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i will follow you home, although my lips are blue and i'm cold

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So, there was a bit of a problem. Mina knew that they were going to her and Jirou's apartment. She also knew that the apartment complex's landlord got paid off by Giran to make sure he didn't spill about, say, anybody coming back covered in blood or anything like that. However, she didn't know if the pro heroes in training coming in obviously struggling would make the complex owner call the police.

Fortunately, Shinsou seemed to be thinking a step ahead of her, tossing back three hoodies.

"Creati, take your hair down and put this on. Chargebolt, make sure the hood covers your lightning bolt. And take off your sunglasses. Froppy, just put it on."

Chargebolt held the hoodie, staring at it, with contempt clear in his eyes. The same, though less obvious, was clear with Creati and Froppy.

"What happens if we don't put it on, huh?!"

"I make you."

Chargebolt gulped, sliding the hoodie on. Creati hesitated, before taking her hair down and putting it on, while Froppy slid it on last with a shake of her head.

Support pulled up in front of the apartment complex, giving them a thumbs up from the driver's seat.

"Okay, get out! I need to get back to work on one of my newest babies, so if you need a ride, call someone else!"

Mina sighed before glancing at Jirou.

"Jirou, can't you explain the rules?"

"No way, I did it last time! You gotta do it this time."

The pink villain groaned dramatically, before turning around in her seat to face the three prisoners.

"Alright! So, ground rules! Don't call for help, nobody who cares can hear you and it just pisses off the neighbors. I would know, the green-haired dude living next to me threatened to stab me if I didn't tone it down..."

"He had every right."

"Yeah, yeah, I get the screaming was really loud, but who the hell does he think he is, to kick my door in and demand me to keep it down!?"

"He said it very kindly and apologized for the door. He even paid."

"Whatever! Rule number two, break anything and I'll break your bones, most of that shit is expensive."

"We didn't pay anything for most of our stuff. The money we did spend, however, was what was *supposed* to be our rent money. And if any of you break the dumb shit Mina spent our RENT MONEY on, I won't wait a week, and just gouge your eyes out right there."

Jirou's earphone jacks flew up to float around her chin, making eye contact with every single hero in turn. Chargebolt was still pretty intimidated from Shinsou, so he flinched back, whereas Creati and Froppy just looked back.

Jirou lingered her gaze on Creati for just a moment longer than the others.

"Excuse me, are you saying you steal all your stuff?"

"We don't get paid. Not like you'd understand, Miss One Percent."

Mina snorted, seeing Jirou's face harden as she glared at the black-haired hero. She knew the villain had grown up in a place pretty far below the poverty line, alone- though whether she was abandoned or ran away, nobody knew. Besides, she had a point, financial security was just not an option for the two at this point. Creati looked like she was about to respond, but Froppy silently shook her head. A shame, she was looking forward to hearing a fight. Those jacks of Jirou's weren't the only things that could cut deep.

"Anyway, rule number three! No quirk usage! We're still waiting on our quirk suppressants to come in..."

"Alien Queen, why the hell would you tell them that?"


Jirou facepalmed, while Shinsou just sighed. Chargebolt burst into full-out laughter, Creati struggled to hold back a giggle, and even Froppy smiled.

"Look, it's been a long day-"

"Longer day for us."

Chargebolt spoke up from the back, crossing his arms. Shinsou spoke up from the front seat.

"No, you guys were only on patrol for about thirty minutes before we kidnapped you. We were up for hours preparing."

"Fine, fine... wait, how do you know our patrol schedules?"

"I ask the questions here, lightning boy."

"Rule number four! If you attack us, we're totally allowed to attack you back! So unless you wanna get burnt, melted, or stabbed, it's in your best interest to wait."

"That goes for escaping too."

Creati visibly deflated, and Mina couldn't stifle a laugh. Seriously, did they think they were just some pushover villains? No, they were the real deal, hellbent on destroying hero society and all that jazz. She'd thought their threats proved that, but guess not. Shinsou seemed to be the only one that they were truly scared of.

"Yeah! If you try to escape, we have to bring you to Boss! And you really don't wanna have to see him, that's basically sentencing yourself to death by torture."

Mina shivered- that decay quirk was scary!- and looked at the heroes, face oddly serious. Froppy looked taken aback and scared, probably because the pink-skinned villain was no longer grinning and acting hyper. She saw Jirou's hand subconsciously go to her stomach- boss had lost control, he hadn't meant to hurt her, but she was still freaked out about it. Mina offered her a genuine, comforting smile, before throwing up her cheerful front again.

"So, um, that's about it! Any questions?"

Creati raised her hand tentatively, speaking up before Mina could say anything to acknowledge her.

"Um, what exactly will be happening to us here?"

She seemed to be voicing the fears that most of them had, Froppy and Chargebolt nodding along.

"I was actually curious about that too, kero. Obviously, you made a deal with Mr. Aizawa, but that doesn't mean that nothing bad can happen to us before the week is up."

Chargebolt paled as Froppy spoke, seemingly scared. Ha! At least one of their prisoners was scared of them! 

"Well, uh, do you guys like board games?"

"Ashido, I swear to every single god that may exist, if you try to get the prisoners to play Monopoly with you because I refuse to and you and Mido can't play without me, I will actually kill you."

"I was thinking more Sorry."

Jirou sighed, while Chargebolt just smirked, the earlier fear mostly gone.

