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Dating Steve is surprisingly easy. On Sunday evenings, Bucky waits in the alley behind Lady Liberty to be let in. Over the weeks, he finds ways to be clean and shaven before meeting Steve. Mondays and Tuesdays, while Lady Liberty is closed, they spend time together, Steve sharing movies and TV and games for Bucky to learn about. Mostly, Bucky focuses on Steve. On Wednesday mornings, Bucky leaves before Steve’s employees arrive to open the shop. It repeats the next Sunday night.


On the days Bucky is without Steve, he moves all over Queens and Brooklyn, breaking into secured Wi-Fi networks to hack into SHIELD’s files one by one, slowly and patiently so SHIELD won’t notice Bucky’s efforts amongst all the tiny infractions of their networks they get every day. He and Steve text during the week, but soon, it isn’t enough.


Within a month, Bucky dreads Wednesdays and look forward to Sundays. Within two, he spends less time building bridges into SHIELD’s data. By September, he has found nothing that indicates an infestation of Hydra within SHIELD, and he’s grown tired of having to infiltrate local gyms to use their showers.


Steve opens the back door to Lady Liberty and Bucky grins just for the sight of him. Steve grins back and Bucky steps inside, automatically reaching for a hug. Steve wraps his arms around Bucky’s shoulders and Bucky tucks his nose as close to Steve’s neck as he can, inhaling Steve’s soft, sweet scent. It’s heaven to Bucky; it reminds him of Hanukkah, even though Bucky can’t remember a single Hanukkah in his life and he doesn’t know what it is about Steve’s scent that reminds him of it.


“I missed you,” Steve mumbles quietly.


“I missed you, too, sunshine,” Bucky answers gently.


Steve squeezes before letting go. Bucky catches the edge of the door with his foot and shuts it, flipping the deadbolts and putting on the chains by habit. Steve holds out his hand as Bucky turns back. Bucky takes it and they head up the stairs.


“I think it’s my turn to cook,” Bucky says as Steve sets the shop’s alarm.


“I think we should order takeout,” Steve answers. “Because you’re not allowed to cook.”


“I think that’s a great idea,” Bucky replies. “What’re your pronouns today, doll?”


“They/them,” Steve says, bumping into Bucky’s shoulder. “Thanks.”


“‘Course,” Bucky says.


He picks up Steve’s hand and gives it a quick kiss, causing them to blush. Bucky smirks, satisfied, and knocks a finger under Steve’s chin. Steve rolls their eyes and knocks Bucky off, heading further into the kitchen.


“What are you in the mood for?” Steve asks, tugging out takeout menus.


“Pizza,” Bucky suggests. “Classic American fare.”


Steve looks up at him, then snorts and shakes their head. “Carbs and cheese,” they reply, putting the menus back and taking out their phone. “As always.”


Bucky walks up behind Steve and hugs them from the back; Steve laughs as Bucky nuzzles his cheek into their hair.


“Aw, c’mon!” Steve protests, laughing still. “I’m tryna order dinner, here!”


“I ain’t stoppin’ you, sweetheart,” Bucky says. “I’m just lovin’ on ya.”


Steve giggles and twists around. Bucky plants a kiss on their lips and Steve smiles against Bucky’s mouth.


“Bubble’a sunshine,” Bucky murmurs. “‘S what’chu are.”


Steve giggles again. Bucky rubs their noses together and Steve turns around fully to hug Bucky.


“You call for pizza,” Steve says into Bucky’s shirt. “‘S your night to cook, anyway.”


“I see how it is,” Bucky chuckles, plucking Steve’s phone from their hand. “I got it, doll.”


Steve snuggles into Bucky’s chest. Bucky takes a second just to smile down at them before he calls the usual pizza place and places their order.


When Bucky hangs up, Steve takes their phone back and puts it in their back pocket. Bucky rests his cheek against Steve’s hair for a second, then decides vertical cuddling is not as good as couch cuddling and picks Steve up completely. Steve snort-laughs and loops their arms around Bucky’s neck as Bucky carries them out of the kitchen and into the living room. He sets Steve on the sofa, then plops down and wraps his arm around their shoulders. Steve pulls their legs up onto the sofa and cuddles against Bucky’s side.


“The new season of Doctor Who started yesterday,” Steve says.


Neat,” Bucky replies softly.


"Neat," Steve repeats, snorting. "You're such a grandpa."


The pizza is delivered and they sit on the couch to eat while they watch the first episode of season 7 of Doctor Who.


“I fuckin’ hate Daleks,” Bucky says as the first metal trash can appears on screen.


