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Caught in the Middle

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bea had just tried to eat breakfast but it didnt look very good so just had some juice, she pushed the tray away and the nurse got rid of it when bea told her she couldnt handle the smell, bea had tried to call debbie all morning but no answer until about half an hour ago when she got a text saying she would be in soon to talk, bea didnt like how debbie spoke to allie yesterday and could tell how much the words hurt the blonde beauty, the look in allie's eyes told her all it needed to and bea was angry with debbie for treating allie like it was her fault, bea did understand why debbie was angry but it doesnt give her a right to lash out like she did, bea was flicking through the channels on the tv when in the corner of her eye she saw a flash of curly hair, turning her head debbie was leaning against the door frame her head down

'deb come in.... debbie didnt move she felt like an asshole about yesterday, she laid in bed all night thinking about what she said and the way she took her anger out on allie, she hurt both her mum and allie and that was the last thing she ever wanted to do, debbie was really disappointed in herself,

bea could see debbie was upset and she wanted nothing more than to run to her and hold her but she struggled to do anything right now

'baby come here..... bea said and when debbie lifted her head bea saw the tears rolling down her cheeks

'mum im sorry

'i know you are come here.... debbie walked over to bea and gently sat on the bed letting her mum hug her with her one good arm

'i didnt mean what i said

'your angry i get that

'yea but not at you or allie, im angry with harry... bea nodded as she kissed the top of her daughters head before pulling back wiping her tears

'deb it was never my intention to hurt you in any way, i did this for you not to you

'it was so dangerous mum

'yea it was but how can we live a life constantly looking over our shoulder? how can we be happy knowing he could come back anytime? how can i live with myself if anything happened to you?

'i didnt think about it like that, i just thought you threw yourself into danger and i might have never seen you again

'i know it wasnt my best move but i needed to do this and it worked

'yes but look at you now, your so hurt

'i will recover but now harry is locked up and we dont have to worry anymore... debbie nodded

'i know, i just got scared, shane kicked my ass yesterday when i got home, im so sorry i hurt you

'its forgiven as long as i am?

'only if you dont do anything that stupid again?

'never i promise

'good than your forgiven... debbie kissed her mums wrist

'thank you, how is allie? bea asked

'what do you mean?

'well she went home last night, didnt you see her?

'mum she didnt come home last night, it was just me and shane

'what do you mean she didnt come home? allie left here last night just after 9, where the fuck is she?

'i dont know

'pass my phone here.... debbie passed bea her phone and tried ringing allie but no answer, bea tried multiple times but it just rang out

'where the fuck is she? bea grunted

'i dont know mum let me try.... debbie tried to call her as well but the same thing no answer so they both text her

'i dont understand where she went? she said she was going home

'i dont know mum, i checked your room it hasnt been slept in

'i need to go look for her........bea tried to get out of bed but debbie stopped her as bea groaned in pain

'no mum stop, get back into bed

'but i need to find her, she could be hurt

'we will find her just sit back before you do more damage to yourself..... bea laid back down in a huff

'baby please keep calling her and call all the others to see if they have spoken to her

'i will but you need to stay there...... debbie called allie over and over again but still no answer so she called shane, franky and all the family but they hadnt seen her

'no one has heard from her, lets wait an hour and if we havent heard back than i will go out looking for her

'as if i have a choice........


allie had popped open her eyes and stretched out her body, looking at the clock on the bedside table it was 11.00, she hadnt slept so long in ages but assumed it was all catching up to her, she got out of bed and used the bathroom before going to the little kitchen and making a coffee that was much needed, taking her coffee she went to the tv area and put the coffee down before going to get her phone that was on charge, picking it up the screen came to light and it showed a bunch of missed calls from bea and debbie and text messages, she wondered why she hadnt heard it but it showed she hadnt put it on loud after leaving the hospital so it was still on silent,

'fuck... she said before unlocking and seeing all the worried messages from both smith woman, scrolling to bea's number she hit call

'allie is that you? bea's worried voice came down the phone and allie internally kicked herself

'yes babe it is, im sorry my phone was on silent

'are you okay? debbie said you didnt go home?

