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Part One

Edward was holding the demon baby in his arms. It was still covered in the remnants of Bella's blood. A small wail cut the air like a knife and Edward hurriedly left the room where his wife lay dying on the operating table, leaving Jacob to keep up the constant pressure on her heart to keep it pumping. The atmosphere was tense, Jacob knew that the leech would be back within minutes to drown Bella's lifeless body full of his own venom. He shuddered at the thought. It wasn't supposed to have ended like this. He could still hear the baby crying and the hushed voices of Edward, Carlisle and Rosalie as they cooed over the infant. Jacob felt sick inside. His arms were slick with Bella's blood as he continued to press uselessly on her chest. One glance at her wide, staring eyes showed that the life had already been leached from her. He slowed his movements. What was he doing this for? Keeping her heart going so that her thickened blood could course through her veins until the bloodsucker injected her with the poison that would turn her into one of them.

Jacob's eyes fell on the specially prepared syringe. It seemed to have a glow all of its own as if it was taunting him in his failure to keep Bella alive and human. He had failed, she was just a dead body now, lying on the cold metal gurney. A tear rolled down his cheek as he kept his eyes fixated on that damn syringe. He couldn't do it. He wouldn't let them make Bella into his mortal enemy. There was no way he could condone it. Fiery rage ran through his veins as he reached out and grabbed the syringe. He threw it on the floor and stamped on it, splashing the foul liquid across the floor. He got some grim satisfaction seeing it seep away. He stepped back from the operating table and stared at Bella's lifeless body. She was hardly recognisable as the vibrant girl he had known and loved. It cut him like a knife to see her abused body lying there so thin and cold. Her eyes were still open, the chocolate brown orbs staring at nothing. Her long hair that he loved to touch was now dull and dry. He put a hand over his mouth to hide his sob.

“Why did you choose this, Bella?” He mumbled. “Why?”

There was no answer. The bloodsucker still had not returned. Jacob could hear him talking hurriedly to Carlisle in hushed whispers. Rosalie must have taken the child away because he could no longer hear it's cries. Jacob didn't really know how much time had actually passed. It could have been seconds, maybe an hour for all he knew. It seemed to have stopped for him as he continued to stare at Bella. A mad plan was forming in his mind. He was so caught up in his grief that he wasn't really aware of what he was doing. He acted without unconscious thought. His eyes turned to the broken syringe on the floor and then to a pile of sterile ones which were lying in one of the metal trays near the operating table. Carlisle was nothing if not prepared for everything.

Jacob suddenly lunged for one of the syringes, scattering the others across the floor like ants. He pulled off the cap and plunged it into one of the veins on his arm. It bulged for a moment as he flexed his bicep before blood began to ooze into the plastic container. When it was filled to the brim Jacob returned to the gurney, looking one last time upon Bella's ravaged face. “Don't hate me.” He begged her before stabbing the syringe straight into her dead heart.

Moments later when Edward and Carlisle returned to the operating room to administer the venom they found the room empty and Bella's body, along with Jacob, missing.

Jacob didn't know where he was going. His head was in such a mess that his one thought was to escape the house of horrors and get as far away as he could. He knew they would begin looking. He carried Bella's body in his arms. Her long hair streamed to the ground as he ran, her head lolling in his arms. She was still cold, but he tried to ignore that and the rancid smell of drying blood as he continued to sprint away from the Cullen mansion. He needed somewhere to hide, but where? With their supernatural gifts it was almost impossible to find a place that they wouldn't sniff him out. He wasn't sure whether he could head to the reservation. He wasn't on the best of terms with  either Sam or his old pack. They thought he was insane for still wanting to be near Bella, especially now that she was going to give birth to a monster. Jacob could never truly explain to them just how much he loved Bella. It was so different from the imprint pull. Bella was his life, he had never been able to picture her not being in it. He couldn't accept it, no matter how many times she had hurt him or pushed him away. What he felt for her wasn't rational and went deeper than anything, even what he would call a soul mate. She was a part of him, his heart. He couldn't possibly live without that.

He continued to run aimlessly through the thick undergrowth for another ten minutes. He occasionally glanced down at Bella, her body now felt slightly warmer, but that could be down to her nearness to his hot skin. He wished he had time to put her down and really look at her but he couldn't risk the leech finding them. Soon it would be too late for the bloodsucker's venom to work on her anyway. Jacob knew that it had to be administered within thirty minutes of actual death. He could hear the sea now. For some reason he had headed for First beach. It was instinctive on his part. It was the place he and Bella used to escape the madness that surrounded them. It was their little bit of heaven. Or it had been until the bloodsucker had come back and yanked them apart.