"Oh hell yeah, I crush everyone in Sorry!"

"That's a lie, kero, he always loses at board games."


Mina snorted, looking at Jirou and meeting her eyes. Jirou raised an eyebrow, to which Mina replied with finger guns. Jirou just sighed before holding up three fingers, and Mina tilted her head, before realizing something and jolting in her seat.

"SHIT! I forgot what today was!"

"Yeah, so did I... It's in like, thirty minutes, too..."

"He won't mind!"

"He better not."

The heroes looked confused but shrugged. Jirou turned around as Mina got out of the car.

"We have someone over for dinner today. He's probably gonna get all starry-eyed upon seeing you, don't mind it. Just answer his questions about your quirks, or you'll make him sad, and if you make him sad, Ashido will melt your face off."

"Ashido? Is that her last name?"

"... shit, don't tell her I told you. Anyway, just don't make him sad. C'mon."

Jirou climbed out of the car, throwing open the back doors to the van and beckoning the heroes out. Shinsou walked up next to her, casually looking in.

"Don't run or I'll control you, and make the ultimatum five days instead of seven."

Chargebolt gulped. but did as told. Creati and Froppy climbed out of the car, both eyeing the road. However, in the end, all three walked into the building. Mina caught up with them, on the phone with someone.

"Heyyy, Mido! SO, basically, the boss man had a scheduling issue, and we ended up kidnapping three pro heroes in training...? Yeah, dinner's still on, if you want it to be! Mhm!"

Mina covered the phone receiver for a moment as they walked past the landlord, talking to a resident. She clearly recognized the person, as she waved to them. They waved back with a blood-covered hand. Creati looked like she might be sick.

Eventually, Mina reached their apartment, throwing open the door. It was... incredibly messy, and the two aesthetics clashed- Mina had a bright pink poster of some girl groups up, whereas Jirou had up heavy metal posters, with the occasional My Chemical Romance thrown in there. She heard Chargebolt mutter about how it was like two of his classmate's rooms fused, and giggled.

Shinsou sighed.

"Well, I'll be off. Things to do, people to kill-"

"You can't say that! That can be used against you in court!"

"Bold of you to assume I'll be caught."

Mina laughed, waving Shinsou off.

"Go on, go on! Me and Jirou-"

"It's Jirou and I, dumbass."

"When did you get such a stickler for grammar? Anyway, me and Jirou got this!"

"So, Jirou's her last name, huh? And Ashido's yours?"

Chargebolt spoke up, looking up at the two girls with a grin. It was... honestly infuriating, Mina wanted to melt it right off his dumb face.

"Shut up."

Jirou was intimidating enough, though, and Chargebolt mumbled an apology, staring at the ground. The purple-haired villain looked back up at Mina, sighing and shaking her head before glancing at Shinsou again.

"Go kill whoever you're gonna kill."

Shinsou nodded and gave them both a dry smile, heading out the door (and, fortunately, closing it behind him). There was an awkward pause, the heroes and villains just looking at each other, before someone decided to break the awkward silence.

"So, uh, that person you were talking to... Mido, was it? He's not another villain, is he?"

Mina felt her headache increase, of course it was Chargebolt again, and was about to speak up. Until Jirou cut her off, and honestly, Mina was grateful.

"Do you ever shut up? And no, he's a vigilante. But he's on our side in case you guys attempt to escape-"

The doorbell rang. They all paused, before Mina called out, telling whoever was on the other side of the door to wait a minute, and pulled Jirou aside.

"He wasn't supposed to come for another twenty minutes!"

"You know how he gets when pros, or even students, are involved! You already know he'll spend ages interrogating them about every single aspect of their quirk."

Mina huffed, before nodding and throwing up her bright smile again. She passed by the prisoners, but not before hissing an incredibly detailed threat to them, making Creati turn green. She dramatically threw open the door, revealing a green-haired boy with freckles standing nervously on the other side of it.


The pink-skinned girl threw her arms around him, making him stumble back a bit and laugh.

"Hey, Ashido, Jirou! How's it been? Um, so, y-you said you had some hero students...?"

"Mhm! Straight from UA, second years! Creati, Froppy, and Chargebolt!"

The boy- Mido, though Mina knew that wasn't his real name, and totally a nickname- seemed to positively glow at their names. He shoved Mina aside, gave a small nod to Jirou, and sprinted over to the hostages, looking at them excitedly.

"Oh my god! Oh, my, god! You all have such cool quirks, and I watched the Sports Festival, and lemme just say that that special move of yours is so cool, Chargebolt! Though, ideally, you'd be able to control your voltage better, but that comes with practice, so you'll probably be able to not short-circuit by your third year...."

Mido devolved into muttering, pulling a battered notebook out from his hoodie pocket- Mina wondered why the hell a vigilante was wearing an All Might hoodie.

The three hero students shared glances as he muttered, scribbling away, and all sighed simultaneously. Mina could tell that they weren't looking forward to all of the incessant mutterings that were sure to follow, since Mido never shut up. Still, dinner needed to be prepared. Okay, a frozen pizza needed to be warmed up, but still. So, she grabbed Jirou and dragged her to the kitchen, leaving the heroes to their fate.

"Have fun with Mido, guys!"

Jirou snickered, while the students just groaned. Mido smiled and moved on to questioning Froppy. That would take a long, long time.

Mina was okay with that.