'no i didnt, i didnt want to get into it with debbie so i checked into a hotel just a couple streets away from the hospital

'shit allie you scared me, i thought something happened to you

'im so sorry babe, i just woke up

'just now? you must have been tired allie?

'yea i guess so, im so sorry my phone was on silent

'its okay as long as your okay?

'i am, i think debbie and i needed some time apart so it was better to come to a hotel

'well she is here and wants to talk to you

'i really dont want to hear how much she hates me bea.... allie said and bea could hear how sad allie was with the whole situation,

'allie she doesnt, can you come here please?

'yea okay, i will shower and pick up some lunch, i will be there soon

'good, and allie?

'yes babe?

'i love you beautiful... allie smiled and her heart swelled

'i love you to

'i love you more.... bea smiled when she heard allie giggle

'your so charming babe, i will see you soon

'okay bye... hanging up she downed her coffee and jumped into the shower, it was a big shower and she decided to do a little grooming at that time, she wasnt sure when she would have time and the shower was pretty spacey, after a lengthy shower she dried off and got dressed, she used the hotel hair dryer and straightener to do her hair wanting to look good for her girl, she brushed her teeth and put on a little perfume and than gathered her things and left the room checking out before going to the car, she drove to the drive threw maccas and got food for the 3 of them and than went to the hospital, carrying the food she made her way up to bea's room stopping to get a big bunch of flowers, it was hard to juggle but for the redhead allie would do anything, arriving at the room she walked in to see debbie and bea talking so she just ou the food down and kissed the top of bea's head

'hey baby

'hey babe im sorry my phone was on silent..... bea's eyes lit up when she saw allie, her straight hair gave her an angelic look and she looked beautiful, as she got closer she could smell allie's perfume and she hummed, bringing herself back to the conversation she looked into her eyes

'you had me worried but your here now,

'these are for you beautiful

'thank you baby, just leave them there i will ask the nurse for a vase when she comes in again. you bought maccas? did you get me a big mac? bea asked and allie smiled

'of course i got your favorite..... allie went to take the food out but debbie spoke

'wait before you do that can you sit for a minute... allie nodded and sat opposite to debbie, she could tell debbie was nervous the way she always picked at her nails, debbie took a deep breath and looked at allie

'i was an asshole yesterday and im sorry, i never meant to take it all out on you i just got frustrated and angry and you were the easiest target, to know that mum put herself in so much danger to keep me safe threw me big time and knowing that you kept it a secret made me upset

'i never meant to upset you debbie

'i know, and i also know my anger is not directed at either of you its towards harry, shane made me see that i was being a brat and very selfish lashing out at you

'so you dont hate me? allie asked

'of course i dont, i hate what happened because there was a big chance i would never see mum again, i hate that he came between us and i let him

'thats what he wants deb

'i know mum, im sorry i said all that crap yesterday i didnt mean any of it, your my best friend allie, my family and im really sorry i hurt you and im sorry i made you feel like you couldnt come home last night, its your home as much as it is ours.... allie stood up going over to debbie and pulling her up and into a hug

'its forgiven debbie but now you owe me


'donuts.... allie said and bea giggled,

'ahem.... bea cleared her throat to get there attention, they both turned to look at bea

'whats wrong babe?

'im hungry... she pouted and debbie and allie laughed

'alright lets get you fed.... allie laid the food out for them all and they began eating

'oh yum this is so much better than hospital food... bea hummed

'it sure is, how are you feeling babe?

'face is feeling a little better, they gave me a gel to put on for when the skin is burning

'does it help?

'yep, it does and it tickles when i put it on... allie smiled could this woman be any cuter, impossible

'well i could help you put it on if you want?

'as long as your gentle

'always, so when can you get out?

'not sure, the doctor will be around in the afternoon

'okay good, do you need anything?

'just you 2 and im happy.... they finished lunch and once the rubbish was thrown out bea turned to allie

'umm allie could you help me shower please?

