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Where the Heart Lies

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“God, what a drag,” Katsuragi groaned, lifting the lid to the large pot simmering on the stove, backing away as a cloud steam rose up and hit her square in the face.

“I thought it would be pretty great, getting a big house and filling it with a bunch of hotties, but no one told me I’d have to be cooking for them, too. And I don’t think a single one of them knows the meaning of the word ‘diet.’” She grabbed a ladle off the counter and stuck it into the pot, stirring it around, making sure to scrape at the sides so that nothing burned.

“I mean, I’m getting pretty good at it by now, if I do say so myself, but still, sometimes a girl just wants to relax! Just kick back, snuggle up to a nice cutie, maybe really sink my fingers into that tasty butt Ryoubi’s been flaunting in those shorts of hers… Instead, here I am, stirring the curry pot…”

Katsuragi pulled the ladle out, poured a little of the sauce onto a small plate, and blew on it before giving it a taste. “Damn! That is pretty good, though. Smells great, too. Eh, maybe those people that say cooking can be as good as sex aren’t that crazy after all. Then again, they sure don’t live here, hehehehe… Oooh, but maybe that’s it, huh? With cooking this good, I’m sure at least one of those hotties would just love to show some ‘appreciation’ for the chef...”

“Kaaat!” she heard a whine, pulling her out of her fantasy before it could even get started, “I’m huuuungry! When’s dinner gonna be ready?” Katsuragi turned to the voice, wiping the drool from her face and putting on her best smile as she saw the sweet and adorably childish Minori bounding over to her, her cute, brown pigtails and not-so-childish chest bouncing gently with every step she took. She wrapped her arms around Katsuragi in a tight, enthusiastic hug, pressing her face firmly against Katsuragi’s massive breasts.

“Haha, someone’s excited, huh?”

“Yup! I hope it’s something really tasty!”

“Sure is! We’re having curry tonight!”

“Yaaay! I love curry!” she replied happily, looking up from the blonde’s cleavage with stars in her eyes.

“Yeah, me too! This one’s extra tasty, but it’s still gonna be about another half-hour. It’ll be worth it though, trust me!” Katsuragi smiled, returning the hug warmly. For as undeniably childish as Minori could be, it was great seeing how upbeat and cheerful she always seemed to be, effortlessly bringing a smile to everyone around her as though her attitude were contagious.

“Ehhhh? But that’s so far away! I wanna eat now!”

Except, of course, for when she acted like a huge brat.

Katsuragi took a deep breath, doing her best not to let how annoyed she felt show, though the smile she gave off in response couldn’t have seemed any more forced if she’d tried.

“I’m sure we’re all hungry,” she started through gritted teeth, her upbeat tone sounding incredibly false, “but I worked reeeally hard on this, you know? So we can’t eat until-”


“C’mon, what now?!” Katsuragi cried out in frustration, spinning around to see a sudden, large hole in a nearby wall, a dazed girl covered in soot with honey-blonde hair lying on the floor nearby with a dopey grin on her face, and another girl, a brunette with long twintails, laughing at her hysterically.

“Ahahaha! You should’ve seen her Kat! Gave Hanabi the simplest question I could think of, and she looks about ready to explode! Best part is, she did!” Ryoubi cried out, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes.

“Fireworks pretty…” Hanabi added dreamily from her newfound resting place on the floor. The girl had the...unique problem of exploding into fireworks any time she thought about, well, anything terribly hard, which, for her, was most things. She was a simple, upbeat girl, but she was incredibly easy to tease, as Ryoubi found out very quickly upon meeting her, though the amount of repairs they’d needed to do on the house as a result was getting ridiculous.

“Hey, Ryoubi!” Katsuragi yelled, “if you’re gonna tease her, do it outside! It’s getting really tiring having to-gaaah!”

Katsuragi’s chiding stopped short as she felt something large roll under her foot, sending her tumbling towards the ground, her arms flailing out in front of her. She had just enough to time to hope that, in spite of it all, she somehow managed to sink her hands into a pair of breasts before she hit the floor, skidding forward a little on her cheek. Behind her, she heard a loud clonk, followed by a shrill scream.

“Oh no! My bucket!” Minori cried, running over to the stove to pull her blue bucket out of the curry pot it had landed in. All Katsuragi could see, though, were her small arms reaching up, frantically reaching for it as the curry pot started to wobble and then fall to the floor with a loud crash. By the time the shock of it all had passed, she could feel the warm sauce from the curry staining her socks.

“Dammit!” she yelled, leaping to her feet and ripping off her socks. “Now dinner’s ruined, too! I spent so long making that!”

“I thought you didn’t even like cooking,” Ryoubi piped up, as she pulled Hanabi to her feet.

“I mean, I don’t...but, no, I kinda do...but… Ahh, who cares?! Point is, I spent a ton of time on that and now it’s ruined! We...we’re just getting pizza!”

“Yay! That sounds even better, Kat!” Minori cried out cheerfully.

“Yeah, yeah…It’s still gonna take a while, anyway...” Katsuragi grumbled, picking up a cloth and wiping up the spill.

“Oh? Practicing your domestic routine, Kat? Looks good on you, y’know?” a deep, booming voice called. For as often as Daidouji pissed her off, she was at least somewhat relieved to see her and Rin, the most adult members of the house, enter the kitchen together. It’d save her the trouble of looking for them to get their dinner order later.

“Shut it,” Katsuragi spat. “Dinner’s been screwed up, we’re getting pizza, so stick around. I’m gonna take everyone’s order in a sec.”

“What on earth happened?” Rin, the more collected of the two asked. “Are you all children? You can’t control yourself for five minutes?”

“Hey! Things were going great up until-”

“It doesn’t matter much, the results speak for themselves.” Rin cut Katsuragi off, before helping her clean up some of the mess.

“At least you’re helping…” Katsuragi grumbled. “More than I can say for anyone else…”

“Yes, well, I’m sure we’re all getting hungry, so why not order while Daidouji and I clean the rest of this up.”

“Hey, it’s not like I-” Daidouji tried to protest, but was swiftly cut off.

“We’re cleaning this up.” Rin glared, her tone bitter and cold. Daidouji surprisingly, considering how quick to anger she usually was, gave in without another word, earning a teasing, “Good girl,” from Rin.

