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It's a fight to the death (Against the whole world)

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Bakugou Katsuki was born stubborn, and that’s just a fact of life. The grass is green, the sky is blue- and Bakugou Katsuki would fight everyone and their goldfish just to make a point (except for Shinsou’s goldfish, because Señor Bubbles is chill). He’s just a little shit like that.

But not just a little shit. He’s the little shit. He’s the biggest little shit the world has to offer, and he’ll eat a raccoon before he gives up on proving it.

This inherent desire to prove just how much of a cheeky bitch he is is what makes it so annoying to have to wait for the results of the academic and practical entrance examinations. Both Shinsou and Bakugou had chosen the Hero-Course as their only option. They’d considered applying for the General Education Course as a back-up plan- but then he realised that would just give them a great excuse to not ‘put the little quirkless kid in danger’.

Ha- as if denying his application would ever keep him out of ‘harm’s way’. He is harm’s way.

So, the day the letter harbouring his exam results finally arrives in the mail, he sprints to Shinsou’s house faster than he thinks he may have ever done before in his life. The door’s already open when he gets there- his mother must have seen Bakugou rocketing out of the house after the post arrived, and correctly assumed that he was heading straight to Hitoshi’s.

He flew through the entrance, took the stairs three at a time, and blasted Shinsou’s bedroom door open with a kick that possessed all the power of the natural disaster that Bakugou was. Shinsou was already sitting on one of the two swivel-chairs at his desk, clutching his own results tightly in his hand (when Shinsou’s dad had built the desk, he’d bought two chairs and made the space big enough for the both of them- because he said they looked as if they couldn’t bear anything less than being joined at the hip). Bakugou threw himself into the other chair and, on the count of three, they both tore open their envelopes.

“I AM HERE-“ All Might’s voice boomed from both of their holograms in synch, the sound ricocheting across the room’s walls like a bullet, “As a pre-recorded message!”

The number one hero blabbed unnecessarily about everyone trying their hardest, before actually getting to the bit they wanted to hear. “And, with a score of sixty-nine villain points,” they both muttered a quiet ‘nice’ at that, “and forty rescue points… you came out with the top total score out of all the participants- a staggering one hundred and nine points! Joint only with Shinsou Hitoshi/Bakugou Katsuki! You both fought valiantly for the top spot, and because of your efforts, you have passed! So welcome- to your Hero Academy!”

The messages ended with a soft ‘click’, and there was utter silence echoing within the Shinsou residence.

That is- until a triumphant scream ripped from both of their throats in synch, and shook the house on its foundations. Bakugou tackles Shinsou out of his chair, and then they're both on the floor- screeching like banshees that just won the lottery. It’s liberating, and they carry on for a good minute or so.

“Hey Hito-shit!” Bakugou shouts, still higher than a kite on euphoria that comes with knowing that he can give a massive ‘FUCK YOU’ to all the people who ever laughed at them. “We made it! Straight to the fucking top!”

“They never saw us coming!” Shinsou laughs, and maybe they're both crying a little- but they're happy tears, and Bakugou would throw someone into an active volcano if they so much as insinuated that they were getting a little too emotional.

Fuck anyone who laughs, they both thought in amidst their joy, they’re not the ones who got into the top hero class in the top hero school while fighting quirkless.




On the day they begin their first year at Yuuei, Shinsou meets Bakugou at his house fifteen minutes before they’ll have to leave if they want to make it earlier than everyone else. Bakugou answers the door himself, looking like just as much of a delinquent as he always does, in his tie-less, unbuttoned uniform.

“’Sup Kat-suck-it?” Shinsou greets, grinning with all his teeth.

“The sky, Hito-shit. How do I look?” Bakugou spoke gruffly in his gravelly morning-voice, though the huge smirk on his face betrayed his irritated demeanour.

“Like a thug.” Shinsou replied, sounding as chipper as he physically could, just to piss him off.

“Ha- my best look is madman-chic and you know it.” Katsuki retorted, baring his teeth in a manic smile.

“Definitely. Without a doubt.”


They spend the remaining fourteen minutes checking over their stuff and exchanging snippets of dry humour. Bakugou’s mother checks them over right when they’re about to leave, and exclaims that she’s proud of the little shits, before telling them to go kick some ass. They fist-bump Mitsuki, and then each other, and walk out the door.


They both carried two bags each.

One is obviously their normal bags, filled with school shit deemed necessary by Yuuei for them to bring with them.

The other bag, however, is a little more interesting. It's a duffel-bag, bursting at the seams with support equipment. Inside- they’ve both got a retractable metal pole, just in case there’s a need for a long stick. There’s a modified nerf-gun, too- upgraded to shoot out slightly larger projectiles than the usual foam bullets- and juiced up to increase firepower (besides, nothing could possibly be funnier than the look on someone’s face if one of them actually managed to win against someone in a fight with a beefed-up children’s toy). They had a taser and a knife each, too- because you never know. At Bakugou’s suggestion, they also carried a pouch each, attached to their belts, which carried a can of hairspray and a lighter (in separate compartments, though- because they weren’t idiots), for dire situations exclusively (or for idiots).

