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Basic Rule of Scenting...Don’t Do It If You’re Not In The Pack!

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Izuku Midoriya is many things. He’s a mumbler, an over analyzer, anxious, easily flustered, a hard worker, a sweet kid, and an awesome friend (Uraraka’s words, not his). Oh yeah, he’s also the only omega in the hero program. While being an omega isn’t terrible by itself, in terms of becoming a hero, Izuku has faced...discouraging comments in his past. Comments about how being an omega and being quirkless was practically spelling out the word: ‘USELESS’. 


That was in the past though. That was when Izuku was in Elementary and Middle School. That was when he was alone, hated, an outcast. Things are different now. Things are better. Izuku is surrounded by people who admire him, like him, want to be his friend. Izuku is a valued member of Class 1-A. 


Class 1-A...Izuku’s pack, filled with a fair share of alphas and betas. Alphas and betas who are deathly protective of their beloved omega. A lesson that Neito Monoma learns the hard way.




“U-uhhhh…” Izuku swallows audibly as he feels his back hit the wall of the corridor. He could’ve sworn (three seconds ago!) that he had more space than this to back up. “I-is there s-something y-you n-n-need, M-Monom-ma?” 


The omega wants to wince at his own voice. He’s stuttering so much it’s honestly pretty pathetic. And in the face of Neito Monoma, it’s almost like Izuku is demanding that the other alpha say something demeaning. 


“Hehe, I’m glad you asked, my little bunny~” Monoma’s coo can easily be mistaken as affectionate and endearing, but Izuku can hear the tint of maliciousness behind it. And not malicious as in unrelenting bullying (like his relationship with Kacchan). It’s more’s different, but it’s still a taunt, if that makes sense. 


And ‘my’ little bunny? It’s bad enough that Monoma is bold enough to use a pack nickname for someone who’s not in his pack, but to add ‘my’? That’s going pretty far. It implies that Izuku is not only familiar enough with Monoma, but it also claims that the omega does (in some form) belong to the alpha. Izuku is honestly glad that none of his pack alphas are around, specifically Iida or Shouto. They would probably put one of Kacchan’s explosions to shame if they heard Monoma staking a claim on Izuku. 


Which is exactly what Monoma is going for. What better way to prove his superiority to those Class 1-A imbeciles than to stake claim on their omega? Without them even knowing about it until it’s too late? He had selected (more like dragged Izuku to) the perfect place for his plan, after all. A secluded hallway that people rarely used because of the lack of big, exposing windows or doors that immediately led to the outside. 


“You see, recently, I’ve come to this...revelation, so to speak.” Monoma’s dead looking eyes light up in triumph as Izuku tries to press himself further into the wall. It’s practically an invitation for Monoma to press a bit closer to the smaller body. “I mean, I always knew that you took notes on other people’s quirks. It’s difficult to not hear your adorable mumbles when you watch your classmates spar.” 


Adorable mumbles?! Izuku’s face heats up and he resists the urge to bring his hands up to cover his face. Doing so would mean that he’s limiting his vision of Monoma and, based off of how the alpha is acting right now, not being able to see what he’s doing seems like a really bad idea. A dangerous one too, if Izuku really wants to admit to his current paranoia. 


“But I never knew that you were so detailed in your analyzing.” Monoma brings a hand up to cup Izuku’s cheek, thumb idly stroking the smooth, freckled flesh. It has Izuku’s emerald green orbs widening in a panicked, but cute way. Well, cute to Monoma, anyway. He’s practically feeding off of that panic. “I was wondering...perhaps you’d be willing to share some of those notes with me? My quick is copying, as you know. Maybe we could work together to improve both of our fighting styles?” 


That...that actually...that doesn’t sound so bad. Izuku swallows again, but this time he forces himself to calm down as he does so. Monoma is asking to see his notes. Ok, that’s fine. While he’s probably lying about helping Izuku improve his own fighting style, there’s a guarantee that he’s not lying about improving his own. 


Ok, Ok, Izuku knows what Monoma wants now. He knows that Monoma is probably just playing on his anxious nature to intimidate Izuku into submitting to the alpha’s wishes. Ok, everything is clear now. 


He can relax now...he can relax now...


“O-oh! That’s all you wanted?” Izuku is quick to force the words out, adding a forced smile to try and make himself seem the least nervous he can. “W-why didn’t you j-just say so in the beginning? I-I’d be happy to l-lend a helping hand!” 


