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The Bane of my Existence

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Jace was getting on Alec’s nerve. He loves his best friend but he thinks he is going to kill him until the end of the day.

“But Alec, this one represents the color of her eyes when I look at her. But...this one is more intricate kind of showing how beautiful complicate she is and how much I still love her…” Jace noticing Alec’s expression decided to close his mouth. “You are looking at me as if you want to punch me.”

“Yes, because I want to.” Alec leaned over the wall of the jewelry shop they were currently visiting, sighing because he was tired of searching for something that he believed would be impossible to find. Jace is a hard guy to please, especially if it is something related to his fiance.

Jace went to talk with the vendor and Alec started to walk around the shop, some of the rings were pretty but not pretty enough in his opinion so obviously it wasn’t pretty enough for the one buying the ring.

He stops in front of a glass that had some rings he liked if he were someone to be married he would like to receive one of these and suddenly he remembered that it would take a long time...he didn’t even have a boyfriend yet. Alec sometimes wondered if he ever will find someone that would make him feel loved, his last boyfriend made him feel like he was always the fourth option on everything.

There was this ring with some graphic drawings in it that caught his eyes, the silver option was the most beautiful, something about gold made him flinch. He wasn’t sure, why but maybe because it always reminded him of being compared with Jace, the golden boy since he was a kid. Of course, he loved his best friend but he wanted people to see his worth too and that was hard being next to him since birth.

“Who is the lucky guy? Or girl?”

Magnus Bane’s voice came out of nowhere and Alec almost fell to the floor after his neck whiplash.

“Are you following me?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I always come to this can call it a morning routine.”


Alec went to Jace and quickly made up an excuse for them to look at other shops. His friend went willingly with him to the street and after some blocks down the fifth avenue, he turned to Alec almost laughing.

“Did you just ran away from that man at the shop? He seemed interested in you…”

“He is Magnus Bane! His only interest is to irritate me.”

“Oh, the guy from the building?”

Jace was still finding the situation funny, and Alec was honestly quitting life and searching for new friends. Something in the corner of his eyes caught his attention, when he looked towards it...there was nothing.

“I feel like-ah, whatever. Jace, we have four more shops. Let’s go.”

After an afternoon of Jace being melodramatic and picky, he finally chose the ring. It was a beautiful pink gold ring with a simple diamond in it that every time the light hit it made a little sparkle. Alec thought it was perfect for Clary, and Jace was almost more in love with this ring than with Clary… and that’s saying a lot.

When waking up on Monday Alec was earlier than usual and decided to go to work before his working time. Maybe get his table clean before the rush hour of the office started. Catarina Loss, his boss told him she would be there to go through some cases that she thinks deserves more attention than others. So he thought it would be better to be ready for that.

He locked his bike onto the nearest pole, and opened the office, with the unnerving feeling that someone was watching him. He was starting to feel paranoid and that doesn't do well for his stress level.

“Alec, chop chop, let’s talk.”

Catarina wore her usual signature color, bright blue. When they were both seated at her office, she gave him three files containing cases of abusive parents and how the guard of the children involved should go to next kin or even adoption would be a better option. And saying that adoption was a better option...their situation must be horrible at least.

“Any news on the Taylor case?”

“Raphael is revising the bank account statement from the father and later on we will try to schedule an interview if there is anything suspicious. According to his ex-wife, he hasn’t paid for the alimony since April...three months then.”

“Men are so complicated…” Seeing Alec’s expression, she huffs a laugh. “Not all of them, but this job only shows me that most of the time men are the problem.”

“I don’t disagree.”

There was a loud noise coming from the street, and then Raphael appeared on the doorway with an unfazed face.

“Lightwood, someone run over your bike and almost took the pole while doing it.”

Alec jumped from the chair and went running towards the front of the office, and indeed, someone with a car must have passed over his bike. It was a metal mess, and it was so not his day. He heard Catarina yelling at some people on the street if anyone noted the license plate but apparently it was too fast and people were busier with getting away from the car invading the sidewalk.

Throughout the whole day, Catarina kept telling him to go home because she thought it was upsetting what happened, and it was but not enough for Alec to want to go back home. Raphael seemed to be stressed like Alec because someone was trying to talk with him by calling every five minutes. And his coworker didn’t feel like answering apparently. 

“Can’t you answer whoever it is?”


“Honestly, Raphael…”

Alec decided to let it go, going back to read the police statement he got about one of the cases Catarina handed him, the Taylor case. Two kids and a father that liked to drink and hit his children while locking his, now ex-wife, on the balcony of their apartment.

Some people weren't lucky and that pained Alec’s heart. It was one of the bad things about this job that unfortunately he had to deal with almost daily.


Alec heard Raphael’s voice, which was unusual especially seeing that it was half-past five. Normally, Raphael was the first to go away and today he was one of the last, with only Alec there in the office.


“Are you even gay?”

Alec was taken back by this question because he usually is very cautious with that, he didn’t like to yell to everyone about his sexuality and especially at work. It’s not that he is hiding but why does that matter to anyone but him?

“You are handsome, Raphael, but I don’t like you that way.”

“Urgh, shut up. I have a...person that is making me crazy because he wants your number.”

He swears he is not blushing, but that would be a lie.

“It’s Magnus Bane? Tell him ‘not interested’.”

“So, I should lie?” Raphael smirked and went to the front door of the office, leaving Alec speechless with his audacity. How can he think that...well, Alec had to admit that he thinks Magnus is fine but he was a Bane.

Alec went by foot to his house that night, not caring that it would take at least an hour to get to his apartment. He didn’t feel like taking the bus or the subway, he felt like he should breathe.

His life was a mess at the moment, especially because there was a certain someone that keeps appearing on his mind every five minutes. And now the thing with his bike…

Maryse sat on their kitchen table sipping a glass of wine, which meant that her father must have called her to be a bastard.

“Hello, Alec...there is some lasagna at the oven. Just heat a little bit.”

He went to kiss his mother's cheeks and found himself being hugged.

“Is something wrong?”

“Don't worry, my son. Tomorrow will be a better day.”

His dreams were full of yelling and watching while his sister cried next to him. There were some parts of his childhood and teenage years that he wished would be thrown into oblivion.