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He Is Loved

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Mortica knew that she wasn’t pregnant when she woke up this morning.


So, when she collapsed in the middle of her garden, belly suddenly swollen as the contractions overcame her, nobody was more shocked than her.


“HNGH!” she groaned, as another contraction hit her.


Yes, her and Gomez had talked about adding a fourth child to their family, but not this quickly and certainly not without several hours of fun in between. As she tried to make her way into the house, she was hit with a particularly strong contraction that brought her to her knees and seemed to last forever.


“Mortica? Mortica!”


Gomez came rushing over, worry etched all over his face as he spotted her pregnant stomach… something that he knew hadn’t been there this morning. They both knew that they wouldn’t have time to go to the hospital, so Gomez helped her to the kitchen (easier for Lurch to clean), as the children went to grab pillows and towels.


She knew it was a ploy to give her some privacy for the next stage.


The contractions had intensified in the last few minutes and the urge to push only grew.


Everything that happened from there on out, felt completely out of her control. It was glorious agony, but there was still that lingering question in the back of her mind.


Why was this even happening?


Surprisingly, the labour was much faster than it had been for her previous children, and soon, there was a squalling child in her husband’s arms.


“A little boy.” Gomez muttered, sounding like he was in shock as well, “Cara mia, h-how- “


“I don’t know.” She held out her arms, silently demanding for her new baby, before cuddling him to her chest and turned to Wednesday, “Can you please go and get Grandmama. She might have some insight into this little blessing.


As the children hurried off, Gomez and Mortica examined the new addition to their family. He still had the blue eyes of a new-born, but flecks of green were dotted around the edges.


“He’s beautiful Cara Mia.” Gomez whispered, “Another perfect little Addams.”


Mortica was silent, running her fingers across the baby’s face.


“What are we going to call him?”


“Klaus.” She whispered, “I like the name Klaus.”


He didn’t know how his wife came up with the name, or what caused this, but Gomez nodded anyway.


They would work through this.




The news about the 42 other women going through the same thing shone a little light on the situation, and Mortica seemed to be back to her usual self, especially with Grandmama crowing about how she had been blessed with Klaus.


Gomez could have told her that.


Three months after the strange incident, he was woken up by the sound of movement on the other side of the bed, “Cara Mia?” he murmured sleepily


“Sssh, go back to sleep mon cher.”


He yawned, running a hand through his hair, “Something wrong?”


“Klaus is awake. I’m just going to go and feed him.” Her hand joined his, “Go back to sleep.”


“No, no, no.” Slowly, Gomez pushed himself into a seated position and shoved his feet in his slippers, “Let me take care of him. You’ve been dealing with this for weeks now, you should sleep.” He came up behind her and rubbed her shoulders, “Besides, I think it’s time for some father-son bonding.”


Mortica smiled softly, turning in his arms and kissing him deeply. When they broke apart, she was still smiling, “Are you sure you don’t mind?”


“Anything to make your life easier.” He kissed her forehead, “Go back to sleep Cara Mia.” He gently brushed her hair away from her eyes, before leaving the room.


As he headed into the room next door, Gomez couldn’t help but smile at the sight of his new son.


“What are you doing my boy?” Gomez leant on the crib slightly, smiling softly as the baby’s eyes focused on anything but him, darting around frantically. “What do you need?”


He lifted him out of the crib, sniffing slightly, “Not your nappy… hungry maybe?”


Due to the unexpected nature of the pregnancy, Mortica hadn’t been able to lactate, meaning that they had to resort to baby formula.


Klaus finally seemed to focus on him, making soft cooing noises.


“I thought that would be it. Why don’t we see what we can find?” Shifting position, he carefully cradled his son in his arms, before walking downstairs to the kitchen. “Thing! Thing I need your help!”


The dismembered hand practically leapt to attention, grabbing the milk and bottles and getting them ready, as Klaus quietly fussed in his Dad’s arms.


“Sh, sh, sh…” Gomez whispered, shifting Klaus to a more comfortable spot over his shoulder. Rubbing the baby’s back, he started to hum, smiling when Klaus stopped fussing, giggling as he was bounced up and down.


When he pulled the baby back into his line of sight, Gomez noticed that Klaus’s eyes were still focused on something just over his shoulder.


“What are you looking at?”


Before he could dwell on the matter further, Thing alerted him that the milk was ready and Gomez turned to head back upstairs, taking a seat in the rocking chair and cradling his son with one arm. “Here we go, drink up.”


Klaus latched on eagerly, sucking contentedly.