“I’m calling the pizza place!” Katsuragi yelled. “What’s everyone want on theirs?”

“Margherita,” Rin replied flatly.

“Just...gimme as much meat as they’ll throw on it,” added Daidouji.

“Pineapple!” Minori gleefully chirped, asking for the sweetest option she could think of.

“Oooh, put everything spicy on mine, Kat!” Hanabi cried out.

“Ahahaha, of course you’d wanna go for that! Make sure it’s crazy spicy, Kat! I wanna see if that’ll make her explode, too!” Ryoubi teased.

“Ryoubi, just gimme your order!” Katsuragi yelled, her patience running extremely thin, the orders she’d already heard beginning to slip from her mind.

“Er...uhh...something...really spicy too…”

“So what the hell were you teasing Hanabi for?!”

“Ahaha, well…”

“Screw it! Daidouji, you order for everyone, I can’t keep track of all this! I’m...I’m going for a walk!” Katsuragi huffed, shoving the phone in Daidouji’s hand, not caring that she was still busy with cleanup, before hurrying towards their front door, and slipping on the first pair of shoes she found that seemed like they’d fit.

“Well what’re you gonna get?!” Daidouji called to her.

“Anything! I don’t care!” she yelled back, slamming the door shut on the way out, leaving a deafening silence in her wake.

“...Well, we’re all getting meat then,” Daidouji spoke up after a little while, calling the pizza place despite the cacophony of protests she immediately received.


“Dammit, this is way too friggin’ much!” Katsuragi yelled, picking up a stone as she walked and hurling it into a nearby pond. “I just wanna live a bouncy, happy life with everyone! There’s no way I can do that if I’m taking care of all their chores! I’m not their damn mom. Hell, I’m not even the oldest girl there!”

“I need...someone else, someone who can take care of this sorta thing. I’d ask Rin,, she’s an awful cook, and she’s way too friggin’ strict,” she grumbled, thinking back on all the times her steely attitude had made Minori cry. “So they’ve gotta be nice, gotta be able to cook, and they need to be someone I know I can trust to deal with large groups that, really, are only gonna get much larger with time, hmm...gotta be hot, too, but I can take care of that…” she pondered, folding her arms under her huge chest, not even noticing as she began to drool slightly, a lusty expression painting itself on her face. “Ehehehe...someone so sweet and warm, so big and bouncy, so soft and sexy…and if they’re not already a hottie...”

“I’ll just have to make ‘em one!”


Yoichi felt ridiculous, wearing a suit to an interview for a position like this, but still, this job sounded so incredible, so perfectly tailored to what he wanted to do, that he was determined to give an incredible first impression. He knew, of course, that getting nervous wouldn’t help him at all, but try as he might, the massive front door of the mansion he found himself standing outside was beginning to get to him.

“Ahhh, getting worked up won’t help at all! Just gotta go for it!” he declared.

He knocked firmly on the door, hearing a smoky voice excitedly shout, “Oh gosh, they’re here!” followed by what appeared to be the sound of heels tapping against tiles, getting just a little louder with every step, until finally, the door swung open.

“Hi there!” a girl with long blonde hair answered, smiling enthusiastically. If Yoichi had been worried about his own suit before, seeing her dressed in one that looked far more expensive than his own quickly put those fears to rest, even if she was showing an incredibly risque amount of her massive bust. “You must be, uhh...Yo...something?”

“Yoichi,” he smiled, holding out his hand. “It’s good to meet you, Miss…” he paused for a moment as the blonde took his hand in her own, shaking it lightly, “I’m sorry, the ad you put out didn’t mention a name…”

“Katsuragi! Sexy, huh?” she grinned, as her grip on Yoichi’s hand got just a little firmer.

Yoichi froze again, pulling his hand away. Had...he really just been asked that?

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I quite heard you.”

“Really? Huh, might be worth getting your ears checked out, chief! I said my name’s Katsuragi! Good ta meetcha as well, Yo...uhhh…”

“Yoichi,” he said, smiling once more, telling himself he just misheard her.

“Ah, my bad! I’m not great with names. Not at first, anyway! But don’t worry, once I get to really know you, it’ll stick, I’m sure of it!” Katsuragi said, her wide grin never once faltering. For as...professional as Yoichi’d first thought she was, he was taken aback by just how carefree and relaxed she seemed. A small, very small, part of his mind kept telling him how sexy she was, but he dismissed that as best as he could, trying to remain as calm as possible. “But look at me, leaving you out in the cold. How about we get really, really cozy inside, hmm? We’ve got sooooo much to discuss.” she purred.

“Y-yes, I’m ready to start whenever you are,” he replied, his smile shaky and nervous.

“Ooh, I’ll bet…” Katsuragi smirked. “Young guys like you are always sooo eager!”

Yoichi coughed nervously, figuring he’d just chalk that up to another thing he misheard. He followed the woman down a long hall lined with doors on both sides, the size of the house he’d, hopefully, be taking care of really sinking in as they reached the end of the hall.

“Alright, here we are, let me just get the key,” the woman said, making a show of patting at the back of her skirt before finally pulling a small ring of keys from her side pocket. As she went to put it in the lock, it slipped out of her hands, jangling to the floor.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it!” she quickly shouted, before Yoichi could even process what had happened to get them himself. Her yelling did, however, draw his attention just as she she started to bend over, pushing out her butt as she went down past her long, slender legs. Yoichi swallowed hard, doing his best not to notice, but it was only after a few seconds of fumbling for what was right at her feet that she finally pulled herself back up and unlocked the room.

She led him inside to what looked, strangely, like a conference room. Katsuragi showed him to a chair, with the cool, artificial breeze of air conditioning blown down right at his head, then took her time walking over to the other side of the table, thrusting her chest forward as she made a show of smoothing her skirt as she sat down.

“Whew… Sorry, Yo...uh...Yohei, it’s really hot in here, huh? Absolutely sweltering! Give me just a moment and we can get started!”

“O-of course, ma’am,” Yoichi replied, wondering if it was even worth trying to correct her at this point and what that meant for his job prospects. He didn’t have much of a chance to dwell on it, though, as the woman across from him slowly unbuttoned two more buttons on her blouse, showing off, somehow, even more cleavage than she already was, before lightly fanning at her chest.

“S-so, I’m here about the housekeeper position…” he started, trying, somewhat feebly, to get things back on track.

