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Alola Family -- Legends and All

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Alola ‘Oe

DesignatedHealer has added TheAwaitedChild to Alola ‘Oe

DesignatedHealer: So how was last night?

TheAwaitedChild: ??

DesignatedHealer: Last we heard from @HereComesThe you were having a sleepover in the Ruins of Conflict


TheAwaitedChild: Well my friend and I saw the mural that was on the ceiling of the Temple

BullInAChinaShop: cH OKe

BullInAChinaShop: How did you see the Temple???

TheAwaitedChild: It just happens?? First time I entered the Ruins was the first time and this time Hau had just got me to stop dissociating.

DesignatedHealer: I

DesignatedHealer: Aura maybe????

TheAwaitedChild: Hau saw it this time too

TheAwaitedChild: He’s the one who saw the mural first

HereComesThe has entered Alola ‘Oe

HereComesThe: 1. I should never have told you all that they were having a sleepover, nothing happened

HereComesThe: 2. I have no clue why my child can see/activate the Temple but I’m guessing he can with yours too. I saw it the first time he entered, too.

HereComesThe: 2.5. I’m not answering any questions about the mural

TheAwaitedChild: Didn’t have any but okay

HereComesThe: and 3. Satoshi you and Hau are having your first trial with a Totem pokemon today, have fun stay safe

HereComesThe: oh and 4. I’m not explaining how Hau could see it that time but Hala didn’t the first time because I don’t know

TheAwaitedChild: What

HereComesThe has muted TheAwaitedChild for 48 hours

HereComesThe: Don’t at him you assholes


Alola You Fricks

PsychicBean: What is this place

IdRatherEatDirt: It’s our classroom

BubbleOrBust: I thought you weren’t enrolled here because Hala and the other Kahunas teach you

PsychicBean: That is the case yes

LegendBait: Huh

BubbleOrBust: Then why are you here?

PsychicBean: Tutu is setting Ash and I up for a trial

IcyBean: Oh?

LegendBait: Yeah we have to figure out how to deal with the sudden Rattata and Raticate population explosion without battling every single one of them

ZapBolt: Huh

FlameOn: This has to have happened before, right? Populations ebb and flow all the time based on the number of predators, prey, and resources

FlameOn: Why are you all giving me starry eyes

ROTOMDEX: When Rattata and Raticate first were brought to Alola on ships from Kanto, they caused much damage, so Yungoos and Gumshoos were brought in to combat them, as a natural predator to them.

LegendBait: So we need to find some of those pokemon?

PsychicBean: We should probably tell Tutu first

CriticalHit has entered Alola You Fricks

CriticalHit: You can do that, Ash has class right now

PsychicBean: Kay!





IdRatherEatDirt: um

CriticalHit: What are you two

CriticalHit: Oh Pikachu and Raichu are doing it too

CriticalHit: Have you two literally picked up Raichu line greeting rituals?

PsychicBean: Bye guys!

PsychicBean has left Alola You Fricks

LegendBait: @CriticalHit don’t do it


CriticalHit has fled Alola You Fricks


Family Chat

CriticalHit has entered Family Chat

CriticalHit: @TheMomther @GrowYourOwnDad

CriticalHit: Has Satoshi ever enacted Raichu line greeting rituals with anyone besides Pikachu

TheMomther: Any actual language there?

GrowYourOwnDad: I think he’s asking if Satoshi ever rubs cheeks with anyone in greeting

TheMomther: Not that I know of. Let me check with his friends.

GrowYourOwnDad: Why did this come up?

CriticalHit: He does it with Hau???

DragonFite: I’m sorry, my nephew is doing what???

DragonFite: I need pictures for the purposes of showing


LegendBait has entered Family Chat

LegendBait: I hope you’re happy @CriticalHit

CriticalHit: Oh I very much a

CriticalHit: You told them my first name?

LegendBait: I can reasonably argue that I learned it from Hala

LegendBait: Because that’s all he calls you :)

CriticalHit: I have made a mistake

LegendBait: No shit, ʻanakala

GetOffTheMountain: Wow, this is my boss everyone

MegaMistake: I can’t wait to exploit this

LegendBait: Oh hey @TheMomther did Riley and Shigeru get ahold of you

TheMomther: Yes

TheMomther: And your other friends say you’ve never exhibited Pikachu like behavior

TheMomther: Even, and I quote, “that one time”

TheMomther: Anything you’d like to tell us?

LegendBait: It’s a Z-Move thing

CriticalHit: It is NOT

LegendBait: You study normal moves not Z-Moves how would you know

CriticalHit: I came here to have a good time and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now

TheMomther: That doesn’t sound right but I don’t know enough about pokemon-trainer relations to dispute it. Augustine?

GrowYourOwnDad: After Greninja I also can’t dispute it.

LegendBait: I’m very special

RunForTheMountains: Yeah you got all of the vocal chords and I got all of the brain cells

LegendBait: And then you lost most of them from concussions

GetOffTheMountain: I have the best brother-in-law in the world

RunForTheMountains: I have been turned on

LegendBait: :)

LegendBait: Just wait until me, Alain, and Shigeru are all here

RunForTheMountains: Such a great season to climb Mount Lanakila

GetOffTheMountain: I will tie you to the bed

TheMomther: Keep your bedroom activities out of the family chat, Green.

TheMomther: But feel free

GrowYourOwnDad: @CriticalHit I blame you for all of this. Actually, numerous parts of this.

CriticalHit: I’ve made some mistakes, obviously.

MegaMistake: It seems to be a family trait honestly

CriticalHit: You’re honestly right


Alola You Fricks

LegendBait: So we fought the Totem Gumshoos

PsychicBean: And it gave us both Normalium-Z!

LegendBait: And agreed to help with the Rattata and Raticate problem!!!

FlameOn: I saw

IcyBean: You did?

FlameOn: Deliveries

PsychicBean: So now we’re facing Tutu for a grand trial. Ash is going to go first because I live with him and can do it any time. But Ash is supposed to being going to the Ruins to pray right now!!! Go!!!

LegendBait: I’M GOING

ZapBolt: Will you video it @PsychicBean

ZapBolt: Since we can’t be there

PsychicBean: <thumbs up emoji>

PsychicBean has sent a video TheChallengers

BubbleorBust: A Crawbrawler!

IcyBean: Isn’t Hariyama going a little too far

PsychicBean has sent a video RowletForMVP

IdRatherEatDirt: Holy shit, go for the sweep little buddy!

PsychicBean has sent a video NapTime

IdRatherEatDirt: Awww

PsychicBean has sent a video HereComesTheBoom

FlameOn: WOW

ZapBolt: That was amazing

LegendBait: I’m back!

LegendBait: Oh you videoed it!!


LegendBait: I suddenly have a new understanding of someone’s user handle

PsychicBean: ?

LegendBait: Nothing

LegendBait: Your grandpa is giving us a weird look

IdRatherEatDirt: Are you guys doing the Pikachu thing again?

LegendBait: I’m going home!! I must say goodbye!!

LegendBait: Oh btw Kahuna Hala was going to give me a Fightinium-Z but Kapu-Kokeku switched it out so I have Electrium-Z again!

LegendBait: Bye Hau!

PsychicBean: Bye Ash!


The Legendarium

DepressionComa: And that’s why I have to work with @UwU right now

TheAwaitedChild has entered The Legendarium

TheAwaitedChild: @HereComesThe @HereComesThe @HereComesThe


TheAwaitedChild: Also thanks for the Electrium-Z

TheAwaitedChild has left The Legendarium Get some rest sweetie!