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We Might Fall

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Bakugou was never much for raves. But hell, he was kind of a fan for this DJ and their songs. What was even more, the event was only $10 out his pocket. 

He didn’t think his friends-- “friends”-- quote on quote, would hop on so quickly when he told them he was going to this rave but what was he expecting? 

His closest friend, Kirishima wasn’t new to raves and had been to plenty of ones though. Music festivals, etc. So he was a little more experienced in what to expect and prepare.

“Wear something light, because it’s gonna get super hot with all the body heat pressing against you. Some people wear bandanas to keep their hair back if you want. Also wear comfy shoes.” He advised. Bakugou said hell no to the bandana but he was starting to reconsider now that he was here.

A large crowd was gathering near the stage, bopping their heads to the current DJ before the main one comes on.

Kaminari shoved past Bakugou, unceremoniously bumping into more people. He had pre-gamed a little too hard. Bakugou eyed his surroundings, finding his friends still close by but moving their bodies to the beat.

There were definitely a lot of people here. Then again, it wasn’t an event that made your bank break to enjoy a night or weekend.

Albeit already sweating a little, Bakugou opted just to roll his sleeves up more to his shoulders. He wore dark active shorts, and sneakers as Kirishima advised. 

Oh another thing. Bakugou also took a tab.

That was one reason he didn’t pre-game because Kirishima offered it to him.

“I just want you to have a really good time even though it’s your first time. Plus it’s just half a tab. Let me know if you need anything though, and stay hydrated. Also here’s gum if you need it because your jaw may feel the need to bite sometimes.” Kirishima had informed.

Bakugou scoffed. He took the tab about a half hour ago when they arrived. He was starting to speculate if it even had an affect or not.

Suddenly, the music transitioned as the opening newbie DJ escorted himself off the stage and hyped the crowd for the main artist tonight. To which, everyone screamed, raising their hands, creating a discordant silhouette against the stage lights.

Bakugou appraised it for a second, nodding his head to the temporary music before the main DJ finally appeared on stage. Without thinking, Bakugou grinned, his feet taking him closer, even though it meant risking getting sucked into the crowd.

Before he knew it, he had lost sight of his friends. But this point, he didn’t really care. 

The music blared, the DJ screaming his city’s name. 

“What’s fucking up, Tokyo !! Let me hear you scream out tonight. Because tonight, we are going to have a GOOD. FUCKING. TIME . Ready?” The DJ yelled, knee up on the soundboard before the lights and steam machine blazed. He held up 3 fingers, the energy of the crowd building up like a coil at the countdown to the bass drop. 

Even Bakugou was starting to feel it, and wondered again if it’s the damn tab. 

The bass dropped and everyone around him in conjunction head-banged or moved their bodies to it. Fuck it. Bakugou bopped his head with them, his hands finding their way out of his pockets for once. 

The music was starting to blare in his head, but it was somehow also seeping into his skin. It was like it was a part of him at this point, pulsing through. The fluorescent colors were starting to slowly, but surely brighten and Bakugou swears he’s never seen colors this magical. Magical. He never uses that word. But something about it was so alluring, he could feel the bass of the song and lyrics sink into him. 

The song transitioned to the next one, the DJ promptly yelling out, “Let’s get it started, Tokyo!!”


Could you come a little closer, but still keep your distance?


Oh fuck, he loved this song. And maybe it was the drug, but fuck he loved it even more right now.

As the music seeped into his skin, his eye caught something at the corner of his eye.

She had a white halter top, the front part of it seeming ruffled. It stopped mid waist, a fair portion of fair skin exposed until it stopped at jean shorts hugging her hips that curved complementary on her short figure.

Bakugou didn’t normally ogle girls but he could not help but trace his eyes down her legs and back up (appreciatively) the curve of her ass and then to her face. 

She had brunette hair (or that’s what it seemed like in this lighting) and it stopped at the nape of her neck, the front pieces longer and framing her face while it swayed to the music. 

Her arm was up, swaying her hand to the beat of the song as he own hips swayed side to side in trance with the music. 

Suddenly, her head turned, her face revealed. She had large doe eyes, her face ridiculously round (mainly her cheeks, but she resembled more of a cherub), and gloss highlighted lips. She seemed to be scanning the crowd for someone until they inconsequentially fell on him. Her eyes widened, though lingered on him a second longer than a normal one would before looking back forward. There was a slight glow on her cheeks he could even see from where he was standing, making him smile a little. Though he couldn’t blame her, because he was eyeing her too. 

He took one more glance down at her body and found himself moving towards her. 

The first chorus of the song just ended, mending into the 2nd verse. 

Slowly, carefully, he draped his arms around her shoulders, clasping his hands in front of her. She stiffened for a second, but only stayed frozen for that long before resuming swaying. 

And you don’t even know how well I’ll read your mind”


Bakugou moved a little closer, the sway of her ass brushing against him as their bodies were now closer. He leaned his head down to her shoulder, moving close to her ear. “You can tell me or shove me to move if you want.” He said. 

She turned her head slightly, seeing exactly who it was. Their eyes connected, ruby against caramel, and she seemed to be assessing something quickly in her head. Then she turned back forward, her hands holding his in front of her. A sign that she was fine with it.

Bakugou smiled, and tightened his arms just a tad. As the song continued, he felt her move backward just a little. He could’ve sworn she pressed her butt against his crotch deliberately if he was more level-headed.

