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In Between

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–Nine Months Later–

Bucky sat at the desk in his office and reworked the plans he’d drafted for his assignment in Moscow. He was scheduled to leave in the morning but he wanted to do last checks and make sure everything was in order.

He heard a soft knock on the door and looked up to see Sam wearing his black silk robe which Bucky kept in the bathroom. Bucky smirked and waved him in. Sam crossed the carpeted study, feeling the soft rug under his feet as he went to Bucky. Bucky swiveled away from his desk and admired his black silk on Sam and how lovely it looked against his skin. The robe fell halfway down his thighs and Bucky had to curb his thoughts. Those could wait until he went to bed in a bit. Sam slipped into Bucky’s lap and ran his fingers through Bucky’s hair at the back of his head.

“How’s it going?” Sam whispered.

Sam had come over after work to have dinner with Bucky since he would be leaving to Moscow in the morning for a week.

“Pretty good. Got everything I need,” Bucky said showing Sam the plans for his assignment as he smelled the distinct scent of soap on Sam’s skin.

Sam looked over the plans and pieced together Bucky’s code to understand what it was he was looking at.

In the beginning, when he and Bucky had started over and were working on being honest with one another and keeping each other in the loop, Sam had been uncomfortable. He’d told Bucky as much and why he’d been uncomfortable about some things. However over time Sam had found his self growing used to the terms and some of the equipment after watching Bucky prepare for multiple assignments. Really it had happened right before his own eyes and soon Sam understood the difference in firearms, clips, capacity and how to select a gun for distance, stealth and impact. He’d even given a suggestion or two which his boyfriend had used to his advantage.

“You don’t want to order an Uzi?” Sam asked looking at Bucky.

“What for?”

Sam pointed to his order list. Bucky tended to run lean on ammunitions and it forced him to switch to hand to hand combat more often than not. Sam figured if Bucky could plan with more bullets from the start, he’d be less likely to have to get close and Sam could worry less about Bucky not coming home from a job.

“Just in case, baby,” Sam whispered softly as he kissed at Bucky’s forehead. Bucky looked over the list and added up the rounds. He had enough bullets but he’d talked to Sam about having more than he needed, just in case.

Bucky leaned over and wrote in an additional Uzi. He put his pen down and turned to look up into Sam’s eyes. “Just in case,” he whispered.

Sam brushed his finger down the ridge of Bucky’s nose softly before he pressed his lips to his. Bucky stroked his tongue against Sam’s and felt Sam’s skin warm under the thin fabric of the robe. He moved his hand lower and slipped it under the silky fabric. Bucky stared into Sam’s eyes wanting to watch his man melt at his touch. He brushed his fingers against Sam dick and watched Sam bite his bottom lip as he sighed. When he took Sam into his fist, Sam closed his eyes and gasped as he grasped his fingers tight in his hair. The tugging of the strands warmed Bucky’s lower stomach with their sharp sensations.

Sam would be lying if he said he hadn’t wanted something like this to unfold when he decided to go looking for Bucky wearing the man’s robe but now he just wished they were upstairs.

“Bed?” Sam suggested as he felt Bucky robbing him of breath and coherent thought with each stroke of his fist.

Bucky kissed at Sam’s neck and loved that his skin was beginning to heat the more he got worked up. “How about I just fuck you up against my desk?” Bucky whispered softly against the shell of his ear.

Sam felt a chill run along his skin at that suggestion. Any longer and Bucky would certainly do it. Sam pulled away from Bucky slowly. His hand fell away from where it had been touching him and Sam felt his body yearn for his touch again. He fixed the robe and backed away. He gave Bucky a look and walked out of the office.

Bucky shook his head to his self and felt his heart burn brighter for Sam. He flicked off his desk lamp and got up to leave his office. He shut the door upon leaving. He walked the hall of his home in darkness and headed for the stairs. As he moved to ascend the stairs he felt something under his foot. He stopped to pick it up into his hand and remembered the feel of the fabric. It was the robe Sam had been wearing. Bucky carried it upstairs and saw a light flickering underneath his bedroom door.

He walked in to find a few candles lit around the room, giving the room a soft but pleasant glow. Bucky dropped the robe in his hand as he looked at his boyfriend resting back on his bed as beauty incarnate, lust in his eyes and erect.

“I’m not going to be getting much sleep before my flight am I?” Bucky asked stripping out his shirt before he stepped out of his pajama bottoms. He stroked his dick a few times to hasten his erection to hardening.

“If you’re lucky, no,” Sam said softly sitting up as Bucky got on the bed with him and leaned down to kiss his lips. Sam ran his hands all over Bucky chest and maneuvered him to lie down. Bucky smiled when he realized Sam got him on his back.