Perfect. Monoma cackles in his mind. The Class 1-A omega is much too trusting for his own good. It’s making this entire thing so much easier. “That’s wonderful to hear, my little bunny~” 


It may have been redundant to use Izuku’s pack nickname again so soon after using it once, but the point of this entire thing was to make the omega nervous. That way, it was easier to catch him off guard. It’s what Monoma needed to be successful in his goal. 


“ answer your question, I couldn’t just ask for your notes. No, no, I have much more class than that.” Monoma tsks, but it’s more for show than showing any attitude. “A brilliant omega such as yourself deserves some...recognition for said brilliance.” 


Monoma decides to start leaning his face closer to Izuku’s as he speaks. With Izuku’s focus on his words, it’s unlikely that the omega will notice what’s really going on. At least, not until it’s too late. 


And Monoma couldn’t be anymore correct. Izuku is much too busy blushing and denying Monoma’s statements on his so called brilliance to notice where Monoma’s face is. That is, until he feels something wet and smooth running up the scent glands on his neck. 


“Eeek!” Izuku finally finds his focus and gives a hearty shove to Monoma’s chest, hand smacking to his neck. It feels moist, uncomfortably so. “W-what t-the heck?! What was that for?!” 


Monoma chuckles at Izuku’s squeaky tone, licking his lips for a better effect. “Oh, nothing much. You just smelled so good I had to have a taste.” 


While this entire scheme is just for the sake of a joke, Monoma isn’t lying when he says that Izuku has a nice scent. He’s an omega, and while of course not all omegas smell nice to every beta or alpha, there are hardly any that ever smell repulsive. Seeing as how Izuku is the only omega in the hero program and he’s a ball of determined energy, his scent reflects that. It’s sweet, like a ripe peach, but not sickening. Not like this overprocessed, artificially fake pastries that some stores may carry. In fact, there’s the tiniest bit of tang to it, like a tangerine that may not have been at its prime yet. 


In the case of Iida or Shouto specifically, Izuku’s scent can also be described as safe. Understandable, considering just what he did and what he sacrificed to free the two alphas from the prisons of their own minds. 


“T-that’s not-!” Izuku sputters, taking side steps towards the door. His back is still pressed against the wall (since he doesn’t trust Monoma at all right now), so he’s a bit slow in his journey to the door. Not that that matters, all Izuku wants is to sprint to the common room and get one of his pack members to replace Monoma’s scent with theirs. “That’s not the point! You can’t just...just do that! You need people’s permission!” 


Izuku doesn’t wait until Monoma answers. He keeps a narrowed gaze set on the alpha until he reaches the door, then proceeds to sprint the ever living hell out of the hallway. He doesn’t know where he’s going, nor does he care. He just needs to get away from Monoma and he’ll be fine. 


Oh, having a pack member nearby would also help, but whatever. Izuku will make do with what he has currently. Which is himself and his backpack. 


The omega sprints from the door and into another hallway. This one doesn’t look familiar either, but Izuku can see a door that seems to have more light on the other side. It could mean that the hallway connected to that has several windows, and that way he can see where in the building he is. 


Oh god...oh god...oh god…! Izuku internally panics as he runs to the door, sighing in relief as he comes face to face with several large windows. Now he can see what part of the building he’s in based off of what’s outside. What the hell is with that guy?!


Izuku begins to try and make sense of Monoma’s actions as he walks along the hall, away from the door he just came in from. He now knows that he’s probably somewhere on the right side of the school building, so it’s just a matter of getting to the front and then he can run to the dorms and he’ll be untouchable for Monoma. 


Was this...a warning? Izuku tries to steady his breathing and brings a hand up to rub at his scent glands as he walks down the stairs and towards the entrance. I know that Monoma is one of the most...compassionate...when it comes to outdoing our class. Maybe this was his way of proving he was better?


It does make sense when he really thinks about it. He stayed behind to ask Aizawa sensei a few questions about their latest essay assignment, so he was alone. It probably made him easy picking. Not to mention what it meant when an outside alpha got...intimate...with another packs’ omega. In cases like that, it was a clear challenge. The outside alpha most likely thought that he or she could get away with the action. It was basically saying that the pack itself wasn’t strong enough to keep its omegas safe. 


Or, in Izuku’s case, omega. Singular. Monoma was basically spitting on Class 1-A, claiming (and proving) that the pack couldn’t do something as simple as keeping its singular pack omega safe. In their defense though, they were training to become heroes. All of them. Izuku included. 


