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What the fuck was Katsuki doing here? He pounded on the door only half in control of his own body.

“Open the fuck up, Deku! I know you’re in there!”

He didn’t actually. Katsuki had hardly finished his post-patrol workout when he noticed the message on his phone. He’d stared at the missed call notification for a full minute before he ignored the taunting voicemail icon and came straight here. To Izuku’s apartment.

Why the hell was he here?

On the one hand, Katsuki hoped Izuku didn’t respond. He hoped he'd knocked on the door of an empty apartment and that Deku never knew that Bakugo had stopped by. On the other hand, Katsuki needed the nerd to be home. The Alpha’s whole body vibrated with a sensation he couldn’t place. His nerves fired too quickly, his muscles twitched in anticipation; fight and flight instinct active without reason.

Only there was a reason. After nearly three weeks, three weeks, Izuku had called him. Fucker never called. It’d been clear to Katsuki that Deku had been avoiding him after their last meeting. He knew because he had done the same. Yet, here he was; unable to stop himself from pounding on the door once again.

This time he got a response.

“Just—Just a minute!”

Katsuki froze with his knuckles against reinforced wood. With his heightened senses, he heard heavy footsteps followed by a loud crash he probably could’ve heard from the elevator. Bakugo lowered his hand but kept it clenched into a fist.

Seriously, what was he doing here? He hadn’t even listened to the voicemail. He could still leave. Avoid seeing that damn freckled face for the second time that day, calm the heart slamming against his ribs. But he’d come this far. He could still hear Izuku doing who-knows-what on the other side of the door and could smell the faint scent of dark chocolate clinging to this spot in the hall. Katsuki took in a deep breath. Izuku's scent was sweeter than he’d remembered but just as addictive.

The door flew open and Katsuki opened his eyes.

Izuku looked better than he looked earlier that day. Less like a trapped animal in the middle of a circle of reporters and more like the man he’d somehow fallen in love with. His face looked skinnier, eyes darker around the edges, but his flushed cheeks made his freckles more pronounced. Lush rose lips fought emerald eyes for Katsuki’s attention but ultimately won his gaze when the barest hint of white teeth pulled at his lower lip.


Spell broken, Katsuki pushed forward to step inside and tried to ignore the way his skin burned beneath his long-sleeved shirt where it touched Izuku’s bare arm. Inside the studio apartment, the Alpha scrunched up his nose. The place reeked of artificial flowers that could only come from a spray can. A quick glance around showed the place in a casual state of disarray, a normal amount of lived-in mess that was a better state than he knew Izuku usually kept the place. All that noise must have been the nerd trying to clean up or something.

“What are you doing here?”

Katsuki turned back around to look at Izuku standing in front of the now closed door. Even in a pair of basketball shorts and a ratty t-shirt, Izuku looked sinfully stunning. Nervous eyes and anxious fingers strumming against the opposite arm only made him look more enticing.

Bakugo wanted to kiss him. He wanted to turn him around and fuck him against the door. He wanted to tell Izuku that he was a dumbass for not letting him Claim him again because Izuku was meant to be his.

Instead, Katsuki crossed his arms and growled, “Well?”

Izuku blinked. “Well, what?”

“What did you have to say? You called me didn’t you?”

Green eyes widened and the flush in the Omega’s cheeks spread to his ears. “Did—didn’t you listen to the voicemail?”

“The fuck would I do that, hah? You haven’t said shit to me for three weeks and you think you could leave me a voicemail out of the blue? Bullshit. You tell me what you have to say to my face.”

Silence filled the apartment and again Katsuki was too-aware of his own body. He felt hot. Extremely hot. He was used to the burn of his heated palms, but now he felt as if someone had lit a match inside of him. He recognized this feeling; he’d felt it quite a few times with the very man standing in front of him. Only, it wasn’t the same. Because this wasn’t just lust licking at his throat, drying his mouth. It was worse than that. Katsuki was devoured by this damn thing he recognized as love, desire not only to fuck Izuku until the Omega said his name but to be the only person he ever called for again.

