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The Real You

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Izuku stared out over the city from his place perched on the edge of Class 1A’s dorm rooftop, his legs dangling over the edge. It was midday, with nice, bright sun and not a cloud in the sky. The green haired boy let out a long sigh. To any onlookers, he might seem like someone contemplating suicide, gauging the distance to the ground... but he wasn’t. He just needed some space and time to think.

Fortunately, it was a holiday week, meaning the class of wannabe heroes got a few days to rest up before they went back for their full, action-packed, and sometimes dangerous classes. All of his classmates had gone different places—he would say back home, but some went on vacations elsewhere. Todoroki, for example, did not want to go home; not that the Izuku could blame him. While Endeavor was a formidable, top rate hero, he was also a grade A ass.

Izuku had originally gone home to stay with his mother for the holidays, however—


A voice he knew better than his own called out to him, and he turned his head to find Kacchan—Katsuki Bakugou to anyone else—standing just behind him. The blond looked unimpressed.

“Kacchan...?” The green haired teen blinked in shock. “What are you doing here?”

The blond scoffed. “I should be the one asking you that you, nerd.” He took a step forward as his ruby red eyes narrowed on their target. “I came here to find you sitting on the edge of the rooftop like that. Kinda ominous, doncha think?”

“I don’t understand, how did you—” Izuku started, but was quickly cut off by his angry classmate.

“How did I know?” The explosive teen asked rhetorically, crossing his arms over his chest and eyeing the other boy with an unreadable expression. “My mother got a call from your mother asking if she wanted to come around as she had a surprise, and asked if I was back at UA like you, doing the extra practice session. Which the hag chewed me out for because ‘why wasn’t I at these extra sessions instead of slouching?’ I should be preparing to become a hero and all that shit, but we both know that there ain’t any extra fuckin’ classes, are there Deku?”

“Oh,” the smaller hero-in-training replied, unsure of what else to say because yep, he could imagine Katsuki’s mom doing just that. Kacchan really did take after her in many ways, but while he felt slightly bad for getting the other into trouble, he had bigger things on his mind at the moment…

“There must be something the matter for you to lie to your mother like that, nerd,” Kacchan said, snapping him out of his depressing thoughts. “Something’s wrong. I know you like space and quiet when you need to think or relax, so where else would you go but the fuckin’ roof.”

The current One for All user didn’t reply, just kept staring out at the city. Faintly, he heard the footsteps of his company as he came to stand closer.

“Is it something to do with All Might or One For All?” the taller teen asked warily, glancing down at the other.

The comments took a couple of seconds for Izuku to take in before he shook his head. “No, no, All Might’s fine.”

“Good.” Katsuki sounded genuinely relieved, but then his eyes narrowed again. “So tell me what’s the matter Deku,”

“Everything’s fine.” the other boy muttered, still not daring to look him in the eye.

“Fuck off,” the blond spit back, not standing for the smaller trainee hero’s blatant lie.


“Don’t bullshit me, nerd.” He cut him off, glaring down at him. “I’ve known you long enough to know when you’re lying.”

“I-I know,” Izuku muttered, shaking his head. He should have known better; they had known each other for as long as he could remember. Kacchan knew him just as well as he knew the blond. “I’m sorry…”

There was a moment of silence where both boys just stayed quiet and watched the world go by before the temperamental teen broke it.

“Tell me, Deku.”

With a sigh of defeat, the green haired boy muttered an “Okay,” sealing his fate even if he really didn’t want to explain what was happening, to Kacchan of all people. He’d probably just laugh at him for being so stupid and whiny or something.

“But first, get away from the edge okay? You’re making me nervous, you idiot.” The blond commented, giving him a knowing look. Izuku grimaced for a second. He’d forgotten exactly where he’d sat for a moment. It must look pretty bad if it was making the infamous ‘Lord Explosion Murder’ nervous.

“Oh sorry,” he said, slipping backward, away from the edge. The two of them made their way to a safer part of the rooftop, both leaning against the wall near the entrance.

