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It's a fight to the death (Against the whole world)

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In their very first Foundational Hero Studies class, All Might makes an appearance.

He bursts through the door for their Hero Basics Class, and if Shinsou wasn’t so used to sudden dramatic entrances (Bakugou), then he thinks he might have gone into cardiac arrest. He raises an eyebrow at the cry of “I AM HERE” that reverberates throughout the classroom. There are a fair few exclamations of surprise at the number one hero’s entrance, but Bakugou scowls bitterly at the Pro-Hero. Shinsou is certain that the boy would have stuck out his tongue if not for how blatantly immature that would seem.

All Might begins to ramble about something or other, and Shinsou somehow manages to forget to pay attention (okay, so he may still be a little salty about both the times that the Pro implied that you needed a good quirk to be a hero to Bakugou. Seriously- bit of a shit thing to say to a kid who got joint-first in the Yuuei entrance exam without any quirk at all). All he hears is the words ‘your new hero costumes’, and suddenly there are draws popping out of the wall, and a hoard of teenagers eagerly scrambling up out of their seats. Bakugou hoists Hitoshi up from his desk before he even knows what’s happening, then proceeding to toss him his new outfit and drag him to the changing rooms.

When they're there, Shinsou takes a moment to admire his new costume before actually getting dressed into it.

It’s a black shirt and trousers, with electric blue highlights running straight (ha) down the side. He wore black combat boots with steel toe-caps; the same highlights at the top and bottom of the shoes. He had a metal mouth-guard and capture tape around his neck (he didn’t really know how to use it yet, but he’d been watching and re-watching blurry phone-filmed videos of Eraserhead since his debut. He should be sort of ready). On his belt- which was the same colour as the highlights- he clipped on a neon orange pouch which held a multitude of hairspray cans, cigarette lighters, a switchblade, and a taser, along with a retractable metal pole separately (all the equipment was a second set of the stuff they already had- provided by the Support-Course- because they hadn’t been willing to sacrifice their own stuff just in case they needed outside of the suited-up exercises). Bakugou and himself had also asked for ear pieces that coupled as ear-defenders if you flipped the switch on the one with the mic attached to it. They wanted to be able to communicate, and ear-defenders were also very important because Bakugou existed and had a functioning voice-box and fireworks.

Bakugou’s outfit was sort of similar, with a fair few differences. For starters, he donned a black turtleneck with a hood, neon orange highlights the same shade as Shinsou’s pouch running down the side, with an orange cross on the front. He had attached the pole, set at a reasonable length, to his back. He also had a large backpack/pouch-like thing fixed into the back of the turtleneck that Shinsou knew held fireworks and a first-aid kit (in separate compartments). He slipped black gloves on his hands, and the same ear-pieces as Shinsou. He wore black trousers held up by an orange belt, with two electric blue pouches clipped on with hairspray cans and cigarette lighters inside. The black trousers he wore had pockets at the mid-thighs, holding a knife and a taser respectively. Bakugou shoved his feet into the same type of black steel toe-capped combat boots as Shinsou had- the one difference being the orange highlights at the top and bottom in the stead of the blue.

Once they were both dressed, they gave each other a once over, and promptly exchanged an exceptionally powerful high-five.

“These things are bitchin’.” Bakugou commented, grinning madly as he checked through the many cans of hairspray and cigarette lighters in his pouches.

“They really are. God bless whoever made these things.” Shinsou added, his lips twitching upwards with satisfaction, eyes shining with excitement as he looked down at the capture tape on his neck that he had no idea how to operate.

Bakugou was just about to make a snarky joke about how much of an Eraserhead fanboy Shinsou was, but Kirishima bounced over to them happily. “Hey guys! Wow- your costumes are so cool! They kinda match!” he exclaimed with a four hundred-megawatt smile.

Bakugou made a very quiet, mortifying noise at the sight of Kirishima’s costume before replying. “Yeah- they're supposed to. We’re gonna be the number one hero duo some day, so it only makes sense that we have matching outfits. Yours is pretty cool, too.”

“That’s so manly!” Kirishima practically shouted, and then added with slightly pink cheeks, “And, um, thanks!”

