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The Light at The End

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           Isshi could hear Karyu screaming at Byou and Ruimaru, he heard the footsteps coming down the hall and the slamming of the door to his bedroom. Isshi was certain that the young man would stay with him, if he refused Byou and Ruimaru’s requests to live full time in the country, though he did not want to think of life without all three of his boys.  

          Checking the time, he reached for his phone, his only option was to call Davina, she would have an answer for him…hopefully.

          “Isshi? Is everything alright?” Davina was surprised and worried to see Isshi’s number flash on her screen.

          “No, Mistress, everything has gone to shit as they say.”

          “Oh? Are the boys…” She couldn’t finish the sentence. Isshi explained the two incidents in detail, the way the boys were acting towards each other and the enviable out come that he was predicting.

          “I’m going to lose my boys, Davina. Masamoto has destroyed them completely,” Isshi sobbed, “I don’t know how to move forward with this, do I just tear up our contracts?”

          Davina tried to calm Isshi’s nerves with careful words. “Isshi, love…don’t give up so easily.”

          “I gave them until morning to come to a unified decision, but after that…do I carry out what I have threatened?”

          Davina sighed, “No, do not give in that easily. I’m going to call Sakurai and Madame F, give me a few hours and I will either call or text you what we have decided. Please Isshi love, don’t give up on your boys.” With a thank you and a good night, Isshi hung up the phone.  

          Something told Isshi to get up and check on the boys, just an irrational thought that perhaps Byou and Ruimaru had already left the house. “Stop it, you fool,” he muttered to himself.

          He checked Karyu’s room first, but the door was locked, “You know he’s in there.” Walking down the hallway to Ruimaru’s room, he quietly opened the door and looked in, he found both young men in bed, holding each other close. With a heavy heart, he closed the door and made his way back to his bedroom.


          “We need to speak tonight; no, it can’t wait. Thank you.”


           Madame F sat in Davina’s parlor listening as the woman recounted the phone conversation, she had with Isshi, “He just sounded so broken. I just can’t imagine what he’s going through, it’s critical that a solution needs to be found. I do not want to have those boys in my home with me looking for new Dominants.”

          Madame F shook her head sadly, “It seems that Masamoto Umeji is still wreaking havoc from the confines of prison. Do you have any ideas my dear?”

          “I have, but it’s a bit unorthodox and I’m not sure that either party would agree to it.”

          The elder Dominant raised an eyebrow, “Go on…”

          “Nakamura Taizo.”

          “Davina, really? How does he figure into all of this? The man is reprehensible at best.” Madame F scoffed.

          “True, but he did save the boys from Masamoto, and he does have some partial sway over them. I’d like to suggest that he go out to Sakurai’s estate and speak to the boys, and perhaps he can talk some sense into them.”

          “I’m not entirely agreeable to your methods, though I can not think of anything myself, that would help Isshi.” Madame F sighed, “Alright. I will contact Nakamura and see if he is agreeable to this. Will you contact Isshi and at the very least, warn him about what we are prepared to do?”

          “I will text him as soon as I hear from you, Madame.”


          Nakamura Taizo wasn’t sure he was hearing what Madame F was asking him. “You must be joking, Madame. I’m the last person in the world that Isshi-san wants to see, let alone speak to his submissives. Are you sure you’re not ill?”

          Madame F went on to explain the problems Isshi was having with his submissives, the fact that they no longer wanted to live in the city, fearful of a possible kidnapping.

          “My dear Taizo, you are our last hope, we don’t know what to tell Isshi to help him. Davina and I really do not want to have to find new Dominants for those precious boys, they belong with Isshi.”

          “I still don’t know what you expect me to do, Madame. I am not some all sworn hero just because I was able to grab those boys from Masamoto, so what do you want of me?”


          “Isshi darling, listen carefully to me. Tomorrow you will have a visitor that is coming to talk with your boys, I’m not going to tell you who it is so you can not deny me. All I can say is the visitor will speak to your boys and hopefully bring them to their senses.”


          They were all late risers the next morning, none out of their beds until mid-morning, with Isshi staying in his room until almost noon. Karyu kept his distance from Byou and Ruimaru, who were sitting close to each other. Karyu glared at Ruimaru when the young man came into the kitchen, “You have no right to look at me that way, I’m only looking out for my own safety.”

