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These Words Are Ours

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Bakugou had facepalmed the day he met Kirishima Eijirou. He wasn't really sure how or when, but if ever there was an idiot in this world who was going to say his Words, it would be this one. 

At first he was angry, gnashing his teeth and vehemently against the idea. He didn't know shit about this guy and like hell was he getting tied to some weakling, Words or not. But then he told himself that he didn't know him and he could just this once give him the benefit of the doubt before calling him completely hopeless. After all, Fate or the Universe or whatever seemed to think they were a perfect match. Bakugou didn't see it yet, but he could at least acknowledge the sense of being with another hero over some civilian. 

It wasn't supposed to be this way. You weren't supposed to know who would say your Words. It was all supposed to be organic, a surprise. 

But if there was another idiot in the world who would dare utter the absolute embarrassment of a babble Kirishima was apparently destined to say to him, Bakugou would eat the redhead's wretched crocs. The only reason he hadn't made an effort to scold him for even having such a thought, let alone voicing it, was because apparently the atrocious phrase is supposed to be what made Bakugou fall head over heels for the guy. He can barely keep from grinding his teeth to the point of giving himself a headache if he even thinks about his totally humiliating Words, so he's more than a little doubtful. 

Doubtful of the Words, but not about Kirishima. Not anymore. Not after years of friendship, of companionship. Of trust and affection and loyalty. 

Bakugou honestly couldn't say if Kirishima hadn't already said his Words and maybe he'd just missed it; it wasn't like he was exactly keeping his ears peeled for a stuttering paragraph he knew was eventually coming and knew would be an absolute embarrassment when it did. But somewhere along the way, from high school to roommates to hero partners, Bakugou had turned around and Kirishima was suddenly always there. At his side, at his back, always with that proud grin. And like hell could Bakugou ever keep from returning that grin with his own. 

Kirishima was his Person. He could forgive whatever stupid babble he may have or maybe would one day spill. 

"I just," Kirishima paused, sniffling. He looked pathetic in the hospital bed, wrong, and Bakugou wanted him out of it as soon as possible. He'd overworked himself during a bank robbery, reaching the bomb the villains had planted by literally clawing his way through the locked bank safe which Bakugou thought was such a badass move, but he should be able to leave soon. 

"You just what?" 

Bakugou knew about Kirishima's doubts. They were best friends. Bakugou had been there on more than one night when he was feeling down, needing someone just to sit close in silence or maybe even hug if he thought Bakugou would let him get away with it. Night was different. Bakugou had his own share of setbacks, nightmares and triggers from his childhood, and he was just as quick to crawl into Kirishima's bed under the cover of the shadows, so he wouldn't judge him. 

But this was daytime, in a hospital, and Kirishima had just saved hundreds of lives. Bakugou wasn't listening to him put himself down right now. 

"I'm just...I'm so…" Kirishima huffed, slumping his shoulders. "I'm always in the way, having to be brought to the hospital or have the emergency responders bandage me up. I'm...I'm...nothing."

Bakugou's eyes sparked with rage. If someone else had said that about Kirishima, he couldn't promise he wouldn't pummel them. 

"Shut the fuck up," Bakugou snarled, slamming his hands on the bed and leaning into Kirishima's face. His head jerked up, eyes meeting Bakugou's wide and confused and still a little teary. "You're everything, you idiot."

Kirishima's eyes widened even further, his breath hitching and jaw dropping. 

"Katsuki," he whispered, an odd tone of awe and disbelief coating his voice. His beaming grin started to creep up on his face even though the tears didn't disappear. Bakugou didn't even think it weird; Kirishima was the biggest crier he'd ever met, and he knew fucking Deku. He cried when he was sad, when someone else was sad, when he was happy, when he was happy for someone was disgusting and endearing, and Bakugou refused to acknowledge the latter. 

Luckily, a doctor stepped in soon after and gave Kirishima the all clear so they could leave. Kirishima hadn't brought up his doubts again, instead smiling stupidly the entire way home.


Bakugou had never been much concerned with with other people's Words. His biggest concern as far as soulmates went was always just to keep anyone else from seeing his Words, inked across his hip like a brand. 

He didn't question when Kirishima started touching him more, sitting closer, smiling impossibly more. He spoke softly sometimes to Bakugou, like they were in on a secret, and Bakugou narrowed his eyes with suspicious distrust each time but played along anyways. Kirishima was an enigma he didn't always understand but rarely was it not worth it to humor him. 

"You're so manly, bro," Kirishima said, leaning against the doorframe and watching Bakugou work out in their home gym. He grinned when Bakugou grunted in disinterest, mentally keeping count. "Like, really, the manliest. But you're also pretty too, don't get me wrong." Bakugou slowed his reps, blinking once in stunned disbelief as he turned to focus on Kirishima who was smiling sheepishly and nervously rubbing the back of his neck. "God, you make me so dumb, man, like I am so crazy over you." 