“Wow, you really are eager, huh? I just looove that though, that’s exactly what I’m-no, what we’re all looking for here.” She smiled seductively. “Pretty unusual line of work for a guy, no?”

“I...suppose so,” he started, used to hearing about how girlish his interests were by now, “but even if it seems strange, I think this sort of work is pretty important.”

“I completely agree! It’s so hard, making sure everyone here is happy. I’ve been run ragged the past few weeks, handling all the cooking and cleaning in such a huge house! I swear, most nights, rather than cooking, I just wanna go lay in my room and get reeeeally comfortable, tune out the rest of the world, and get in touch with all of life’s little pleasures…” she said, her voice low and sultry, before giddily adding, “and a couple of much, much bigger ones, right, stud?!” She leaned forward a bit, letting her chest fall down against against the table, as if she needed to emphasize her point any further.

Yoichi coughed. He knew he wasn’t mishearing a thing now, but he couldn’t let this get to him. He needed to stay strong and show her how dedicated he was. “I definitely get the temptation to just skip doing all of that and relax.”

Katsuragi snickered, but Yoichi pushed through and carried on.

“But I find those sorts of tasks...really pleasant, honestly. They don’t feel like chores to me at all. I like cleaning up, I like cooking, all of that. I think that, for a house to really be a home, it needs to be the sort of place where you can rest assured that everything’s warm and pleasant, where the people living in it can themselves and feel happy, healthy and, well, loved…” he trailed off, suddenly embarrassed by what he’d just said, but he shook his head and kept going. “Because if yer home’s all outta whack,” he let his accent slip, a slight blush creeping into his cheeks as he realized this, “then nothing will really feel right at all, and I wouldn’t want anyone to have to deal with that.”

“Wow,” Katsuragi whistled, finally pulling herself away from the table, “that’s a hell of a philosophy.”

“It’’s more than that. I...I didn’t always have the best childhood, but I always knew that, when I came home, everything would be fine. Because it was a home, not just a house. My big sister always kept things clean and took such good care of us. I really admired how hard she worked, even though, back then, we didn’t really understand why she was always doing it and why she didn’t just come and play with us. I still do, honestly. I even...I kinda envy her. I’d...I’d always try to help, but there was only so much I was able to do without feeling like I was in the way. I think...I’ve kind of always wanted a family to take care of, even if it’s not one of my own, because...well, I guess if you do it right, you’re family anyway.”

Katsuragi paused for a moment, finding herself unexpectedly moved by what she’d just heard. She’d expected, at best, some opportunistic students looking to make a quick buck, but here was Yo...whatever, his name wasn’t important...pouring his heart out for her.

She grinned, certain that she’d found exactly who she needed.

Yoichi looked down at his lap, suddenly too nervous to look in Katsuragi’s direction. He’d blown it, hadn’t he? He was way too idealistic, telling himself that he needed to keep that in check during these sorts of things.

His thoughts, however, were quickly interrupted by a pair of arms wrapping around him from behind. “Y’know…” Katsuragi whispered into his ear, “I don’t think I ever expected someone quite so...wonderful to show up…” She pressed in closer, smushing her chest right up against his back, barely suppressing a giggle as she saw him start to blush furiously.

“I-I’m so glad to hear ya feel that way.” he stammered, his accent slipping again as he grew increasingly flustered.

“And you’re okay with It’s a lotta girls, you know. Grown women. Tons of them,” she said, still talking directly into his ear, her warm breath causing goosebumps to prickle up along his neck and send a shiver down his spine.

“O-of course… I’m...kinda more comfertable with girls,” he stammered, hardly able to care about his accent anymore as the blonde hanging over him took over almost all of his senses.

“Sounds perfect. You’re hired,” she purred, then leaned in even closer, her soft, juicy lips closing around the tip of his ear right before she lowered her teeth on it, giving it an affectionate nibble.

Yoichi let out a panicked yelp while Katsuragi giggled and backed away from him, quickly getting to his feet to turn and face her.

He felt...odd. The spot where she’d bit felt tingly and warm, leaving him oddly lightheaded and floaty. Despite everything, it was...strangely pleasant and left his body feeling oddly light and limber.

“Too much? It’s OK, you’ll get used to it in no time at all! Ahhh, it’s been way too long since I’ve done this, Yo...uhhhh...what was your name again?

“Yo...ichi…” he mumbled, shaking his head to clear the mugginess he’d been dealing with, rubbing his eyes as his vision started to blur.

“Huh, that so? Ah well, guess it doesn’t matter too much, right?”

“W-why wouldn’t it matter? I’m...going to be working here, aren’t I? Shouldn’t we learn each other’s names.”

“You’re gonna be doing way more than just working here, chief! Besides, you already know mine, right?”

“Right…” he muttered, grateful that his disorientation was starting to fade, the world coming into focus once more, though he was no less confused by the way Katsuragi was speaking.

“So that’s all we need for now! We’ll find something cuter to call you soon enough!”


“Yep! After all…” she walked up to him, grabbed him by the hand, and pulled him towards a nearby mirror, forcing him to look at his reflection, “it’s gotta suit how gorgeous you’re about to become!”

Yoichi was speechless as he stared into the mirror, convinced there must have been some trick to what was being reflected back at him. There was no way his face could possibly be…

“Ahaha, don’t worry! Whatever you’re desperate to say, it’ll come to you eventually. Best part is, we’re just getting started! You’re only gonna get hotter from here!

Yoichi hardly registered what she was saying, though, too caught up with just how soft his face had become. He didn’t even care who was watching. He lifted his hands up to his face and ran his fingers along cheeks far puffier and rounder than his had ever been, wondering if it was also a trick that he didn’t feel even the slightest trace of stubble and that his skin was smoother than it had ever been before. His fingers traveled down along the curves of a far rounder face, his chin much less defined than it was, now little more than a cute point.

As his jaw dropped in surprise, he saw the way the light played off his lips, instantly noticing that they’d gotten so very pink and juicy at some point. His mouth was maybe a little smaller than before, but his lips looked so good and...pouty. And his nose, too. He’d never really liked his, thinking it was a bit too big, a bit too pronounced, but now it was just a delicate curve leading to a dainty little tip.