“Don’t apologize, just explain.”

Well, at least Kacchan was consistent—tactless as ever.

“Um, well you see…” The freckled teen paused, unsure of how to explain what was on his mind.

“Stop stalling!”

“I’m not, it’s just hard to explain!” Izuku argued back. Honestly, out of everyone who had to find him, why did it have to be him ?! Everything was complicated enough without Kacchan being here!

Katsuki let out a long breath, trying to calm himself. He wouldn’t find out what was up with Deku if they just spent the whole time arguing. Plus it would just give the other more ammunition to distract him with.

“Okay, whatever. Just don’t take too long. I’m not wasting more of my day up here than I need to while you try and figure out what words are.”


“What I did just say about apologizing you, idiot?!” The blond scolded, scowl set firmly in place. Something was definitely wrong. Nowadays, Deku didn’t apologize to him over every little thing. The nerd had finally grown large enough balls to snap back at him.

“At least you never change Kacchan…” Said nerd replied, tone spiteful and venomous, shocking the explosive teen because what the fuck?!


The smaller boy looked up at him, eyes full of emotion, fist clenched. “You’ll hate me no matter what, right?”

That stopped whatever thoughts were going through Katsuki’s mind. At least you never change Kacchan… You’ll hate me no matter what right?



That’s wrong.

He didn’t—





He had to tell him, Deku had to know.

“I don’t—”

“It makes me so angry!” Izuku cut him off, shouting in a rare rage that the blond had only ever heard used against bad guys. Katsuki guessed he would have to focus on that later because, the other boy continued to shout, not allowing him to get a word in. “They can’t just do that!”

Composing himself, the first year's sports festival champion tried to make sense of this. “Who? And what? Why are you so pissed?”

“My family!” The green haired teen blurted out, obviously frustrated.

“Your mom?” Katsuki guessed. He thought it would be strange for the idiot to get all worked up over a little augment with his mom unless Inko had decided she’d wanted to pull Deku out of UA again... If so, then he was going to have to words with her himself. There was no way he was letting Deku get off that easily.

“No,” Deku responded, shaking his head.

Katsuki frowned. It couldn’t be? Could it?

“…your father?”

Deku made a noise that sounded like some combination of scoff and a laugh. Either way, it was wrong, especially coming from someone as happy and positive as Deku usually is.

“Tch, of course, it’s not my dad, even now, when they’ve shown up... he would never come.”

“You’re not making much sense, Deku.”

In fact, none of this was making much sense. Based upon what Deku had said, the way he sounded and acted… something was seriously wrong—worse than he’d feared before when searching for his rival.

Izuku sighed, staring down at the floor as if it were the most interesting thing ever. “Today, my extended family decided to make an appearance. My three aunties, their families, and my grandparents all came around, just to say hi .”

The blond’s frown deepened. “I didn’t know you had any other family.”

“Yeah, well, I do,” Izuku replied bitterly, expression darkening before explaining further. “Not that you would know about them Kacchan, cause they only decided to acknowledge my existence this year, because of my quirk and place in UA. After eleven years of blanking me and my mom, they decided to come. Her own family didn’t want anything to do with her because of me, because I didn’t have a quirk!”

Katsuki’s eyes widened.

“No birthday cards, no texts, calls, postcards... nothing! Her own parents didn’t even care!” Izuku continued his rage-filled rant. “Literally, we haven’t had any contact for so long, and whenever we used to accidentally run into them at a shop or something, they’d make some excuse to leave quickly or just glare at me in disgust and leave.”

“What the fuck, Deku…” The blond swore under his breath, unsure if what he was hearing was true. While he knew that the Midoriya's didn’t have much contact with their family, he didn’t know it was this bad. Unfortunately, it seemed to be so...

“And this is your mum’s side?”