Bakugou stopped his reps, breathing heavy. "Fucking now?" 

He couldn't believe this. 

Kirishima's eyes widened in confusion. "What now?"

Bakugou nearly threw the bar back into its cradle before stalking over to Kirishima, face a mask of fury. 

"I am sweaty and disgusting and it's a goddamn random-ass Tuesday and you say that now."

Kirishima's brows furrowed. "What's wrong with me saying…" He trailed off, eyes widening again but this time in realization. Then he beamed. "I said them? Now? Really?" He paused just a moment before he remembered what he said and he burst into laughter. "That? That's what made you fall in love with me? That ramble?"

Bakugou rolled his eyes, stepping into his space and grabbing the back of his head confidently, fingers fisting into his hair. "I've been in love with you for years, don't flatter yourself."

Kirishima laughed again anyways, grabbing Bakugou's hips and welcoming him closer, leaning down to press their foreheads together and nuzzling their noses together cutely. Bakugou wrinkled his nose in disgust at him.

"But still. Your Words are me calling you manly and pretty. That's pretty embarrassing."

"You're the one who said it," Bakugou grumbled. He bumped his nose against Kirishima's a bit rougher. "When did I say yours?" Because Kirishima wouldn't be here if he hadn't. Kirishima was a romantic at heart, there was no way he'd allow Bakugou this close to kissing him if he hadn't said his first. 

Kirishima's mouth quirked and his eyes shined with mischievous delight. "At the hospital after the bank robbery."

"Show me," Bakugou demanded, breath against Kirishima's lips. Kirishima reached down and pulled the leg of his loose shorts up to reveal his inner thigh where the black ink was stark. 

Shut the fuck up. You're everything, you idiot.

Bakugou hummed, eyes hooding at the sight. His Words, his claim, undeniable proof he was meant for Kirishima. 

"Your turn," Kirishima murmured. 

Bakugou shoved down the side of his shorts, dragging his underwear with it to show the black Words around his hip. 

You're so manly, bro. Like, really, the manliest. But you're also pretty too, don't get me wrong. God, you make me so dumb, man, like I am so crazy over you.

"You are the most embarrassing person I've ever met," Bakugou informed him before yanking him down into a deep kiss. 

Kirishima broke the kiss shortly because he fell into a giggle-fit, hiding his head against Bakugou's shoulder. 

"You've had those Words on your skin your whole life. I cannot believe--" he wheezed. 

"You learned your f-word early," Bakugou observed, his own mouth twitching in humor. It was pretty silly, this turn of events. 

Kirishima laughed again, one hand covering Bakugou's bared hip and Words while the other cupped his cheek. "You knew it would be me?"

"From day fucking one," Bakugou rolled his eyes. "You wouldn't shut up about how manly everything was. I knew you'd spew this shit one day."

Kirishima hummed. "I guessed it would be you back in high school, but it did take me a bit more than a day."

"Cause you're an idiot."

Kirishima smirked. "Maybe so, but I'm also your everything."

Bakugou felt the heat on his face and was quick to pull Kirishima into another, deeper, more distracting kiss. 

"Katsuki," Kirishima said, and it was the same tone, that awe and disbelief from the hospital, as he pushed Bakugou between the wall and his body, trying to get themselves even closer somehow. 

"Ei," Bakugou murmured, kissing him again. Because he could, because he'd done his waiting, because Kirishima was his soulmate, his best friend and his partner. 

Kirishima lifted him up easily and Bakugou wrapped his legs around his hips, Kirishima's easy show of strength sending a pulse of heat through his veins. He'd ways found Kirishima attractive, but now, now, he could do something about it. He could touch, and kiss, and lick, and--

Bakugou's breath caught as Kirishima mouthed at his jaw, sharp teeth scraping gently against him before he nipped his ear lobe. 

--fuck. They could fuck

Bakugou groaned lowly, wriggling his hips until he was better settled and could grind against Kirishima's abs. 

"Want you to fuck me," Bakugou gasped out, squeezing his thighs against Kirishima's sides. 

Kirishima pulled back to meet his gaze, grinning wickedly. "Yeah?" He panted, hands dragging up Bakugou's sides and back, curling under his shoulders. "Here?" He pressed against Bakugou's hard cock, rolling against him and driving the blond wild. "Floor? Couch? Bed?"

"Everywhere," Bakugou snarled, yanking him closer with a rough hold on his hair, probably pulling more than a few of the red strands out. Kirishima hissed but accepted the kiss, more a meeting of tongues than lips. 

"You got lube?" Kirishima asked, their bodies grinding together without either of their input, both mindlessly chasing after the pleasure of each other's touch. 

Bakugou cursed. "No!" He slammed his head back against the wall in frustration. "Goddammit."