Katsuki stared at Izuku, hyperaware of how close he stood. They weren’t even five feet apart. If he reached out his arm, he could almost touch him, could almost bring him in and hold him close the way he’d longed to do for weeks. But he couldn’t. Because that’s not what Izuku wanted.

Then Izuku stepped forward.

One step.


He was so close; a hand’s length away at most. Katsuki’s nostrils flared instinctively, but he couldn’t smell Izuku’s scent amongst the fake flowers.

“I called to apologize.”

The words practically echoed in the air; they danced in circles in Katsuki's head at least.

"I was wrong before."

Yes, Izuku had been. He must want Katsuki more than for just sex. He must miss their Claim as much as he did.

"I shouldn't have lied."

Fuck. Izuku's eyes had always been honest, but staring into them now might just destroy Katsuki. After weeks of suffering from that empty ache of unrequited love, Izuku would say what he should've said then.

"I should have told you I was in the hospital."

Katsuki suddenly stiffened.


Izuku shook his head, his eyes just as emotional as the moment prior but now obviously seeped in regret.

"I overreacted back then. You weren't trying to overstep, you were just concerned for my health and I lied to you. If I hadn't—if I didn't ask for space—"

Katsuki's shoulders sagged knowing what Deku meant. If that night had gone differently, maybe the rest of the bullshit with that bitch with the pills wouldn't have happened either.

"Yeah, you shouldn't have lied," Izuku stiffened and turned away but Katsuki continued. "And I shouldn't have acted like an asshole. We both fucked up, but it's the past."

The Alpha paused to make sure the Omega was looking at him before he spoke again. "You couldn't control what happened after that. There's no point in thinking of what-ifs. You did the best you could in a shit situation."

The heroes held each other's stare until Izuku relaxed too. His smile confirmed that Katsuki had been wrong to come after all and he shook the disappointment off with a roll of his shoulders.

“Since you’ve started up patrols again, we should pick up our spar sessions. Unless you’re scared?”


Katsuki’s sharp smile in return wasn’t fake but he didn’t plan on sticking around. He stepped ahead, eyes forward but lowered and hand raised in a half-wave as he headed toward the door. Izuku caught his wrist as he reached for the doorknob.

Red met green and it was hard to deny that Katsuki wanted what he saw in those eyes.

“You don’t have to go.”

The words were hardly uttered, a plea hidden in the whisper of a breath. But Katsuki got the message loud and clear.

Nothing had changed. Izuku only offered sex. His calloused and scarred hand clasped around Katsuki’s wrist only promised tonight and any other night that was just another fuck. And damn was Katsuki fucked. Because Katsuki Bakugo didn’t waste his time on relationships that weren’t going anywhere. At least that’s what he told himself.

But he couldn’t say no now and perhaps he never could. Not to Deku.

Not again.

Katsuki turned his hand against the hold on his wrist to grab Izuku forearm. With a hard pull, the other fell forward, his eyes half-lidded already prepared for the kiss that followed. Their lips moved on muscle memory alone, heightened by the sensation that only comes with time apart. Because Katsuki had forgotten this, even if his body didn’t. He’d forgotten the second-hand sweetness of Izuku’s tongue, the smoothness of lips that pressed as rough against him as he pressed back. He forgot about strong hands on his arms and soft hips in his hands. He forgot about the scent of ash in the air and—

The Alpha growled as he pulled away just far enough to show teeth. “Why can’t I smell you?”

Izuku didn’t pull back, meaning Katsuki could feel the heat of his cheeks. Crooked fingers gripped his wrist again. They lifted his arm up as the Omega tilted his head to the left. As soon as Izuku rubbed the scent gland of Katsuki’s wrist against his own on his neck, a wave of scent hit Katsuki. The scent of Omega in heat.

If Izuku normally smelled sweet in his earthy and grounded way, Izuku in heat was cotton candy dipped in fudge. His scent hung in the air thick as swamp water and sticky as sap. It poured into Katsuki through every bit of exposed skin and the Alpha took in as much as he could with deep breaths through his mouth. He could taste the air and Katsuki wanted more. So much more.

