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The living room’s bathed in the soft glow from the fire still going, it is magic keeping it alive, and preventing it from jumping out from behind the grate. The room is cozy, with overstuffed armchairs and overstuffed bookcases, a mantle full of childhood photos and a worn ornate rug taking up a majority of the floor. The lingering scent of freshly baked fig pudding still hangs in the air and the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg makes Sirius want to eat. He isn’t hungry, but he almost wants to be. It’s well past midnight and despite how comfortable he is, he still can’t sleep.

Sirius sighs as he stares up at the ceiling of the Lupin family’s living room. He had accompanied Remus to visit his mum for Christmas, and even though he and Remus live together -  he doesn’t think Mrs. Lupin knows they’re together - Remus is up in his childhood bedroom. It’s irritating. 

He listens to the grandfather clock in the corner of the room tick away, and can’t help shaking his leg with restlessness. He just can’t seem to turn his brain off. Not in this new environment. Not without Remus. He’s on his back, twisting strands of his long hair idly between his fingers, watching the shadows dance across the expanse of the ceiling above him. The sofa bed is charmed to be extra soft, and the sheets almost smell like Remus - a hint of ink underneath a layer of honeysuckle. 

Sirius can almost imagine Remus beside him. The feel of his body and the press of his skin against his own. Part of him wants to sneak up the stairs to Remus’ bedroom and slip into the man’s bed. He doesn’t do it though because Sirius respects Mrs. Lupin’s rules, and he desperately wants her to like him. Mrs. Potter taught Sirius that not all mothers are created equal, and Mrs. Lupin is so much like Remus - sarcastic, funny, sharp as a tack - that Sirius is already half in love with her and wants to remain on her good side. 

Still, he longs to be upstairs with Remus. They had lived together for seven years at Hogwarts, their beds just a metre apart. He grew up listening to Remus breathing every night. And then, when they finally moved in together, he became used to Remus’ warmth beside him in their bed. The sofa bed is cold and lonely with just him in it. He debates on transforming into Padfoot, the dog’s brain is much simpler and he should be able to fall asleep without worry. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s an illegal animagus he’d have done that by now. 

He wonders if Remus is sleeping alright, and a selfish part of Sirius hopes that he isn’t. 

Sirius shifts and brings the heavy comforter further up his body. He’s warm and comfortable, and honestly quite exhausted from the busy day. He finally closes his eyes when the creaking of a nearby floorboard causes them to snap back open. 

Remus is making his way over from the stairs to the sofa bed. 

Sirius’ heart quickens at the sight of him. “What’re you doing down here, Moons?”

Remus has his pillow under his arm, his hair’s a tousled mess and his pyjamas are wrinkled from lying down. He gives Sirius a sheepish shrug as he begins to crawl into bed with him. “I’m too used to sleeping next to you.”

“Wouldn’t you be in trouble if your mum catches you?” Sirius can’t help the smile that blooms across his face as he scoots over to make room for Remus. “Though I can understand why you missed me.”

His comment earns him an exasperated eye roll. “Really? We’re not children. She does realize that we’re grown men.”

“Oh? Wait, does she know?” Sirius sits up suddenly, staring down at Remus. “When did you tell her?”

Remus, on the other hand, peers up at him. His amber eyes reflect the light of the fire, and the shadows make his face appear sharper. “I don’t know, a while ago. Lie back down, please.”

Sirius does as he’s told, curling onto his side to face Remus. “Be honest, did you come down here to seduce me? Is this some sort of fantasy? Shagging in your childhood home?”

His accusation causes Remus to chuckle. 

“I’m being serious - don’t you dare make that stupid joke. I want your mum to like me,” Sirius huffs, but he doesn’t fight it when Remus pushes the long strands of his hair back and tucks some behind his ear. Remus’ hands are calloused, wide palms with short fingers, strong and capable, and always managing to reduce Sirius into a puddle. “Your mother has been wonderful to me, and kind.”

“Goodness.” Remus’ hand is rubbing soothing circles on Sirius’ back. “I’ve never known you to follow rules that don’t benefit you.”

He isn’t wrong. Sirius can’t help the snicker that escapes him as his hand snakes up the front of Remus’ sleep shirt. Fingers caressing the thin trail of hair on his abdomen. “You’re just proving my theory that you can’t keep your hands off of me, you do know that? James has a bet against it and thus far, I can assure you, I’m winning.”

“Please stop bringing up other people when I’m trying to seduce you.”

“Ah-ha!” Sirius laughs, “I knew it.”

“Hush,” Remus whispers as he leans forward and kisses Sirius. 

Their mouths meet softly, gentle caresses and shared breath. Their tongues twirl around one another and when they pull apart, they smile. 

“I’m not having sex in your mother’s house,” Sirius states. 

