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The Bane of my Existence

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 His face was almost back to normal, and the ribs seemed to be almost fully healed. Alec called Mrs.Taylor to reassure he was getting better and that Raphael was an amazing lawyer and would fight for a good result on the trial.

Then he called Catarina asking if he could go back to work, she laughed at him and said only with a doctor’s note, if not, for him to stay put until the two weeks were up. Alec rolled his eyes and sat down on his bed, looking outside the window and seeing the blue sky. Maybe getting out of the house would help his mood to go up a little.

With a little struggle, he put some jeans and a black shirt, his usual clothes, grabbing his wallet and going out for a bit. His mother was out working while Izzy was probably with her boyfriend, helping him with his latest project.

Alec was really trying to not think about Magnus Bane. He wandered through the streets of New York and ended up near one of the places his father used to bring him when he was a kid. An old residential building with gothic style, something that it was both precious and strange to exist but that it made it special. Alec sometimes went to the building to think about his life, the construction reminded him of himself and sometimes it was reassuring and others, scary.

He sat in front of the building, in one of the tables of the coffee shop right across from the building.

After making his order, he closed his eyes and was drenched by a sunny day. The noises were buffered by the feeling of the wind, and then it was all interrupted by an annoying sports car parking right next to Alec.

From the car, a man wearing a grey suit and having some grey hair, talked on the phone while his driver closed the door for him. He crossed the street and seemed to be yelling at the person on the other side of the phone. The driver noticed Alec's stare and nodded briefly before going inside the car. 

The man finally put his cell phone away and went to the front door of the building where after two knocks, someone opened for him.

Alec was intrigued because no one ever is there to open the door, it is a building sort of waiting for renovations. He went to the sports car window and waved so the drive can notice his presence. The window rolled down and the man was unfazed by Alec's attitude.

"Good day, Mr. Lightwood."

Alec almost fell down on the sidewalk, the man was smirking and then the engines of his mind started to function again.

"Have we met?"

"I work for the Bane family and my job is to always know where Mr. Magnus is and with whom."

Alec tried to stop the redness that his cheeks were becoming by the implication and then he remembered why he was there in the first place.

"Why that man went inside the building?"

"That's Mr. Bane's father. He is here to talk with the owner."

"For what?" Alec was hating where his mind was going. He hated to think that this building will be put down like the rest of the things that Bane Enterprises buys.

"I'm not sure, Mr. Lightwood. And if I did, I'm not allowed to say."

He smiled apologetically, and Alec huffed a nervous breath. Then he turned and asked something he knows will come to bite him later. 

"Can you give me Magnus's number?"




He should be punching himself. Why he was being so stupid? He should have called Magnus and ask about the things he wanted to know on the phone...but nope, he set a meeting face to face with the man. In a place where there were suspiciously many couples walking around.

Alec almost kicked the bush near him, but that would go against his belief of never hurt nature.

It was almost sunset time, some couples walked around Bryant Park with lovey-dovey eyes to each other, and Alec wanted to himself. Maybe he should have said he could go to Bane Enterprise's main office...but if he went there he would be obligated to throw some eggs in the entrance hall. He hated that place.


He turned around and saw Magnus waving at him on the other side of the little lake that in the Winter turned into a sky ring. Magnus wore a navy pants suit with a white shirt, his hair was messy but with care and there was a certain brightness in his eyes while he walked staring at Alec.

The tall man reached Alec and gave him a peck on the lips. Surprisingly, apparently, only Alec.

He stammered a bit before starting his speech and questioning. Alec would never admit, but he was a little distracted by Magnus's handsomeness.

"Hello, Alexander...I was surprised by your call."

Magnus clearly didn't know about personal space, not that Alec minded the proximity. He acted like he disliked when all the world knew the truth.

"I met your driver today...he gave me your number."

"Oh, Charles always trying to play cupid. He definitely will get a raise after this…"

Magnus smiled. And Alec...Alec forgot his own name.

"I needed to ask you something…"

"Go on." Magnus crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Alec knew that Bane Enterprise would buy that building. He just knew. He had an instinct for those kinds of things, but he wanted to hear from Magnus's mouth. Know if he knew about it. Know if he would try to not let his enterprise kill the story and architecture of the building.

He was irritated by the fact that Magnus had the power to change things and wasn't doing the right thing.

Alec sighed and that caught Magnus's attention.

"What's wrong, Alexander?"

Alec felt like he was leading on Magnus. Calling him to meet Alec in a park near the sunset time, where many couples seemed to meet. Seeing Magnus's worry made everything worse.

"Are you still sore? How is the pain?"

"I'm fine, I-" Alec felt so much and in such a short time of period that he felt like yelling. "I wanted to ask you something but it's...not relevant, at least not now."

Alec smiled a little, feeling shy to finally let go of his purpose for the moment and to focus on whatever he and Magnus have.

"You are being overly cryptic this about the building my father went to visit today?"

Alec's ears were hot. He felt like a deer caught by a hunter.

"A little...I wanted to ask you if you knew but-"

"...But you were suddenly struck by how smitten you are with me?" His eyebrows went up and his eyes showed defiance in them.

"Can you stop saying these things?" Alec rushed a hand through his hair a little exasperated. "Yes, I like you. But that goes against so many things…"

"You mean…?" Magnus clearly wanted Alec to tell him everything. Forcing him to say all the things inside his mind, even if some of them were clear from the beginning.

"I are a BANE! You own the company I've been hating since I got out of University…it's difficult for my brain to manage that." Alec closed his eyes for a second, gathering the little courage still left in him. "I don't know how we would make it work…and I can't change who I am and my beliefs for someone I met recently...can you understand me?"

Magnus with his smooth face and chocolate eyes went closer to Alec, placing a hand over the lawyer's cheek. He sighed while looking at Alec, not in a defeated way, but with a different emotion.

"I'm not asking for you to change, Alexander. I don't care if you hate my family's business, the only thing I want you to not hate is me. And only me." Alec put his hand over Magnus's, not caring they were in a public place, he deserved to have his rom-com moment. "If you want I can even give you a lift to every protest you want to go or even sit next to you when you decide to camp in front of some building. I'm an amazing man, I would be an amazingly supportive boyfriend, just so we're clear."

Magnus winked at Alec.

And that, and the words he had just said, made Alec lean towards him and kiss him softly on the lips.

Their bodies glued together, their arms went around each other and when they stopped kissing, they didn't dare to move. Alec inhaled Magnus's scent while with his face buried in the tallest man's neck. And he felt Magnus making circles with his finger on his back. It was everything so delicate and precious, he wanted to stay like that...he dared think, forever.