          “No. You’re being a selfish brat and not thinking of Sir’s feelings at all. How could you do this to him, Ru?” Karyu snapped back.

          “Me? What about you? You said you’d leave him and find another Dominant if we wouldn’t come back with you, so who’s being selfish now?”

          Karyu walked over to Ruimaru and got in his face, “I’m willing to stay with Sir, unlike you!” he shoved Ruimaru against the wall, “You want to stay here and hide from the world, like a fucking mouse. You lied when you said you’d stay with Sir forever, just like you lied to me and to Leda, and now to Byou, when you said you loved us.”

          The shorter boy shoved Karyu back, “I did NOT LIE! I LOVED LEDA TOO!” he screamed in other’s face. The pushing and shoving started, Karyu finally getting fed up and reaching out to slap Ruimaru.

          “WOAH THAT’S ENOUGH!” A pair of hands grabbed Karyu and pulled him away from Ruimaru. “What the hell are you doing?” Ruimaru gasped, Karyu turning to see who grabbed him, “Nakamura-san?”

          “What are you doing in this house, Nakamura!” Isshi had heard the commotion from the bedroom, expecting to see his young men arguing, but seeing Nakamura Taizo was the furthest thing from his mind.

          Nakamura turned and bowed low to Isshi, “I was summoned here by Madame F and Mistress Davina, in hopes of mediating the problem between your young men, Isshi-san.” Isshi muttered something under his breath that sounded a lot like ‘fuck you Davina’.

          Walking over to where Nakamura had Karyu by the arm, Isshi slapped him and Ruimaru both, shocking all three of the men.

          “I can not believe that you have stooped to this level, any of you. Regardless of our situation, you will not behave like hooligans in my house or in Sakurai Atsushi’s home, shame on you.” Isshi turned on his heel, “Taizo, come and speak with me for a moment, please.” Nakamura nodded his head, but turned to the two boys, “Do not touch each other.”

          Walking out to the small patio in the back, Nakamura found Isshi sitting in a chair, his head in his hands. “Isshi, I’m sorry to have sprung this on you, but Mistress and Madame both told me not to alert you that I was coming. Perhaps this was wrong of us, but they are genuinely concerned with what’s going on. I’d like to help if I can.” He sat in a chair next to Isshi.

          “Taizo, I’m losing my boys. That monster Masamoto has them in his clutches, just as sure as we are sitting here. Byou and Ruimaru refuse to return to the city with me, they want to live out here and hide. Karyu is having none of it, and said that if I decide to stay here, he will ask Mistress to find him a new Dominant.” Isshi looked up at Nakamura, tears streaming down his cheeks. “I don’t know what to do, Taizo.”

          Reaching over and patting Isshi on the shoulder, Nakamura sighed, “If I may, let me talk to them. I’m not sure anything I can say will help, but I can at least try. Will you allow me to do this?” Isshi nodded, “If you would please, thank you.” Nakamura rose from his seat, “I’ll do my best.”

          Leaving Isshi to remain on the patio, Nakamura walked into the house. “You,” he pointed at Karyu, “go sit over in that chair and do not move.” Karyu’s face paled, “Yes, Sir.” Glaring at Byou and Ruimaru, who were sitting together on the couch, Ruimaru’s face still red from the stinging slap that Isshi dealt out, and Byou looking scared.

          Nakamura paced back and forth, tapping his finger on his chin, thinking carefully about what he was going to say. “I want you three to listen to me carefully. I’m not going to repeat myself.” He grabbed a barstool from the counter, and placed it between the boys, sitting on the edge.

          He first looked at Karyu. “Why do you think I stopped my scene with you, when I found out who you were?”

          Karyu’s jaw dropped, “Because I’m one of Isshi’s submissives, Sir. Of course, you would stop.”

          “Really? What if I told you I had thought about keeping you for myself, that I wanted to fuck you senseless and take you home with me? That I wanted revenge against Isshi for taking Byou away from me. How would you deal with that?” Karyu shrank back into his chair, he had no words for Nakamura.

          “You,” he pointed at Ruimaru, “I wanted to fuck you so bad that night, your tight little asshole was fucking calling to me, begging to be rammed full, you were so beautiful strapped down. Why do you think I stopped? Do you really think I’m some sort of savior?” he paused, waiting for the full effect of his words to hit Ruimaru, “Please, I just wanted to ram my cock up your ass, keep you on that horse and fuck your mouth. Why do you think I stopped?”

