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Do You Have a Best Friend Too?

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When Mina declined Momo’s proposal for girl’s night, all the other girls were shocked. Mina was the one to decide these things more often than not, and she was always the most excited to hang out and talk about boys but today she seemed totally preoccupied with something. As 1-A’s girls were walking away from her she yelled out a short apology before rushing off again.


“What on earth could she be up to without us?”


Momo’s question was left unanswered. To them, Mina’s one true priority was to a) train to be a hero obviously, and b) act as the girl’s gang leader.


Without Mina’s room to use, they resorted to using the common room. It seemed so much quieter without her dramatic storytelling abilities and they were left to think of something to do on their own.


“We could watch a movie?” Jirou offered.


“We did that last week,” Hagakure reminded her “Besides, Kaminari is borrowing the class DVD player to watch a movie with Sero and Kirishima.”


As if on cue, all three boys walked out into the common room, arguing over which snacks would be the best to grab from the kitchen.


“Pop rocks are so much better dude, we should just get those and go back to your room!”


“Yeah, they are better, until you can’t hear the movie over the sound of explosions in your mouth!”

Sero looked exasperated and rolled his eyes at the two boys. That’s how his eyes landed on a certain group of females.


“Oh, hey guys. What’s up?”


He only got bored shrugs in reply. Kirishima, decidedly ignoring Kaminari’s angry retorts, turned to the girls as well.


“Haha, you all look bored, where’s Mina? Isn’t she usually you’re leader?”


“She is. But she told us she wouldn’t be able to make it!”


Even the boys knew that was odd behavior.


“She did look like she was excited about something this morning, maybe that has something to do with it.”


Kaminari was right, for the whole day Mina had been running around on 5x her usual energy, and that meant she was practically bouncing off the walls.


“I heard her mumble something about having to pick up some ‘concealer’ from the shops, whatever that means. But I swear she also mentioned something about Bakugou!”


“Makeup and Bakugou? What is that girl planning?”


All of the girls turned around and ignored the mumbled confusions coming from the boys about what the heck concealer is and how on earth it’s a makeup thing.


“You don’t think that Mina blew us off to hang out with Bakugou, right?”


“Nooooo, there’s no way in hell.”


On the sound of the elevator doors opening and voices coming closer, all of them turned around and stared blankly, it took them a moment to even realise who it was they were looking at.


Frantic and shocked gasps of “Bakugou?!” and “Dude?!” were heard all throughout the common room. Mina laughed beside him and Bakugou just barely caught himself from laughing too.


“What the fuck is your problem, idiots?”


“Nothing! Nothing at all Bakugou, you look extremely beautiful!”


Bakugou huffed happily.


“I know that ponytail.”


Momo’s praised spurred all of the other girls to crowd around him and compliment him as well. The boys tried their best to join in, saying things like “I like your eye paint” and “Your lips are a different color! That’s cool”. Bakugou seemed very delighted to be receiving all of these words of awe.


“Yeah, you morons, I know I look good, Mina knows what she’s damn doing!”


It all clicked into place. Mina had indeed blown off the girls to hang out with Bakugou instead but Bakugou looked so good that they weren’t even mad.