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Code Red

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“Lee! Officer Lee Jihoon! Stop right now! This is an order!” Said officer kept on running after a tall guy with a mask covering his face. He ran as if his life depended on it, panting and pushing himself to the limit. When rounding a corner, the officer caught up with the guy at last. He kicked him hard into his back and the guy began to falter.

The masked man turned around pulling a gun out, but before he could even release the security of the gun, Jihoon punched him in the gut - hard. The gun fell to the floor while both men started throwing punches at each other. The masked guy being much taller than Jihoon gave him an advantage, but Jihoon wasn’t one to back down easily.

One trained kick onto the knees and the tall guy was falling over. Jihoon was on the guy at lighting speed, pulling his arms against his back and putting handcuffs on him.

Another guy was arriving at the scene panting hardly, holding a hand to his side. “I told you to stop Jihoon! He’s dangerous and has a gun. You can’t just run off and do whatever you want. I’m your team leader. If I say it’s too dangerous, then it’s too dangerous!!”

Jihoon turned around and looked at his boss. “But I got him, team leader Park.” He had a nonchalant look on his face as if he didn’t even know what his boss was talking about.

The older sighed loudly and leaned down to help Jihoon get the guy up from the street without him breaking away.

“You are under arrest for murder of your wife. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

Two police cars arrived at the scene that very moment and four officers rushed forward to help them. When the murder suspect was safely put into a police car, team leader Park looked again at Jihoon, who just blankly stared at him. “We’ll talk about this back at the police station, do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”


Team leader Park Dohyoen was fuming while walking up and down in his office. The four men in front of him were not moving at all while silently waiting for his outburst.

“You know, what you’ve all done wrong, right? Jihoon you run off AGAIN and the rest of you let him do what he want AGAIN. Do you have anything to say about this?”

Jihoon, looked like he wanted to say something, but just kept his mouth shut. Another one took a step forward instead. “We are sorry boss. You know it’s difficult to hold Jihoon back. Also he was right, AGAIN. We all know he’s the most capable one here.” Jeon Wonwoo stared at his boss, who just let out a dramatic sigh.

“Yes, I know that Jihoon is a great officer, but he can’t do things like that alone all the time. He’ll get himself killed one day.” A light chuckle was coming from one of the other men in the room. “I seriously doubt that team leader. Jihoon can take it up with everyone.”

“Don’t even tell him stuff like that, Seokmin. He’ll just get more reckless. Seriously, you guys… what should I do with you?” Park Dohyeon sat down in his chair, having a serious expression on his face.

“Boss is something wrong?” Vernon, the youngest of the team asked his boss blankly. He wasn’t really one to show many emotions.

“Actually, I have something to tell you. I’ll quit being your team leader. I found a job at the National Intelligence Service. It’s a quiet job, where I don’t have to chase after murderers all the time and will actually have time for my family. I’ll only be here for another week. I wanted to tell you much earlier, but I never found the right time to do it.”

The four guys of the crime investigation unit looked surprised at each other. They hadn’t expected such news.

“Congratulations team leader. But, what will become of us if you are gone?” Wonwoo asked his boss. Before the other could even answer, Jihoon already spoke up. “Did they already hire a new team leader?”

Dohyeon didn’t look surprised at Jihoons question. He had probably actually expected Jihoon to ask that. “From what I’ve heard, they are still reviewing candidates. They have to make a decision in the next two or three days I guess.” Jihoon had a determined look on his face, already turning around to leave the office.

“Officer Lee!” His team leader shouted at him. “You stop right now. I know you want to talk to the deputy chief immediately, but do you really think it’s already your time to lead the team? You are a good guy, but reckless in your job. You have to take care of your unit as team leader.”

Jihoon was in thoughts for a while before answering. “I think that I’m fully capable to lead this team. I’m for three years part of this team already. I know how to handle the cases and I watched you leading the team. I can do it. I know I can.” The team leader just sighted once again at Jihoons words.

“Do what you have to do officer Lee. I know you’ll find the right path for you.” At these words Jihoon stormed out of the office without looking back again. He needed to a have a talk about his new job as a team leader.


“I heard you talked with the deputy chief?” Jihoon let himself fall onto a chair in front of his friend Seungcheols desk. Seungcheol was the team leader of the organized crime investigation unit. His team was highly capable and professional. Choi Seungcheol being a great team leader might be one of the key factors in the efficiency of his team.