That means that there will be times where they can’t protect Izuku. It doesn’t help that he has one of the most powerful quirks in the school. The entire class already knows that there will be times where they can’t keep Izuku safe, no need for someone like Monoma to stress that fact out even more than it already is. 




Said omega is snapped out of his mumbled-thoughts as arms are thrown over his shoulders and a familiar scent hits his nose. He has the strength to crush a boulder one-hundred times his size into fine dust, but in the face of one of Uraraka’s hugs, he almost loses his footing. 


“We were all so worried about you!” Uraraka cries out, her scent quickly shifting from relieved to worried. It only serves to emphasize her words and create a pool of guilt in the pit of Izuku’s stomach. Darn it, he didn’t want to make her worried. He didn’t want any of his pack mates to be worried! “Aizawa sensei dropped by the common room earlier to check and see if you came by since you left one of your notebooks in the classroom, but you weren’t there! We didn’t know where you were and-!” 


Izuku tenses as he hears Uraraka sniff the air, though after a few seconds, she focuses on his neck. He can tell because he feels her warm breath slit across his skin and her nose bump into the lobe of his ear. 


“Deku...whose scent is this?” She doesn’t sound angry, but Izuku can tell that she’s definitely unsettled. Understandable, he would expect more of the explosive responses to come from the alphas of their pack. Mainly Kacchan, though Shouto might also surprise him. 


“’s…” Izuku bites his tongue, willing himself to calm down and not be thrown into a panicked frenzy. “Monoma. He...he grabbed me after class, said he...he needed to talk. I thought...I thought he just wanted to boast, ya know? But then-” 


“He scented you.” Uraraka finishes, eyes narrowing as she squeezes Izuku tighter. This is why Izuku was late in getting back to them. All that worrying that everyone did, only to be calmed by their head alpha...they shouldn’t have listened. They should’ve gone looking for their omega.


They should’ve been there to remove Monoma’s hands from Izuku’s body. They should’ve been there to keep Monoma’s filthy scent off of their omega! Anything could’ve happened to Izuku after Monoma scented him. The fact that he did just that is already a high offense! Izuku isn’t his. Izuku isn’t anywhere close to being his.   


“Come on.” She tries, but fails, to keep the growl out of her voice. Backing up, she grabs Izuku’s wrist and pulls him to their dorm building. “We need to tell everyone else.” 


“They’re not gonna...go after Monoma...aren’t they?” Izuku already knows there’s a very high chance of Uraraka giving him that ‘what do you think?’ look. The answer should be obvious. But...for the chance that maybe he could spare his packmates from getting into trouble for retaliating…


“Bakugou or Shouto might.” Uraraka doesn’t do as Izuku assumes, but she does confirm what he’s afraid of. It’s not worse, but it’s not better either. “And honestly? I might join them. I wouldn’t put it past Kirishima or Kaminari to join him too. Sero either. Maybe even Mina and Jirou.” 


Izuku pulls against Uraraka as they step into the dorm building. “So...basically...our whole pack could end up hunting down Monoma?” He can’t help but sigh in irritation. This really isn’t that much of a big deal. He doesn’t need the entire pack to go after someone. He just needs someone, hopefully Iida (as they class representative and their head alpha), to replace Monoma’s scent. 


Then everything should be fine! Izuku can forget what Monoma tried to do and he doesn’t smell like the other alpha either. 


“Why are we hunting down that copycat?” Speak of the devil…


“Kaminari, perfect timing.” Uraraka turns away from Izuku to face the other beta. Her facial expression already gives him an idea of what she’s about to say, but just in case, he waits for her instruction. “Be a dear and go gather the other pack members, will you? Tell them to meet Deku and I in the common room.” 


“Most are already there.” Kaminari brings a hand up to rub the back of his head, offering a small wave to Izuku. It’s expected, but still concerning when Izuku stares up at him shyly before offering a weaker wave in return. “We started a movie after you ran out to grab Izuku. What happened, by the way? Why took you?” 


Uraraka covers Izuku’s mouth before he can try to explain for himself. She knows him enough by now to know that he’ll try to defend Monoma’s actions. It’s cruel, but to get the truth out of him, she’ll need Iida to be the one to ask the question. The influence he has as their head alpha is normally enough to get Izuku to spill when someone messes with him. No alpha voice needed, it’s just...a vibe Iida has when he addresses such matters. 


And in case that doesn’t work, someone else in the pack can try guilt tripping Izuku into confessing. Again, not preferable and definitely not something they typically do. However, given the situation… 


“Get everyone, and I mean everyone, into the common room. That question will be answered then.” 