          Nakamura got up and walked over to Byou and flopped down on the couch next to him. “And then there’s Byou, lovely Byou. You’re the one I really wanted to take. The things I had planned for you, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.” he rubbed his crotch, chuckling as Byou shrank back.

          Putting his arm along the back of the couch, he licked his lips as he leaned closer to Byou, speaking softly, “You are everything I’ve ever wanted in a boy, you’re beautiful and I would love nothing more than to tie your little ass up, put my mark on you and have my way with  you for hours, doesn’t that sound delicious?” As if on cue, Isshi came through the back door, and stood quietly and watched.

          Byou’s panic stricken face went first to Ruimaru, then to Karyu before he saw Isshi standing in the doorway, “Sir!” Shoving Nakamura away, Byou scrambled off the couch and threw himself in Isshi’s arms, “Please…Isshi,” he sobbed, “I’m so sorry…please, I don’t want to go with him,”

          Before he could even react, Isshi had an armful of sobbing young men, begging him to forgive them, “Please, Sir, I’m so sorry I was … I don’t want to …” Ruimaru stuttered through his tears. Karyu looked at Isshi first, then standing slowly he got up and went to where Nakamura was still sitting, “Thank you,” is all he said and bowed low, then walked over to Isshi, joining in the group hug. Without another word to anyone, Nakamura Taizo got up, bowed lightly to Isshi and walked out of Sakurai’s house.

          As Nakamura drove back to the city, he hoped that Isshi wouldn’t think too badly of him, and that it wouldn’t be solidified with the community, until he showed that he had truly changed his ways.



          Aoi waved as he left Yuki’s flat with Reita and Die, who had borrowed a truck from DCR to move Aoi’s belongings. “I can’t believe this is happening, considering a year ago you couldn’t stand the sight of Yuu, now he’s moving in with you,” Ayato said as he closed the door. “Yah, but it’s time.” Yuki wheeled himself to the second bedroom, where Pon was moving boxes to make room for Aoi’s gear.

          “Just put everything stackable in the corner please.” Yuki wheeled over to the small chest that held his extra clothes, pulling everything out and tossing them into a keep or donate pile.

          “So, have you guys fucked yet?” Ayato asked as if he was inquiring about the weather. “What? Aya!” Pon smacks the man in the back of the head, “Mind your own business, damn dude really?”

          “What? It’s a legit question. If Yuu’s moving in, they have had to have had sex already, right Yuki?” They both turned to look at their friend, who’s ears were burning and his face red.

          “No, we haven’t, everything but…” he muttered

          “What hell are you waiting for? Seriously? Damn, I fucked Akira…”

          “We know the story, Aya.” Pon giggled.

          Yuki put the shirt down he was folding, “When I can walk, Yuu said he wants me to be able to enjoy it fully.”

          Ayato wasn’t satisfied with that answer, “You’re at least getting blow jobs, aren’t you?”

          “AYATO!” Pon slaps his hand over the man’s mouth, “Really? Just drop it already.” Yuki said nothing, but had a tiny smile playing on his lips.



          As they finished loading all Aoi’s things, Reita grabbed the roll down door, and secured the latch. “Guess that’s it then, I mean it’s a big step for you two, right?” he asked Aoi.

          “Yah, but we’re ready for it. We talk a lot now, there’s no more issues…I don’t run away like a coward, and he doesn’t shut me out anymore.” Aoi dropped the keys to his old flat in the mail slot of the manager’s office.

          Die chuckled, “Yah, right. I’m sure you do sooo much talking, I know what you’re really doing.”

          “Um, no not really.” Aoi said flatly.

          “What? You’re not serious, are you? You guys haven’t um, had sex yet?” Die couldn’t grasp the concept.

          “We fool around, but no. We haven’t had sex yet… we’re waiting until he can walk. Not like he’d enjoy it right now anyways; he’s got no feeling, remember?”  That hadn’t even dawned on Die, “Yah, I guess you’re right. But you guys um, do other things, right?”

          “Die, leave him alone. If Yuu’s not getting any, that’s his problem not ours.” Reita smacked Die in the shoulder.

          “Look, we’re happy the way we are, things are working out just fine. You don’t have to worry about anything, especially not about me getting laid. Just drop it and don’t you dare say anything to Ayato or Pon.” Aoi said harshly. “We’ll be just fine, thanks.”