'of course i can babe, you want to now?

'yes please, i stink and i need to walk a little

'okay give me a minute to get your stuff organized.........once allie had everything ready in the bathroom she kicked off her sneakers and rolled her jeans up before helping bea off the bed, as bea and allie walked to the bathroom debbie giggled

'i can see your booty mum

'alllieeeeee hide it.... allie giggled as she pulled bea's robe to cover her butt

'dont worry babe i got it, your just lucky it wasnt franky or boomer

'oh i know... bea looked over her shoulder

'deb we wont be long but if you have things to do you can go

'you wouldnt mind?

'now that all is good, not at all

'okay well i need to go into work for a while and i will be back later with dinner

'okay and bring shane

'will do, if you need me i have my phone

'no worries deb

'love you

'love you both bye..... allie pulled bea's panties down and got bea sat on the chair and pulled off her robe off, she grabbed the hand held shower head and got the water to the righ temp

'how's that? warm enough?


'alright i will be gentle but if i hurt you let me know

'i trust you.... allie washed bea's hair so gentle and soft that bea felt all warm and fuzzy inside, she than washed her body when bea's favorite strawberry body wash and than rinsed her down of all the suds, she gave bea the shower head to wet herself a little and she repeated the body wash but this time it was softer and she massaged bea's body, from her neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, thighs, legs and back up, bea moved forward a little and she massaged her back

'as much as im enjoying this you dont have to do this

'i know babe but i want to, i know how it feels to be laid up in a hospital bed it hurts your body, there not exactly built for comfort, i want you to feel good

'i always do when your around... allie smiled and kissed bea on the neck

'good, lets you dried off and dressed... turning the water off she dried bea down and dressed her in panties, trackies and a t-shirt, she brushed her hair and put it in a pony tail and than bea brushed her teeth which was a struggle as she had to bend over the sink, it hurt but it needed to be done, once finished allie helped bea back to bed and as she was getting her settled liz and maxine walked in

'hello girl... bea smiled

'maxi, liz im so happy to see you both.... they both leaned down to kiss bea on the head

'how are you doing love?

'im recovering but it will take a while... she said as they watched allie get bea's moisturizer cream and began rubbing it on bea's legs, arm, chest and stomach carefully, than she got the gel the doctor gave bea and looked at bea

'you okay for me to do it? bea nodded and closed her eyes, allie was so soft and gentle she felt like crying, a nurse did it for bea before and she was too rough and it hurt

'there we go beautiful all done

'thank you baby your the best

'anything for you, now ladies i will leave you to talk and im going to get coffee's from the cafe for us, baby do you want anything else?

'something sweet please

'i will get something for all of us, i wont be long, you 2 look after my girl

'we got her love no worries.... allie blew a kiss to bea and left the room, maxine nudged liz when she saw the biggest smile on bea's face

'oh sweety you really do love her... bea looked at maxine

'more than i can explain

'i can tell, so tell us how your really feeling? maxine said taking a seat as did liz

'well my arm is sore but getting better, my face as you can tell has lots of bruising but thats starting to get better although it does burn at times, doctor said its normal, the main thing that hurts is my broken ribs, they hurt like a bitch

'you remember love that within a few weeks you will be healed and can move on with your life and that scum bag is rotting in jail

'true, im so glad he has been put away

'us too, have you heard anything about what has happened with him?

'all i know is that he was transferred to wentworth prison waiting on a trial date which i dont think will be far away

'will you have to testify?

'not sure yet, when they went through his house there was a lot of stuff there not just from harry but from braydon and jacs as well as the shifty fuckers she had working for her

'hopefully they all get put away

'thats the hope, harry and jacs are gone but braydon to my knowledge is still out there and if he goes near debbie i will kill the fucker... she said angrily, liz's hand on her arm soothed her

'it will be okay love, you concentrate on getting better plus debbie is stronger now and will not fall for his crap


'not just that the whole harry and jacs thing is on the news so he would be smart to keep a low profile, the police will get to him sooner or later

'hopefully sooner.... allie returned than and handed out coffee and put on the table a few different cakes she found and some fruit

'what do you want babe?