Izuku blushes from underneath Uraraka’s hand as Kaminari turns serious, giving a firm nod before jogging back from the way he came. Presumably from elevator, which in turn was from the common room. 


“Look, I know what you’re about to say.” Uraraka shuts her eyes as she takes a few deep breaths. They go through this every time Izuku tries to justify someone’s actions when they don’t deserve it. It’s sweet and pretty mature that he’s trying to turn the other cheek, but some things just can’t be left alone. “And I want you to know that this isn’t just something that can be let go. Monama was way out of bounds when he scented you. Not only did he not have your permission, but he also did it with the intent to mock. You and I both know that if he had done it to anyone of us, then you’d be itching to lecture him for his actions.” 


Izuku isn’t given time to answer as his packmate pulls him towards the elevator so they can go up to the common room, not that he would’ve denied Uraraka. If Monoma had been bold enough to try what he did to Izuku to anyone else (heaven forbid one of the pack alphas), then Izuku would’ve been one of the first to jump to their defense. 


The elevator ride up is short and silent. When they arrive on the right floor, Uraraka grabs Izuku’s hand again and squeezes in a comforting manner. She won’t let him escape this, but she is aware of how nervous he gets. It’s the same for her. If she’s ever in a toubling spot, asking for help can be difficult since she doesn’t want to burden others with her problems. 


“Izuku, Uraraka.” Iida stands from his spot on the floor, a serious but gentle expression on his face. He allows the two newcomers to walk closer to the group before he reaches out to ruffle Izuku’s hair. It’s a familiar and comforting gesture, sure to at least help calm Izuku down a little bit. “Kaminari said that you two had something important to tell us.” 


Uraraka, again, is the one to answer. Though it’s only by nodding. She’ll leave the actual explanation to Izuku, since he actually knows what happened. 


Moments of silence pass as Iida looks from Uraraka to Izuku. He doesn’t know who’s going to do the talking, so it’s safe to say that the silence is unnerving. He just...expects Uraraka to start going off, but since she’s silent, the responsibility falls onto Izuku. And Izuku is...he’s Izuku. He doesn’t talk about his problems if he feels it will burden the pack.


That being said…there are some within the pack who don’t have his patience. Especially not in cases where the matter is serious enough that they all have to be present for hearing about it (though to be fair, that was Uraraka’s request as opposed to Izuku’s). 


“Izuku...we’re not going to feel annoyed or upset with you if you tell us what happened.” Momo ends up being the one to break the silence (to Iida’s surprise, he was expecting an impatient Bakugou or maybe even Todoroki). With a kind smile, she stands and swiftly makes her way over to where Uraraka and Izuku are standing. 


“We just want to make sure you’re safe is all.” With a quick look to Uraraka (who nods in response), Momo reaches up to cup Izuku’s cheeks. By now, with having her as his alpha for a few months, Izuku is fairly comfortable with Momo touching his face. 


Especially if it’s to massage the skin there or to hold him still as she kisses his cheeks/forehead. 


So when Izuku flinches (courtesy of the memories of Monoma doing the exact same thing earlier), Momo narrows her eyes in acknowledgement. Izuku flinched at her touch. Logically, with what she knows about him and his behavior, she’s able to put together a small theory. 


Someone, besides them, touched Izuku. Someone outside of their tight knit pack laid their hands on Izuku, likely without his permission. Someone had touched their pack omega. 


“Who was it, Izuku?” Momo leans a bit closer so she can whisper to Izuku, figuring that the other isn’t ready to tell the rest of their pack yet. “We’re here for you. Please don’t be afraid to tell us who made you so uncomfortable. We’re a pack, we stick together. You’d be one of the first to jump in and protect one of us, please let us do the same for you.” 


At Momo’s comforting voice and words of encouragement, Izuku eventually nods his head with a look of shame. Looking back on what happened, Izuku can’t help but blame himself. He has One for All as his quirk, he should’ve been strong enough to push Monoma away. Why he didn’t is...honestly, it’s a mystery to Izuku himself. Probably because he didn’t want to accidentally knock Monoma across the city? 


Yeah, that sounded right…


“When I was done speaking with Aizawa sensei, Monoma told me that he needed to speak with me.” 


That isn’t necessarily true. Actually, no, that’s partially true. Monoma did tell Izuku that he needed to speak with him, but he didn’t really give Izuku the option to say no. He just grabbed onto the omega and dragged him along. Is that an important detail to mention? Probably not...right? 