“Yeah, don’t get me started on my father's side.” Another bitter laugh spilled out of the normally joyous mouth. Katsuki was one of the few people who knew of the horrific and broken relationship between Deku and his estranged father. It turned out the bastard’s side of the family was just the same.

Izuku shook with uncompressed anger. “It just made me so, so—I don’t even know how to explain it! They said they were proud of me! They praised me!” He sounded hysterical, shouting with disbelief. “They sat and talked, laughed with my mum... They all seemed so happy—even asked if I could sign them some stuff. My uncle said how envious they were of me meeting All Might and getting into the hero course, and that when I become a hero, I have to be sure not to forget them all.”

“Deku…” The blond was unsure of what to do or say. Katsuki wasn’t made for this. This was out of his comfort zone. There were no villains to defeat… no physical way for him to save his classmate, his childhood friend. Izuku wasn’t in any actual danger and yet somehow, the explosive teen still felt like he’d failed.

In an attempt at comforting the freckled boy. He reached out in a way that he’d seen Kirishima do, but before his touch could make contact—

“WHY DO THEY CARE NOW?!” Deku shouted, still shaking, fists clenched so that blood trickled down his wrist and dripped to the concrete. His eyes were glassy with unshed tears.

Oi , Deku... calm down...“ Katsuki tried to reach out again; however, the nerd swatted his hand away, now actually glaring at him.

“No, no, Kacchan! I won’t calm down!” Izuku spit out all his feeling just seemed to explode into one big mess, like a cola can that’s been shaken one too many times. “They didn’t give a single shit about neither me or my mum because I was quirkless! My own goddamn family! They hated me, even worse than you did. They even hated my mom for having me... It totally sucked.” He quieted a little, tears beginning to flood over. “They didn’t even care when mom was down ill a few years back with hypothermia. I texted and called them on our emergency numbers repeatedly. We were already struggling for money, so I had to get a part-time job and sell some of my stuff... but that didn’t matter, not to me. I didn’t know if my mom was going to make it, and you know who came to see her? No one, Kacchan! No one.” He sniffled. “Just me. And that was only when I could get between school and work. She could have died completely alone, and they wouldn’t have given a single fuck.”

Izuku paused, taking a few seconds to breathe and calm himself down before he mutters out a miserable and depressing, “It makes me mad that they didn’t even care about her. Forget me... They should at least still care about my mom…”

The spiky-haired teen was trying his hardest to follow all the information spewing from Deku, but it was a lot to take in... and fuck, he didn’t know it was this bad. He’d have to do some investigating to find out what else had happened to Deku while he had his head stuck up his own ass. “I didn’t know your mom got sick...”

“She did…” Izuku sniffed, looking away, obviously distressed, but who wouldn’t be with that ongoing shit show? “I wanted so badly just to throw them all out, to scream and shout at them and hope that they would never show up again! But I couldn’t... Mom looked so happy—thrilled, in a way I haven’t seen her in years. I-I couldn’t take that away from her because I was upset…”

It all seemed to make sense now. “So the fuckers just popped up after years of neglecting you guys, and you needed some space right?”

“Pretty much,” the nerd muttered, and they had another few seconds of quiet as Izuku tried to calm and compose himself before looking at his childhood friend in the eye. “Why does having a quirk matter so much, Kacchan?”

“What the hell do you mean, Deku?”

What does that have to do with anything? Sure, his family members were major league asshole for the shit they pulled, but this seemed different…

Without waiting for a response, Izuku continues.

“Why? Why? Why does being quirkless mean that people hate you, huh?! I hadn’t done anything wrong; I was four, and my grandfather told me I was better off dead . Why does having a power mean people will like you just for being you? Why couldn’t anyone like me for just me? I couldn’t make any friends because I didn’t have a  quirk, but I was nice and kind. I didn’t hurt others. I tried, tried so goddamn hard to make friends, but no one gave a shit about me after they found out I was quirkless…” That seemed to be final straw before the waterworks began in earnest. Tears streamed down Deku’s face, unable to hold them in any longer.