“Same,” Steve sighs.


Steve eats three pieces of the large pizza, Bucky eats the rest. It’s finished halfway through the episode and Bucky automatically drapes his arm across Steve’s shoulders. Steve cuddles into Bucky’s side again and Bucky tips his head to the side to rest it against their hair. This is why he likes watching TV and movies with Steve. All the cuddling Steve gives him so easily.


After the episode is over, Steve sits up and stretches. Bucky lets his arm slide onto the back of the sofa as Steve lifts their arms above their head and yawns. It’s been a long day for Steve; the shop had been busy since it opened to the moment they shut the doors, what with the phones ringing all day and a group of friends clogging the waiting room to support just two of them getting matching tattoos. Bucky knows because he was perched on a rooftop opposite Lady Liberty. It’s usually how he spends Sundays now. Wednesdays, too. And the occasional every other day of the week.


Bucky misses Steve whenever he’s not with them. Sue him.


“You wanna watch something else?” Steve asks.


“Nah,” Bucky says. “You should hit the sack, sweetheart.”


Steve deflates but smiles at Bucky. Bucky reaches out and taps a finger under their chin. Steve rolls their eyes.


“We got all day tomorrow,” Bucky reminds them. “Get some sleep, dollface.”


Steve snorts, as they always do when Bucky calls them dollface, and leans in for a kiss. Bucky cups Steve’s cheek, rubbing his thumbs across Steve’s cheekbone; cautiously scent-marking them. Steve presses their foreheads together after they break the kiss, then they rub their nose against Bucky’s.


“I was thinking,” Steve says quietly, “maybe we could…”


Bucky lifts an eyebrow. Steve’s cheeks turn pink.


“Maybe –” Steve starts again. “Maybe you could join me? Upstairs?”


“Upstairs?” Bucky repeats, then a smile grows on his face. “Do you mean…?”


Steve lifts a shoulder, smiling and biting their lip at Bucky; they look so adorable. “If you want.”


Bucky sweeps his thumb across Steve’s cheek again. “If you’re ready,” he says softly.


“I’m ready,” Steve answers. “I want to.”


Bucky presses a quick kiss to Steve’s lips. “Then I think it’s a great idea, sunshine,” he says.


Steve reaches up and takes Bucky’s face in their hands. Steve pulls Bucky into another kiss, one that starts soft. Then Steve parts their lips and Bucky takes the invitation. He cups their waist in his hands, slipping his tongue into their mouth. Steve opens for him, willing and eager.


It’s not the first time they’ve French kissed by far. But in the past three months, Bucky has always slept on the sofa bed.


“We should go upstairs,” Steve mumbles into the kiss.


“Yeah,” Bucky agrees; they break apart and Bucky reaches up to caress Steve’s cheek. “Can I carry you?” he asks. “Is that okay?”


“You can carry me,” Steve answers, laughing softly. “I’d like that.”


Bucky gets up. Steve lifts their arms and Bucky scoops them up bridal-style. Laughing, Steve wraps their arms around Bucky’s neck and Bucky steals another kiss as he heads for the stairs.


“What do you like?” Steve asks.


“You,” Bucky replies.


Steve snorts and thunks their head against Bucky’s neck. Bucky grins as he mounts the stairs, going up them easily despite having to curve around the spiral-part; Steve weighs barely anything and is certainly not difficult to lift.


“Seriously,” Steve mumbles.


“I seriously have no idea,” Bucky answers. “I can’t remember.”


Steve lifts their head. Bucky sets them on their feet just at the top of the stairs. Steve tips their head to the side, smiling bemusedly.


“What?” Bucky says, laughing a little.


“Do you not –” Steve asks. “Y’know. Jerk off?”


Bucky considers that. It takes him a second to gather what Steve means, then he lets out a soft oh! and adds a huh.


“No, come to think of it,” Bucky says. “It never occurred to me.”


Steve giggles and quickly covers their mouth with their hands. “Ohmygod,” they mumble behind their hands, “you’re practically a virgin.”


“I think I’ve had sex before,” Bucky defends himself.


“But you can’t remember it,” Steve points out, raising their eyebrows.


Bucky considers that, as well. He shrugs.


“I don’t think it’s a big deal,” Bucky decides. “What do you like?”


Steve’s cheeks pink up again. Bucky reaches up and cups Steve’s cheek in his right hand, smiling at the warmth seeping into his palm.


“What do you like, baby?” Bucky says softly. “Hmm?”


Steve butts their cheek into Bucky’s palm. Bucky rubs his thumb across Steve’s cheekbone and reaches out with his other hand to wrap it around Steve’s waist and cup the small of their back, pulling them in.