The more he looked, the more he discovered that he really, really loved, soon forgetting his own doubts about what he was seeing at all. He quickly became entranced by his own eyes, by how much more vibrant and expressive they seemed to be now, his dusty brown irises having shifted a deep sapphire that radiated outward into a dark teal. That was to say nothing of his eyelashes. He never really paid them much mind before, but now they were so hard not to notice. They were so long, thick, and full. They accentuated his eyes perfectly and made them pop even more than they already did. His eyes were even larger now, though if they were actually different, or if they just seemed that way because his eyebrows had now been trimmed down into slender, pencil-thin arches, he couldn’t tell.

While he was running his finger along his eyebrows, delighting in just how soft they were, he felt more soft hair brushing against the back of his fingers. He looked up to see that his hair, usually kept very short, was growing, becoming silkier, smoother, and straighter as it lengthened. He could kind of tell it had gotten longer on the sides, but he really noticed it with his bangs, which kept an even length as they continue to dip down, stopping only once they were right above his eyes. Yoichi was just about to touch it, to indulge the part of her that was dying to know if it felt more silky or more fluffy, when a wave of dark blue shot through his hair, dyeing it from root to tip.

“ is this happenin’?” he asked, his tone more breathlessly excited than scared, not quite noticing his higher, softer pitch.

“Ooh, popular question! Buuut I’ll ask you something right back, cutie!” Yoichi’s heart fluttered at the idea of being called cute, but as he admired his reflection in awe, it began to feel increasingly appropriate. “Does it matter?” Katsuragi asked, with a grin.

“I...I’m not sure, I just...I...huh?” He paused, hearing his voice as it shifted further. That...couldn’t have been him speaking, could it? He cleared his throat and tried again.

“I just think some answers might...oh...oh gosh…” He trailed off again, feeling almost dizzy with excitement as he heard his now completely altered voice and put a hand to his now slender, smooth neck. This couldn’t be real, could it? He had to be dreaming, there was just no way something this incredible could happen...

“Ahaha, you even sound cute! Look, I’ll ask it again, since you seem to be getting more and more into this by the second. If you got to stay this way-er, well, the way you’ll be when this is finished and you’re super hot-does it really matter how you got there?”

“I’m...I’m turning into a girl, aren’t I?” Yoichi asked, smiling softly, his voice now having settled into a calm, sweet, and gentle tone that he couldn’t help but adore. He knew, on some level, that this would normally terrify most people, but...he just couldn’t bring himself to feel that way.

“Sure are! A real bombshell, too! I made sure of that!” Katsuragi beamed, as Yoichi’s shoulders started to feel tight, pushing down and making his frame far less broad than it had been a minute ago, while he began to lose a few inches of height, stumbling slightly as he shrunk down just a little, his once well-fitting suit starting to sag. “But you didn’t answer my question…” she purred, getting up close to him and whispering in his ears. “Do the whys and hows really matter, Yo...whatever your name was?”

“Yozakura,” she replied, with a wry smile.


“You asked my name, so I’m giving it to you. It’s Yozakura, nice to meet you!” she said cheerfully, holding out her hand.

“Ah dammit, do I have another Hanabi on my hands? Your memory OK there?”

“Haha, you’re one to talk! How many times have you asked my name today?” Yozakura cried out, wiping a tear from her eye as she chuckled. “And nope, my memory’s just fine! I’m...I’m a girl, right? Doesn’t matter if I didn’t know it until now, but if I’m gonna be a girl, I can’t go around without an appropriate name, right? So I’m Yozakura.”

Katsuragi’s confused expression slowly but surely turned into a broad, giddy smile. “Ahaha, attagirl! You’re gonna do great here, Yozakura!” she shouted, wrapping her arms around Yozakura and tearing off the top of her now loose, heavy suit, giving both girls a clear view of her now soft, tight core, as well her now lithe, firm arms. As she admired her own body, her hands shifted in turn, thinning out while her fingers grew a touch longer, the nails lengthening a little and trimming themselves into perfectly neat shapes. Despite their more elegant appearance, they felt...good, almost powerful. Yozakura smiled softly and put a hand on her tummy, admiring how smooth it felt now, a small bit of weight settling into it, though she could still feel a strong firmness underneath. She saw her waist pinching in at the sides, before quickly turning back to face Katsuragi with an annoyed scowl.

“H-hey!” Yozakura shouted, “Ya don’t that sorta thing, Kat! Carry yerself with a little more dignity!”

“Haha, are you my mom or something?”

“Th-that’s pretty much why ya brought me here, ain’t it? Ta basically watch over this house like a mom?”

“Oooh, you got me there! But if you’re gonna be more like a mom, well…” she wrapped her arms around Yozakura, clamping her hands against her chest firmly, “let’s help you get there, nice and fast!”

“H-hey! I...I…” She tried to protest, to tell Katsuragi that she was being way too dirty, but all of that went right out the window as a pleasant warmth started to spread over her chest, her knees buckling slightly as it was filled with a soft, gentle weight that swelled up within Katsuragi’s grasp. Yozakura let out a loud, sensual moan as she teasingly pinched her now larger, darker nipples.

“Jeez, someone’s sensitive, huh?” Katsuragi asked, lifting and kneading Yozakura’s burgeoning chest with glee. “Big, too! I bet you’ll be close to my size in a sec!”

“L-let go of me!” Yozakura shouted through heavy, gasping breaths, not telling her that, really, she just wanted to see them for herself without Katsuragi's hands getting in the way.

“Sure!” Katsuragi grinned, letting them fall and bounce against her abdomen before they rested comfortably, swelling just a little further until they stopped at a size just a touch below Katsuragi’s own massive endowments. “Ahhh, they just look so damn tasty though! So full and firm! You’re a real treat, Yozakura!”

“D-doesn’t matter!” Yozakura huffed, trying to hide that, no matter how perverted Katsuragi’s compliments were, she was still deeply pleased by every single one of them. “Ya need to learn to calm down, Kat! No wonder things’re so…” she shifted slightly, trying to ignore how tight her pants where beginning to feel, the waistband pinching tightly against her skin, “...difficult. You probably treat everyone here like a toy or...or…” She trailed off again, the irritation from her clothes biting into her becoming increasingly more distracting.