Katsuki was left speechless, which was an impressive feat for the normally nonchalant, impassive teen. It was just sad that it happened like this.

Tears mixed in with the blood in his hands as Izuku tried to wipe his eyes, but to no avail as they just kept coming. “I was seven, a seven-year-old alone on their birthday because no one wanted to come to my party... ‘cause no one cared. My mom even had to go into work because of an emergency, but I waited and hoped, you know, all day. The ice cream melted, and we brought too much food we couldn’t afford in hopes that anyone would appear…”

If Katsuki hadn't known what to do earlier when comforting the nerd, he had no clue in hell what to do now, and after that? He felt sad himself just hearing it. He could imagine the nerd sat there, seven years old and optimistically waiting for the kids in their class to appear when they had all binned the invites as soon they’d left the classroom. He knew this because he’d been the first one to do so, and the others followed.

“Then I got One for all, and suddenly... people liked me and my quirk. I made friends, people figured out I existed, my family acknowledged me, everyon—” Izuku was the one this time to get cut off by a pair of familiar arms, ones he would normally associate with pain and power, but were instead enveloping him, pulling him into the solid, but warm chest of his former childhood friend turned bully and now rival, Kacchan.

The blond held the other close, letting him sob into his chest as he said his piece. Once he’d quieted, Katsuki spoke.

“Hey, listen, you green haired little fucker. I can’t even begin to understand how you feel or all the shit you’ve gone through... I do, however, know at least some of it was because   I was one of the asshole dickwards who made your life hell. But your friends here, your classmates, All Might, and everyone else at AU likes you for you okay? Don’t even fucking doubt it. There are lots of extras out there who have powerful quirks, but you don’t see them with all your boatload of friends or in the hero course of UA. That’s on you. All Might chose you after seeing that you, quirkless you, running in and trying to save me.”


The arms tightened around the green haired teen, comforting and protective.

“Forgot about those shitheads at middle school, and I’ll definitely be telling my mom about your family reunion. She’ll lose her shit. They aren’t worth it, and they don’t deserve to know or be acknowledged by you or your mother. You are worth a thousand times more than any of them. You have All Might, your mom, Round Face, Glasses, fuckin’ Icy Hot, and all the rest of those fuckers—they can be your new family. You don’t need your dad or whoever else might share your blood because you’ll have them. They love and like you for you Deku, and nothing else. Not because you’re in UA or have a quirk. They like Izuku Midoriya because he’s nice, friendly, stubborn, smart, determined, and whatever other fuckin’ qualities they could all spew out with…”

Izuku didn’t know what to say or do. He hadn’t expected those words from Kacchan of all people.  He felt a little guilty and stupid for thinking badly about his friends and teachers. He knew they weren’t as selfish as his family.

“Th-Thank you!” he sobbed as he tried to control his tears. It wasn’t really working.

There was a slight pause before the blond spoke again. “You’ll have me, too, Deku…”

“Huh?” That comment made the small teen blink up at the other.

Katsuki took a deep breath, leaning himself into Deku slightly before he explained. “I never hated you... We both know I damn well I tried to, but I could never really hate the quirkless wimp who tried his hardest no matter what. I was jealous of the hero potential that I saw in you, the potential that I didn’t, and I took it out on you in a fit of rage and self-imposed entitlement. But you always went out of your way to help others as a hero should, quirk or no fuckin’ quirk, and the shitty extras at school couldn’t see that... They just followed my lead; the asswipes never saw how brilliant you were and are.”

Izuku froze. Kacchan didn’t hate him?

Kacchan didn’t hate him!

A happy feeling blossomed in his chest as he fisted the other's shirt in his grip, unmindful of the blood he was smudging onto the shirt. One of the said teen’s hands made its way into green curly locks, and pulled Deku even further into his shoulder, gripping as though he never intended to let go. He leaned down to whisper into Deku’s ear.