They were ready. Hell, they’d been ready since they were eleven years old.

Only to be stopped right in front of the gate- fucking typical.

Sure, it may be All Might blocking them, but that’s beside the point.

“Greetings, my boys! Say, do you mind if I speak to you privately for a moment, young Bakugou?”

“Yes, I do mind.” Bakugou scoffs, “Anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of Hito-shit. I'm just gonna tell him everything you say anyway, so there’s literally no point.”

“I really don’t believe that to be a wise idea, young Bakugou.” All Might replies, and the man has to know he’s fighting a losing battle.

“Yeah? Well if it isn’t ‘wise’ to tell Hitoshi- it probably isn’t a very good idea to tell me, either.”

“Very well.” the hero sighed, looking nervous.

“You see, my quirk is something called One for All. It is a quirk that stockpiles strength passed on from its previous holders, and has always played a pivotal role in keeping the peace, and defeating great evil. I vaguely recall meeting you a few years ago, when you asked if you could become a hero without possessing a quirk. I, along with Endeavour, refuted you- yet, here you stand- a pupil at the most prestigious hero school in the world. Seeing you during the practical examination, and watching as you rescued that girl from the zero-point robot despite your status as quirkless, truly inspired me.”

“Because of this, I am offering to pass down my quirk- One for All- to you. With this power- you can become a hero.”

While Bakugou had remained indifferent for the vast majority of the monologue, the last statement pulled his face into an angry frown.

Hey- we managed to get into this school without the help of any quirk whatsoever. We’re gonna be the number one heroes with or without your shitty quirk.”

All Might flushes embarrassedly. “Yes, yes of course you will! However, you will accept my quirk, will you not?”

An awful lot of stories depict life-changing offers such as these wreaking terrible emotional conflict upon the mind. His decision, however, is laughably easy.


“What?” All Might splutters, seemingly having no idea how to react to the refusal, “Why ever not?”

“It looks like you’ve forgotten that, when I met you and Endeavour all those years ago, I flipped you off. I realised that Pro-Heroes with steroid quirks like you and Edea-vore rely way too much on the power you got by chance. Because of this, I figured out that heroes like that need to learn that they aren’t really that special- just lucky. And what better way to do that than spite them all and become the first quirkless Pro-Hero- right next to my best friend, Hito-shit, the kid who’s been insulted all his life for having a ‘villain’s quirk’.”

All Might flounders aimlessly, at a complete loss for how to respond. They carry on walking again- and right as they both pass by the number one hero, Bakugou speaks up again.

“Just you watch, All Might, we’re gonna flip your quirk-based society on its head.”


“You know what I don’t get?” Bakugou mutters angrily after they’ve long left All Might behind. “Why didn’t he ask you to take it? You’ve already got a boss-ass quirk that you can handle perfectly, and you’re in the exact same shape as me. You were there when we rescued that girl, too.”

“Why ever it is- I’m glad he didn’t ask me.” Shinsou pipes up, which earns him a quizzical glance. “Because I’ve never had to refuse the number one hero like that before.”

Katsuki pauses for a moment, then smiles at him with all the heat and intensity of the sun itself.


God, today’s already been a rollercoaster, and class hasn’t even started yet.

They arrive fifteen minutes before anyone else. Except, of course, for the blue-haired guy with glasses that’s built like a fucking brick.

“Greetings, my fellow classmates! My name is Iida Tenya, and my quirk is Engine. May I ask your names?”

Hitoshi introduces himself first. “My name’s Shinsou Hitoshi- my quirk’s Brainwashing.”

Shinsou nudges his friend, who’s apparently too busy trying to size the guy up to give him his name. “Oi, Kat-suck-it.” he says, jabbing him in the ribs.

“Ow- fine!” Bakugou replies, batting away his hand. “Name’s Bakugou Katsuki- and I’ve not got a quirk, but I can still beat the hell out of you if you try starting any shit with us.”

Iida looks as if he’d like to reprimand one of them for their behaviour, but probably thinks better of it. His eyes light up with recognition after a second or so. “Ah ha! I know you two! You’re the two students who received the joint-top scores in the practical examination! I must say- your results were exemplary! And you realised that helping others was also an important aspect of the test, so I must commend you on your keen senses of observation!”

Bakugou scoffs in an almost good-natured manner. Almost. “You think we knew about the rescue? Yeah right- we just saw the girl about to get crushed underneath that giant fucking robot and decided that we’d be shit heroes if we didn’t do anything about it.”

Shinsou nods in agreement, and Iida’s eyes go wide with awe beneath his glasses. “That only makes your actions even more honourable! You have the makings of marvellous heroes for certain!”

Bakugou smirks maddeningly. “Yeah, we know- we’re gonna be heading straight for the top together, after all.”

Iida, apparently oblivious to the smugness lining the declaration, nods in understanding, then returns to his chosen seat to unpack his stuff.