Pupils dilated and canines sharp against his gums, he rumbled with Alphan vibrato. He’d pulled Izuku in closer at some point, when he wasn’t sure because only seconds had passed since the scent’s release, and the Omega practically moaned at the second-hand sensation of Katsuki's growl. Katsuki leaned forward, his lips pressed against the other’s ear, teeth practically begging to nip at the exposed skin.

“Were you not going to tell me you’re in heat?”

This time Katsuki felt how Izuku shivered against his skin, a ripple of anticipation that had the hair at the back of his neck standing on end.

“I didn’t want that to be the reason you stayed.”

The husky rasp of Izuku's voice against Katsuki’s neck sent his body alight with miniature sparks not unlike the ones he made in his palm. In one swift movement, Katsuki had their bodies flipped in position, moving Izuku closer to the door and slammed him against it. Bakugo growled in approval at Izuku’s whine as he was pressed into the wood. Katsuki couldn’t hold back the urge to dig his teeth into the supple skin of Izuku’s exposed neck, though he was careful to keep his bites as nibbles, as much as he wanted to dig his canines in until he drew fresh blood. Izuku, on the other hand, didn’t hold back as his nails dug sharply into his biceps, sure to leave marks even through his shirt. The rough action was returned by Katsuki in kind with a thigh pressed against the hard heat of Izuku’s cock perfectly outlined in his baggy shorts.


He pressed two fingers between Izuku’s supple lips to press down on the Omega’s tongue making the man gag just slightly. As much as Katsuki loved hearing his name in that debauched voice, he could feel Izuku’s mounting impatience. And if Izuku could make him wait three weeks for a lousy voicemail, the nerd could wait five minutes for a dick up his ass.

Deku didn’t seem too keen about that. The Omega rutted against Katsuki’s knee with increasing pressure and speed. Katsuki pressed his teeth rougher against scarred skin, making his way down the unclaimed shoulder on Izuku’s right side. He only paused to take in a sharp inhale when Izuku sucked on his fingers that were still wrapped in the wet heat of his mouth. Bakugo pulled them out with a pop before leaning back far enough to press his forearm against Deku’s chest while keeping their lower halves intertwined.

“Beg for it.”

Izuku stared at him as if he didn’t, couldn’t understand him. Eventually he got the message because he whimpered a quiet “fuck me Kacchan” that sent a jolt straight to Katsuki’s dick. That was all he needed. With a fistful of shirt in his grip, Katsuki pulled Izuku backwards, their lips locked once more as he moved them both somewhere more comfortable.

They were in a studio apartment and they didn’t even make it to the bed.

Instead, Katsuki spotted the couch. He broke off the kiss and pulled Izuku forward hard enough to make the Pro lose balance. One step to the side and Izuku had no choice but to catch himself with his hands on the arm of the couch. The position had the Omega perfectly arched, his ass out in the air. Katsuki didn’t even think as he slapped it with a resounding smack followed by a yelp.


Again, Katsuki’s throat vibrated in approval, the sound practically a purr. He moved in closer, situating himself behind the Omega. His fingers slid up his lover’s bare back, his hand pushing up the soft cloth of Izuku’s worn t-shirt. He could feel new scars still soft against his slightly sweaty palms and the thought occurred to Katsuki that he may be the cause of these particular marks.

The Alpha slapped Izuku’s ass again. This time Izuku moaned. Katsuki pressed down on Izuku’s back to get a better arch before pulling down his shorts and boxers in one smooth motion. Already, slick had collected, slowly overflowing from Izuku’s heat to run down his exposed thighs. Katsuki rubbed his free hand up one of the sticky tracks, starting from Izuku’s knee all the way up until he could press a thumb against Izuku’s asshole.

Rather than press inward, Katsuki wedged it against the curve of Izuku’s ass. In seconds, his other hand slid down to the other cheek and together both hands pushed Izuku’s ass open.

“Ka—ahh!” Izuku cut off mid-question as Katsuki pressed his tongue against Izuku’s dripping asshole. The Alpha’s mouth quirked up at the edges as he continued to lap at the intoxicating slick that gushed from the Omega trapped by Katsuki’s firm grip on his ass cheeks.

