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Weak Man’s Apotheosis

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Izuku was, most definitely, feeling  like  a little shit.


Injuring an innocent - check;  Upsetting the first person who was nice to him in years - check ; Creating a freaking abomination that should never have existed - check.


Risking being repetitive, I advise you to stop being dramatic


“Than what I am supposed to do?” He spat impatiently.


Learn with your mistakes. Eiyū said as If was the most obvious thing in the world.Emotions  are truly just energy—you fell it and, if you do not desire them, just do not feed then with thoughts and will and they will pass by. This is especially true for you who’s subconscious got a little more pull on this world.


“ You speaking just like her. Like anything of this was meaningful. He he , you aware that for all that it’s worth I should go to jail for what I did.” The greenet complained to the empty air with a despaired tone to his words.


You mistake yourself... 

Eiyū form appears of the thin air grabbing izuku out of his ground. 

... to presume you know what’s worth or not.



And although izuku has  been suplexed before ( Bakugou reall hates to have someone turn their backs on him )  been suplexed straight into a wormhole is way more  mindfucking.



“ Hey what the fuck.” He spat, his head and trying to move into a sitting position. That was the most he said though since the view stole him of words.


They were now a few foot of the edge of a cliff -- higher than any skyscraper  than the young human has ever seen in his short life. Below him he saw moving wings ( not flapping - but moving somehow ).  the sliding air of the flight  thing rising beyond their mirant point smelled like green apples and knowledge. seeing the flying monster he wondered what kind off mad anti-Darwinistic evolution would conceive a butterfly with a red orb for a head and more pale cotton wings than a caterpillar has legs. the monster did not stayed in his mind for long thou, since its passage gave place to a vision that would  burn in his mind  for days to come.

They seemed o be at a canyon. Ravine's  cut into the earth's sponge-looking dark blue crust so irregular he could not imagine how anyone could cross through it; shining crystal translucent trees carpeting the most surfice areas ; fungi of all the rainbows shades adorning the walls.resembling more abstract art than a colony of deaf eating cells ; semblance  of tornados flowed through the violet sky  dragging indigo dirt to color it’s outlines ; and he could be just imagining it, but the white sun seemed to  shine a bit brighter 




“ what —


And then Eiyū pull him down the cliff.



Izuku fell facing the bottom covered in spikily crystal trees.


Ohgodwhatwhyyy?!?!? AAAAAHH !!!


Why are you afraid? THINK !

At that Izuku paused.

Sadly his thinking process wasn't fast enough to prevent him from landing in the glass sharp crystal  trees at surface. 

 Shards of  trouble



"OOOOUuu-wait?" It doesn't hurt (?)



The teen got up with no trouble and moved out of the crater his fall had caused, confused but effortlessly moving the shards around him. Behind him his first construct rover in the air like some smug god.


Hmn. honestly thought that you would learn to fly with that. Not very tropy partner.


"You brought me here just to throw me of a dam cliff ?!?"


Not really.  We are in a trip to give you perspective.


"How so ?" He asked eyeing his double warily as he slowly descended to the ground.


Human beings are, in all their complexity, still slaves to some fundamental mechanisms. The biggest of all, the prime directive always lurking in all their actions, is survival. Even the most selfless or foolish that end up dying for their own accord, do so in prol of the survival of something more dear than their physical existence - their ego.

You yourself created me as part of an effort to save your ego.



Tell me, what is the most powerful quirk manifestation ever registered?  He asked. His toothless grin widening.



"Well... Luciana Cisneros  performance on Hurricane Luci is considered to be the greatest show of Power.  Though Matthew Malloy explosion of Old Sydney ,Australia, had more  raw energy liberated. It all goes back to the fundamental Quirk question of raw destructive or constructive capability vs espec -



I will cut you here.  Eiyū said stopping what would very likely become a mumbling spree. Just keep those facts in mind while simultaneously been aware that there are approximately  228.000 kilometers of ravine between  here and the closest body of water and the soil around this planet has durability comparable to aluminum.


"By the way we still did not discussed the hole foreigner planet thing. I mean, heck Eiyū until I have never even been out of earth before today. This is big_


A weird tingling feeling in his muscles interrupted his line of thought. 


Looking down he saw his body taking a familiar pose way. Moving out of his control

"Are you_




his lips smirking with self satisfaction he did not understand but felt. Words like the intertiewned vibrations of macro-cosmos from different brains of real flowing out from him. He somehow understood what his other self was getting at





Izuku was pretty sure his fist did not touched anything. The walls and ground of this place  shattered anyway. 

Land became dust. Dust rised to the skies. Together with caring with debris varying from izuku's size, to twice Mt. Lady's total size.



Thanks to me you were sparred the most mindbloowing truths been shove in your head all at once. Keept the same even though you changed. But you got to understand, slowly and gradually what you are — Who you are. Redefine your values and then...


The sound of water and waves invaded his senses. At the horizon a wall of violet water aproched. 

Eiyū Waved his hand and the path of the water changed. Fastly but shyly the immense flow of what he supposed was the ocean parted - inundating all the space around the except a corridor of dry land formed between 90 foot tall walls of liquid.



A new men.


Izuku paused for a moment looking at  Eiyū's avatar form.


" Lead the way... Partner."


Eiyū just glanced Izuku one of his serene smiles and started walking the Moses's path he created out of the purple sea.





Izuku and Eiyū walked the Mustafu streets.

" Throw me that speech just for ending up home at the end of the day.""

We do need to go to a training retreat. But is not like we can do it without asking mom and dad first. Plus properly apologizing to grandpa. Or do You prefer to disappear for 9 months and see what their reactions would be? "Heh, guess you are right."