'the pink donut please

'here you go, girls go for whatever you want

'thank you. so how are you allie?

'im happy now that bea is safe and that pig has been put away

'you were very good with debbie through all this, that young girl idolizes you

'i dont know about that but i do know that i would do anything for her and for bea, we leaned on each other and we got through it

'thats good, so debbie tells us you 2 are going into business together?

'yes a bakery business, i will do the baking and debbie will deal with taking orders and the books

'just you 2?

'no we need one more person when we start and than we will see how business goes

'you know boomer she is crazy but cake decorating is her thing

'really maxine?

'yes, she studied cake decorating for 3 years when she was younger but never managed to get a decent job, i think she would be perfect to work with you 2 and she misses it so much

'thats actually a really good idea, babe can i pouch your worker from the salon?

'what do i get in return? bea teased

'how about the first cake we make goes to you..... bea tapped her chin acting like she was thinking hard but in reality she would do anything for allie and debbie and if they wanted boomer she would let her go

'make sure its red velvet and we have a deal.... she put her hand out and allie shook it

'deal.... allie kissed bea's hand and the other 2 laughed

'she will love working with you 2, have you started anything? plans?

'well on the same street as bea's salon i did see a place for sale and i got the number, i will call them in a couple days and go and see it

'baby you should see it asap in case someone takes it

'but i dont want to leave you alone

'number one im fine on my own but liz and maxi are here and than bridget and franky are coming, call the agent and debbie and organize to see it

'you sure you dont mind?

'not at all

'okay let me call them now im just going into the hall..... allie returned ten minutes later and smiled

'debbie is going to meet me there in ten minutes and the agent is going to show us, he said its run down but if i like the space he could talk to the owner about a good deal

'alright well off you go... allie kissed bea on the head

'alright fine, if you need me call, i will come back with debbie and shane with dinner

'okay i love you

'i love you too... allie was walking out of the room when she heard bea's voice

'hey allie? allie turned around

'yes babe?

'i love you more.... allie blushed a little and sighed a happy sigh

'your just so perfect.... she said before leaving the room

'oh sweety look at you, your like a teenager... liz said

'she makes me feel like one

'than she is definitely a keeper

'definitely, anyways so how is my salon? any issues?

'apart from boomer turning a ladies hair orange, no none

'oh god how did that happen?

'well boomer put the ladies color in and than went to get something from the kitchen and got side tracked, i dont know how but it turned orange, i fixed it and the lady was angry to start with but boomer offered her a coffee and a couple biscuits and they had a laugh... the 3 of them laughed

'typical boomer, maybe the bakery would be better for her

'i would say so....... they hung otu talking for a while longer till bea ended up falling asleep but maxine and liz didnt leave till bridget and franky turned up letting them know that allie would be back around dinner time which was soon,


when allie arrived debbie was there with shane and the realtor and they were chatting away, flying a quick text to bea telling her she loved her and missed her before she got out of the car walking over to them

'hey guys

'hey allie this is sonia the realtor, this is allie my best friend and business partner

'hello allie its nice to meet you..... she put her hand out and allie shook it

'you too sonia, thanks for fitting us in so quickly

'its no problem, the owner has had this up for some time and wants it gone asap, so lets get inside so you can have a look... allie ruffled shane's hair the 3 of them laughing when he nudged her shoulder to go away and they followed sonia inside the closed shop, walking in you could tell it was very run down and needed a lot of work

'what happened to the shop that used to be here? was it the owner?

'yes it was, to my knowledge it was a fish and chips shop, an older couple had it and wanted to give it to there son but he was involved in a car accident that took his life so they had made the decision to close up shop, that was about 6 months ago and it was in decent condition but some thugs came in and did all this to it so the owners have just said to sell it as is.... allie nodded as she looked around

'wow that poor couple, it must have been very hard

'it was, there very dear friends of mine and it has taken quite a toll on them

'i can only imagine, so over there the electricity lines are still alive? any damage to them?

