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Another Mission, Another Letter.

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Qrow has penned a letter for every mission since Ruby was five. Old enough to remember him but young enough that she would move on soon enough too.

But mission after mission he wrote those letters. Those little good-byes, the just in cases. In case he didn't make it back.

This time was the same. A difficult mission that Oz thought only he could do. It needed stealth, a good ear, and a drunk who wasn't drunk to lend an eye to things. So Qrow went, but not before penning that same old letter. Just with more things to say.
I don't really know how to start this off except with I'm sorry. I'm gone and nothing is ever going to be the same as it once was. I'm sorry I won't be there to you get into Beacon or to beat Yang's butt when she takes your last cookie.

But you've grown and I couldn't be more prouder. To watch you grow, change into a young woman with all the courage of your mother. To have been your Uncle, a friend, and a confidant. I say thank you, Ruby. And that your mom and I are so proud of you too. She would have loved to have been here to see you grow into what you are now.
The letter continues much the same. Talking about times when she was with him and they were happy. Then it ends with; Love, your father.

He slips it into the envelope, seals it, and hands it, like all the others to Tai, before the mission.

Tai has a few words for him. Words like "You should tell her. She'd understand. She's old enough to. She loves you." To words like, "be safe and good travel."

It's just a precaution he says. Just in case I don't make it back, that I can't tell her myself. Don't want her to worry.

Little does Qrow know that all those letters that he wrote are in a trunk in the attic of Tai's, collecting dust. Just in case.