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happy together

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Ben is kind of obsessed with his neighbors. He feels a little weird about it, since he barely knows them, but they’re just so nice to him, and he doesn’t know anyone else in town yet. It feels good to have friends, especially gay friends; they make Ben feel a little less lonely. They make him feel like he might actually fit in here, on this picture perfect little street in this quaint town. Everything here feels small and slow compared to the sprawl and bustle of New York, and Ben isn’t really sure that he likes it yet-- but he likes Klaus and Diego, and that’s enough for now.

There was a block party not longer after Ben moved in, and it was there that he met all his neighbors, including Allison. She’s the realtor that sold them all their houses, as well as president of the PTA, and she knows everything about everybody. She told Ben all about Klaus and Diego-- how they met when Klaus was a bartender and Diego was a regular, how they’ve been married for going on three years now but they’ve been together for at least a decade, how they throw the most extravagant Halloween parties, how they once caused a neighborhood scandal when someone looked over their fence and saw them fucking in their pool in broad daylight-- and before Ben had even met them, he was already a little bit obsessed with them.

And the second Ben did meet them, he was instantly charmed. Klaus is eccentric and ridiculous and captivating in all the best ways, looking like the kind of man Ben had always hoped to meet in the gay clubs back in the city-- a man comfortable in himself and his sexuality, who just oozes sex appeal and sensuality. He showed up to the block party in leather pants and a crop top, carrying an alarmingly large tupperware container full of cupcakes and holding his husband’s hand. Diego is… very different from Klaus. Diego had been dressed much more appropriately, in dark jeans and a white tshirt, traditionally handsome in that bad-boy-with-scars way that got Ben a little hot under the collar.

Okay, yes, that’s the thing about Klaus and Diego: they’re both crazy, stupid hot. Ben is really jealous of the lucky bastard that saw them fucking in their pool-- Ben’s lived here for half the summer now, and despite constantly looking out his window whenever they use their pool, all he ever sees them do is swim, sunbathe, and kiss a little. Honestly, even the kissing is enough to turn him on. Ben really, really wants them both to rail him, but he’ll settle for being their friend.

“What are you thinking about?” Klaus asks, startling Ben out of his daydream. They’re all at Allison’s for game night, because apparently that’s what people do in the suburbs, and Ben had come into the kitchen to pour himself another glass of wine. He still refuses to buy a bottle that costs more than $12, but Vanya brought the good shit, and he’s determined to get drunk on it. 

“I’m revising my strategy for winning the game,” Ben lies, instead of saying, Oh, I was just fantasizing about getting Eiffel Tower-ed by you and your husband. He fills his glass, then Klaus’s too, and he doesn’t miss the amused look on his friend’s face when he passes the glass back.

“You have a strategy at Scrabble?” Klaus asks with a raised brow. “I was just making it up as I go along, is that why I’m losing?”

“You might be losing because Diego keeps distracting you,” Ben points out, grinning. Klaus leans his arms on the counter and leans forward, and he’s suddenly very close to Ben’s face. His eyes are so green, Ben almost forgets what he was about to say. “Every time you start counting out spaces on the board that you can use, he flexes his bicep and you lose track.” 

Klaus laughs easily, almost spilling the wine in his glass, and god, Ben can’t look away from the sight of him. He looks so good tonight, sunkissed from an afternoon spent tanning, and wearing a soft, flowy lilac dress that Ben honestly thinks looks like it could be from the set of Mamma Mia. Diego, still sitting on the couch in the other room, had come in wearing a leather jacket, and he’d shed it to reveal a criminally tight black tshirt. Ben has been half-hard since they walked in together.

God, Ben had never found people this interesting or this hot in the city; he certainly hadn’t expected to find them in the suburbs. Literally all of his neighbors are attractive, though Klaus and Diego are the only ones he actively fantasizes about.

“So you were staring at his arms too?” Klaus teases, and Ben blushes immediately.

“They’re hard to ignore,” Allison chimes in as she enters the kitchen. Ben passes her the bottle of wine and she takes it with a grin. “I bet that’s why you married him, huh, Klaus? Either for his arms or for his abs.”

“The nipple ring was a big influence too,” Klaus replies with another infectious laugh, a mischievous gleam in his eye. “He’s also killed for me, which is pretty hot.”

“He’s got a mean swing with a fly swatter,” Allison agrees, and they all laugh. 

It’s not long before they’re all being summoned back into the living room because Luther is demanding that they all vote on whether his word is allowed in Scrabble. As he settles back on the couch next to Klaus and Diego, wine in hand, Ben thinks that it’s cute that Diego kills all the bugs so Klaus doesn’t have to. Next time he finds a spider crawling around his kitchen, he’s gonna call Diego instead of panicking and putting a cup over it and leaving the cup there for two days because he’s too nervous to pick it up.   

It isn’t until a few weeks later that Ben realizes that Klaus hadn’t been talking about bugs at all.