At first Deku seemed to struggle. He squirmed and gave off sounds that could hardly count as words. But as Katsuki pressed his tongue inside Izuku’s stifling heat, the Omega keened. He pressed back against Katsuki’s tongue, his body otherwise puddy beneath his ministrations. If Izuku smelled sweet then his slick was an injection of sugar in the absolute best way. Katsuki had never tasted anything quite like it and he might develop a sweet-tooth even if no actual desert could compare.

He could continue eating Izuku out forever but movement caught his attention. Annoyed, Katsuki pulled back to see that the Omega had begun stroking his cock between panting breaths. He had to put a stop to that.

Deku whined when the Alpha caught his wrist and forced his hand back to grip at the couch.

“Did I say you could touch yourself?”

The look Izuku gave him over his shoulder, eyes alive with frustrated fire made Katsuki’s dick throb.

“Then let me touch you.”

Well fuck. Who was Katsuki to deny him?

As difficult as it was to push away, Katsuki did. Izuku’s shirt fell back down to reach his bare hips as he turned himself around. Hands still gripping the arm of the couch now behind him, he lowered himself to his knees to kneel in front of Katsuki as if in prayer. But instead his hands clasped the zipper of Katsuki’s jeans quickly followed by the undoing of his top button. Practiced hands pulled down the denim and there was no hesitation in the mouth that took in the head of his cock immediately after.

Izuku’s tongue was as skillful as ever, pulling sounds from Katsuki’s throat that he would never allow anyone else. The Alpha put his hands where they belonged in the Omega’s hair to move his head up and down on his cock, though it was obvious that Izuku was the one in control at the moment.

Fuck, Deku had always been good at giving head, but this felt different. The heat of his mouth competing with the surrounding heat of the pheromones still in the air was unreal. The scent sat on Katsuki’s shoulders, heavy and comforting, but also acted like a flame placed beneath his feet. He felt something bubbling up inside of him, recognizable but foreign in this context.

Katsuki had never gone into a rut when with someone else, most certainly never with an Omega in heat. The suppressants he used kept most ruts at bay, anyway, but he shouldn’t have been surprised that the fake hormones pumped into him by the patches on his arms were eventually overpowered by the pheromones heavy in the air. Surely Izuku noticed. because Katsuki’s scent had taken on a sweetness of its own: caramelized glycerin smoked to perfection from Izuku’s heat. His red eyes watched Izuku’s every movement, memorized the blissed out look on his face as he took the rest of Katsuki’s length into his mouth and down his throat.

Shit, it felt so good. Too good. The saliva dripping from the edges of Izuku’s mouth made the knot at the base of Katsuki’s cock begin to swell.

“Deku,” he ground out in warning through clenched teeth. He was getting too close, his knot pressing against Izuku’s swollen lips, catching a bit with every other bob of the Omega’s head.

But Deku didn’t stop. Green eyes looked up suddenly wide enough to show off blown pupils and thin irises that burned with an unsaid challenge of, “do it.”

Katsuki couldn’t stop himself. His knot fully formed, he jerked his hips forward, hand tangled in green curls to keep Izuku’s head in place. Izuku gagged as Katsuki felt the head of his cock dip down his throat once more, this time with his knot caught just behind the Omega’s teeth. That was enough to send the Alpha over the edge. He came with a moan down Izuku’s throat, his knot still locked in the other’s mouth, keeping all of the cum inside. And Deku took it. Katsuki watched his throat spasm as he swallowed as best he could. There was no way the nerd could breathe properly, but his face looked more orgasmic than panicked. Red eyes flicked to the ground and he nearly purred at the realization that Izuku had just cum too.

They stood locked cock to mouth for at least a few minutes. Whenever he could, Katsuki pulled his dick back, hoping that it allowed Deku to breathe a little easier. The issue was, despite his dick having gone soft post-orgasm, the sight of Izuku on his knees taking his knot like a practiced slut made him slowly get hard again.

When the knot had finally deflated, Katsuki was already half-erect. He pulled out of Izuku’s mouth and heard the cackle of electricity through the pheromone filled room. There was no time to react as Izuku stood with his hands gripping Katsuki’s thighs, lifting the Alpha into the air as he got to his feet. The unexpectedness of the maneuver meant he couldn’t let out a protest before he was tossed the five feet from the couch to the bed. He hit the mattress with a groan, echoing that of the springs beneath him.