“I know better now, better than to throw whatever shitty thing I’m feeling your way, just because you’re there or you do something good. Now, I’ll let you shine as bright as you goddamn want, you bastard. We’re rivals, and that’s not going to fuckin change. I’m still going to beat you and become number one, no matter what flashy quirks you get. However ... fuck, I’m not going to sit there and watch you drown yourself in sorrows Deku. I can’t, I just can’t. You mean too much to me—”

“What?!” Izuku’s head snapped up at the comment, eyes widening in surprise.

Katsuki’s eyes widened at the slip-up. “FORGET IT!” He raged as he pushed the other away from him as though he had been scolded or something, hoping to hell that the nerd didn’t notice small flush that appeared on his checks.

“B-but you just said—”

“I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING, DEKU!” He shouted more out of embarrassment than rage, sending Deku a glare so that fucker would hopefully not bring it up again. He hadn’t figured out his complicated feelings for the nerd himself yet, never mind without the litter fucker sticking his nose into them.

Fortunately, for once in his goddamn life, Deku took the hint. That or he’s too exhausted from the previous shit show of emotion—which, by the way, had taken up more than Katsuki’s emotional quota for the month, meaning that Pikachu and Shitty Hair would have to vent their feelings out to one another or a different classmate instead. Either way, the nerd didn’t push the topic, much to Katsuki’s relief. He’d already said more then he needed to. Fuck, who knew he could even spout such words, but Deku really did need it. He had looked seconds from breaking, and there wasn’t a chance that Katsuki was going to let that happen, not on his fucking watch.

“O-okay.” The One for All holder sniffled while wiping his tear stained eyes with the backs of his hands before sending him a small smile. “But, um... thanks again Kacchan, you’re the best,”

The blond smirked. “And don’t you forget it, Deku.”

The formerly quirkless boy’s smile widened at the reply, and Katsuki realized that  Deku would be fine. He has them— him —after all.

Katsuki then changed the topic to other things like how classes were and test results, leaving to the boys taking soft jibes and digs each other while Izuku tried to calm himself, and to make himself more presentable, rather than looking like someone had just killed his cat or whatever.

Things were peaceful between the two boys, until…

“Why am I not surprised?”

Both heroes in training snap around to see their homeroom teacher behind them, appearance in the usual disarray. He’d most likely just woken from a nap, but whatever the case, the man did not look happy.

“Mr. Aizawa?!”

“Oh fuckin’ brilliant.”

Their teacher glared at them, surveying the situation before asking, “Do either of you want to give me an explanation now? Or while in the middle of your two-month detention when school starts up?”

The green haired boy's eyes widened at the comment, and he started to fumble over himself to explain. “Um, w-well—"

Kacchan cut him off, shoving Deku back behind him, almost as if he was protecting him, before glaring back up at their teacher.

“You want an explanation then I’ll fucking give you one! See Deku here is having problems at home because of his good for nothing fucktards that call themselves his family decided to get off their asses and visit his mom after ignoring them for however many fuckin’ years. Obviously, Deku’s pissed as hell because they don’t actually give a shit about either of them, just showed up because he’s got a quirk and is in UA now, which is some fucking two-faced bullshit, but he has too much of a bleeding heart to tell them to get the hell out because his mom was enjoying herself seeing her family. So he comes here, brooding on the roof of all places. Meanwhile, his mom calls mine, I end up in some trouble for not attending some made up training sessions, go looking for the little bastard, to find the nerd here moping, we chat it out, breakdowns included, and then you arrive and ruin our fuckin moment.”

Aizawa’s eyebrows raised as he processed his student's words before turning to his problem child and asking calmly, “Midoriya? Is this true?”