He rushed off, and the two of them exited the changing rooms to where the others were waiting. Before they came into the full view of the students and All Might, Hitoshi nudged his friend and whispered: “Wow, very smooth. You should’ve seen your face when you saw his costume. The gay panic in your eyes was very funny. Such abs, much homosexual.”

Bakugou would have retaliated (I mean, come on, that Doge meme wasn’t even relevant anymore. Get your head in the game, Hito-shit), if not for being called over by the class, as they were the last ones to get there.

All Might started up another spiel about how the most heinous criminals commit their felonies indoors (oh my God, he's reading from cards. Seriously, All Might?). For example, Bakugou outright cheating at Mario Kart on Rainbow Road on the last lap when Shinsou was in first for fuck’s sake-

They both perked up again when he explained that they would be fighting their classmates and looked to the other, wondering whether or not they’d be teamed up- or better yet, pitted against each other. The Pro said they were going to draw lots to determine teams, and a kid decked out in full-body armour- who they quickly deduced was Glasses- questioned if that was really a good idea.

“Of course it is.” Bakugou grumbled loud enough that the whole class could hear him, “Pros get partnered up with other heroes they don’t know all the time.”

Iida apologised for the interruption, and All Might allowed them to commence the Raffle of Imminent Doom.

“Oi! Who’s D?” Bakugou shouted, going over to Yaoyorozu when she called out to him. Shinsou, meanwhile, ended up paired with an invisible girl called Hagakure.

The first battle is Todoroki and Shoji as the heroes versus Ojiro and Tokoyami as the villains (Tokoyami was picked to go twice in the battle simulations because there was an odd number of students. Poor bastard). The battle didn’t last nearly as long as it should have, because as soon as the simulation commences, Todoroki fucking freezes the whole building. The battle ends instantaneously because neither of the villains can move.

“What the fuck.” Bakugou whispers underneath his breath. Shinsou can’t help but agree with the sentiment. What the fuck indeed.

Then All Might shoves his hands into the Unlucky Dip boxes and pulls out Team D for the villains and Team J for the heroes. Bakugou and Yaoyorozu as villains and Jirou and Kaminari as heroes. Bakugou grins like a lunatic, cogs almost visibly whirring in his head, and Shinsou thinks that he already knows who’s winning this one.

“So, do you have a plan in mind?” Ponytail asks politely, and receives a manic cackle in return.

Fuck yeah I do. We’re gonna need loud speakers and rubber-covered shields for each of us.” Bakugou instructs, sauntering through the entrance of the building they're going to be fighting in.


“I saw that Earphone girl during the entrance exam, and I think she can use those jack-things to find out the location of shit if she sticks them into the wall and listens. I figure if we broadcast me setting off a firework and screaming bloody murder on repeat at full volume it should deal with that. The rubber shields are pretty easy to figure, though- seeing as rubber’s a good insulator, and that Pikachu guy had an electricity quirk. You probably already thought of that already, though, you seem pretty smart.”

She nods fervently in agreement with the plan, and they begin placing loudspeakers on all the floors they go to. They eventually decide to put the fake nuke on the top floor, seeing as neither of the two on the other team have a quirk that could get them to the top of the building. Yaoyorozu makes a few CCTV cameras on a whim, and Bakugou agrees that having surveillance is a good idea. She makes the shields, they get to the top floor, and they're ready (Yaoyorozu looks kind of tired from making all of that shit though, and Bakugou decides that he’ll have to keep that in mind just in case).

The timer starts, and Bakugou switches on his ear defenders and sets off his loudest firework, screaming like a banshee (Ponytail thought to make herself some earplugs, thank fuck). They broadcast it all over, and the building shakes as the sound reverberates from almost every room. They can see Earphone and Pikachu covering their ears through Ponytail’s cameras- Earphone looking decidedly more worse for wear. The two attempt to plough on nonetheless, still desperately trying to block out the noise with only their hands.

After a while, Bakugou tells Yaoyorozu through the mics they were given for the simulation that he's going to see if he can either catch them or keep them occupied for long enough that they win by default. She nods at him seriously, and suddenly he's flying through the halls with his manic signature smile plastered across his face, shield attached to the pole on his back. When he finally reaches them after some guidance from Ponytail, Earphone’s eyes are screwed shut with pain, and Pikachu’s feebly attempting to cajole her into moving forward.