“Good boy… you know, you’re a little bit of a miracle child my boy.” Gomez whispered, “Don’t get me wrong, we would love you just as much if you were planned or not. You are loved Klaus, and you will always be loved. I can’t wait to see who you’ll turn out to be… I might not have a hand in making you, but maybe you’ll be more like me? Your brothers are, they’re going to be heartbreakers when they grow up… maybe you’ll be like your Mummy?” He bent down and kissed the baby’s soft forehead, just as the sucking stopped and Klaus’s eyes slipped shut.


“Fast asleep I see.” Gomez got to his feet, cuddling his son before placing him back in the cot, “Sweet dreams my little miracle.”




“Any trouble getting him back to sleep?”


Gomez smiled, climbing into bed and giving his wife a kiss on the forehead, “None at all.” He then paused, “Have you noticed that he doesn’t seem to focus on you right away? Like he’s seeing someone else?”


Mortica smiled softly, “Granadmama says Klaus has been further blessed with the ability to see beyond the mortal realm.”


“Pugsley and Pubert will be jealous.” Gomez couldn’t keep the smile off of his face, “Is she sure?”


“Apparently Cousin Clarice has taken an especially keen interest in him.”


“And she is not easy to impress!” Gomez lay next to her, switching the lamp off, before settling back down to sleep, already dreaming of the future.


He could see a young man with his wife’s gorgeous dark eyes and his own suave nature.


The future looked good.


Less than a week later, there was a knock on the door.




At first, Reginald Hargreeves couldn’t understand why everyone he’d talked to, warned him away from the Addams home.


They were odd.


They were peculiar.


But they had a new baby all of a sudden, and that’s all that Hargreeves was interest in. Ignoring the run-down nature of the garden, he strode up the garden path and knocked on the large door, listening as the sound seemed to echo all over the area.


The large door slowly creaked open, to reveal a giant of a man, face almost drooping as he stared down at Reginald.


“Yes?” The vowel sound was stretched out, and the voice was hauntingly low.


Unwilling to let himself be swayed by this, Reginald straightened up. “I am here to see the Master and Mistress of this home. Immediately.”


The… being stared down at him for a few moments, before nodding and moving to one side to allow Reginald inside.


“Follow Me.”


They walked through dark corridors until they came to a large pair of ornate doors.




“Reginald Hargreeves.”


The man nodded, “Wait Here.” He then entered the room, closing the door behind him, giving Reginald the chance to look around.


There were an awful lot of sharp weapons in this one area alone.


Eventually, after five minutes of waiting, the doors reopened, and the man was standing there. “Come In.”


The living room was full, an old woman was staring intently at him from an armchair. A bald man was on a second armchair. Two teenagers/young adults were on the floor, playing with a young boy… and beheaded dolls.


On the main sofa, the master of the house and his wife (presumingly) sat there, a young baby in the woman’s arms.


“Hargreeves is it?” The man came striding over, cigar in his mouth and a beaming smile on his face, “Good to meet you.”


Slowly, Reginald returning the handshake. “Charmed I’m sure.” He then glanced at the baby, “I’m sure you’re aware of the other babies born at the same time as yours, despite the mother not being pregnant that morning.”


“A miracle.” The old woman cackled from her chair, “Our little miracle.”


“Yes Grandmama.” The elegant woman smiled, before turning her attention back to Reginald… And instantly, Reginald felt a chill run down his spine.


That stare was a warning.


Not wanting to back down, Reginald cleared his throat, “Well, I happen to believe that these children have all been blessed with gifts that can benefit society, and possibly prevent the end of the world.”




Unnerving silence.


Reginald cleared his throat, “Which is why I’ve come to ask that you sign over custody of the baby. I will pay you whatever sum of money you desire but- “


“- you want us to give you our son.” The friendly demeanour that Mr Addams had once had, seemed to have completely disappeared and a dangerous gleam appeared in his eyes, “You really think it would be that easy?”


“It’s for the good of the world!” Reginald immediately protested, “How much do you want?”


“Look around you… do you honestly think we need money?”


This was a good point. The house certainly was extravagant.


“Fine… then you should do it for the good of this world.” Reginald growled, “As he shown any signs of having powers? I believe some powers will make themselves known from an early- “


“- No.” This time, it was the woman who spoke up, slowly getting to her feet, the baby still in her arms, “There has been nothing. Now, I suggest you leave.” She moved closer and Reginald couldn’t help but take a step back, “Lurch. Please show our guest the door.”


Before Reginald could protest, a large hand clamped down on his shoulder as he was slowly dragged towards the door.


They clearly thought he could be gotten rid of so easily.


They were wrong.