He was not surprisingly an Alpha. One who never was aggressive outside of his job. But while investigating, he was a really tough guy. No one could mess with him and much less escape him. “Does your mate has nothing else to do than bring you immediately the newest gossip?” Seungcheol let out a friendly laugh.

“You know how Hannie is. It’s exciting for him if something new is happening in the police station. It’s his greatest joy as secretary of the deputy chief.” Jihoon laughed back at his friend. Yes, he knew how Jeonghan was and that was actually also why he was such a great person.

Seungcheol and Jihoon were already working in this police station, when Jeonghan started working as secretary here 4 years ago. Jihoon knew Seungcheol already from university and he had been quite the player, not wanting to mate with anyone. But the moment he saw Jeonghan, the alpha was totally head over heels for the omega. Sad for Seungcheol that Jeonghan liked playing hard to get. So he had to court him for a very long time. He came crying to Jihoon many evenings with some bags of alcohol in the hand saying that his life was over if Jeonghan didn’t want him.

At that time it was quite a serious matter, but thinking now back on it made Jihoon actually laugh. Big, bad alpha officer Choi Seungcheol crying over an omega day and night. After a couple of months, Jeonghan agreed to go on a date with the alpha and they were inseparable since then.

Jihoon wasn’t sure if it would really work out with the pair at the beginning, because working at the same place is never a good thing for a relationship, but they managed everything really well. They were a match made in heaven.

They mated half a year after going on their first date and were still as much in love as in the beginning. They were a great couple and great friends to Jihoon. He wouldn’t want to miss them in his life.

“So what did the deputy chief say? You told him that you wanted to become team leader, right?” Jihoon leaned forward and laid his head onto the table. He just grumbled slightly and then kept quiet for a while.

“He said that they are reviewing candidates and they’ll also consider me.” Seungcheol looked confused at his friend. “But isn’t that good news?”

“No. Good news would be if I already got the job, Cheol. This is my team. I deserve this. I won’t accept a new team leader.” Seungcheol hummed lowly at Jihoons words. “I know you won’t like what I’ll say now, but you are still quite young, Ji. You are only 28 years old and your career in the police is still long.”

“Yes, I hate you for saying that. You also became team leader with 28. Am I being discriminated here?” Seungcheol just rolled his eyes at his friend who sat up again and gave him a fake annoyed look.

“As if I would ever dare to discriminate you. You are more badass than I’ll ever be. I can’t even think of you as an omega. I never saw you acting like one or smelling like one or looking like one. Your aggressive pills make you more beta than any beta in the whole world.”

Jihoon couldn’t help but smile at Seungcheols words. This was exactly what he wanted. That people would not see him as the omega he actually was.

When Jihoon presented really belatedly after his 16th birthday as an omega, it came as a big shock to him. He had the attitude of an alpha, but his body turned out to be the one of an omega. Small in height with a pretty face. He didn’t want to see it, but all signs were clearly there from the beginning on.

As the only child of a deputy chief in Busan, his only dream had ever been to become a police officer. When he presented as an omega, his father neither was surprised nor did he seem disappointed in him. The problem was Jihoon himself.

Becoming a police officer as an omega was not unheard of but certainly a difficult path. Still he wanted to walk this path until the end. So right after he presented, he asked his father to buy him the hardest suppressants for omegas available.

His family had been totally against it, telling him that it would change his whole nature completely. But Jihoon didn’t give up on it, If that was the price to pay then he would do it gladly.

They went to a doctor who actually had to do a psychological test on him to see if the suppressants were really necessary in his case. But the doctor deemed him in the end fitting for the suppressants, so the pills became Jihoons best friends.

Not one day since then went by where he didn’t take one of the shiny orange pills at mostly the exact same time of the day. If he would skip taking one for more than 48 hours, they would lose affect and Jihoon didn’t even know what would happen then. He took the blockers already since 12 years. Since 12 years all of his omega senses had been completely blocked. His scent, his heats, his typical omega behavior – Jihoon never experienced any of it and he also didn’t want to experience it. He was glad that he could live as a beta without any scent and any special needs. The only thing he wanted is to do his job well. And that was certainly a lot easier as beta.

Even though Jihoon took the blockers regularly and no stranger could tell that he was actually an omega, everyone in the police department knew of his true gender. He also didn’t make a big deal out of it. He was an omega, who was living as a beta. Simple as that.

“So you think you’ll get the job, Ji?” Jihoon was torn from his thoughts by Seungcheols question. “Of course. I’m the best for the job, because I know the team best.”