But god, the music was really melting into him and he doesn’t know when he’s ever felt this good. This good physically, emotionally, about life or his surroundings in general. Hell, he even felt like telling his friends how much he actually loves them despite how much he berates them or says he’s embarrassed. 

At least he would if he felt like moving his arms from where they were right now at all. 

They swayed and bopped their heads to the music, her entire back and backside soon pressed against his own front. Their hips connected, causing his arms to move down to cross at her waist, holding her tenderly against him as their bodies stayed swaying to the song. 

Bakugou was starting to breathe heavily now, trying to control his chest heaving against her shoulders. He couldn’t move away from her now. He felt like he was cemented to the ground and invisible form tying himself to her. And he didn’t even know her name. 

Her head moved to the tune, the scent of her shampoo wafting his nose. 

The song transitioned to the next one seamlessly, and somehow he found her fingers laced with his in front of her stomach. 

It felt so good, just having her body pressed against his, the right amount but not overbearing pressure on his lower region. God, he hoped she didn’t mind how slick his skin was starting to get, the heat rising in his body and room. He leaned down again. “You still okay?”

The girl nodded, tilting her head. “Yeah.” She smiled, a different light in the colorful sea of them. So that’s what her voice sounded like. 

He grinned, resting his chin on her shoulder. “Great.”

Her cheeks glowered red before suddenly, her hand snaked up to cup his cheek. His eyes widened, not expecting that. 

She leaned closer. “My name is Ochako. And I’m sorry but I kind of am on e right now.” 

Bakugou blinked and for some reason his heart was surging. He chuckled deeply, leaning close to respond back so she could hear. “That’s fine. I am too.”

They stopped swaying as Ochako turned in his arms, somehow keeping their limbs still against each other. She was basically yelling in his face, but that’s how one communicates in raves like this. “A-And on e, people tend to be really touchy. Is it… Is it okay if I kiss you right now?” 

Heat pooled in Bakugou’s face but he couldn’t find himself to be too surprised. Because he was feeling the same way. “”S fine with me…” He said, leaning in and she closed the gap.

Their lips meshed together, the music still banging in their ears. Bakugou’s hands squeezed her hips, her thigh pressing against him. 

He wasn’t sure how long he was making out with her until he was pulled by the shirt from the back. He pulled away from the kiss distractedly and dazed, looking behind him to find a befuddled Kaminari and hand frozen in the air. 

“Ohp sorry nevermind!! Got to go.” He quickly jetted and his other friend, Sero also eyed him with the same wide eyes before scurrying after the blond. 

Normally, Bakugou would’ve screeched their ear off or grabbed a collar. But all he could feel in the moment was the bubbles of happiness in his chest.

Even turning his attention back to the gorgeous girl in his arms, she was only laughing at the moment that just happened, covering her mouth with one hand. Even Bakugou couldn’t help but start chuckling along. He did not laugh like this so easily. He was definitely under it. 

As a new song started, another known favorite of his, he re-wrapped his arms around Ochako’s waist as she faced back forward. 

Everything felt so good. The music, the sensation of the skin of hers on his, the feeling of unison with the crowd. He even swore he spotted Kirishima with his own girlfriend somewhere in the crowd, almost in the same position as him. He doesn’t know the last time he felt this happy. Not that he was a largely pessimistic daily person.  His bones just felt light, and like everything was on his side. 

If you’re gonna go, if you’re gonna go, just promise me that you’ll let me down easy

And that’s how the rave ended before he knew it. He doesn’t know when he separated from Ochako or when he lost her after he went to get water. 

He scanned the departing crowd heading toward the exit, trying not to seem desperate, as he was ushered along with his friends too. 

A part of him knew this was going to happen, and he wouldn’t see her again. He was still enough on his high that it didn’t bother him too much, but it still was a weird feeling of getting detached. 

“Yo bro, how are you?” Kirishima greeted, throwing an arm around him immediately as they made it to the car. 

“I… hate you.” Bakugou only managed against his regular vehemence. 

Kirishima just laughed while his girlfriend giggled loudly, getting in the passenger seat. “Oh yeah, he’s rolling right now.”

Kirishima grinned widely but tilted his head. “Seriously, you good though? Here’s some water I still have.” He handed his water bottle.

“I feel… fucking awesome.” Bakugou groaned, throwing his head back because he was 100% sincere. “Fucking hell. I love you Eiji. Thanks for the night.” 

The redhead seemed overjoyed to hear that, crushing Bakugou in a one armed hug as they shuffled into the car. “So freaking great to hear that man. I love you too. As long as you had fun at your first rave.”

Bakugou looked over to the other side of Kirishima, thanking God that Kaminari looked too dead to even lift his head. At least he was alive. 

Sero, the designated driver, was more on the tired side but still some talking energy. “Heck yeah. Bakugou sure had fun, right ?” He proclaimed suggestively, raising his eyebrows repeatedly in the rearview mirror to him.

Bakugou could only roll his eyes, not even having the usual energy to cross his arms as he looked out the car window. Instead, his hands felt like they were reaching for something else. Fucking hell, he felt like holding hands or cuddling someone. But he sure as hell wasn’t about to hold Kirishima’s hand, even if he was under drugs. 

He was restless though, so he just gripped his own knee as he bounced them. Anger was a stranger right now. He knew with this energy, he wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight. He had a feeling he was going to take the best fucking shower in the world as soon as he stepped home tonight. And also, his lips tingled, wanting nothing more but to move them against that girl’s again. 

It was just a rave thing, he guesses.