“Believe me, not everyone. Rin’d kill me if I tried anything like that with her…” She shuddered before smiling once more. “Besides, we all love each other’s company! They’re all so, so happy when I shower them with affection! But you, you’re really fun! The way that adorable accent of yours rears its head whenever things get really intense, the way you get all huffy and try to push down how much you’re loving all this… Ah, I just love you, Yozakura!”

“, well…” Yozakura stammered, her cheeks flushing a bright red in embarrassment.

“Buuuut it seems to me like you’ve got something a little more pressing on your mind than all of that, huh? Jeez, look at those pants, they look about ready to-”

Katsuragi stopped as a sudden, very loud tearing sound filled the room, seeing that Yozakura’s pants had, indeed, split right down the middle. A pair of round, soft buttcheeks stuck out through the tattered remains of her underwear.

“Ahaha, right on time, too!” Katsuragi cried out, gleefully tearing off the rest of Yozakura’s clothes, leaving her scrambling to cover her chest and her crotch with her hands.

“H-hey! Stop fondlin’ me, perv!”

“Pfft, cover those places up as much as you want. I’m way more interested in this delicious little peach back here!” she shouted excitedly, grabbing her cheeks and squeezing them gleefully as they continued plump up. “Though there’s nothing little about it, is there? Damn, this thing’s amazing!” she cried, giving it a playful slap, forcing another moan from Yozakura’s lips. “Ahhh, I love it! It’s so soft, so it’s made of pudding or something!” She put her face up against one of her cheeks, rubbing and caressing it lustfully, before Yozakura finally snapped.

“Kat!” she yelled, anger flaring within her the more Katsuragi felt her up. “Cut it out right this second, ya hear?! I’m not askin’ again!” She spun and glared at the blonde girl. “And if you don’t, well…” she paused, cracking her knuckles, “I’m gonna make you stop…” The threat came out as more of a growl than words, Katsuragi’s grin fading beneath Yozakura’s fiery intensity, which only lessened slightly as she backed off.

“G-got it! I’ll just, uh, let you cool off for now, ahaha… Were you always so...fiesty?”

“Hmph! I wasn’t before I walked in here, but if it’ll help me keep this house running smoothly, then I guess I have you to thank for that, huh?” she smiled, surprising even herself with just how confident she now felt.

“Yeah, yeah. I think I prefer you when you’re all sweet and gentle, though.”

“Oh? Well in that case,” she smirked, teasingly, “let’s keep things nice and peaceful around here, OK? That way we’ll all get along great!” she finished, effortlessly smiling happily once more.

Katsuragi just nodded nervously, amazed at how perfectly her expressions fit her regardless of how rapidly she seemed to be able to change moods.

“So then, what were you even so worked up about any...way? Oh...oh gosh…” She trailed off as she put her hands on her butt, blushing furiously as she felt them sink into soft, supple, perfectly round cheeks.

“Told you your butt’s amazing! So big, so round, so tasty! And those hips, too!” Katsuragi cried out, perking up immediately as she caressed her wide, cushy hips. “What do you call ‘em when they’re that big again? Childbearing? Ooh, you really are motherly!”

Despite how irritated she’d been just a moment earlier, something about being called motherly made her feel so very warm...almost proud. Though she’d never expected it to happen changing into a woman at the hands of her future boss, she really had wanted something like this, hadn’t she? She really had wanted to be...well, motherly and soft. She knew Katsuragi’s teasing should’ve pissed her off, but the closer she got to her dream, the less bothered she felt by all of that, shyly replying, “Y-yeah...childbearing sounds about right...”

“Ooh, that’s the side of you I really, really love! You love it too, don’t you? Bet your head’s just filled with aaall kinds of amazing thoughts! Taking care of everyone, making sure everyone’s getting along and helping each other out... It’s so cute, isn’t it? I know you want that so badly, don’t you? You wanna have everyone look up to you, just like that precious big sister of yours...” she said, leaning right up to her ear as her hands reached downward, caressing Yozakura’s thighs as a soft weight began to settle into them, becoming juicy, plump, and nicely toned as they swelled up and pressed against each other gently.

“Y-yeah...I guess that sounds kinda nice…” She blushed, smiling softly at the thought of it all, while Katsuragi’s touch, suddenly far more delicate than earlier, felt absolutely incredible against her skin. She couldn’t help but look down, past her crotch, to see just how much sexier her legs already seemed to be, only getting prettier as her calves began to smooth out in turn, looking just as toned and gorgeous as her thighs.

“It does, doesn’t it? And if you ever need to unwind from all that hard work…” Katsuragi purred, pressing her breasts firmly against her back, “we’re aaall here for you…” she propositioned, glancing down to see her feet now shifting as well, shrinking down to a much cuter size, her toes looking a little longer and slimmer.

Yozakura’s blush deepened just a little and she bit her lip shyly. For as intense as Katsuragi could be, as a pleasant warmth began to build between her legs, the idea of spending a little more alone time with her really did sound so, so good, her breathing growing heavier and faster the more she thought about it.

“Damn, it’s even getting me excited, you crawling under the covers with me…” She kissed her way up Yozakura’s neck slowly, little pulses of pleasure rushing through her body with Katsuragi’s every touch, spreading out from between her legs and moving deep within her belly as her thoughts grew increasingly hazy. She rubbed her legs together, desperate for those feelings to last, letting out a shy moan as a sudden, much stronger pulse rushed through her.“Letting our bodies do aaall the talking, giving ourselves up to each other… Just drowning in pleasure...”

Yozakura bit her lip a little harder, gasping as Katsuragi grabbed her hand and very, very slowly moved it down her thighs.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? To have all kinds of fun with me?” she asked, grinning as Yozakura shyly nodded in response.

“That’s just perfect, after all...” she purred, their hands getting closer and closer to her crotch, “you’re too damn sexy not to play with!” Unable to hold back any longer, Katsuragi pushed one of Yozakura’s fingers up inside her tight, wet lips. Her knees buckled in pleasure, sending her straight down to the ground, her muscles tensing up for moment before relaxing all at once, the world around her seeming to melt away as she experienced pleasure unlike anything else she’d ever felt before. She breathed heavily, feeling the rise and fall of her chest while her warm juices began to cool against her thighs as she lay on the floor.

“Ahaha, you really are fun, Yozakura! All that teasing must have been far more than that adorable body of yours could bear! I can’t wait to introduce you to everyone else!” Katsuragi grinned.

“’re so damn...”