“WHAT’S UP, FUCKERS?!” Bakugou screams, and somehow remarkably manages to be heard over the racket. Earphone opens her eyes then, which proceed to then go wide with panic at the sight of him in perfect synchronisation with the boy next to her. Kaminari sets out a desperate shock of electricity, but Bakugou just turns his back and lets the shield absorb the hit.

Katsuki pulls out a can of hairspray and a lighter, and all hell breaks loose.

Jirou and Kaminari appear to be running for their lives, flames almost licking at their heels as Bakugou, a demon in all but name, tears through the corridors after them. he laughs, and it’s terrifying to watch, but Yaoyorozu allows herself a triumphant smile despite it.

“YOU CAN’T RUN FOREVER!” Bakugou shouts between maddening laughter, but the two in front of him provide no retort, simply opting to push their legs even further past their limit as they race to get away.

A minute or so later, when they're beginning to slow down, All Might announces that the villain team wins. The Pro is barely heard over the noise, but Yaoyorozu just manages to catch it and turn off the loudspeakers. Earphone and Pikachu practically weep with relief at the absence of the noise, and share a glance with each other, both having the same thought as they look upon the boy in front of them with his Cheshire-Cat grin.

Quirkless people are fucking terrifying.

When both teams reach the observation room, they're bombarded by questions. Bakugou ignores them all and swaggers over to Shinsou’s side instead, who’s watching with an amused smirk.

“So, how was that for a show, Hito-shit?”

Shinsou laughs lightly. “Well, you put on quite the spectacle there, Kat-suck-it. We could hear your screaming and the fireworks through All Might’s ear piece.”

“Good.” Bakugou smiles viciously in return, and Hitoshi rolls his eyes playfully.

Katsuki has comments thrown at him by almost every student- mostly saying that his fight-without-fighting was cool and that he’d looked crazy when he was chasing the team. He glowed internally at the praise, and Shinsou threw an arm around his shoulder, tussling his hair in a good-natured manner. Jirou and Kaminari tell him how terrifying he was up close, and Hitoshi says that Bakugou never does anything halfway. Damn right he doesn't.


There are a few more fights varying in intensity before it inevitably approaches Shinsou and Hagakure’s turn. They're playing the part of the heroes; going against the villain team comprised of Tokoyami and Asui. The villains have their five minutes to set up, and Shinsou uses that time with Hagakure to formulate a plan.

“I can probably use my quirk on one of them as a distraction, and maybe then you could sneak around and get the weapon while they're busy?” Shinsou suggests, not taking his eyes off of the blueprints spread in front of them.

“Sure!” the girl responds cheerfully, “Hey- you never actually told us what your quirk is so, what does it do?”

“It’s called Brainwashing.” Hitoshi mutters nonchalantly, “It means that I can control someone if they answer a question I ask.”

Hagakure chirps that it sounds cool, and Shinsou smiles a little at the confirmation that the kids here really are nothing like the assholes that he and Bakugou had to deal with in Junior High.

The starting announcement rings in their ears, and Shinsou sets off directly ahead while Hagakure removes her gloves- rendering her completely invisible- and goes around to another corridor. He runs for a while, and eventually reaches the fifth floor. Shinsou sees the two ‘villains’ in a corner with the weapon behind them, and whispers his location to Hagakure through the coms. She gives him a grunt of acknowledgement and they leave it there.

Shinsou steps forward out of the shadows to reveal himself, taking in the sight of Tokoyami and Asui standing tall together.

“All I need to do is touch the nuke, right? Then we win?”

“You say that as if we will step aside so easily.” Tokoyami replies, and Shinsou grins with triumph. The bird-boy opposing him stills, a strange look clouding his eyes (Looks like someone ruffled his feathers).


“Sorry Tokoyami, Asui- hope there's no hard feelings for this.” Hitoshi says, and then continues, more commanding than before. “Tokoyami, attack Asui- but don’t like, kill her or maim her.”

The bird-boy turns to her and lunges, Dark Shadow grabbing for her with some sharp-ass claws. Asui leaps back, preparing to counterattack. She jumps forward and extends her tongue, effectively slapping the boy out of the way and out of his daze. He gets up and shakes himself off, looking bewildered.

“Huh, well that was short-lived- didn’t last nearly as long as I thought it would. Oh well.” Shinsou shrugged noncommittally.