Izuku didn’t dare look up, once again finding the roof more interesting. “…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause any problems or get Kacchan into trouble—”

“I see.” The underground hero said, interrupting his student and not wanting the young boy to start doubting himself again. Better to nip that in the bud sooner rather than later, or he knows the reckless teen will dwell on it. All the while, he mentally files the information given by Bakugou away for later. “Well, since it seems that you are not in a fit state to go home Midoriya, especially if your guests are still there, then you can stay in your dorm until—”

He’s stopped by the blond who gives him a determined look. “He can stay with me”

“Is that wise?” The teacher asked, unsure given the two’s history, especially in class. Though to be fair, they have gotten somewhat better with each other after they fought at training ground beta. However, even if their relationship was improving, was it really the best option to allow Midoriya to stay with Bakugou after what’s he’d just been told?

The blond scowled and scoffed in reply, seemingly offended that his teacher would make such a comment. “Fuck off, my mom and dad will be thrilled to see the little shit.”

Aizawa rolled his eyes. Apparently, Bakugou had made his mind up, and arguing would cause him more of a headache then he already had when security had woken him up ten minutes ago saying that a couple of his students had been spotted in their dorm building.

“Okay then,” he said, turning his attention away from his aggressive student to the more milder one.  “Midoriya if you ever need to talk—”

“Like you’d be awake enough to listen.” The blond cut him off again, crossing his arms over his chest, and the pro swore if he was interrupted one more time he was going to give the boy detention out of principle and give him a lecture on letting people speak before he butts in.

“I was going to say see All Might; however, if you want to come to me, my door is always open as well.” At the mention of All Might, Midoriya seemed to perk up a little, which of course it would—the kid was like the ultimate fanboy.

“You might be a problem child but you are my problem child,” He added because if Midoriya or any of his student were having problems, he wanted them to know that they could come to him for anything… unless it was something stupid. He’s wouldn’t listen to Kaminari whine over not getting a date again…

He also wanted to stress this point to the green haired teen more than most. Between him, Bakugou, and Todoroki, they were the students he mostly kept his eyes on in terms of mental and emotional development, but Midoriya seemed to be the main one for getting himself caught up in situations he shouldn't, hence the title problem child. But not once had he ever come to Aizawa to talk. Maybe he’d gone to All Might? Or other students, but still he wanted the boy to know that the option was still open to him.

“T-Thank you, Mr. Aizawa!” Izuku smiled up at his teacher, shocked but thrilled that neither Kacchan nor Mr. Aizawa had thought that his situation was stupid or pointless and seemingly wanted to comfort him.

“Great, pep talk over now. Let's get off this fucking rooftop.” The blond said, arms crossed and expression gone back to nonchalant and unimpressed.

The freckled teen nodded in agreement. While it had been a good view, he also wanted to put an end to this chapter, locking all his emotions about it away so he could move on with his life, move forward and keep getting better and better until he completed his dream of becoming number one and mastering One For All.

“Now, since the two of you came to school under the illusion of training, it should be only fair that you actually do some.” The underground hero said, snapping Izuku out of his musing and getting both of their attention, Though Izuku did grimace slightly at his lie being called out. “I’ll have Midnight open up the Gym for you both, and I’ll see what food the dorms have. However, I don’t want to see you both fighting, or you crying anymore Midoriya. They are not worth it.”

“Right,” he said with a determined nod. They weren’t worth it; he was better now, he had friends, he was wanted.

Kacchan suddenly grabbed his wrists and started dragging him along. “Sweet. Come on, Deku. I want you to observe how much better than you I am.”

“In your dreams Kacchan.” He shot back with a small grin.

“Remember, no fighting or Detention is back on,” Aizawa called after them as they made their way down the stairs.

On their way to the gym, the green haired boy felt a million times better than he did before. With his classmate still pulling him along, Izuku suddenly came to a big realization, though it wasn’t that big of a shock, it was like he’d always known.


He received a grunt in reply.

“You mean a lot to me too.”

The reaction was instantaneous. The blond turned bright red and let go of the other’s wrist, storming off and shouting. “AHHH, DON’T SAY STUFF LIKE THAT, YOU NERD!”

Izuku followed, a bright smile on his face.