“Huh? What was that? Feeling ready to speak up?”

“I was saying…” Yozakura started, slowly picking herself up off the ground, “you’re so damn annoying...ahaha...” She smiled, stumbling slightly once she got to her feet. Katsuragi caught her and wrapped her arms around her. “Ya gotta...gotta take it easier in future, got it…?” she mumbled, leaning against Katsuragi’s shoulder.

“Or you’ll make me, right?” Katsuragi asked teasingly.

“Yeah, ya got it…” she said, laughing softly. “So, if you’re gonna make it up to me...gimme some clothes…” she panted, glad to get off her feet once more as Kat walked her over to a nearby chair and sat her down.

“Ahaha, sure thing! Be right back, hottie!”

Katsuragi dashed off before Yozakura could say much of anything in response, but as she began to calm down from her afterglow, she appreciated the silence a fair amount, since it gave her time to look over her body without any teasing comments thrown in. She couldn’t believe how incredible she was, how good she now looked. When it all started, she was sure it was a dream, but sitting there now, poking and prodding at her body excitedly, the idea that this is who she is, and this is who she’ll always be, really began to sink in, her smile growing wider by the second. No matter how pushy and high-strung Katsuragi could get, she’d given her this. She’d let her reach a dream that she’d long since buried away, and she was going to do everything she could to repay her for that.

“Recovered yet?” Katsuragi asked, laying a small bundle of clothes on the table next to Yozakura.

“I think so, thanks.” She smiled softly, standing and picking up a pair of simple seafoam green panties, then sliding them up her wonderfully soft thighs. Though they pinched in a little on her hips, they didn’t feel at all uncomfortable, snugly cradling her perfectly round, plump butt and making her cheeks look even tastier than usual. She struggled slightly with the matching bra, not used to wearing one at all, but she couldn’t help but admire how good it looked once she’d managed to get it on, as well as how comfortably it supported her ample bust. She idly noticed that Katsuragi seemed to have changed clothes as well, now wearing what appeared to be a school uniform, though she kept every button on the shirt completely undone and wore no bra beneath it, her chest threatening to slip out at any moment.

Yozakura wasn’t terribly taken aback by that, though. After what Katsuragi had just done, she’d have been surprised by anything even the slightest bit more modest, really. What caught her eye, however, were the huge black and gold metal boots that adorned her feet.

“What’s with the boots? They seem a little out of place with the, er, schoolgirl look,” she asked, putting on a plain, dark blue shirt that she picked up from the pile before grabbing a pale blue turtleneck sweater and slipping it over her head. She tugged firmly to force it over her chest before realizing that that wasn’t getting her anywhere, then took a slower, more steady approach. Finally getting it to fit, she couldn’t help but blush a little at the way the fabric stretched out, making her new size more apparent than ever. She’d get used to it, she told herself, loving how cute it looked on her despite any embarrassment she felt.

“You like ‘em? I know I do! Makes it pretty clear that if anyone wanted to mess with me, I’d lay them flat in an instant, ahaha!”

“Oh?” Yozakura grinned, finding herself more impressed than she’d expected. “Not a bad idea.”

“Want me to get you a pair? No better way to show people who’s boss!”

“Haha, kicking’s never been my thing. Feels a little too rough for me,” she chuckled, slipping into the snug white jeans she’d been given, as well as a comfy pair of socks and sneakers. Though her outfit was simple, there was something about the way it hugged her curvy figure that she couldn’t help but adore. It left her feeling oddly light and happy in a way clothes never really had before, delighting in the simple pleasures that had totally passed her by until now.

“Wouldn’t have taken you for the violent type at all, honestly, but the way you got all serious earlier, maybe you’re a little rougher than you think…” Katsuragi teasingly smirked, walking up to Yozakura and slipping a cherry blossom in her hair. “But at least we can cover up all that roughness, huh?”

“I’m pretty sure I wasn’t, not before all of this, anyway. Still, ‘rough?’ Nope, that’s not me at all. I just know when to be firm, that’s all. Make it a pair of gauntlets, then we’ll talk. A lady, after all, knows how to use her fists and looks good doing it.” She grinned, clenching a fist tightly, her confident smile fading as light surrounded her arms.

“H-hey, what the heck’s happenin’!?” she cried out, her accent rearing its head as the light shone brighter.

“Ahaha, we’re just getting a look at exactly how ladylike you are, that’s all!” Katsuragi cried out excitedly, watching with glee as the light completely engulfed their surroundings, before fading away entirely, everything in the rooming seemingly normal with the exception of the absolutely massive, bulky metal gauntlets that now adorned Yozakura’s arms up to the elbow. They were black and gold, just like Katsuragi’s boots, with huge pistons sticking out the back. “Ooh, you’re even more impressive than I thought! Wow, those things look incredible! No way anyone’s getting on your bad side now, huh?”

“H-how?” Yozakura muttered, holding up her arms with surprising ease. For as heavy as they had to be, they felt like nothing to her, fitting as comfortably as any old pair of gloves would. Wiggling her fingers slightly, she found that the gauntlets matched her movements exactly, their size doing nothing to dampen the delicacy of her movements.

“C’mon, after all that’s happened to you, you’re really gonna ask that?! They’re weapons! Call ‘em up and they’ll appear. Think of them going away, and they’ll vanish. That’s all there really is to this! Besides, they feel good, right? And they sure don’t detract from how ladylike you are!”

“They...they kinda do…and they don’t at all...” she said, absolutely awestruck by just how natural they felt on her body. She felt...right wearing them, more confident and assured.

“So don’t sweat it! Just know that you’ve got ‘em if you want ‘em! Still, you should probably take them off for now, might color everyone’s first impressions of you a little too much.”

“Ahaha!” she laughed, “I’m learning an awful lot today, it seems.” She held up her hands once more, willing her gauntlets away with surprising ease, pleased to see that the clothes she’d been wearing beneath them hadn’t been damaged at all. “But I think I’m ready to meet everyone else. If you’re still interested in hiring me, of course. I did...kinda threaten you, ahaha…”

“You sure did! But to be fair, you also let me have a ton of fun with you, so I feel like I came out on top in the end! But there’s something I’ve gotta tell you before I introduce you to everyone.”