“That’s your quirk? Mind control?” Asui asks, looking surprised. Shinsou hums as an affirmation.

“Yep, it’s called Brainwashing. I-“

“THE HERO TEAM WINS!” All Might’s booming announcement interjects. The two people in front of him look visibly confused, and Shinsou grins in satisfaction. Asui’s eyes go wide with realisation.

“We forgot about Hagakure.”

From somewhere behind the two, a girl laughs heartily.


When they get back to the observation room, they're bombarded by their peers, mostly asking about his quirk. He tells them about Brainwashing, and they tell him it sounds pretty amazing. He’d beam at the praise if he was physically capable of outwardly displaying that much enthusiasm. Bakugou laughs and throws an arm around his shoulder, tussling his hair playfully just as Shinsou had done to him some time before.

Hitoshi approaches Asui and Tokoyami to apologise for making Tokoyami attack her. They wave him off immediately, though, saying that they’d be more mad if he hadn’t used it- seeing as they were supposed to give it their all. Asui tells him to call her Tsu, and the three of them smile and shake hands before Bakugou calls him back over.

The very last of the teams battle it out, and the school day ends. But Bakugou doesn’t go in the direction of the gate. Instead, he starts heading toward the school building.

“Hey, Kat-suck-it, where are we going?” Shinsou questions, a singular eyebrow raised.

“I wanna meet whoever the fuck made our costumes. I wanna talk, maybe bounce a few ideas off of them.”

Shinsou just nods in return, and they arrive at one of the Support-Course classrooms. When they open the door, they're greeted by the smell of motor oil and smoke emanating from messy workbenches. The room is empty, save for Power-Loader and a girl still pouring diligently over her machines, with crazy-looking goggles on her head and a wide, overly enthusiastic smile on her face.

“Hey, we wanted to ask you if you knew which support students made our hero costumes? It’s Bakugou Katsuki and Shinsou Hitoshi, by the way.”

Power-Loader readied himself to reply to the question, but the girl’s head shot up at an almost inhuman speed. She had lemon-yellow eyes that reminded Bakugou of the scope lens on a gun, and oddly styled pink hair.

“Oh! It’s you two! I made your costumes! I did both because the class decided that- because you wanted them to match- it’d be easier if they were made by the same person! Do you like them? I’ve got some ideas for improvements if you want! Sit down, sit down!"

Bakugou strode over like the cocky bastard he was, seemingly giving away no clue that he was just as bewildered by her spitfire personality as Shinsou was. Hitoshi shuffled forward with significantly less swagger, and asked for her name.

“I didn’t say? How weird of me! I'm Hatsume Mei!” Hatsume replies, and that’s that. They sit down, and Bakugou and Hatsume immediately delve into a heated discussion on modifications that could be made to his and Shinsou’s costumes.

“I can put pads on your gloves that act as a key for the lock I'm gonna put on for the back-pouch and your other pouches! That way no one’ll be able to access your weapons but you!”

“I think I'm gonna need something I can use to cause distractions. Can you do flashbangs maybe?”

“Do you even need to ask? Of course I can! You’ve both already got ear defenders, but you’ll need visors to block out the light from them! I’ll make sure to add them to both of your costumes, so you match!”

They start talking about where on Bakugou's costume it would be best to store the flashbangs, and Shinsou doesn’t even try to keep up. He makes eye-contact with Power-Loader, who returns his despairing gaze with a long-suffering look in his eyes, despite only having taught Hatsume for a few days. Hitoshi dreads to think that maybe she’s not the only one as bat-shit crazy as her that he's had to teach. Poor man.

It’s a good kind of crazy, though, Shinsou thinks, looking upon his friend as he talks animatedly (well, as ‘animated’ as Bakugou can get) with Hatsume. Looks like he's met someone who’s just as invested in getting us to be the best as he is. They're completely different- but, in the end, they're kindred spirits all the same.

Shinsou smiles, and thinks of how much more havoc his little shit of a friend is going to wreak with someone like Hatsume around to enable him. It’ll be fun for him to watch, at least (both the chaos he's going to cause, and the looks on everyone’s faces). He watches silently as she gives Bakugou and himself her phone number, just in case they want to contact her and bounce anymore ideas off each other while they're out of school.


God, this is going to be one hell of a ride. He loves it already.