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The club has continued to operate as normal, even with the visual tension between Elsa and Dallas. More nights than not, Dallas woke up and immediately walked out the door. This behaviour wasn’t ideal given the recent events surrounding the Berlin Wall- Not that Elsa was necessarily doing anything on her part to improve the situation either. The thing to pull them back together, unfortunately, was another vandalizing of the club.

“Useless waste of breath! Disgusting punks…” Dallas could hear Elsa working herself up as she rounded the corner, Jo and Jaeger in tow. She took in the scene in front of her: Peter and another employee scrubbing at the grafitti while Elsa looked on, coming up with more creative insults as the moments passed. Curiously enough to Dallas, Anna was clinging to Elsa’s arm.

“What’s all this now?” Jo pushes her way forward, getting a closer look at the writing. Peter looks up and nods at her as the steps behind him, on to be ignored. “Can’t be the same people- thought you took care of that lot.”

“Uh yeah, twice by my count.” Dallas says, crossing her arms. Her and Jaeger follow up behind Jo. Jaeger frowns as he gets a clearer look at the words. Dallas squints, racking her brain for the limited knowledge of German she has, trying to figure out what the words in front of her meant.

Anna looks from Jo to Dallas to Elsa.

“What do you mean ‘took care of?’” Elsa shoots a look at the three of them. Jo pretends not to notice and Dallas rolls her eyes.

“Well, Anna, you weren't around at that time, but last time this happened we got the police involved and they managed to track down who had been responsible. Speaking of, could you be a dear and check in with Teagan at the door? I need to know if they’ve seen anything I should know about.” Dialing up the charm, Elsa laid a hand on the girls cheek, forcing her to meet her gaze. Anna frowned but nodded, making her way to the front entrance to the club.

Elsa set her hands on her hips and turned to face the group.

“Can you guys maybe not say that shit in front of my girlfriend?”

Jo snorts, not turning away from the wall.

“She’s your ghoul, not your girlfriend. If you sleep with her that's your business but I don’t understand what game it is you’re trying to play.”

“Jo,” Dallas warns, “I already had this conversation with her, there’s no point.”
“Oh will you two just shut up! I’m tired of everyone criticizing my unlife choices.”

This finally broke Jo’s attention form the wall. She stalked closer to Elsa, menace growing in her eyes.

“And who exactly were you just talking to?” In the background, Dallas facepalms and Jaeger drops his head back and groans.

“You, Jo. I asked for help, and I won't be mocked or spoken down to in my own haven.” Elsa didn’t flinch as Jo neared her. They lock eyes for a moment before Jo turns away, focusing her attention to the wall once more. Eager to move past that particular exchange, Dallas speaks up.

“So what does this say? I’m getting bits and pieces but I’m sure the literal translation isn’t going to cut it.”

“It’s just some derogatory language aimed at you and Elsa.” Jaeger finally speaks up from beside Dallas. “These words in particular are condemning you and Elsa for your sins against God and humanity.”

“Oh god, they don't know that we’re vampires do they? We haven’t done anything to break the masquerade.” At the mention of the masquerade, Jo snorts again, but otherwise stays silent. Elsa crosses and holds her arms, looking like a chill went through her. She jumps as Ylva appears next to Jo at the wall, acting like she had been a part of the conversation the entire time. Knowing Ylva, she had probably heard most of it.

“Unfortunately I am very familiar with this rhetoric. My German is not that good, but it is same way they talked in Russia. They think you and Dallas are a couple. And they would see you dead for it.” Ylva stands as tall as her hunchback lets her, meeting mismatched eyes to Elsa’s, then Dallas’ in turn. Elsa shakes her head and tut-tut-tut’sin a rather condescending way.

“So close, yet so far. No offense, Dallas. I love you but we would make quite the terrible couple.” Dallas and Jaeger share a quick look before she smiles and turns back to Elsa.

“Seconded. At first it seemed like a good story to keep our Dads off our backs, but it may just becoming more trouble than it avoided.” As Dallas talks, Jo steps away from the wall, hand resting on her chin. Ylva watches her, face unreadable by default.

“Jo, you’ve been very quiet. Care to share thoughts with rest of group?” All eyes turn to Jo. She lightly taps her cheek, frowning slightly.

“Ylva, is it me or does this not seem genuine?” Jo says this slowly, as if she’s not quite sure of it herself. Ylva turns back to the wall in consideration.

Peter and the other worker had long since left, Peter having pulled the unsuspecting mortal back to the club. The buckets remained, a silent promise the work would be finished at a later time. Peter was weird, but he was very good at reading the room.

“How do you mean ‘not genuine’? A slur is just a slur right? You can't ironically use derogatory language.” Dallas looks to each of the group in turn with a quizzical look. Jaeger shrugs, just as lost as she is in this instance.

“I agree with Dallas. I’m not sure what you two are getting at, but if your little investigation is all and well and over with I’m going back to get Peter so he can finish getting this shit off the wall.” As Elsa turns to go back into the club, she freezes. All eyes go to Elsa, then follow her gaze to Anna. Standing in the alleyway, eyes wide, mouth agape, she’s locked unto Ylva.

“Well, to her credit- she did not scream.” Ylva looks rather amused, completely unbothered by the scene unfolding in front of her. Elsa rushes over to Anna.

“Anna! What are you doing here? How long have you been standing there?” She comes up close to her, purposefully filling her field of vision.

“What.. what’s wrong with her face? Oh my god does she need to go to the hospital?” Anna’s eyes flicker between Elsa’s face to where she knows Ylva is standing behind her.

“Ah, my friend, No. I am fine. My face is just like this.” Ylva starts to try and reassure Anna, but Elsa quickly changed the conversation.

“Anna, what did Teagan say about what you asked them? Did they see anyone suspicious?” Anna begins to fixate on Elsa exclusively, and reluctantly answers her questions.

“Teagan doesn’t recall seeing anything suspicious, no. They don't think the vandals would bother coming their way anyway.”

Jo walks up behind Elsa, interrupting the impromptu questioning.

“Elsa, I’m leaving. Going back to Heidi’s. I’ll follow up on a few leads and let you know.” Jo makes eye contact with Anna and sneers. “You need to stop trying to protect her. You dragged her into this, it’s your responsibility to tell her exactly what this is. I for one refuse to tiptoe around this shit any longer.” As Jo turns to leave, Jaeger gently touched Dallas’ arm, gesturing that he’ll be going with Jo. Dallas nods and moves over to Anna and Elsa. Ylva is nowhere to be found.

“Elsa, please tell me what’s going on. I’m so confused. What was Jo talking about? Why was that girl’s face like that?” Dallas gives Elsa a sympathetic look as Anna starts to freak out.

“I’m here if you want me to be, but you really need to be the one to do this.” Elsa sighs, shoulders dropping. She really didn’t want to be having this conversation, especially not like this.

Anna reaches out and cradles Elsa’s face in her hands.

“Please, Elsa. I’m scared.” her voice catches on the last word; her fear is written all over her face. The poor girls looks as though she may start crying at any moment.

Elsa holds her gaze for a long moment, Anna’s sadness echoing on her own face. She takes Anna’s hands in hers, and leans forward to gently kiss her forehead.

“I suppose it’s time. Lets go inside, yeah?”