“Sex is such a broad term,” Remus shrugs before rolling so that he’s on top of Sirius. The comforter falls to the floor as he straddles him. His honey brown curls fall across his forehead as he grins down at Sirius. He rotates his hips for a moment, grinding tauntingly before stopping. “It doesn’t exactly mean penetration.”

He stays where he sits, watching Sirius’ expression. Sirius is beautiful - he always is, but at that moment Remus can’t properly think. Sirius’ pupils are blown as he stares up at Remus, his ink-black hair is splayed out underneath him and his skin is a soft brown in the firelight. 

Sirius’ hands are running up and down Remus’ thighs, “Remus, you’re not playing fair.”

“Fair?” Remus grins broadly, “You don’t know the meaning of the word, but fine.” He sighs as he flops back down beside Sirius.

Sirius readjusts himself in his pyjama bottoms. “Fuck, you’re difficult to say ‘no’ to.”

Remus laughs softly, and Sirius knows he can just reach out and touch him. His boyfriend would allow it, fully hard in his pyjamas, he wants it. “It was your choice, I’m merely respecting it.”

Remus is only mildly surprised when Sirius is suddenly over him, his tongue in his mouth and his hand cupping him through the soft material of his sleep bottoms. Remus swallows the moan that threatens to bubble out of him.

It’s several moments before they pull apart, and Remus chuckles. “What would my mother think?”

“Quiet, you.” Sirius laughs before leaning down again. 

He mouths at Remus’ throat, leaving lingering kisses, inhaling the scent of his boyfriends' skin and ravishing it. Remus swallows and Sirius feels the movement underneath his lips. 

“You’re not going to do anything else, are you?” Remus’ voice is muffled by Sirius’ hair. His hands roam up and down his boyfriend’s back as Sirius makes himself comfortable on top of him. 

Sirius only snuggles closer, “I can finally sleep.”

“I hate you so much.”

“You love me.”

“Shut up.”

“You shut ah -” Remus gasps as he sinks further into the mattress while Sirius’ hand snakes under the front of his pyjamas pants and wraps around his half hard cock. 

Sirius’ thumb traces along the underside of his head and Remus squirms. “You need to be silent if you want me to continue.”

Yes, yes, of course.”

Sirius offers a sweet smile as he hooks his thumbs into the waistband of Remus’ bottoms and tugs them down just enough for his cock to spring free. “Good. If you can’t follow that rule then I’ll have to stop. You don’t want me to stop, do you Remus?”

“No,” Remus whimpers. He sucks a breath through his teeth as Sirius fondles him, cupping and massaging. “Hnn.”

Sirius chuckles lowly, a smoky sound that causes another spark of lust to ignite within Remus. He wants Sirius to do so many things to him. Filthy things that he should really keep for when they’re back home. Maybe Sirius has a point, maybe shagging in his childhood home is something Remus has always wanted to check off of his bucket list. 

The heat wrapping around the head of his cock suddenly brings Remus back to the present. He wants to moan, to say something. But he doesn’t want Sirius to stop. Not when he’s sucking with such a force that Remus feels as though he could die. It would be a fantastic way to go, with his cock in Sirius Black’s beautiful mouth. 

Instead he pets at Sirius’ hair, raking it away from his face and holding on for dear life as he feels the tip of his cock hit the back of Sirius’ throat. 

Remus’ thighs are trembling and he’s biting his lower lip nearly hard enough to draw blood. The sound of his breathing is too loud in the silence of the living room. He peers down at Sirius,  his eyes drinking in the sight of his cock disappearing into Sirius’ mouth. The way Sirius’ elegant hands are holding onto his hips. The strands of obsidian black hair slipping from his tight grasp and across a high brow. 

He’s gasping as pleasure washes over his limbs and narrows down to his center. Remus is trying to control his breathing, but his chest heaves and his grip tightens. His jaw flexes until he’s clenching his teeth. 

Sirius moans around him and the vibration of it sets Remus off. He’s falling, his body curling forward as it quakes and his mouth opening in a silent scream. He can feel Sirius swallowing around the tip of his sensitive head, milking Remus for all that he’s worth. 

“Oh fuck,” Remus whispers. His voice is soft, barely heard over the crackling of the fire. “Sirius.”

When Sirius pulls off, he gently tucks Remus back into his pants before lying down next to his boyfriend. 

“Feeling better?” His voice is a little hoarse and Remus wants to kiss him, he wants to roll over and return the favour, but he’s too boneless. 

“Fuck my mouth,” Remus manages to say once he finds his words. 

Sirius begins to let out a bark of laughter before covering his mouth with his hands and shaking his head. He flicks his wrist and uses wandless magic to conjure the comforter back up from the floor. “Once we get home.”

“I’ll do whatever you want once we get home,” Remus promises as he curls close to Sirius’ side. 

Sirius plants a gentle kiss to his temple. “I’ll hold you to that.”