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Slice of UA life

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It’s been a couple of weeks. The kids’ costumes have finally arrived. They’re probably going to undergo a ton of changes once the kids actually start wearing them, and have already undergone some changes before even being made -Hagakure had to be brought in to completely redesign her costume after she submitted a design that was literally just a pair of gloves (Aizawa doesn’t blame her, no one expects Hakamata Ichika and her textile magic). But their costumes are here now, which means it’s time for them to train in-costume.

So Aizawa drags them all out to the USJ and ignores 13 glaring at him for using it like a regular training ground. He doesn’t know why they bother really, he’s been doing this for years now. It’s not his fault the USJ is the best facility UA has for training students to deal with many scenarios.

In later exercises the students will be grouped based on Midoriya’s notes -in teams that agencies would put together or request for similar situations, but for now they need to stay very flexible, so Aizawa pairs them randomly. They draw numbers and pair with the student that picked the same number. The goal is to capture the other team, with capture being basically anything that could be argued as captured. Such as rendering them unconscious or getting them to yield.

The first battle is Sero and Jirou against Uraraka and Costello. Aizawa gathers the rest of the class around a series of screens as the pairs head over to the rocky area they’ll be fighting in.

“Can anyone tell me who has the advantage here?”

Several hands go up and several students pointedly avoid eye contact. Kaminari does a pretty good impression of a student thoughtfully considering the question.

“Orchid?” It still feels weird to use her given name, but everyone figured out pretty quickly that she just doesn’t respond to her family name. As always she looks startled when he calls on her and has to think about her answer for a moment.

“Jirou and Sero?” Aizawa nods and gestures for her to continue. “...because Sero has a built in capture method? And the two will be expecting Costello’s quirk so it will be less effective.”


On the screens the pairs locate each other quickly. Sero immediately sprays tape, but Uraraka taps Costello and sets them both floating out of the way. She releases them almost immediately, but Costello’s already shifted by the time he lands. Everyone freezes and it takes him a second to realise why. He looks exactly like Kaminari. Costello doesn’t allow himself to freeze. This is a combat scenario and this definitely won’t be the last time he exposes someone’s crush. It just kind of sucks that it’s not intentional.

But Sero’s frozen up, so Costello takes advantage.

“Sweetie, could you tie up Jirou?” It’s an ambitious demand, but Sero’s still clearly panicking, so he does at least turn to face Jirou. Unfortunately Costello’s voice seems to startle the girls back into action and Jirou immediately blasts out sound. Uraraka floats herself in time to stop the shaking of the ground from affecting her, but Costello falls straight into the tape that Sero shot at them earlier. He struggles, but between the shaking ground and his general lack of dexterity he just manages to get utterly tangled up instead.

Uraraka doesn’t bother trying to untangle him, simply launches herself at Jirou the moment Jirou pauses to dodge Sero’s half-hearted attacks. She tackles Jirou and the pair go down in a mess of fists, feet, and tape. After a few seconds’ struggle, Jirou and Uraraka have both successfully incapacitated each other with the tape.

After a few more moments of struggle, Costello looks over at where Uraraka is trussed up and sighs. He shifts back, releasing the brainwashing, and the match ends. Sero blinks and pulls a small knife from his belt to free his classmates.

The entire class is silent as the pairs make their way back. Everyone saw Costello target Sero and shift into Kaminari. And everyone is now trying desperately not to stare at any of those three. Except for Ashido who looks about two seconds away from bursting if she doesn’t get to interrogate them all immediately. Aizawa ignores the awkwardness.

“Can anyone tell me why Sero and Jirou won and why they almost didn’t?”

No one makes eye contact, so Aizawa sighs.

“Sero and Jirou, you won because Costello underestimated Jirou’s quirk. Sero, you almost lost that for your team because even though you were well aware of Costello’s quirk, you didn’t fully think it through and still let yourself get caught off-guard by it. Uraraka and Jirou, good use of your quirks and fighting techniques. Costello, good use of your quirk, you’re getting better at choosing the right demands.”

And so they move on. Slightly awkwardly, but they move on for now.

Orchid and Shoji beat Aoyama and Koda, Iida and Ojiro only barely lose to Tokoyami and Sato, Bakugou and Yaoyorozu beat Hagakure and Kaminari with surprisingly few injuries all round, and Tsuyu and Todoroki soundly beat Ashido and Kirishima.

The second part of the exercise is chaotic. Evens against odds pits Bakugou against Todoroki which is always fun, and Aoyama immediately seeks out Orchid for a rematch. It’s really more for fun than training. Sure it tests their teamwork and functionality in larger battles, but by this point they’re all edging into their second wind. But eventually the lesson ends and they have to chip Bakugou out of the ice from where Todoroki managed to catch him off guard (with Uraraka’s help). Aizawa gathers them for a short debriefing then dismisses the class and they all disappear the moment he stops talking. It’s a talent.


Kaminari corners Sero outside the dorms before Ashido can get to either of them.

“So...” Kaminari trails off. He doesn’t exactly have a plan, he just knows this is the kind of thing you have to actually talk about. Thankfully Sero picks up the slack.

“Ok bro I might have a bit of a crush on you, but it happens a lot and it’ll probably just go away if I leave it, so don’t worry about it.” Sero is trying to desperately avoid eye contact.

“...Oh. Well. What if I don’t want it to?”


“What if I don’t want it to go away?” It’s Kaminari’s turn to avoid eye contact. Sero grins.

“Well then I guess we should go on a date, bro.” Kaminari grins back at him.

“I guess we should!”


When they enter the dorms holding hands they get a thumbs up from Aizawa, which is almost more mortifying than the conversation that ensues when Ashido spots them. Conversation is a strong word. She squeals until she runs out of breath then tries to interrogate them until Costello finds them. He starts to apologise but when he realises they’ve got together, he switches to crowing about his skills as a matchmaker. Bakugou threatens to blow him up if he even thinks about it and Costello immediately rounds on him and starts to shift. There’s a brief flash of red before Costello has to turn tail and run from a rapidly approaching Bakugou.


The rest of the day is pretty uneventful until Midoriya and Aizawa head out to a staff meeting and come back with the date of the sports festival.