Kirishima chuckled lowly, cupping the back of Bakugou's head and combing through his hair to soothe the hurt. "I've got an idea," he assured him, shifting his hold on Bakugou and walking them both outside the room and down the hall to his own bedroom. 

Bakugou grumbled under his breath, mouthing wetly up Kirishima's neck and jaw, sucking a dark bruise into his skin. Kirishima laid him out on the bed, stretching over him and molding their mouths together, kissing slower. 

"Don't care what you do, your dick isn't coming near my ass without lube," Bakugou murmured between kisses. Kirishima snorted, burying his laugh in Bakugou's neck. 

"So romantic," he teased, pulling away to meet Bakugou's unimpressed glower. "I was actually thinking I could suck you off. Complaints?"

Bakugou swallowed, mouth suddenly dry. "Shit. Yeah. Okay. No complaints."

Kirishima giggled again, kissing Bakugou's jaw, down his neck, over his heart. His eyes sparkled mischievously and he licked at a pebbled nipple, tasting salty sweat from Bakugou's workout, and the blond shifted under him, shivering when Kirishima blew softly over the damp skin. 

"Can't wait to get my mouth on you," Kirishima murmured, dragging his lips and tongue slowly down Bakugou's chest. "Waited for you to say my Words for years. Knew it would be you, just didn't know when. You're perfect, Katsuki. So perfect for me," he breathed out, pausing to kiss Bakugou's Words softly, worshipfully. "Really am crazy over you."

Bakugou brushed his hand through Kirishima's hair, pushing back his bangs until his face was clear. Kirishima looked up at him, smile softening. 

"You have no idea what your Words did to me," Kirishima admitted quietly, hands massaging up and down Bakugou's thighs. "Waited so long to hear them, but knowing they were coming is so much different than hearing you actually say them." He dropped his head to kiss his Words again, something almost embarrassed leaking through his features. "Wish I had come up with something else for your Words though. I, ah, can't imagine they're too brag-worthy." He blushed, looking away. 

"They're your Words," Bakugou argued, frowning minutely when Kirishima sent him an unsure glance. 

"But it's just…" Kirishima bit his lip, "me babbling. Being stupid. Not anything impactful, not like yours to me. Shit, yours to me are practically a confession. Mine to you are…"

"Perfect," Bakugou cut him off with a rough growl, tugging him back up his body by a firm handhold in his hair, rolling Kirishima onto his back and straddling him. 


"Your Words were what I needed," Bakugou cut him off with a deep kiss. "I had to know it was you before I ever took that step and let you close," he added in a whisper, a secret for only Kirishima to know, one of many. "Random chance, the usual method, wasn't going to work with me. I've never been a fan of that Fate crap. If I hadn't already suspected you of being my soulmate, we would've never got here." He kissed him again, slower, more intense. "I fell in love with you without the help of your Words. They just told me when it was the right time to act on it, when you were ready."

Kirishima sniffled and Bakugou rolled his eyes but couldn't help but smile a bit, endeared despite himself. "Crybaby," he murmured, brushing away the few tears that trailed down the corner of Kirishima's eyes. 

"That was super romantic, Katsuki," Kirishima whispered. 

Bakugou hummed, a hint of deviousness sparking through. "Well what do you expect? You're my everything, you know."

Kirishima instantly blushed brighter than his hair, hiding his face against Bakugou's chest while the blond cackled, but not unkindly. Bakugou combed through his messy hair with his fingers soothing as recompense. 

"I love you too," Kirishima said, kissing Bakugou's chest and nervously peeking up at him. "And I also still think you're manly. And pretty. And you'll probably always be able to make me stupid."

Bakugou huffed, shuffling lower to kiss Kirishima's forehead. "Don't say bad shit about my soulmate," he murmured. "You're not stupid."

Kirishima smiled, nuzzling under his chin. "You didn't argue against the rest of that though."

"What's there to argue? I am the manliest, and I am also the hottest person you'll ever meet."

Kirishima laughed, smiling happily. "Yeah, you are," he agreed. 

Bakugou stretched out, yawning as he rested his head on the pillow above Kirishima's shoulder. "I'm taking a nap before we get started with anything again. Kinda tired."

Kirishima rolled to his side, holding Bakugou closer. "That's fine," he agreed. "I could use a few 'zzz's myself."

"I'll make us dinner when I wake up," Bakugou slurred, sleep already halfway claiming him. 

"I want meat," Kirishima whispered quietly. 

Bakugou patted his hip twice, a soft tap of his fingers in acknowledgement that he'd been heard. Kirishima caught his hand and laced their fingers together before they both gave in to the call of a nap. Maybe it wasn't the passion-filled night of soulmate revelations that most people had when another said their Words, but then, they'd known they were each other's Person for years now. One more night wouldn't make a difference.