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Highschool reunion

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“Luggage, wallet, keys…” Scott was doing a mental check list, making sure they weren’t forgetting anything. A week had passed by and they were ready to leave for Deerfield. Hope’s reunion would be taking place the following day, but the school invited all of them to stay in the school for the night previous to the party, allowing them to visit the city during the hours before the celebration. “I think we have everything! I’m going to get these in the car, I’ll wait for you outside Hope”

Hope heard Scott shout from the living room. “I’ll be down there in a sec!” She centred her attention back into the picture that was lying in her hands. Between unknown faces and fake smiles you could recognise a noticeable younger Hope Van Dyne in her school uniform. This picture was taken a month after her mother’s death, when she was sent to this boarding school. She was 7 years at that time. Even though Hope spent 11 years at Deerfield, she never felt it as a home. She had friends, sure, but she wasn’t especially popular. Loved by all the teachers but hated by the popular kids who saw her as a easy target. After all, she never really cared what others thought about her. Her only goal was to improve, get stronger, smarter, harder; so she could, one day, live up to her father’s standards and maybe earn his love again. After all, she was still a kid who had been left alone.

She wasn’t near ready to see all her classmates again, but every time she felt insecure, she just replayed Scott’s words in her mind. She was truly lucky, her life was everything she always wanted, she had both her parents back and they were as happy as ever, her company was one of the most important tech companies in the globe and she was the freaking Wasp, which is cooler than you could ever think. But most importantly, she had Scott with her. He was sweet, caring and loving. He was the best boyfriend she could have asked for, and she loved him with all her heart. “Come on Hope, you’ll be okay” She left the image back in her drawer and left their room.

As Hope entered the car, Scott looked at her “Ready to go?” he smiled at her.

“Yeah, let’s go” she then placed a hand in Scott’s leg. It had turned into some kind of habit for her every time he was driving. It was a way to feel close to him that actually soothed her. Hope was so tired that, just 20 minutes into the trip, she fell asleep.


“Hope” Scott caressed her arm gently “Hey, we’re already here, come on, wake up”

Hope slowly opened her eyes and looked around, still disoriented from the two hours’ sleep. In front of her, the Deerfield castle looked as imposing as ever. She took a glance to the door, seeing a scared seven year old self who just wanted to get back to her home with her father. Scott then pulled her out of her trance.

“Are you ready?”

Hope looked again at the castle where she spent her life at, and breathed heavily “Yeah, let’s do this"

The giant door led to a beautiful big hall. Scott, who was holding Hope’s hand, was completely shocked. “Wow, I can’t believe this is where you studied. This looks like the freaking white house but bigger and more posh.”

Hope laughed. “Yeah, that’s why I never felt like I belonged here. You see, everyone here was a spoiled rich kid, and even though I indeed had money, I never enjoyed this crazy rich lifestyle.”

“It must have felt really lonely, all those years locked up in here.” Scott caressed the hand he was holding with his thumb.

“Yeah, it’s not my greatest memory, but it wasn’t all that bad. I did have some friends in here. And if I didn’t want to see anyone for a while, I had enough room to be able to hide. I guess I could show you around later, we could have some fun, only the two of us. Before all hell breaks loose tomorrow” she looked at him, smiling.Scott then looked around to be sure there wasn’t anyone around and pulled her close, holding her against his body.

“You know, I’m so freaking proud of you. You’ll rock this tomorrow” Hope stood there, looking at him, right into his eyes. He had this habit of looking at her like she was the eighth wonder of the world, and in some way, she truly was a wonder in his world. She then lifted her hands and placed them behind her neck, and pulled his lips to hers. Scott deepened the kiss and Hope intertwined her fingers in his hair, when a voice froze her.

“Ms. Van Dyne” Scott and Hope separated and looked at the person now standing in front of them. An old lady, with stripes of white in her brown hair, looking at them with a hint of fun in her eyes.

“Principal Brighton, hi” Hope’s face was as red as it’s ever been.

“I didn’t expect you to attend this reunion, but I’m delighted to see you came.” She approached Hope and gave her a hug, which Hope reciprocated immediately.

“It’s lovely to see you too. Yeah I wasn’t really planning on coming but I’m…” she looked at Scott “I guess I realised It wasn’t such a bad idea”

“May I ask who this handsome young man here with you is?” Lady Brighton seemed to enjoy this situation.

“Scott Lang, miss, an honour to meet you” he kissed the old lady’s hand “I’m Hope’s boyfriend” Lady Brighton smiled at them.

“Nice to meet you, Scott. I must now leave to greet some parents, but will I see you both at the celebration tomorrow?” they both smiled and nodded “Enjoy your afternoon, kids” and then she left the room, going down a corridor.

Hope facepalmed her face. “Oh gosh, that was embarrassing”

“She seemed to love you, were you close with her when you were young?” Scott asked her while following Hope, on their way to the dorms.

“Yeah, she was kind of a mother figure to me. She’s a duchess, but after her husband’s death she used this castle, that was part of her inheritance, as a school. She had a soft vein for me I guess, she made sure my time here was as good as possible. I always got the best dorms, and I never got into trouble for skipping classes or leaving my room in the night hours. She always looked up for me.” Scott looked at her and could feel how she truly needed a family back then. He was happy that she at least had someone who looked up after her and made sure she didn’t suffer any harm.

“She looks nice. Remind me to thank her tomorrow for taking care of you” Hope smiled at him and squeezed his hand. God, she truly loved this man.