“Let’s hope it will work out then. How about we finish work and have some drinks with the whole crew?” Jihoon was considering Seungcheols question. They hadn’t been out for drinks for a while and he really missed that. But he was also tired from a long day at work. He would never admit it, but running after murderers and risking your life was actually kind of exhausting at times.

“Next time. I’m too tired today. The weekend would be good I think. Saturday? I’ll tell my team, you tell yours and we can all hang out then. Deal?” Jihoon gave Seungcheol a tired smile and got up from the chair.

“Deal! I’m also bringing Hannie of course. And we also should tell Minghao. You’ll be at the training center at one point this week? Your case is closed now, so you’ll probably have the time.” Seungcheol also got up and followed Jihoon to the door.

“Yes for sure. I didn’t really have the time to train lately, so I have some catching up to do. I will tell Minghao then.” Seungcheol patted Jihoon on the back and grinned at his friend.

“Go home, Ji. You look like shit.” Jihoon rolled his eyes at the comment. “I still look better than you. Bye, hyung.” He waved slightly at Seungcheol and went to his desk in the open-plan office. He grabbed his jacket, keys and purse and stopped for a moment to look at his team, who was still hanging around while discussing the case.

“You should all go home, it was a long day.” Seokmin cheered happily, while Wonwoo and Vernon quietly started packing up their stuff.

Jihoon slowly made his way to his car and drove off to his home. His apartment was in a big apartment complex. When he started working at the police station, Seungcheol recommended him to rent an apartment there because it’s close to work. Every apartment was perfectly isolated, so alphas, betas and omegas could live there together without a problem. No scents could penetrate the walls.

Seungcheol was already living there when Jihoon moved in and he also never moved out there – but Jeonghan moved in with him at one point. It was great for Jihoon, because always when he felt alone or troubled, he could go over to their apartment and hang out there. They not even once made Jihoon feel unwelcome at their place. He was really thankful for that.

In general he was really thankful how life turned out for him. Not only did he do well at work, his private life was also very stable. He was close to his whole team, especially to Wonwoo, with whom he already studied together at Korean National Police University. He also got along well with Seongcheols team, which consisted of Joshua, Jun, Mingyu and Chan.

When Jihoon was a child, he would have never dreamed of having that many good friends. He always had been very quiet and closed off. He had been quite the loner his whole school life, but Wonwoo and Seungcheol had been his rescue at university. They had been inseparable for all the years and that’s also how they ended up trying for the same police station. Or better said, Jihoon and Wonwoo followed the older one a year later to his police station. It had been great that everything had worked out that well.

That they also would find so many other good friends at the police station wasn’t something that Jihoon expected, but it certainly wasn’t unwelcome. Having good friends made life a lot more enjoyable, especially when you are long term single.

It’s not like Jihoon didn’t try to have relationships, but it just never worked out. He knew that the suppressants were the problem. An omega living as a beta, wasn’t something people could cope with in a relationship. Alphas wouldn’t even bother dealing with him, so he always went for betas. But even that was problematic. At one point they found out that he was an omega and would start discussing with him, why he was taking the suppressants. It always ended in a break up.

But Jihoon wasn’t unhappy because of that. He had his friends and his work and that was all he needed.

Jihoon parked the car at the apartment complex and got off. He was really tired and just wanted to go to sleep immediately. Skipping one meal shouldn’t be too bad, he pondered.


The rest of the week went by without any big incidents. There hadn’t been a new case, so Jihoon and his team were busy with writing the report for the last case. Sometimes it felt like they wrote half of the time only reports. It was quite bothersome, but in the end it had to be done.

It was Friday, which meant that the week was almost over. Jihoon felt a bit anxious, because he still hadn’t got any feedback for his application as team leader. He’d gone to the deputy chief two days ago and asked him about the result, but the chief told him to be patient.

Jihoon looked at the clock and saw that it was almost time to call it a day. It would be his first weekend off in some weeks and he couldn’t hide his giddiness about it. Especially because the whole crew had time for the get together tomorrow. Jihoon really looked forward to it. Their get together would probably make him forget all his worries in no time.

Just when he wanted to get up to call it a day, he heard the deep voice of the deputy chief.

“Listen up everyone, I would like to introduce you to the new team leader of the crime investigation unit.” Jihoon turned his head around looking with wide eyes at the two persons standing behind him.

This was not how Jihoon had planned things to go.