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Dead or Lie

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Where… was I?

I was supposed… What was I supposed to be doing?

Right. I was supposed to be starting at Hope’s Peak Academy, but that didn’t explain why I was waking up in a weird hallway. There was a door I had never seen before a few steps away, with an almost magnetic presence to it. Other than the door, there was nothing in the hallway, so figuring there was no other reason to stay where I was if I wanted to find out what was happening, I got up and opened it.

“Eh?” I couldn’t help the sound from escaping my lips as I saw what was awaiting me on the other side of the door. A classroom, a bit more high tech than I was used to seeing, but still fairly standard, filled with fourteen other teenagers, all staring at me, “Um… Hi there.”

“Who are you, kero?” Did that girl just ribbit? Come to think of it, she actually did look slightly like a frog. It was honestly kinda cute.

“Are you alright? Your face appears a bit pale,” First a cute frog girl, now a woman who looked like she might as well be a princess. Just who were these people?


“Oh! You must have just enrolled here as well, correct?” Suddenly everything clicked together.

“Ah! Then you’re all…?”

“Yep! That’s what it looks like! We’re the new students here,” A redheaded guy sent me a thumbs up, his smile practically infectious as I felt my nerves instantly calm down.

“In any case, you should step into the room properly and close the door behind you! It is rude to just stand there in the door frame!” Based on his attitude and the energy he put off, I’d say the blue haired guy in glasses’ talent might have something to do with leadership, but the track uniform he was wearing told a different story.

“Right! Sorry about that!” Closing the door, I laughed nervously, when something occurred to me, “Hey, I have a question… Why did everyone gather here? Like, I don’t remember being told to gather here… Are we having the opening ceremony here or something?”

“I was actually just thinking of discussing that matter with everyone. It seems we’re all here, so we might as well.”

“Eh?! This is everyone? How’d you figure that?” Woah, were those girl’s eyes black? Like, completely black except the iris??? Between that, the pink hair, the piercings, and the… horns… she looked truly out of this world.

“There are fifteen desks in this classroom, and with the addition of our latest arrival, there are fifteen of us. It’s only logical,” Now that he mentioned it, there were sixteen desks for sixteen students. Guess this really was everyone.

“No shit, four eyes! Get to the fucking point already!” Yikes, tone down the edge, Mr. Angry. Between the explosive blonde hair, disheveled clothes, and sour expression, this guy was totally a punk in the worst way.

“Four eyes?!” Our, I guess, leader lost his cool for a moment before collecting himself, “Moving on, does anyone here recall actually coming to this classroom?” The silence was deafening, answering his question without anyone actually confirming it, “As soon as I entered the school, I was inexplicably struck dizzy, and then found myself outside this classroom. That was my experience. Was everyone’s the same?”

“It was like that for me too!” I confirmed, several others piping up as well.

“We’re totally skipping ahead though!” Another pink haired girl spoke up, although this one looked like she came out of a steampunk manga instead of a scifi movie. She wasn’t even looking at us, she was busy tinkering with some sort of gizmo, “The dizziness isn’t the only issue.”

“Huh? What else is there?”

“The door won’t open.”

“The door won’t open?” A guy with two toned hair questioned from next to me, making me jump in surprise. He’d been so quiet that I’d actually forgotten he was there.

“That’s what I said! Even with the full strength of my babies, it wouldn’t even budge! No way any of you can do what my baby couldn’t!”

“Is she… talking about actual babies?” A guy with electric yellow hair, complete with black lightning bolt, tilted his head to the side slightly, genuinely confused.

“Bullshit that that door won’t open!” Mr. Angry stormed over to door, pulling with all his might, but like the gadget lady said, it was acting more like a replica door than an actual one, “EH?! WHY THE HELL WON’T IT OPEN?!”

“Woah! It totes like we’re two steps to the left of reality! Way mega bonkers!”

“Uh… Yeah, what she said!” I agreed, not entirely sure what I was agreeing to, however, “I mean, when I came in here the door opened easily… It didn’t feel like it locked behind me either, so why is it basically a wall ornament now?”

“I don’t know the details, but for now, looks like we need to accept that we’re locked in,” A guy who I hadn’t even noticed before spoke up, looking like he needed sleep more than we needed to figure out what was going on. Everything down to his probably permanent bed head screamed tired and done with everything.

“Maybe this is some kind of entrance exam?”

“Shut the fuck up, Deku! Hope’s Peak doesn’t have an entrance exam!”

“Yo, bro!” Redheaded Sunshine held a hand out in a stop motion to Mr. Angry, “Let the guy speak!”

“Uh… T-thanks… I was just thinking… Maybe that’s what they publically, and there’s actually a special secret exam once the students enroll?”

“That’s not it! This isn’t an entwance exam, dechu!” A sweet voice came from somewhere in the room, but no one could seem to locate it.

“Oi! Deku! Don’t go making weird ass voices!”

“W-what?! Kacchan, I didn’t make that voice!”

“That’s because it was coming from me, dechu!” A small white rabbit in a magical girl uniform was standing on the podium at the front of the class. It was so cute, I just wanted to run over and hug it, but I decided to control myself to see what would happen, “Now that evwyone is here, we can get stawted, dechu!”

“Is that a fucking plush doll?”

“Thaaaaat’s wight! I’m a plush doll made of felt. My name is Magical Miwacle Girl ★ Usami! But you can just call me Usami, dechu! I’m your teacher, evwyone, please to meet you!”

Plain Looking Guy: “Am… am I hallucinating? Is everyone else seeing this?”

Frog Girl: “No… I can see it too… Kero.”