A few minutes later she stopped in front of a big white door.

“Well, here we are” she let a small smile form in her face. She used a key that Scott didn’t know when or where she got from, and opened the door. Scott walked inside and let a big Wow leave his mouth.

The room was way bigger than he expected. At his right, there was a big bathroom, with a white Victorian-looking bathtub and a big mirror. A few steps forward, a big king-sized bed next to the doors that led to a beautiful balcony with views to the gardens. There were a few other things, like a sofa and a desk with a chair. He was truly amazed.

“Was this your room?” Scott asked while he pried around the room.

“Yeah” Hope looked overwhelmed from being back. “It feels so weird to be back here again.”

Hope opened the doors and went out to the balcony. She closed her eyes and breathed in the spring air and the smell of the flowers from the big gardens that spread out in front of them. Scott approached her and hugged her from behind. Hope rested on Scott’s chest and let the calmness of the moment flood her.

“This is nice” she said with her eyes closed “Thank you for coming with me” Hope turned to face him and smiled. Scott cupped her face and gave her a kiss in the forehead that made her knees tremble. God, he could made her feel like that with just an innocent kiss.

“I think we should start unpacking. Why don’t you take a bath while I take care of all this stuff?”

“Yeah a bath would be nice” Hope said while leaving the balcony “Thank you” she gave him a small peck on the lips and entered the bathroom. Around ten minutes later, Scott opened the bathroom door.

“Hey Hope, we only got one pillow so I’m going to go and see if I can find someone who can give me another one”

“Are you sure you’re able to leave and come back without getting lost? If you give me a minute I can go with you” Hope was already getting up from the bathtub but Scott’s voice stopped her.

“No, no, no. You stay here relaxing; I am perfectly capable of finding that pillow, thank you.” She lifted one eyebrow “And if I get lost I can always call Marie Ant-oinette to pick me up”

Hope let a genuine laugh “Okay Shakespeare, have fun on your pillow quest”

Scott closed the door and looked at the long corridor. How difficult could find someone who worked here be? Well, we could say he spent the following fifteen minutes wandering through the corridors until he found what looked like a big salon with a few people inside.

“I’ve come this far, might as well try luck in here” Scott opened the doors and a big ballroom with beautiful lamps and big windows appeared in front of him. He walked inside and looked around curiously when a voice startled him.

“This room is still closed until tomorrow’s party” it was a woman’s voice. Scott turned around to face the voice owner. A blonde, thin woman appeared in front. She was wearing a skirt and high heels, and she was carrying a binder in her arms.

“Oh, sorry I was just trying to find someone who could give me a pillow”

“A pillow? Why don’t you go to the laundry room? It’s in the same place as always” she said while crossing items from a list in her binder, not looking at Scott.

“Well yeah, I don’t really know where that is so, if you could show m-“He was stopped by the woman again.

“Wait I don’t remember you. Did you attend this school?” she said curiously, examining him.

“Uh, no I did not. I came with my girlfriend” Scott said, feeling a little bit uncomfortable by the situation. “If you could show me where I can get that pillow it would be amazing, I don’t want to keep her waiting alone”

The woman smiled at him and gave him directions. “And that’s where you’ll find it” “Thank you, um-“He didn’t know her name so he went for the safe answer “miss”

“Elizabeth O’Callaghan” she said giving him her hand. Scott just shook her hand, surprising her. Scott was many things, but he surely was not someone who knew protocol. Hope found it very funny when they attended dinners or parties with executives from the tech business, Scott would always mess something up, but Hope would be lying if she said she didn’t love that of him.

“Scott Lang” he said “Now if you’ll excuse me I should leave and get that pillow.”

Scott made his way to the door and left through the corridors, following the indications Miss O’Callaghan gave him.

“So, girlfriend, huh? Who’s the lucky lady?”

Elizabeth used to know every single gossip here, and that was not going to change now.


Hope couldn’t tell if it had been half an hour or two days, but what was positive is that Scott got lost. The water was already getting cold, so she hoped out of the bathtub and got herself dressed. She decided to go and search for Scott. She looked through all the corridors she walked by and nothing. She couldn’t call Scott because his phone was in their room, so the hall was her best option. After a few minutes walking, she saw him walking with a giant white pillow in his arms. He looked desperate and Hope couldn’t find it funnier. There were a few people around the corridors but Scott was somehow trying to find his way back to their room all by himself. Hope decided to approach him silently.

“Need some help in here honey?” she said, from behind him, making him jump from the startle.

“Oh, hey Hope” he said catching a breath. “You know, this place is freaking messing with my mind. How could you find anything in here when you were freaking eight?”

Hope let a laugh out. “Come on Scott is not that hard. And you could have asked for directions, there are people in here”

“I actually did, that’s why I have this pillow now. But when the guy from the laundry room told me how to go back I took the wrong direction.” He looked frustrated.

“Oh don’t worry babe” she said placing her hand in his cheek and took his hand with the other “at least you got the pillow, that’s at least a 5 out of ten” she laughed again, and Scott looked offended.

“A five? That’s a solid seven Hope; I faced real dangers while looking for this pillow.”

“Six. That’s my last offer” Scott was going to protest when a male voice interrupted.

“Yeah Hope, give the man a seven”

Hope froze in the place.

Scott looked worried at her when her grip tightened around his hand.

Hope let a small sight scape from her mouth with a name in it.