He went to sit up only to feel a hand on his chest. Skin still glowing with the shockless green electricity of One-for-All, Izuku pushed him down. Deku had moved so he sat above him, Pro-Hero trained thighs on either side of his hips, shorts long gone. The same hand against his chest moved up toward Katsuki’s neck and the Alpha growled in warning, his sharp canines shining in the lust-filled green eyes of the Omega above him. Izuku didn’t grip his throat as Katsuki instinctually thought, however. Instead, the fingers gripped at the rounded collar of his shirt and tore it down with a long rip. The shirt had been expensive but the look of pure reverence on Deku’s dumb face made the sacrifice worth it.

At this point, Katsuki’s cock was completely hard again. It lay against the crack of Izuku’s ass and Bakugo could feel the slick gushing from the Omega. The Alpha went to grip the man’s hips only for his arms to be caught in Izuku’s scarred hands. Katsuki glared, a rumble forming again in his chest but Izuku wasn’t looking at his face.

The Omega was studying his chest, first his pecs then lower to his abs. He whimpered, his lower lip worried between his top teeth. His hips had begun to move, rutting back against Katsuki’s dick in a sinful manner. When Izuku dropped his grip on Katsuki’s arms, he didn’t move them again. He watched every movement the Omega made, every grind and every feather light touch with super-strength filled fingers.

There was no warning when Izuku finally lifted himself up and seated himself back down to perfectly impale himself on Katsuki’s cock.

They both groaned.

God, Izuku was in heaven. Or hell. He couldn’t tell. He’d had a lot of sex. So much sex. But never during his heat. He was never with someone long enough to cultivate the kind of trust he’d want before sharing his heat with someone, especially if he were to share it with an Alpha. Because the things Izuku wanted right now were not the kind of things he could ask of just anyone.

Izuku wanted to be wrecked. He wanted to be split open on a hard cock until he could no longer move. He wanted to be filled until he overflowed with cum, until he felt it still inside him the next morning. And he wanted it to hurt. Fuck, he wanted it to hurt.

But with Kacchan, he could get that. He knew how the Alpha already treated him so, so right when they’d fucked before. Maybe their Claim had something to do with that, but it was a dick he was willing to chase, Claim or no. When he closed his eyes alone at night he could feel Kacchan’s cock thrust inside him, feel him inside of him as if his body had been molded to fit the Alpha’s dick. Izuku wanted that sensation again.

So he took it.

With Kacchan deep inside him, Izuku moaned loud enough to make the neighbors complain. He shook from the feeling of being stretched, but didn’t allow himself time to adjust. In seconds, he lifted himself up to drop down on that divine dick beneath him again. His eyes fluttered closed as he gave out a breathy whine. He repeated the action. Again, and again. The sound of his own slick squishing between his ass and Kacchan’s groin would normally embarrass him. Now it just made his cock throb.

It was so good. So good. But he wanted more. Even more.

The Omega yelped at the sensation of hot sparks on his ass. His eyes flew open, instantly turned down to look at the smirking face of his childhood friend.

“Since quirks are fair game?”

Oh yes, please.

Izuku didn’t think he said that aloud but Kacchan’s smile turned predatory. This time, Izuku felt the heat of a perfectly controlled explosion at the base of his back and he screamed out his rival’s name.

“You like that don’t you, slut?”

The Omega purred as he leaned forward onto Katsuki’s chest to get a better angle to thrust back onto the dick inside of him.

“You like the pain, don’tcha? You like taking my dick like a good whore. Come on, say it Deku. Fucking say you want it. Say you were made to have my cock in your ass.”

“I want it Kacchan.”

“What do you want?”

“I want your knot. I want you to fuck into me so hard I break.” Oh shit what was he saying. “I want you to fill me up with your cum. Breed me, Alpha.”

