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The Bane of my Existence

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He hated the fact that during the rest of the week he frowned at Raphael every time their eyes met. His coworker seems to be having fun with Alec’s reaction and he was in a mood by the end of Friday. Hoping for the weekend to come, so he could finally go back to his jogging morning routine at Central Park.

Of course, nothing in his life was easy so he almost jumps when he recognizes a familiar figure waiting for him outside of the office.

The sky was already dark, but Alec could tell that Magnus Bane was smiling at him and that the man apparently only wore weird colors. That day he was wearing a flaming colored suit with a white shirt underneath that peaked out of his opened jacket.

“Hello, Alexander.”

Alec wasn’t in the mood, not that day or ever, so he turned around. But before he could take one step ahead, Magnus caught his forearm gently.

“This is harassment.” Magnus left Alec’s arm and seemed to be taking it seriously.

“I’m sorry, about touching you and about...the rest.”

“No, you aren’t. At least, not about destroying dreams.”

“C’mon, Alexander, I know they are important but I can’t stop my father from doing what’s best for the business. Actually, I’m not even sure why I have to explain myself to you…”
“Me neither, I will keep on hating you so goodbye.”

“Hate is a strong word, Alexander.”

“Are you threatening me or something?”
“Of course not…” Magnus rolled his eyes. “But you might change your mind later, who knows. I’m a very difficult man to get rid of…”

“Stop being an asshole and let’s not even meet again. Stop following me because if not, I’m gonna slap a restraining order against you. Have a good night’s sleep, Mr. Bane.”

Alec went home with his eyes brimming with anger, he decided that it was time to lay on the ground again. But this time he would make Magnus Bane embarrassed and hopefully made him do something right for once.

On Saturday morning, Jace found Alec wearing a camouflage outfit in his room.

“Alec, what are you doing?”

Jace was clearly suppressing a laugh, Alec didn't even get mad because the intent was to be laughable and ridiculous.

“I'm going to start a war with Magnus Bane.”

“A wardrobe war? Because this is ridiculous…” His friend motions to Alec’s body. “I came here to ask, wait you know that you are my best man? I need some advice.”


“Yes, now…”

They both sat on Alec's bed, as if they were teenagers again and where sharing ghost stories. 

“I don't know what ring to buy Clary...she says she doesn't want one but-well, I know her. She only says that because she doesn't want me to spend more money.”

“You're right. Clary would like to get a ring, especially because you both love each other so much.”

“So...I need your help picking out a design.” Alec looks at him with a bored expression. “It's not because you're gay, it's just because you have better taste than me-well, after seeing your outfit now...I'm starting to question that.”

Jace is pushed out of the bed between laughs.

“Tomorrow at nine. Meet me here and then we can go to the fifth avenue.”

“Ok, go and do your thing now.”

Alec didn't mind the strange looks he received at the subway or even while he walked to Wall Street wearing a ridiculous outfit with camouflage prints. He was going to lay in front of the main building of Bane Corporation and make some noise with his attitude. Maybe Magnus will make a deal with him later. Him being out of the way if they promise to not put down more buildings with history.

His plan didn't work out in the end because once again he went to the police station and was arrested. Again. In less than two weeks. After only twenty minutes of debating who he should call to pay bail, an officer came to his cell and said that he was free to go home.

Alec tried to question but when he got outside of the precinct, he met Magnus Bane's honey eyes looking at him and huffing a laugh.

“They told me you were dressed ridiculously, but this is magical.”

Alec tried to go around the man but he needed to say some things before going away and hopefully never seeing him again.

“I don’t like you. You have the power to change things for the better but apparently your business uses the money to bring things down and only think about profit.” He took a deep breath. “That says a lot about your character and I’m not a fan. Thank you for bailing me out, I will give the money back.”

There was a moment of silence followed by a glint of something on Magnus’s eyes. Alec realized that the man in front of him was angry too.

“Those were harsh words coming from a pretty mouth like yours, Alexander. I’m a man with patience and understanding.” He gets close to Alec, leans over, and smirks. “You are lucky that you are handsome, and for some reason, I want to prove you wrong...See you later.”

Magnus Bane entered his black car and vanished down the street. Alec was done playing whatever game the man seemed to be playing, he decided that is time to call Izzy and have a movie night with his sister.

Izzy went to their house with apprehensiveness in her eyes, making Alec a little bit worried. She went to her room for a while, maybe to pack some new things to go to her boyfriend’s or just to relax for a little bit.

Alec sat in front of their TV, wondering where their mother was because it was unusually late for her to not be home, and then suddenly his sister appeared wearing her fluffy pink pajamas and wearing a beauty mask.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes...just tired.” She placed her legs on his lap. “Simon had tons of work so it was better to leave him alone while he does his stuff. Sometimes I feel like I’m crowding him.”

“Did he tell you something?”

“No, but it must be my mind overthinking. He has been distant for some reason...”

“I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“Yeah, I know he loves me.” She giggles and then stares at him, making Alec look at her as if waiting for whatever she clearly wants to say. “And you, how is the fighting for the world thing?”

“I was detained again…”

“Mom must be pissed that she had to bail you out again!”

“Someone else paid.” He was frowning now.

“Who? Damn, bro, you must be owing money to many people…”

“Just the literally bane of my existence…Magnus Bane, the owner of Bane Corporation…The reason why I go to jail practically monthly.”

Isabelle laughed at his unlucky life, but she seemed to be hiding something from him. He wasn’t sure but she was constantly hiding her grin behind her cocoa mug while they talked for the rest of the evening.