'no there in good condition, they actually had all new lines put in for there stoves and cookery appliances about a year ago although the lighting definitely needs to be done

'there is a bathroom? a back area?

'yes to both, you can follow shane and debbie back there.... allie went round the back to see another kitchen but more like a break area to have there own tea, coffee and things like that, it wasnt going to be a place where you could come in and have a meal or anything like that, it would be coffee, tea, hot chocolates and cakes/pastries, walking along allie looked at the bathroom which wasnt big just 2 toilets and 2 wash basins but that was perfect for there little place, she continued on out the back which was an outside area which was decently sized

'so what do you think deb?

'i like out here, we could set up a few tables and close off the area for the smokers, the inside does need a lot of work but i think the space is great

'i was thinking the same, so do we see what the price is?


'okay, do you want me to handle it or do you want to be involved?

'i trust allie but just take in that we need to put aside probably 20 grand for fixing up and new appliances

'yea true, i think 30 grand to be safe, do you know how much is in the joint account?

'i know roughly but log in to double check to make sure we are covered, we saved our asses off so hopefully we have enough

'yea we lived on noodles... they all laughed as allie logged onto there joint account and her eyes went wide at the amount, there was no way there was that much in there

'whats wrong allie? debbie said worried

'have you seen this deb?

'what? debbie took the offered phone and her breath caught in her throat at the amount

'how the hell is there so much money, thats like an extra 100 grand at least

'bring up the transactions deb... allie said leaning over her shoulder, debbie opened it and it all became clear when they saw who had transferred 150 thousand into there account


'your mum

'we cant use her money

'huh good luck telling your mum that.... shane said 'she would be so angry if you tried to give it back

'but she needs that money, i mean we just bought a house shane

'i know but i also heard her say the pay out from the insurance was more than she thought so im guessing she found a place for it, plus girls listen thats your mum deb, and thats your girlfriend allie and if she wants to help you both out than let her, you knows she lives for you both... they both looked at each other and nodded

'its true, mum wouldnt do this without having herself covered

'i guess so, here give me my phone i want to face call her to make sure about this

'good idea... allie found bea's number and hit video call and within a couple rings bea's face came on the screen and she saw allie and debbie

'hello my 2 beautiful girls

'hi mum

'hey babe how are you?

'im okay, franky and bridget are here and i just woke up i fell asleep with maxi and liz were here

'its alright babe you were tired, listen babe we need to talk about something

'whats up beautiful girl? debbie shook her head her mum was so cheesy sometimes

'well debbie and i logged into our bank account and we have some extra cash, know where it came from?

'nope... bea answered so cutely that allie just wanted to squeeze her cheeks


'what? i didnt do anything

'your names on the transaction

'oh shit forgot about that.... she giggled

'mum thats a lot of money

'so? whats mine is your my darling girl

'so i can have your perfume i love so much thats sitting on your cupboard? debbie said and bea scoffed

'no way i will buy you a new one, anyways listen i want to help and if i can i will

'but babe its a lot of money are you sure you can afford it?

'im sure, its just a gift and anyways i can claim it on tax... they all laughed even shane

'thank you mum so much, it will help out a lot considering what the place looks like

'is it bad?

'some thugs messed it up so it needs a lot of work but in the long run its perfect

'good well than make sure you get it and you will be on the same street as my salon

'thats true, alright allie its all on you now

'thanks deb, give me a minute with your mum would ya?

'sure, shane and i are gonna go and get dinner and we will meet you at the hospital

'yea sure

'alright, mum i will see you soon

'okay sweety... once debbie and shane left allie looked at a smiling bea

'babe are you sure about this?

'i have never been more sure in my life, this is for both your futures and i want to help

'thank you so much my little eggplant... bea giggled and allie could hear franky fake dry reaching and bridget telling her to shut up

'baby your gonna be amazing and i cant wait to see what you and deb come up with, i love you so much

'i love you too, alright im gonna go talk to the agent i will see you soon, do you need anything?