“Don’t think of this as a job, OK?” she asked, her tone more serious than Yozakura had ever heard it in the small time they’d known each other. “I know it might be a bit sudden, but I’m not your boss, and you’re nobody’s employee. You’re a part of our bouncy, wonderful family!”

“B-bouncy, huh?”

“Yep, bouncy and soft and squeezable and-”

“I get it!” she yelled, her cheeks painting themselves a soft red.

“Ahaha! Sorry, sorry! know you might not get it right now, but I want everyone who lives here to be happy, and that goes for you, too. Ahhh, I get all excited just thinking about it! A sexy, bouncy paradise!”

“Hey, cut that out.” Yozakura sighed, before smiling softly.. “But if you mean it...if you uhhh, really want me to be part of your family…” her blush deepened a little, “I think I’d really like that…”

“Perfect! I just know you’ll love it here!”

“Besides,” Yozakura started, smiling confidently, “someone’s gotta keep you in line! Now that I’ve met you, there’s no way I can trust you to keep things running smoothly at all!”


“Anything you wanna see first?” Katsuragi asked, beginning her tour of the mansion Yozakura would now be calling home. “I doubt everyone’s home at the moment, but I’ll make sure you get to meet all of them before the end of the day.”

“It’s OK if they can’t make it or anything. I’m sure they’re all busy, too.”

“Ahahaha! Them? Nope, no way!” she laughed, clutching her stomach tightly, as if she’d never heard anything more absurd in her life. “Maybe Rin, but that’s it, the rest of them just goof off all the damn time. But hey, if they’re happy, that’s what counts. I’ll text ‘em all, tell them all to come by whenever they get the chance. But don’t worry about them for now. How about I show you the kitchen, hmm?“

“Y-yeah, sounds good, ahaha…” Yozakura laughed, not sure what to make of Katsuragi’s assessment of everyone else she’d be living with. Still, she told herself, she was certain she’d get along with everyone soon enough.

“Great!” Katsuragi exclaimed, abruptly turning and heading towards the kitchen while Yozakura followed behind happily, eager to see just how elaborate the mansion’s setup would be. “They’re all great girls, no matter what I might say about them, so don’t worry about that at all. It’s just that…” she paused, catching a whiff of a curious, pungent smell beginning to fill the air. Yozakura seemed to notice it too, her smile giving way to an annoyed frown, but Katsuragi tried to brush past it. “...Well, no matter what, I love ‘em all! They’re all crazy hot, too! Some of them have even have bigger racks than me! I think you’ve got everyone beat when it comes to butts, though! and Ryoubi’ll have to duke it out! Oooh, I can judge that for you both!” She grinned, stopping and turning to face Yozakura, who didn’t miss a beat, simply walking right past Katsuragi with a determined look on her face.

“H-hey! Where are you-”

“Someone’s burning food!” Yozakura called back as Katsuragi rushed to catch up to her. “The kitchen’s this way, right? It smells really, really awful, Kat!”

“Sure, but that’s not-” Katsuragi tried to protest, but Yozakura quickly cut her off.

“This has gotta be it!” she declared, grabbing the handle on the door the smell seemed to be coming from, the odor so strong it was like it was seeping out past the frame..

“Yeah, but-”

“I’m coming in!” she shouted, hastily opening the door and storming into the room. Katsuragi quickly followed behind her, her eyes shut tight and her nose pinched.

“Dammit, that smells terrible! D-did someone set off Hanabi or…” She trailed off, opening her eyes to see exactly who was responsible the awful smell. The room was an absolute mess. Ingredients were strewn about countertops completely carelessly, while a pot on the stove was about ready to boil over, seconds away from spilling...something all over the floor. Though she’d never expected a single one of the girls to try and handle any cooking at all, somehow, it seemed that every one of them was pitching in, a cacophony of voices all talking over each other, none of their owners noticing Yozakura or Katsuragi at all.

“Is this everyone?” Yozakura asked, her expression stern and serious.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Katsuragi sighed.

“Perfect! No better time to say hello!” she shouted, calling up her gauntlets once more and slamming them together. A loud crash ran through the room, quickly quieting everybody down.

“Who the hell are you?!” Daidouji growled, the ingredients she’d been carrying tumbling out of her hands, dropping straight to the floor.

“Whoa!” Hanabi shouted, “those big punchy gloves are sooooo cool!”

“Sorry! Had to get everyone’s attention somehow, these just seemed like the fastest way to do it,” she said, willing the gauntlets away once more as she walked over to the stove. She cleared her way through everyone else without a second thought before dumping out the pot of what, in some loose sense, was supposed to be food straight into the trash. “I’m handling dinner, all of you can relax.”

“H-hey, what the hell’s your-” Daidouji started, before Rin quickly cut her off, grabbing her by the hand.

“Cooking was never my forte, this suits me just perfectly,” Rin replied coldly, taking a seat in a nearby chair and pulling Daidouji along with her, whose shouts of protest went completely ignored.

“Yay! No more work!” Minori cried out happily, digging a couple of lollipops out of the bucket she’d been carrying and licking one happily, handing the other to Hanabi.

“You were making curry?” Yozakura asked, making the best guess she could from what little of the pitched meal she could stomach to look at. “It’s unsalvageable as is. Whoever cut up these veggies made the slices way too small, and the chicken’s breading looks all uneven and burnt. But…” she looked around the room, surveying the ingredients and utensils on hand, “there’s enough here for me to whip up something great!”

“Don’t worry about it right now!” Katsuragi grabbed Yozakura by the arm, trying to pull her away. “They made this mess, they’ll clean it up, and we’ll order pizza, OK?”

“Ooh, make mine really hot, Kat! Yesterday’s one had soooo much meat, but it wasn’t spicy at all! Oh, but it was still super tasty!” Hanabi called out gleefully.

Yozakura stood firm, slowly turned, and glared at Katsuragi. “You got pizza yesterday?”

“Y-yeah... I was making curry as well, actually, and it was gonna turn out great, but they ruined it all!”

“And you wanna get pizza again?”

“Yeah! They’ve ruined dinner two nights in a row now!”

Yozakura’s glare narrowed, then she turned to everyone and cried out, “That ain’t good at all! That’s nothin’ but junk food!”

“B-but…’ Katsuragi stammered, Yozakura’s accent popping back up scaring her far more than anything else that could have happened.