“You think you’re so slick,” Bucky whispered as he felt Sam’s lips touch his skin, there and there, lower and lower under he could feel the press of Sam’s lips against his inner thigh.

Sam pressed a kiss on his dick and Bucky thought his heart would go into overdrive. It didn’t matter how many times they made love, Sam using his mouth on him in any way, shape or form was always devastating.

“Baby,” Bucky breathed brushing his hand down to touch Sam’s cheek. Sam stayed focus on his task and pressed the tip of his tongue gently into the slit at head of the blushing dick before him. “Dear god, so fuckin –,” Bucky choked out as he felt his body tense.

When Sam picked Bucky up into his fist and sucked on his tip, gently, deliberately it drove Bucky wild as he felt his body heat steadily wanting those gorgeous lips to take more of him in. Bucky shut his eyes and hoped this wasn’t an attempt on his life. He was almost certain Sam would succeed if he kept it up any longer.

Later when Sam had given Bucky a slow, but wonderful orgasm, he got up and placed kisses against his boyfriend’s stomach. He glanced up to take in the sight before him of a man as dangerous as Bucky, now winded and trembling just from Sam using his mouth. It was a power trip Sam relished in as he took comfort in the fact this power was his alone. Sam felt lust bloom anew in his lower stomach and wanted to continue. They did only have the evening together. 

“What would you like?” Sam whispered as he arose from between Bucky’s legs and sat astride the man’s lap.

“Whatever you want,” Bucky whispered as he sat up and kissed at Sam’s neck, ran his hands over Sam’s stomach and thighs.

That was something Sam just never got enough. The attention and thoughtfulness Bucky lavished on him outside of bed was only surpassed by what he gave between the sheets. Sam ran his fingers through Bucky’s hair and sighed.

“I love you,” Sam whispered. “Love you so much.”

Bucky raised his head from kissing at Sam’s neck and looked up into Sam’s eyes. He brushed his flesh fingers against Sam’s ass and felt everything still for that moment. It wasn’t the first time Sam had said those words to him, far from it, but Bucky made sure to never take any time Sam did for granted. He hugged Sam close in his arms and held on.

“I love you too Sam,” he breathed against his chest.

Sam smiled to his self and hugged Bucky back. “Don’t get all sentimental on me now,” he said reminding Bucky they were in the middle of something at the moment.

Bucky gave Sam a look as he released him from his arms. “You’re the one that said it,” Bucky pointed out.

“I was in the moment. I didn’t know that it tugged on your heartstrings like that,” Sam countered. Though he did in fact know his boyfriend had a soft spot for when he uttered those three little words.

Bucky wasn’t the least bit convinced. “Oh you didn’t know did you?” he said wrestling Sam down against the bed before he laid down on top of him and kissed his lips. Sam smiled in their kiss and chuckled. Bucky smiled too.

“Thought you were gonna let me have whatever I wanted?” Sam asked wondering.

Bucky shook his head and kissed at Sam’s jaw and neck as he lifted Sam’s thigh up on his hip.

“Maybe later. Let me hold you for a bit,” Bucky asked softly. “Please?”

And that melted Sam’s heart. He reached for the lube and condom on the night stand, set them close by for Bucky before relaxing back on the bed.

“Fine with me,” Sam said softly with a smile.


Resting beside Bucky in bed Sam smoothed his hand over Bucky’s lower stomach and felt his fingers against the various scrapes and scars that adorned Bucky’s body. It was something Sam liked to do instead of cuddling, he’d touch Bucky all over until he found a scar or new bruise and Bucky would tell a story.

Bucky rested with his eyes closed, not sleeping but feeling where Sam’s fingers were on his skin. Sam brushed his fingers over a small instance of scar tissue on Bucky’s left hip and continued to touch.

“Tell me about this one,” Sam whispered curled up close at Bucky’s side.

Bucky thought about it for a moment. “It’s either one of two things. I can’t remember which. I was either running from the mob in Italy or I caught a piece of shrapnel from a bomb in Belarus,” Bucky said thinking about both moments. They’d happened three years apart but he was certain both events left him with a wound in that area.

“You really have led a wild life,” Sam whispered softly.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Bucky said turning to look over at him.

Any other evening he would be sleeping in preparation for his assignment but he knew he could sleep on the ten hour flight to Europe. This right here, staring into his love’s eyes, he wouldn’t get this moment again. Tired, achy, fucked out, but so loved he felt covered in it from head to toe? No, there was nowhere else Bucky could get that feeling but right there next to Sam. He planned to savor every second in his presence.