“Monoma?” Momo tilts her head. Just with that single name, she can already guess just what happened. The Class 1-B alpha probably said something demeaning to try and discourage Izuku or he dissed their pack again. 


But...if that was the case...then why did Izuku flinch when she touched his face? Monoma wasn’t typically one to incorporate physical contact into his...taunts. He normally stuck with manic laughter and shouting about how Class 1-A was just full of incapable losers. 


“Yeah, he took me to an abandoned hallway and...well…” Izuku covers Momo’s hand and rubs a few times before gripping it. Slowly, he moves her hand to where the scent gland on his neck is located. Hopefully, her touching it will get rid of most of Monoma’s scent before any of the other alphas smells it directly. “He...he called me ‘my little bunny’ and told me that he wanted to see my notes on quirks.” 


“Did he now?” Momo grits her teeth, upper lip curling up as she rubs at Izuku’s scent glands. She doesn’t understand the full extent as to why Izuku is having her touch his scent glands, but she guesses that it’s probably his way of asking for comfort. Comfort she is all too willing to provide. 


Another alpha touching their omega...looks like she and Iida would be having a chat with Kendou.


“He...also got really close to me and...I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying enough attention.” Izuku is forced to look up at Momo as the apology spills out. She doesn’t say anything, but she doesn’t need to. Her look is enough. 


It’s concerned, but it’s also scolding. Like how a mother would look at a child who drew on the table, thinking that it was similar to paper. It’s an accident and there’s no true harm done, but still...Izuku doesn’t need to apologize when things happen to him. They aren’t his fault. 


It’ll take a while to accept, but that’s just what it is. 


“I...I wasn’t...I didn’t even realize that he got that close.” Izuku sounds so distant as he whispers, as if he’s recalling an event that happened centuries ago and not an hour ago. His tone represents just how distracted he was, perhaps. “I just...I felt his tongue on my neck and I...I didn’t…” 


Momo doesn’t need to hear anymore, but she allows Izuku to stutter out his explanation anyway. It would be rude and possibly discouraging to interrupt Izuku when he was just telling her what happened, like she asked him to do. 


Either way…she has her explanation now. Monoma had verbally claimed Izuku as ‘his’ and enough went so far as to scent the omega. Naturally, she would be telling their head alpha and this would be fixed. Starting with getting rid of Monoma’s scent without startling Izuku further. 


“Thank you for telling me, my brave omega.” Momo smiles, and it’s only because she’s thinking about her omega being safe that the smile is genuine and not fake. If she were thinking about Monoma and how he was the reason Izuku was nervous right now, then it might just be so forced it was painful. “Iida and I will be having a chat with Kendou about this. Monoma will be punished accordingly.” 


“J-just don’t go...overboard.” Izuku closes his eyes as Momo leans forward to kiss his cheek. Coincidentally, it’s the same cheek that Monoma cupped earlier. Though, maybe that’s not actually so much as a coincidence and more like she smelled his scent was pretty strong there. “I know how you guys get…” 


“No one will be harmed. Not by our hands, anyway.” Momo takes advantage of the fact that she’s right near one of Izuku’s scent glands and ducks her head to nuzzle into the area. To her disappointment, it’s not the scent gland that Monoma licked. That one must be on the other side of Izuku’s neck. 


Oh well. Someone else can get that side while she and Iida are having their chat. 


“So, is anyone gonna tell us what happened or…?” 


Momo turns to face Sero, tilting her chin up a bit as she motions towards Izuku with her head. “Monoma was feeling rather bold today. He not only called Izuku ‘his’ cute little bunny, he also scented him. His neck, specifically.” 


The atmosphere seems to freeze as Momo speaks, and it’s not at all thanks to Shouto’s quirk. No, this is something else. ‘My’ little bunny? Momo decided it was a good idea to emphasize that part to get her point across. So, apparently Monoma had some thoughts that involved their omega. Izuku...Monoma’s? Yeah, no. Absolutely not! 


“Is that so?” Shouto murmurs, and Izuku shivers at the tone. Anyone who doesn’t know Shouto as well as they all do might assume that the alpha is bored, maybe feeling indifferent about the situation. That’s far from the truth, very far from the truth. 


Those in the pack know that Shouto is feeling positively livid. Years of having Endeavor as a parent and never being able to keep and enjoy things he loved has left him with somewhat of an...abandonment issue? No, maybe that’s not the appropriate term. More possessive than most about those who find a place in his heart? Yea, that sounds about right. 