“Do you want to be little?” Bucky asks gently.


“Not always,” Steve explains. “Sometimes – It can be easier if I’ve been feeling dysphoric. And if I’m already little, I won’t want to go big just for sex.”


“Do you want to be tonight?” Bucky prompts.


Steve shrugs a little, then ducks their head and laughs a little softly. “Sorry,” they say, “I just – I get shy sometimes. It’s been a while.”


“Don’t apologize,” Bucky tells Steve, “it’s cute, sweetheart.”


Steve smiles and lifts their head again. Bucky leans in and rubs their noses together gently.


“What do you like?” Bucky prompts again.


“Can I still call you Daddy?” Steve asks softly.


“Yeah,” Bucky says, “I think that’d be – That’d be great,” he says, smiling. “I’d like it if you called me that, sweetheart.”


“I like it when you call me that,” Steve answers. “And sunshine. And doll and baby, all the things you call me.”


“Yeah?” Bucky returns, smile growing. “What else would you like? Sugar?”


Steve nods, still blushing.


“Kitten?” Bucky questions, stroking Steve’s cheek.


Steve nods again, smiling.


“Pretty boy?” Bucky suggests.


“Pretty, yes,” Steve says, “boy, no.”


They wrinkle their nose, shaking their head. Bucky quickly ducks in and pecks Steve’s wrinkled nose, making them break and giggle softly.


“Right, sorry,” Bucky answers. “Pretty kitten. Pretty doll. Pretty baby.”


Steve smiles again and rubs their cheek into Bucky’s hand. Bucky grins back, filled with elation.


“Would you like me to talk dirty, pretty baby?” Bucky asks. “Or sweet, or both?”


“Both,” Steve says, nodding again. “I’d like both.”


“What else, sweetheart?” Bucky presses. “You can tell me.”


“I like being held down,” Steve says quietly. “And praise.”


“Yeah?” Bucky returns, brushing Steve’s cheek with his thumb again. “Tell me more, baby.”


“My nipples are really sensitive,” Steve answers, grinning.


“Are they?” Bucky chuckles.


He reaches up with his metal hand now and touches Steve’s chest. Steve sucks in a breath, their cheeks flushing yet again. Bucky meets their eyes, waiting, and Steve gives a small nod. Bucky feels with his thumb through Steve’s shirt for their nipple; when he finds it, he almost does a double take.


“What?” Bucky says, feeling something surprisingly hard in Steve’s nipple.


Steve giggles. “My nipples are pierced,” they say, leaning against Bucky’s chest.


Bucky raises his eyebrows. “Wow,” he says, smiling, and he feels out the difference between the piercing and their nipple. “Does that feel good, babydoll?”


“Yeah,” Steve answers, their voice taking on a breathy tone. “I like a little bit of pain,” they add, completely unprompted.


Bucky reaches up with his other hand and gathers a handful of their hair. Steve shuts their eyes, leaning back into his touch, and Bucky slowly tightens his grip. Steve’s mouth parts slightly in the center as their breath hitches.


“What else, sweetheart?” Bucky asks.


“Marking,” Steve answers. “Any kind.”


Bucky relaxes his grip and pulls Steve closer to kiss the tip of their nose. “Good –” he pauses, about to say boy and realizing that’s not the right word right now. “Good sunshine,” Bucky says instead.


Steve beams and Bucky figures that was the correct substitution. He kisses Steve’s lips again, smoothing his hand through their hair, then starts guiding them towards the bed.


“What’s not so good?” Bucky asks. “Anything that makes you feel dysphoric?”


“Um,” Steve says while they think. “Don’t – don’t call my dick a dick? Or anything like that?”


“Do you want me to call it a clit?” Bucky suggests.


Steve shakes their head, wrinkling their nose. “Just don’t talk about it,” they say. “That’s a squick.”


“A squick?” Bucky repeats, smiling. “That’s a cute way to talk about it. What else is a squick, baby?”


“Feet,” Steve says, breaking into a smile, too, and giggling. “And, um… Being mean.”


“Why would I be mean to you, sweetheart?” Bucky counters with a laugh. “You’re too pretty to be mean to.”


“Some people are into it,” Steve defends.


Bucky rolls his eyes. “I won’t be mean to you,” he offers. “And I won’t talk about feet and I won’t talk about your genitals. What else?”


“I can’t think of anything else,” Steve says. “My safeword is mangos.”


“Mangos,” Bucky repeats. “Right. What is a safeword?” he adds.