“One perk of getting to class early:” Shinsou starts dryly, “getting to pick whatever desks we want.”

Bakugou just grins and leads him over to a spot near enough the back that they can probably get away with whispering and note-passing, but not close enough that they’ll get annoyed by people who had the same idea. They unpack their school bags, and throw their duffel-bags on the backs of their chairs.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what do you have in those duffel-bags?” the only other kid in class questions.

“Support items.” Shinsou answers plainly, because ‘weapons and shit’ sounds a bit sketchy. Iida replies with an ‘ahh’ before continuing with whatever the fuck he’s doing over there.

More students file into the room eventually, including a sunshine-looking redhead who gasps when he catches sight of them. “You’re the guys who came joint-first in the entrance exam! That’s so cool! How’d you do it?”



They answer respectively, and the guy looks even more excited than before, if that’s even physically possible.

“You did it all without your quirks? That’s so manly!”

“My quirk wouldn’t have worked in that type of environment against enemies of that type.” Shinsou replies simply.

Bakugou scoffs. “And I haven’t even got one. We made it in on pure skill- without some flashy quirk.”

Hitoshi exhales through his nose in amusement- he must still be thinking about All Might.

“That’s so amazing.” the boy whispers underneath his breath, as if his own bewilderment is legitimately preventing him from speaking normally. Bakugou looked as smug as always at the praise- but there was something else there, too- and Shinsou thinks that he may have to tease his friend about his new gay crush later.

Some of the other students congregate around their desks to gape at them- and at some point the girl they saved comes up to thank them- and they stay there until the clock states that the teacher should be arriving some time soon. Their classmates move to claim a desk without actually sitting down, still chattering away with their peers. Shinsou and Bakugou share a look of contempt at the incessant talking.

Suddenly, there’s a huge yellow caterpillar at the front of the class, which soon reveals itself to be their homeroom teacher. Bakugou catches Hitoshi practically trembling in his seat at the sight of the man. He’d almost forgotten that Shinsou had been a massive Eraserhead fanboy since the day of the guy’s debut as an underground hero a few years back. He smirks at his friends antics.

Eraserhead- or rather, Aizawa-sensei says something about being more rational after the class has settled down, and wastes no time getting them on their feet again, making them get changed into their training kits, and dragging them all to the training grounds. Shinsou and Bakugou, forever on the same wavelength, shoulder their duffel-bags just in case they need something in them.


As it turns out, they will need them, because apparently Aizawa-sensei believes it to be a fantastic idea to test their abilities first thing in the morning.

“This is a quirk comprehension test, and the person with the lowest score will be deemed to have zero potential, and will therefore be expelled. So, use any means necessary to avoid last place."

Excuse me, but what the fuck?


They were told to avoid last place by any means necessary, and that they do.

Turns out the poles were a great idea, because they're perfect for vaulting their way into joint-first place in the long-jump, and they practically fly over the track for the fifty-meter sprint by just flinging themselves over the thing using the metal sticks.

Their grip-strength and side-stepping tests present them with average scores, albeit perhaps being slightly above the usual due to their years spent training.

The ball-throw is great, because it turns out the baseball they're using is the perfect fit for their juiced-up nerf-guns. They take immense pleasure in the look on everyone’s faces when they blast their baseballs into the sky. And, while they don’t receive the top-scores- because you can’t actually beat infinity (damn, that girl’s more impressive than she looks)- they certainly do better than most of the others.

“It’s nerf or nothin’.” they whisper with twin Cheshire-Cat grins as they high-five.

In amongst these tests, they also have other exercises, such as sit-ups.

“Ugh. I can do them just fine, but I despise sit-ups with every fibre of my being.” Shinsou groans.

“I know, Hito-shit. But that just means that I'm gonna score higher than you.” Bakugou taunts, earning him a playful shove in retaliation.

Bakugou does in fact end up pulling ahead of Shinsou due to the sit-up test, but only by one point. Hitoshi then proceeds to gripe about it until the end of the tests. Or rather, he would have, if not for Bakugou stumbling slightly during the push-ups. He then remains comfortably smug about this until the actual end of the tests.

The scores come in soon after, and, to their pleasure, they come in joint-first- just like the entrance exams. They fist-bump each other triumphantly.

“But, weren’t they kinda cheating? I mean- they used equipment.” some kid with an electricity quirk- Kaminari, Bakugou thinks- speaks up.

“Well, to be fair,” Shinsou retorts, “he did say to avoid last place by any means necessary.”

“Exactly.” Aizawa says, “And they came first because of this even without the use of a quirk. However, I am not going to be expelling anyone- that was simply a logical ruse devised in order to motivate you to work harder.”

The rest of the students mutter complaints. Bakugou can see his friend internally beaming at the praise from the look in his eye that no one else quite catches.

He nudges Hitoshi with a proud smirk adorning his face, and he whispers to his friend:

“We’re top of the class, motherfuckers.”