. They both let out a loud moan and then Adrien felt his head get turned and he knew what he was supposed to do. He opened his mouth and took Nathaniel’s dick into his mouth.

Nathaniel grabbed a fistful of Adrien’s hair and began to fuck his face again. Adrien choked on Nath’s dick again and honestly it felt fucking great. The feeling of Marc’s ass around his dick and Nathaniel’s dick in his mouth was one of the best things he’d ever felt. Even better then Nathaniel fucking him while he sucked off Marc.

Marc bit down on Adrien’s shoulder to quiet his moans. Adrien felt the familiar feeling of his release approaching. He let out a few long moans around Nathaniel’s dick which seemed to increase the pleasure that Nath felt. Although the moan was muffled, it was loud as Adrien shot his load inside of Marc who let out a loud moan and Adrien quickly began to stroke Marc’s dick who let out one last long moan as he shot his cup onto Adrien’s chest and hand. Adrien felt Nathaniel grab his head with both hands and buried himself completely inside Adrien’s mouth and shot his cum down his throat. Adrien couldn’t swallow it all so it came out his mouth. Nathaniel pulled out and Adrien licked up the cum around his mouth and then brought his hand coated with Marc’s cum up his mouth and licked it off. Marc stood and Adrien let out a soft moan at the sight of his cum leaking out of Marc’s hole and down his leg. Nathaniel pushed in the butt plug, trapping some of the seed.

They all dressed and then each shared a kiss and then heard the next bell ring. “I think we should all get out of here, but leave separately so people don’t question what we were doing,” Adrien says and the other boys nod.

“I’ll go first,” Marc says and kisses his boyfriend again before leaving.

“During lunch I’m going to put something in your locker. It’ll be a small plastic bag. Come back here once you have it and make sure nobody sees it. Don’t want you getting in trouble,” Nathaniel says and slaps Adrien’s ass hard before leaving. Adrien flushes and waits a few minutes, a huge smile on his face. God was today fucking amazing.

He looked in the mirror and made sure that there was no cum visible on him. He fixed his hair which he hadn’t even realized was messed up until now and wiped off the small pool of cum on his cheek and sucked it off his thumb. He walked out and nobody seemed to question a thing although his cheeks were still a light shade of pink.

He wondered what they were going to put in his locker and he was also very fucking excited. He wasn’t sure he’d survive waiting till lunch, even if only one class was left. As he headed to class, his eyes met with Kim’s who had a smirk that confused Adrien.

He would worry about that later. He didn’t really care about Kim at the moment, although the sight did make his dick twitch slightly. He went to his seat and let out a soft sigh. Today was only half way over and he was already in heaven.