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La Amada Inmovil

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In this story Ari looks like a mini version of Gabi. I really don't understand the show that really ignore the impossible chance Will and Gabi having a blonde daughter. Sami is a boss but her recessive genes wouldn't be able to give her a child with blond hair (they would only be carriers of that recessive gene) with Lucas as the father let alone a granddaughter who is also blonde. It needs to make some sense come on! Ari would not be a blonde with blue eyes with Gabi as the mother. She would be a brunette with brown eyes like Gabi and Lucas.

Gabi’s POV

I am so thankful Rafe got me out of jail. Even if it’s a technicality I am so thankful. I love him more than anything and him never giving up on me is the only reason I’m out. I’m just glad Nick can’t hurt me anymore or worse try to use me to hurt Will. I regret ever bringing Nick into my life, but I have grown from all of this and I want to make a better life for my daughter and myself.

I’m just walking through the square thinking there’s no way I’m going to be able to get a job anywhere so I think I will need to create a business and I start to think on what I like and I can style people and save up some money and then make my own clothes. I start to get ideas and I start to walk fast, and I walk into something hard and I realize I just ran into someone. A young girl and I feel like I met her before well its Salem I may have.

“I’m so sorry I was not watching where I was going! Are you okay?!” I help the girl get up and pick up some of her papers.

“It’s okay I wasn’t watching either. I was so preoccupied with my Latin American History paper I didn’t even bother to see in front of me.”

“Well I guess its neither of our faults then, so we are square.” The girl kinds of stares at me and I feel myself become quite defensive I don’t know what has been said about me.

“Have we met before?” She looks puzzled so I’m guessing she doesn’t know about me in an infamous way.
“No, I just came back into town. I was gone for a year.” Yeah in prison but I don’t want to scare this young girl off.

“Oh, okay I haven’t even been here a year yet so I guess we couldn’t have met. Anyways I’m Paige Larson.” I contemplate telling her my real name and I just decide it would be best and what do I care if people hate me. Nick was a horrible person and a manipulative and dangerous bastard.

“Hi Paige, I’m Gabriela Hernandez… you said you were thinking of your Latam History paper. What is it about?”

“I don’t want to take up more of your time. I bumped into you… I don’t have to add on my writer’s block with my homework too.”

“Listen Paige I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t interested. So, tell me what you have to write about?” I hope I didn’t come off as rude.

“Well its about choosing a Latin American figure and writing about their impact in Latin American history. I’m having writer’s block because I don’t want to choose the overdone war hero because I know just about everyone will be doing it, so it makes it harder for me to write because the pressure, but I fear that’s all I know.”

“Well if you don’t want to a war hero, I’m sure there’s plenty of other people who have had contributions. I can think of many.” Being Mexican my mother always made sure to talk about people dear to her.

“Well the problem is that the class is Latin American history but from basically colonial times to 1925. I won’t take the next level until next semester.”

“Hmm well then pick a warrior of the pen. There’s plenty of great literature that came out during the time and my favorite Mexican author is Amado Nervo. He was also a diplomat. If you want to impress your teacher pick him. His life was grounded in humanity, wonder and love and his works resonated with people all over Latin America.” I still cry when I read La Amada Inmovil.

“I’ve never even heard of him. I want to know more about him! If you don’t mind you know? My dad is Mexican, but I never grew up with him I maybe saw him a couple times growing up, but it has always been me and my mom or me staying with my grandparents. I wasn’t raised in his culture sometimes I feel like I’m drowning but I want to know so bad. I want to be connected to it. It’s the whole reason I am taking the class in the first place.” Its admirable to me that she wants to connect to her heritage and isn’t giving up because her dad is a deadbeat.

“I’m lucky that both my parents are Mexican because my father wasn’t in the picture for me either. He left when I was a baby. My siblings especially my oldest got time to know him and be raised by him but he left when I was an infant, but my mother was always there to guide us with our heritage. Sometimes a little overzealous. I am thankful for it now but back then it felt like going to a second school to learn more.” Gracias Mami por todo.

“Why do some men just do that? You have a responsibility to your children, and you leave them in a lurch.”

“Amen, sister.” Eduardo left us high and dry and Mami had to struggle and it pushed Arianna to join the wrong crowd and get involved in dealing drugs to try to help Mami and that caused friction because Mami would not accept what she calls blood money. Not that I can blame her… the cartels in Mexico have decimated countless families.
“So, I know I like this guy but is there anything you know about him. I want to visualize where I want to go with this paper.”

“Well when he died, he had multiple countries helping to transport his body from Argentina all the way to Mexico. He was buried with full state honors but one of his most enduring works is La Amada Inmovil. It was actually released almost three years after his death and the inspiration of it is his wife. His grief over her death was the catalyst and there’s people who claim they saw him visiting her grave every single day for a whole year in his grief. I’m a romantic at the end of the day and he speaks to me. He evoked many people’s hearts. Makes you want to catch your chest because you can feel his pain as if it’s yours when you read it.” I see her eyes a little glassy.

“His story sounds like one that should be heard.”

“I think so. I think he is brilliant.” Long ago I used to make poems and used his as inspirations since I could not speak of such a love and reverence.

“Are you studying in school too?”

“Umm no! I am actually going over ideas to start my own business.” Considering being my own boss is probably my only outlook at this point.

“That sounds awesome. I am studying business, but I think I might minor in something too.”

“Business that’s awesome and tough. When my business gets off the ground and all that definitely come see me about an internship.” I write down my phone number for her and I tell her I’ll see her around.

“Oh my god! Thanks so much that’s awesome you are launching your own business and thanks for thinking about me for an internship. Maybe I can call you too if I ever need any help with my Latin American history class.” I wonder if this girl has any friends.

“Sure, call me… text me whatever. I’m always ready to dispense my love for Nervo.”

“It was so nice literally bumping into you. I’ll see you around.” Paige gives me a wave goodbye and I can’t help but feel I was talking to Arianna. Arianna was sometimes shy but also a mix of me a ball of sass and strength of a battering ram. Difference between here and me was the restraint. She was so good at holding it all in and letting it out when she wanted.

Over the next couple of months Paige and I start to get chummy. After her professor told her that the paper, she wrote was so unique and left field as a choice and refreshing Paige came to seek me more. I sort of feel like a big sister which is funny since I’m the baby in the family. We go to Chicago sometimes to experience Mexican-American culture. Such a big population of Mexicans in Chicago and I want her to get that experience she has been desperate for and to connect too.

Her Spanish was so proper it was clear she learned it in school, but she is learning to speak in a more common everyday way, and she is good. When the girl concentrates, she can conquer any goal she wants.

“Gabi, I can’t wait for September! I’m so excited for the parade. What are we gonna wear?! What should we wear?”

“Hey just hold on, technically we can wear anything to the parade, but I think we should keep it simple. Let’s dress in Mexican colors we can build on it the more of them we go to.”

“Yeah you’re right we can’t over do it.”

“Girl when you’re Mexican there’s no such thing as overdoing it. When it comes to our celebrations the more elaborate the better but let’s step up from there. It happens every year” Plus Arianna is going to come too make sure she doesn’t overheat or anything.
Paige needs something to focus on because she is trying to make things with JJ work, but I can sense some sadness for it and her mother is a grenade. She needs some distractions from her life and the parade is going to do wonders for her.