His own words were too much. His eyes burned hot, hotter than the hand that slapped his ass as he spoke, making tears overflow from his long lashes as he came across Katsuki’s chest. Kacchan snarled beneath his shaking fingers and the second One-for-All fell inactive, he felt himself get flipped.

The Alpha loomed above him now; Kacchan’s perfect shoulders and hard pecs casting shadows on his own body. Izuku had to bite his lip to hold back the new whimper in his throat as Katsuki licked the tears on his cheek with a heady tongue. For a brief second, Izuku could feel those Alpha canines brush his supple skin and he didn’t even mean to crook his neck to the side the way he did. Luckily Kacchan didn’t notice, instead taking his lips with his own so they could share the most aggressive kiss they’d had all night.

Rarely did they fuck this way: facing each other, lips locked as Katsuki thrusted inside him with numbing force. Izuku preferred his dick from behind, but not tonight. Tonight, Kacchan hit him in all the right ways. His cock pressed against his prostate with each push. His fingers dug into his shoulders leaving new marks in the form of crescents on both sides. He could feel the heat of his slick sticky between them, covering both their groins even though his own cum had long dried. And the sweet air kept them going, pheromones urging them to fuck and nothing else.

They couldn’t last forever. Izuku knew that, even though he wanted it to never stop. He could feel another orgasm coming, feel his mind slipping between hypersensitivity and oblivion between each thrust. Kacchan had to be close too, because he could feel his knot catching just a bit more each time, begging for entrance, for bonding.  


His name on Katsuki’s lips, the way he breathed the word against his own sent him over the edge. Izuku hooked his legs around Katsuki’s waist, ankles crossed as he came. He tightened impossibly so on the Alpha’s cock just as the knot tore into him and locked into place.

“Kacc—ah!” He screamed as he felt cum fill him, spurt after spurt. He couldn’t move but he didn’t want to; he never wanted.

Katsuki was shaking, his eyes jammed shut as he panted. Izuku’s own eyes had fallen closed with his orgasm, but he wanted to see the Alpha now. His green eyes widened.

Was...was Kacchan crying?

Izuku shut his mouth, ignoring what he most definitely saw as the Alpha buried his face in the mattress beside Izuku’s shoulder. Izuku’s fingers twitched as he considered wrapping his arms around the Alpha’s back but reconsidered. They never really cuddled after sex. Accidentally falling asleep next to each other was as close as they ever got. Even though they were stuck in this position until the knot deflated, it didn’t mean they had to cuddle.

Luckily, Izuku didn’t have to keep overthinking things. He heard the softest snore from beside him and realized Kacchan had fallen asleep. He smiled knowing the other couldn’t see him. He pushed them both so that they could be on their sides and then carefully so Izuku was back on top of the sleeping man. Yeah, they were stuck together, but Izuku’s mind was still too active. He looked around the bed and began rearranging the pillows and comforter around his Alpha’s sleeping body. He bit his lower lip when it wasn’t enough and took off the shirt he was still wearing to add it to the pile.

“Are you fucking nesting right now?”

Izuku paused, unaware that he had woken Kacchan up with his movement. Katsuki looked up at him through one barely opened eye. Izuku felt his face heat up, but that was nothing compared to the heat that suddenly flared in his groin. He leaned forward on the Alpha’s chest again. The knot inside him had already began to deflate and the soft cock inside him only turned him on more.

“I’d stopped nesting if you fucked me.”

Katsuki’s eyes opened at that and Izuku felt the dick inside him twitch. It was going to be a long heat.



Four days of non-stop sex and Izuku was still awake. He’d slept at some point, he was sure he did, but now he simply couldn’t. Kacchan was asleep, his mouth wide open. No surprise; ruts didn’t give Alpha the same stamina that Omegas got during their heats.

Finally, Izuku could feel his heat coming to a close. He turned ready to grab his phone and text the agency that he could pick up the soonest open patrol. As fun as his heat had been, he was ready to get back out onto the field. He still had so much to prove.

His heat ended abruptly as it always did. The energy he felt drained for his body, his scent suddenly much lighter in his own nose. He no longer felt heat radiating from inside him, nor the longing to be filled. No, he felt filled on his own. Filled with content, comfort, with this sensation of being whole. He felt—