And that’s ignoring the bit that this isn’t just anybody. This is Izuku Midoriya. The only omega in the hero program, the only omega in their pack, their omega...his omega. Monoma scented his omega, as if he had some form of claim over Izuku. 


“And you didn’t knock his teeth out?” Bakugou is the opposite of Shouto and allows himself to freely express his rage. His face scrunches up, lips curled so his fangs are exposed, and he tightens his fists until Izuku’s sure they’re going to explode just by the strength of their grip. “What the fuck, Deku?! How could you just let him scent you like that?!” 


“Dude!” Kirishima cries out in Izuku’s defense, smacking Bakugou’s arm in retaliation (Izuku mentally congratulates Kirishima on his bravery). “This isn’t Izuku’s fault! He was probably distracted! You know how panicked he gets when anyone gets too close to him! It even happens to us!” 


Izuku can’t make eye contact with anyone as Kirishima points that out. He’s so embarrassed about it! This is his pack, for crying out loud! He’s allowed all of them to hold him, to kiss him, to scent him. Hell, a month ago, he even let some of them start biting him! And yet, what Kirishima shouts is true. Even after all that, he’s still afraid and nervous whenever someone gets too close to him. 


Why am I such a mess?! Izuku whimpers in his head, covering his face with his hands as Kirishima and Bakugou get into a shouting match. 


“Enough! Both of you, if you’re going to argue, argue in the other room!” Iida is quick to implement his authority, hands doing their little chopping motions as he glares at the two. “Besides, now is no time to start arguing with each other! I must speak with Kendou about this at once. It is highly inappropriate for Monoma to do such a thing, let alone think he can get away with it.” 


“I’ll go with you.” Momo quickly turns to give Izuku one last kiss (over his scent gland) before walking over to Iida. If she feels Izuku shiver under her lips, then she says nothing and allows Izuku to think he got away with her not noticing. The poor boy’s probably had enough for the day. 


“Me too.” Shouto moves around from where he was initially standing (behind the couch), but Iida shakes his head and holds up his hand. Big chance that if Monoma is near when they go to talk to Kendo, he may not be able to stop the other alpha from freezing the copycat. 


Not that he or Momo would really try, mind you. It would be amusing and justified. However, to avoid having to feel guilty about neglecting their duties in terms of keeping their packmates in line, just not letting Shouto come would also work as a solution. 


“I’m afraid you must remain here.” Iida keeps his gaze firm, unwavering as Shouto gives him a cool one in return. “You know exactly why.” 


“Mmm, is it perhaps...because you think I will harm Monoma?” Shouto sounds much too amused for that guess to not be accurate. 


“We know that you’ll freeze him.” Momo indulges, shaking her head in just the slightest bit of displeasure. While she’s not necessarily against it (personally) she doesn’t want to be responsible for helping to thaw Monoma out in the event that Shouto stubbornly refuses to. “And there’s a big chance you won’t thaw him out yourself. So how about you do something more enjoyable and, oh I don’t know, get Monoma’s scent off of Izuku? Save us the work of having to chisel Monoma out and explain to Aizawa sensei just what’s happened to cause such a reaction.” 


Shouto raises a brow at the sass that makes itself known in Momo’s tone, but doesn’t comment. She’s right anyway. Correcting Izuku’s scent does sound like the much more pleasurable job, though he won’t say that out loud. 


“You can continue the movie without us.” Iida looks over to where most of the pack is still huddled around the couch. “We’ll let you know how the conversation goes and what Monoma’s punishment will be.” 


Several smirks form at that. The only ones not obviously happy about that second promise is Koda, Tokoyami, Ojirou, and Tsuyu. Koda and Ojirou are more concerned with how Izuku is currently feeling, while Tsuyu and Tokoyami trust that their head alpha and Momo will keep them updated. Even without the promise…


“Have fun.” Bakugou scoffs as Iida and Momo leave towards the elevator before glancing at Izuku. Then at Shouto. “So...are you going to scent him or just stand here and look like an idiot?” 


Izuku and pretty much everyone else (except for Tokoyami, who simply sighs and shakes his head) winces as Shouto answers with a growl. Even after being a pack for a healthy portion of months, Bakugou never fails to anger Shouto like this. Then again...Bakugou finds pleasure in getting Shouto riled up. It’s easier to do things when you enjoy doing them, isn’t it? 


