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Thank-you for your help.

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A middle aged average looking couple walked into the spirits and such consultation office during the lunch hour. Reigen typically took his lunch later, to facilitate walk-ins that were on their lunch break. The woman had black hair just past her shoulders, and was wearing a light blouse and trousers. The man had short black hair, and stubble, he was wearing a polo with jeans. They didn’t look like his typical clientele, they were too, normal.

“Um, are you mister Reigen?” The woman said, clearly feeling out of place.

“Yes the one and only Reigen Arataka, the new star of the paranormal world.” Reigen started regardless of the strangeness of this type of client even if it was a real ghost, he could take Mob.

“So you’ve been the one Shigeo has been talking about,” the man laughs, “I thought you’d be older.” The woman gave him a bit of a glare, and he held back any more comments.

Reigen released these must be Mob’s parents. He could see the resemblance, they had the same straight black hair, and flat face, but they both had much more colour than Mob. Reigen wasn’t surprised by Mr. Kageyama’s comment, he was certainly an adult to Mob but being in his mid 20’s the Kageyama parents had at least a decade on him. This was going to be a different conversation than he originally prepared for.

“Yes, I have been offering him guidance on his powers, He’s a very talented boy, and I want to make sure he feels comfortable with himself. All parts of himself.” Reigen said, heading over to the Kitchenette, “Would you like some tea?”

Mr. Kageyama looked like he was about to say something when Mrs. Kageyama started speaking, touching his arm gently. “We don’t want to intrude, both of us need to return to work soon anyhow. We just wanted to meet you, and well,” Mrs. Kageyama paused.

“Thank-you for mentoring Shigeo,” Mr. Kageyama picked up. “Neither of us have any experience in this, and ever since, um,” Mr. Kageyama didn’t know how to bring up the situation with the bullies, but figured Reigen knew anyway, he’s pretty sure that’s why Shigeo had sought him out. “We didn’t know what to do, and he seems to be less scared of himself recently.”

It wasn’t like Shigeo was the same boy he was before, but both Kageyama parents could tell that Reigen was a good influence, even if he looked like a kid playing adult dress-up. Reigen breathed in deeply, “Mob’s a good kid, and he asked me for help,” Reigen for once felt that total honesty was better “I don’t know that I’m the best person for this, I don’t have a lot of experience with kids, but I’m doing everything I can to make sure he can feel comfortable with himself.”

Mrs. Kageyama smiled lightly, “If Shige wants his instruction from you and you’re willing to give it, than please do, I want him to be happy again.” Mrs. Kageyama takes out her business cards, “we should exchange contact info, that way you can contact us if you need us for anything.” She nudges Mr. Kageyama, and he also reaches to grab his business card.

Mr. Kageyama handed one over to Reigen, “I work not far from here, so if there’s ever an issue,” he thinks back to Ritsu’s injury, “don’t hesitate to call,”

Reigen grabbed a business card from both parents and placed them nicely on the desk, grabbing one of his own, and a pen. “This is my cellphone,” He said while scrawling a number on the back of his business card, “So you can contact me when I’m out of the office, I was thinking of getting Mob a cellphone too, so that he can tell me when he’s coming in, would that bother you?”

Both Kageyama parents shook their head, “Not at all,” said Mrs. Kageyama, “I really do want to thank-you, I just, don’t know how to deal with him, I don’t know what it’s like at all.” She bows deeply, and tugs on her husband’s shirt sleeve, who then also bows.

“Thank you, Mr. Reigen.” Mr. Kageyama says, then stands up again, “Please take care of Shigeo.”

Mrs. Kageyama stands up, and bows slightly again, “Thank-you.” She says one last time before the two walk out of the office. Once they were far enough away Mrs. Kageyama looked at her husband, “Is this okay, are we doing right by Shige?” She shakes her head slightly, “I, I just, we’re his parents, but still, I just don’t know what to do for him.”

Mr. Kageyama stops and Mrs. Kageyama turns back to him, “Sometimes the right answer, is to admit we need help,” Mr. Kageyama says, uncharacteristically serious in his tone, “Mr. Reigen knows things that we can’t, and Shigeo needs his guidance, we’re still his parents, and we will do what we can, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get help.

Mrs. Kageyama squeezed her husband’s hand gently, “You’re right,” She nods, “Best be going to work now, see you at dinner.”

“Likewise” Mr. Kageyama said, as they both head their own way back to work.