Anger made adrenaline course through his body, quickening his steps until he reached the edge of the cliffs. Bella had jumped from here once and he had rescued her. How ironic that today they were both here again, but one of them was on the brink of death, and once again it was Bella. He hugged her tighter to his body, crushing her against his chest as if to infuse some life into her. Surely his blood must have the power to heal? It healed him after all. He stared up at the leaden sky. As always it was cloud covered and grey, the rain threatening to fall. Jacob swallowed down the bile in this throat. He needed to make some sort of decision now. He knew that Cullen couldn't be far behind. His eyes flickered to the roiling sea below. The waves smashed furiously against the rocks below, the white foam flicking in the air. He knew there was only one way to go. The trail would end here, they couldn't track him in the water. No wonder his old nemesis, Victoria, had used this way to enter La Push.

Jacob glanced down at Bella again, her long hair had fallen over her face, hiding it from him. Maybe it was for the best. He looked back at the forest one last time before leaping into the depths of the ocean, holding Bella's body tightly in his arms.

It was cold even against Jacob's supernatural heat. The freezing water dragged them both down, down to the ocean bed. With Bella encased in his arms it was difficult for Jacob to swim at all. His feet hit the sandy bottom and he pushed off with his strong legs, propelling them both upwards. He couldn't use his arms. He held his breath for what seemed an eternity before his head broke above the waves. He took another deep breath before the water closed over his head again. The sea was wild and intent on claiming him as it's next victim. Another lost soul to add to the many that it had claimed already. But Jacob was a fighter. Hadn't he been fighting all his life for happiness? He had already lost so much in his young life. He wasn't going to lose Bella. His head broke above the waves again and this time he rolled onto his back, pulling Bella up too so that her head was lying on his chest. This way he could use his legs and one arm to begin the long swim to a place of safety.

Edward and Carlisle reached the top of the cliff. They stared down into the wild ocean but could see nothing. Edward was distraught with grief. He couldn't believe that Jacob Black would steal Bella's body. He was insane. Without wasting time talking they both dived head first from the top of the cliff and began to dive, searching for Bella's lifeless corpse. The clock was ticking and they were running out of time.

Jacob was utterly exhausted. It had been many days since he had slept or even rested properly. He had spent most of his time by Bella's side. He couldn't tear himself away. What if something had happened to her while he was gone? He floated on his back on the water, doing his best to keep Bella's head above the waves. The blood had all been washed away and she now looked like she was sleeping. He could almost picture her as a mermaid, sleeping peacefully in the arms of the sea. Her hair floated around them both like a satin wave. Jacob groaned, he was definitely losing it. He was thinking crazy thoughts. He needed to find land before they both drowned. He forced himself to concentrate and he plodded on.

Finally Jacob spotted an opening in the rocks. Was it a cave or a small cove of some sort? He didn't have time to ponder. He was losing strength fast. With one last burst of adrenaline he lunged for the rocks and managed to haul himself up them. He pulled Bella along with him and crawled until he reached the entrance. Jacob had nothing more left to give. He fell into an exhausted heap, cuddling Bella close to his chest, trying to infuse some sort of warmth into her cold skin. Then his eyes closed and he knew no more.

Edward was sitting on the cliff edge, his head in his hands as dry sobs tore from his throat. His whole body was soaked with seawater. It was dripping from his hair and down onto his back. He hardly acknowledged it. Carlisle was just as drenched, he sat next to his son and put a calming hand on his shoulder. “I am so sorry, Edward. She must have been washed out to sea. Jacob too.”

“Why did he do it?” Edward raged. “He's killed her. She will never get to see her daughter now. He killed her. She wanted to be with me, part of our family fully. That's why she risked everything.”

“He can't have been thinking rationally.” Carlisle said sadly. “He loved her as much as you.”

“That dog could never feel what I do for Bella. Never.” Edward snapped. He rose to his feet to attempt one more dive, but Carlisle stopped him.

“It's over Edward.” He sighed as he looked at the ocean. They had been searching for nearly four hours and found nothing. “I am sorry. Your daughter needs you now.”

Edward put his hands in his hair and tugged at the ends as he cursed Jacob Black over and over, his voice echoing off of the cliffs.

A light rain began to fall. It hit Bella's skin, raising goose pimples along the parts that weren't touching Jacob. It ran down her forehead and onto her cheeks. A small moan left her parted lips as she slowly opened her eyes.

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