Izuky can’t help but pout at the thought, having been on the receiving end of Bakugou’s taunting for the past several years. “Kacchan, be nice to Shouchan!” Izuku is realistic, so he knows that just saying that won’t make Bakugou stop, or at least apologize. By now, it’s just become a habit to scold Bakugou when the other says something rude. 


“Don’t tell me what to do, nerd.” Bakugou bares his teeth at Izuku, but the mischievous glint in his eyes is enough to assure everyone that he’s not actually angry. “And I wrong? Anyone with a brain can obviously see that IcyHot over here wants to scent you, so why the fuck is he just standing here? Fuck, I’d even say he’s desperate-” 


“I wouldn’t go that far.” Shouto is calm as he speaks, though he snaps his teeth in warning at Bakugou when the other opens his mouth to swear in retaliation of being interrupted. “In any case, Izuku, would you be alright with me scenting you so soon after having your personal space invaded?” 


Everyone (excluding Bakugou, Tokoyami, and Shouji) has to hold back the coo that claws at their throats as Shouto looks over at Izuku. Let it be known, Shouto Todoroki makes for a very scary alpha. A very, very scary alpha. His gaze is one of his most powerful weapons, cold and calculating, with the ability to bring dread to nearly every alpha in the school. Even the teachers. His voice cuts into your soul, uncaring of how much damage said cuts leave as words spill and spill. His body has been trained and conditioned to the point where sometimes even Shouto doubts it’s a body as opposed to a weapon. An object created and used for the sole purpose of violence and bringing destruction. 


Yet, when he gazes at their pack his omega...all that scareness melts away. Contrary to popular belief, Shouto is one of the more gentle alphas when it comes to Izuku. Not saying that the others are rowdy or obnoxious, of course. Just...there’s this delicacy and tenderness in Shouto when Izuku’s involved. It’s not something many outside of the pack would expect from the (ice) wall of a boy. 


“Y-yeah. That’d be alright.” Izuku squeezes Uraraka’s hand (yes, she’s been holding onto it this entire time) to let her know that he’s about to let go. Though it’s only after he receives confirmation, in the form of a nod in return and an encouraging smile, that he actually does so. 


Izuku is quick to get to Shouto, blushing brightly as he’s easily welcomed into the taller alpha’s arms. It’s like this with almost every pack member, but also...not. It’s difficult to explain, but there’s just always a way that Izuku fits into their arms. There’s no awkward tangling of limbs, there’s always a place to put hands, and because Izuku is fairly short, his pack mates love to rest their chins on his head. It helps that his hair is so fluffy, it makes for a very comfortable pillow. It’s different since nobody has the exact same body shape or size, but the concept is still the same, would probably be the most appropriate way to phrase it. 


“H-here.” Izuku gently cards his fingers through Shouto’s dual colored hair, massaging the scalp gently before guiding Shouto’s head down to the correct side of his neck. “Momo already got the other side, but this is the one that Monoma...ya know…” 


Izuku finds it difficult to say the word ‘scenting’, though it’s not because it’s uncomfortable with the word after what happened like many may assume. Izuku’s gone through so much shit in the past regarding his second gender that this doesn’t bother him nearly as much as it probably should. His lack of saying the actual word is more for his packmates than anything else. He can tell that many of them are still really uncomfortable with the idea that another alpha got close enough to do such a thing and none of them were there to help their omega. 


“I see…” Shouto hums into Izuku’s neck, resisting the urge to sneer as an unfamiliar scent hits his nose. Yeah...this isn’t Izuku’s typical scent and if Monoma licked him, then that explains why it’s as strong as it is. It’s...unpleasant to say the least. “Hold still for me.” 


Izuku nods against Shouto’s shoulder, tempted to hide his face while he’s at it since he knows that everyone is watching. Fortunately, that idea shoots out the window faster than Iida runs when Izuku feels Shouto nuzzle his scent gland a few times. Unlike when Monoma had touched him earlier, Shouto is would one say...mannerly in scenting Izuku. He doesn’t immediately go in for the lick, only driven by the urge to mark and claim. 


To comfort and indulge his omega, Shouto starts off by nuzzling and kissing Izuku’s scent gland. It’s a process that, if done properly and given the correct amount of time, takes about three to four minutes. By then Izuku loses the mentioned nervousness he feels about being scented in front of everybody and sometimes starts giggling. After all, someone can only take being nuzzled in the neck for so long before it starts to tickle, right? 


“Hey! After Shouto’s done, I want a turn!” 