“No buts! There’s no damn way I’m lettin’ everyone live like that! If I’m in charge, I’m making y’all eat right, got that?! So everyone take a load off and lemme get started, OK?”

The rest of the girls just nodded, unsure of what anyone could really say in the face of Yozakura’s sheer intensity.

“That’s great! Dinner’s still gonna be incredible, I promise!” Yozakura smiled, turning back to face the stove once more.

“Ahaha, I like her, Kat! This girl’s got bite!” Ryoubi laughed, clearing enough space for Yozakura to work comfortably.

“Just you wait…” Kat muttered under her breath, grateful that nobody seemed to hear her.

“A big part of cooking is learning how to improvise! A lot of food wasn’t usable today, and that’s terrible, but we’re not throwing in the towel! We’ve still got plenty of great ingredients here!” Yozakura said to no one in particular, smiling confidently. She got to work immediately, navigating the kitchen as if she’d been there a thousand times before until she’d carefully laid out everything she needed. “It’ll take a bit, but...tonight’s dish’ll be pork fried rice! I hope everyone’s hungry!”

“Ohhhh! I love fried rice! That sounds super super yummy!” Minori said with a warm smile.

“Glad to hear it!” Yozakura replied, turning to face everyone once more. “By the way, I’m so sorry I forgot to introduce myself. Name’s Yozakura! It’s nice to meet you all! If any of you need help with anything around the house, let me know, OK? Being part of such a big family’ll probably get pretty tough, but, well… I just know we’ll all get along great!” she said, smiling broadly.


Yozakura lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling and listening to the storm outside. It had been like that all day, but it did nothing to dampen the high spirits of everyone she lived with. In the weeks she’d spent there since her interview, a day she looked back on as possibly the happiest of her life, she’d taken as much time as she could to really get to know everybody closely, and while things weren’t always all that smooth, for the first time in years, since her big sister had first left home when she was younger, she really started to feel like she belonged, like she was part of a family. More importantly than that, however, she felt like herself. Like the person she’d always known herself to be but had always hidden away, terrified that she’d be hated for who she really was. That was gone, now. Nobody here judged her for any of that. Nobody ever made her feel uncomfortable, or sad, or scared. She’d technically been called here to make sure handle everyone else’s problems around the house, but, as it turned out, everyone else helped her out a great deal in turn simply by being there for her.

Still, after a long, tiring day, all she wanted to do now was relax. The now distant sound of thunder was oddly calming to her, a pleasant stillness hanging in the air of her room as she lay there.

“Y-Yozakura…” a soft, cute voice called out from behind her bedroom door. Yozakura instantly recognized it as belonging to the adorably cheerful, upbeat Minori, though she sounded scared now, her voice wavering slightly.

“Minori?” Yozakura called, getting up and walking to the door. She slowly opened it to see Minori standing outside, clutching a stuffed animal tightly. There was something about the way she looked in that moment, frightened and nervous, that made her seem even smaller and shorter than she was.

“Is everything alright? Do you want come in?” Yozakura asked.

“Uh-huh...” she said with a soft nod, looking down at the floor. She scurried inside, turning to face Yozakura as she shut the door behind her.

“Something the matter, Minori?”

“I-It’s nothing, I just...I just…” she stammered, trying to hide how scared she clearly was.

“Don’t worry,” Yozakura said softly, putting a hand on Minori’s shoulder. “I’ll help you out no matter what it is, OK?”

“I-I’m fine, I promi-”

At that moment, a huge flash of lightning brightened the world outside Yozakura’s window, accompanied by a loud, thunderous boom.

“Ahhh! Yozakuraaaaa!” she wailed, running into Yozakura’s arms, Minori’s chest smushing up against her as she hugged her tightly. “The lightning’s gonna get me! I’ve been a good girl, too! Why’s it being so mean?! I just wanna have a nice day with...with everyone…” she cried, beginning to quieten down as she felt Yozakura’s arms gently wrap around her.

“You don’t like storms, huh?”

Minori just shook her head, pressing tightly against Yozakura’s body.

“That’s OK! I’m gonna keep you safe. Do you want to stay here with me, just the two of us?”

“Three…” Minori sniffled, holding up her stuffed kitty for Yozakura to see.

Yozakura’s gentle smile widened. “The three of us, of course. Where are my manners? Do you think she’ll forgive me? I’ll take care of both of you until this storm’s gone!”

Minori looked up at Yozakura, smiled shyly, and nodded. “R-really?”

“Yup!” she said, walking Minori over to the bed. She patted the spot next to her, waiting until Minori had crawled in and was comfortable before pulling the covers tightly over all three of them. “You’ve been really brave today, haven’t you Minori?”

“I have?” Minori asked, sounding surprised.

“Of course! This storm’s been going on all day, but you still did your best to get through it. You even kept me company while I was making dinner!”

“It smelled really yummy…”

“Haha, I’m glad you liked it! You’re such a good girl, Minori!”

“Really?!” she asked, looking at Yozakura with a wide-eyed, awed expression. “I’m a good girl?!”

“Absolutely! You’re always kind, sweet, and ultra-happy. I really love that about you, Minori. I think you’re amazing. So, even if you can’t sleep tonight, that’s OK! We’re here for each other, and if we end up staying awake just talking in bed all night long...well, that’d be wonderful, don’t you think?”

“Yeah! De…finitely…” she started to shout, letting out a loud yawn right in the middle.

Yozakura giggled softly, wrapping up Minori in a tight, warm hug. “You’re so cute, Minori, ahaha…”

“I’ll...I’ll stay up all night with you, Yozakura, and I’ll tell you allll kinds of fun stuff, and...and…” She yawned once more. “C’mon, I wanna stay up late with Yozakura…” she cutely whined, annoyed with herself for getting sleepier by the second.

“It’s OK if you fall asleep, too,” Yozakura said, smiling warmly. “Y’know why?”

“Why...why’s that?” Minori yawned once more, her eyes barely staying open at this point.

“Because we’re family, and I’ll always, always be here for you no matter what. So sleep well, Minori. I know we’ll have another amazing day tomorrow.”

“Ehehe… Yeah, we’re family…” she giggled sleepily, nuzzling her face against Yozakura’s chest. “G’night Yozakura… You’re the best and...and I love you lots...” she mumbled.

“Goodnight, Minori...” Yozakura smiled, giving her a soft kiss on her forehead. “I love you, too.”