'just you

'alright babe see you soon bye

'bye..... hanging up she shoved her phone on her pocket and went to sonia who was waiting on her

'sorry about that sonia we had to talk about the space

'its no problem allie, what do you think?

'its a good space, a lot of work needs to be done but we like it, what are they looking for?

'this is the price... sonia handed over the contract with the amount and it was much less than she thought

'if i sign this how does it all take to be officially ours?

'14 business days, with a cooling off period of 7 days

'im happy with that, my girlfriend is in hospital so it gives me times to look after her and than we cans tart with fixing everything

'i hope she isnt too hurt and she recovers quickly

'thank you sonia, alright pass me a pen...... allie signed all the paperwork and once sonia got back to the office she would send a copy to allie's house and the 14 days would start from today, they said there good byes and allie left happily driving off to the hospital, as she walked inside she stopped at the gift shop and bought bea a teddy bear and than went up to her room, entering debbie, shane, franky and bridget were there talking with bea, bea could tell when allie was near and she turned her head to see a smiling allie coming towards her

'hey babe this is for you

'thank you, its so cute... bea hugged the teddy and allie leaned down kissing the redhead

'how is my girl?

'im okay, so how did it go?

'we got it and for much less than we thought, i signed the paperwork and in 14 days it will be ours... she said looking at debbie

'sweet, i cant wait to get started

'oh me too deb, but first we got to get this little eggplant well thats the most important

'im okay allie you dont have to worry

'i will always worry about you

'allie, debbie congratulations to you both

'thank you aunty bridget

'yea thanks and thank you both for being here for us all with the whole shit storm, and franky?


'dont ever keep me in the dark again please, i know you were all trying to protect me but im nearly 20 and i can take it... franky nodded

'okay but as long as you promise to listen to us if something ever happens again


'good now thats all sorted what did you get to eat ded? allie said

'i got us all chinese, put the tables together and i will put it on and we can serve ourselves

'we are gonna let you 4 have dinner together

'no you have to stay i bought plenty of food for all of us

'are you sure? we dont wasnt to intrude

'as if you even know what that means franky...... bea said and laughed when franky put her finger up at her

'oh piss off red.... they all laughed as bea stuck her tongue out, they all had dinner together and than the others all left leaving allie with bea alone for a bit, allie sat on the bed beside bea and wrapped an arm around her, bea laid her head on allie's chest

'are you sure your feeling okay?

'hmm, im not using the morphine as much only when i need it but i do randomly get shooting dagger pains when i moved too much

'you make sure you use it bea, dont be shy to do so no matter who is here

'i wont, so are you going home tonight?

'yes i am, im going to cuddle up to your pillow... bea smiled

'i miss sharing a bed with you

'i know babe but you will come home soon enough, and when you do im going to spoil you all the time

'you already spoil me by being with me...... bea lifted her head to look into blue eyes and gently kissed the blonde, it was soft but oh so sweet

'i dont want to go but the nurse has walked passed 4 times giving me the stink eye... bea giggled

'thats okay baby, you head home and get some rest

'im gonna miss you babe, you be good and dont go anywhere.... allie said sliding off the bed

'i will try not to run away but if i get a better offer than who knows... bea shrugged cheekily

'babe you cant ever leave me.... allie whined, bea pulled allie closer and kissed her

'your stuck with me as long as you will have me allie

'how does forever sound?

'perfect... they shared a few more kisses before allie had to leave, after tucking bea in with her teddy of course she left the room and exited the hospital and going to her car, she arrived home 20 minutes later after stopping to get a few things from the supermarket, walking inside she put the stuff on the bench

'debbie, shane im home? she saw debbie come from out back and shane come from his room

'about time, did you get the ice cream?

'yes i did, i also got some stuff to make sundaes and i picked up a few new dvd's

'oh sweet, can you put it all away im going to have a shower and than we can watch a movie?

'sure, go wash your smelly butt.... debbie giggled and side stepped allie as she was going towards her room, they spent the night in front of the telly watching a couple movies and stuffing there faces on ice cream