Kirishima’s excited shout only makes Izuku giggle harder, though it turns to full on laughter a line begins to form after the beta. It starts from Uraraka and ends with Bakugou, but that’s to be expected. Their relationship is better, but it’s not the best. So something as trusting as scenting really goes both ways. Bakugou needs to feel comfortable enough to bring himself to scent Izuku and Izuku needs to trust Bakugou enough to allow the other to scent him at all. 


Either way, it all works out in the end. It leaves Izuku with a single, unquestionable conclusion: he really has the best pack he could ever ask for…




“He did what?” Kendou stares at Iida and Momo, disbelief clear on her face. Out of all the things that she had assumed Monoma had done to piss Class 1-A off, she was unpleasantly surprised to find out that this is what it was. “I don’t mean to say you’re lying or anything, but...what?!” 


“I’m afraid it’s true, Kendou.” Momo clasps her hands behind her back, straightening up as her eyes narrow. Remembering the smell of Monoma on Izuku is putting her in a defensive mood, so Kendou questioning her is only adding fuel to the fire. “We would not joke around about such matters.” 


“I understand that, I believe that.” Kendou tugs at her hair in irritation, wishing that she wasn’t the head alpha of Class 1-B. Or, actually no, she’s fine with that title. The overall responsibility isn’t that much of an issue. 


It’s literally just Monoma and the lengths he goes to to try and prove superiority over Class 1-A, or whatever he calls it. Ugh! It gets old!


“I’ll talk to him about it.” Kendou growls, already beginning to form a three hour-worth lecture that covers proper etiquette when it comes to being an alpha (like not scenting an omega without permission and all that jazz). “I do apologize for his actions, I just don’t know what to say at this point. Please, give Midoriya my apologies as well.” 


The use of ‘Midoriya’ as opposed to ‘Izuku’ is on purpose. Given just how upset the alphas before her are, Kendou finds it useful to tread carefully. One way to do that was to acknowledge the mistake the Monoma made and not make it herself. He called Izuku ‘my little bunny’ and scented him, implying familiarity and claim. 


So she wouldn’t fall into that trap herself, using Izuku’s last name would suffice as a safe pathway. It’s polite, but not too polite that it’s like Izuku is a stranger. 


“Thank you for handling it, Kendou.” Iida bows his head in respect, followed by Momo. “I do hope that nothing like this, or even close to this, happens again.” 


“I can promise that I’ll talk to him about it and see that he’s punished for his actions.” Kendou bows her head as well, clenching her fists tightly as she meets Iida’s gaze when she raises her head. “But I can’t promise that he’ll listen to me. While certainly not all alphas are...arrogant, I think you and I both know that he does have an entitled attitude at times.” 


Iida’s and Momo’s eyes flash dangerously as Kendou finishes, but the other alpha stands her ground. She doubts that, even with the anger that the other two are feeling, there will be a fight. She’s already promised to do as they have asked anyway(she would’ve done it anyway, even if they didn’t have her promise). 


Minutes pass as two alphas from Class 1-A have a stare down with one alpha rom Class 1-B. It’s not necessarily...tense, but it’s not somewhere you’d wish you were either. Then again, that can be used to describe any conflict between two alphas. There are those who have no problem duking it out (*cough *cough Bakugou) and there are those who have more restraint. It’s only a matter of time before one of those characteristics makes itself known. 


In this case, like with Izuku in the common room, Momo is the one to break the silence. “We understand your point and appreciate your cooperation.’s important to know that if this should happen again, we cannot promise Monoma’s safety.” 


Momo is scarily polite as she speaks. Her gaze, while somewhat threatening, is still respectful. It’s comparable to how she looks at Present Mic or Midnight. And those two elements only serve to tire Kendou out. She knows that Momo is just trying to remain calm, and the fact that she has to fight herself to do so is proof of just how bothered the other female alpha is with Monoma’s actions. 


“Thank you for your time and have a good day.” Iida nods sharply at Kendou before turning on his heel and starting away. Kendou won’t call the quick dismissal rude, but it does make her feel a bit uneasy. Especially since all he did during this entire meeting was retell Izuku’s memory, then stare at Kendou as Momo took over. 


It’s...unnerving (to put it lightly) and Kendou mentally praises Izuku Midoriya for putting up with that intensity almost everyday. 


“I don’t know how you do it.” She whispers as Momo and Iida walk out of hearing range. Now, she’s left alone to think about how she’s going to explain to her pack mates just why they might want to be more weary of Class 1-A for the next few weeks. 


Goddammit Monoma, you just had to go as far as scenting, didn’t you?