Alien Girl: “Yo yo! Why is that chihuahua talkin’ to us?”

Lightning Guy: “That thing is a chihuahua?!”

Usami: “Do none of you know what a bunny wabbit is? It’s a vewy wuvly animal with fwuffy fur. That’s what I am! I’m a singing, dancing, talking bunny wabbit mascot!”

“Aww, she’s so cute,” I tilted my head slightly, smiling at the plush rabbit.

“Wait, hold up!” Redhead interrupted, hand on his head, “Let me thoughts in order first!”

“Go wight ahead!”

“Um… You’re with me all, guys, right? I’ve never heard of such a thing as a singing, dancing, stuffed doll…”

“It’s probably being moved with a remote control… It’s just a noisy kid’s toy,” Tired guy, no.

“Are you a total idiot or something? That kind of movement? From a remote control? Nah, this isn’t toy level technology,” Kacchan, yes.

“The problem isn’t how it’s moving, it’s what it’s saying,” For the first time in a few minutes, blue glasses spoke, “You know, don’t you? The situation we’re in.”

“Of course I know! I’m the supervising teacher of this field twip!” I’m sorry, for this what now?

“What do you mean, ‘field trip’?”

“It means a school event where students go on a twip and perform gwoup activities under the supervision of a teacher!”

“We… weren’t asking for a definition…” A punk looking girl clarified, only to be ignored by our ‘teacher.’

“Let’s get going! Your fun field twip starts… now!” With a wave of her wand, Usami caused a wave of sparkles, and boom, the walls around us collapsed outwards.

“You… Tell me this is a dream or something…” All around us was a tropical island, with beautiful ocean as far as the eye could see. There was no way we could be here, it just didn’t make any sense!


“It’s a trick, right?!”
“W-where are we?!”

“Why?! How?!” At least my classmates were in a similar state of shock and confusion, so I wasn’t the only one here seeing this.

“Evwyone! Pwease calm down!” Opinion changed on Usami, she had kidnapped us and dropped us in the perfect location for the beach arc of an anime, which while those were fun, were not the situation I wanted to be in right now, “Pwease! Pwease! There’s no need to panic! Take a good look awound! It’s a beauuuuutiful sea, isn’t it? Can’t you alweady feel your soul being cleansed? Everything bad being waaaaashed awayyyyy~”

“Wait. We want a detailed explanation! Where in the world are we?” At least the modern fairytale princess was conveying our questions properly, since the rest of us were still in shock.

“Where? Isn’t it obvious?” Another wave of sparkles, and Usami was doing a little ballet dance, “Students it’s better, out where it’s wetter, out by the sea!”

“Yeah, we’re by the sea! We get it! Doesn’t explain why we’re fucking here, fuzzball!”

“You know… if you keep shouting like that, your thwoat is going to get sore,” Not the point right now, Usami.

“But… it’s really weird that there should be an ocean here… we were at the school but a moment ago…” Plain guy raised a valid point. Magic isn’t a real, so just how did we get here?

“Pwease west assured, that was just our field twip’s beginning!”

“Um… Usami, right? Why on earth would we go on a field trip as soon as school started? This is all too sudden, we’re supposed to be starting school today,” Keeping my hand folded behind my back so as to appear more friendly and open, I smiled at her, trying to keep my cool.

“Ooooh. Hope’s Peak Academy… I see… You’re still wowwied about Hope’s Peak! In that case…” Why did I feel like the rabbit was about to say something that would just cause more panic, “Pwease forget about it! That’s what this field twip is alllll about!”

“What do you mean, forget about it, you bastard?!” Called it.

“Just what are you scheming, rodent?” Two tone had narrowed his eyes, his glare icy hot, and not one I would want to be on the receiving end of.

“Howawa? I am not scheming anything! I’m doing all of this for you! More than anything, I pway that a biiig “hope” grows inside your hearts! That’s why this island is fwee of danger! So don’t be afwaid, okay?”

“Island… Did you just say Island?” Green hair must be thinking the same thing then. Islands mean no way off without transportation, and if this bunny had gone through all of the trouble of getting us here, doubts are that she gave us any way to get off.

“Yep! This is a beauuutiful southern island. There is nothing to be afwaid of here. There aren’t even any other people. It’s an island made juuust for you!” So no people, no distractions, only 15 teenagers and a magical rabbit mascot character. I give it 48 hours before someone is either murdered or pregnant.

“Don’t tell me… you brought us all here so we could kill each other on an uninhabited island!” See? Green hair gets it.

“Howawa! K…Kiwweachother?! G…God forbid! Violence, hurting other people, and other such wild activities are forbidden on this island!” Oh, maybe not then.

“Well, in that case, what’s the point of this field trip, kero? Just what is your intention here, Usami-chan?”

“It’s time for my speech! Ahem! Evwyone. Pwease stwengthen your bonds of fwiendship as you enjoy your pweasant stay on this island! This is the rule of this ‘Heart-thumping Field Twip’!” And again I say, what the everloving hell is going here, “Pwease waise your hope as you enjoy quiet, peeeaceful days where noothing happens, no one gets hurt and no one suffers… This is what this wuvly, wuvly ‘Heart-thumping Field Twip’ is all about… That’s the assignment I’m giving you on this island! Um, and so… Let our ‘Heart-thumping Field Twip’ begin!!”

At that moment, my vision went hazy, my head killing me, and stomach churning. It was as if something snapped in me, all the stress finally catching up to me. First was starting a new school, then it was waking up and getting trapped in a room with a bunch of strangers, and now…

And so, for the second time in just a couple of hours, I, Ochako Uraraka, fell to the ground, passing out on impact.