“It means cease and desist,” Steve answers primly. “Something is wrong and must be rectified before continuation is possible.”


“Oh,” Bucky replies slowly. “Huh. That sounds pretty useful, actually. Mangos.”


“Mangos,” Steve says with a firm nod.


“I guess my safeword is mangos, too, then,” Bucky says. “‘Cause I can’t think of anything else now.”


“Like pink elephants,” Steve giggles.


“What?” Bucky says with a laugh.


“Don’t think about pink elephants!” Steve tells Bucky with another firm nod. “And then you immediately think of nothing but pink elephants!”


“Okay,” Bucky laughs. He ducks in and gives Steve a quick kiss. “Mangos means stop right away. Is there anything else I should know?”


Steve lifts onto their toes and wraps their arms around Bucky’s neck, a light smile curling their lips and their eyes on Bucky’s mouth.


“I’m very flexible,” Steve murmurs.


“Good to know,” Bucky returns. “So, let’s do it?”


Steve giggles, nodding. “Let’s do it,” they answer.


Bucky leans in for another kiss, at the same time, taking the hem of Steve’s shirt in his hands. Steve smiles into the kiss and pulls back just enough to let Bucky tug their shirt off over their head; their hair gets poofed up into spikes of white blonde and pastel blue and Bucky drops the shirt onto the ground.


Steve flushes down their thin chest and looks down. Bucky touches their cheek with his right hand, then drops it to cup Steve’s ribs. His eyes go straight to their pierced nipples; gorgeous, pretty pink nipples, shot through with shiny rainbow-colored metal bars. Their chest is thin, a little concave just past their ribs, but their belly is soft under Bucky’s touch.


“I have a lot of piercings,” Steve admits softly.”


“You’re so pretty, sweetheart,” Bucky murmurs. “Lookit’chu, you’re gorgeous.”


Steve smiles and their blush extends; Bucky moves his hand up, watching Steve blush right down to their pierced nipples, and he whistles low and appreciative.


“Gorgeous,” he repeats, dropping his metal hand to the front of Steve’s jeans.


Steve touches Bucky’s chest as Bucky pops the button on their jeans, then they tug on Bucky’s shirt. Bucky lifts his arms just long enough for Steve to get it off, then he crowds in closer, dropping the zipper on Steve’s jeans. Steve’s breathing picks up and Bucky pauses to release his own zipper and jean button. He pushes his jeans and boxers down his hips together and shakes them off his ankles, kicking them away. Bucky looks up again and Steve flushes down their neck again, jerking their gaze back up. Bucky smirks and moves closer, cupping Steve’s cheek with his right hand.


“Eager, sweetheart?” Bucky teases. “Why don’t you go ahead and take your pants off?”


Steve glances down, grabbing the waistband of their jeans. Bucky touches Steve’s shoulder with a hand, his thumb sweeping into the dip of Steve’s prominent clavicle. He looks down Steve’s body as Steve pushes down their jeans and Bucky’s mouth waters for the sight of them.


“Good baby,” Bucky murmurs to Steve. “You’re so pretty, sunshine.”


Steve kicks away their jeans, then sits down on the edge of the bed. For a moment, Bucky just looks at them. It makes Steve turn even pinker, but Bucky's gaze zeros in on their dick. It's flushed red and getting hard, but at the tip in their slit and centered in the top of the glans, there are two rainbow-colored spheres identical to their nipple piercings.


"Doll," Bucky starts.


Steve squirms a little. "Yeah," they say, as though bashful about it. "My thing's pierced, too, yeah."


"Holy fucking shit," Bucky mutters, stepping right up to them and dropping to a knee in front of them. "Didn't that hurt?"


Steve fists their hands into the bedding, their face bright pink. "Yeah," they agree. "I - I liked it, though."


Bucky looks back up, awed. "Yeah?"


Steve nods.


Bucky flicks his gaze down again, then lifts it and a hand, raising his eyebrows questioningly. "Can I touch it?"


Steve nods again quickly. Bucky brushes a thumb over the metal ball, then lifts Steve's dick with his thumb to look more intently. Steve exhales sharply and Bucky looks up again, closing his fist around their dick completely.


"Okay?" he asks again.


Steve nods a third time. Bucky strokes them slowly, feeling the metal piercing the head of their dick.


"Got any more piercings to surprise me with?" Bucky asks.


"Um, yeah," Steve mumbles. "I've - I've got a taint ladder."


Bucky looks up again, eyes wide. Steve grins shyly, then leans back onto their elbows, spreading their knees apart. They lift their legs to plant their heels on the bed and Bucky is given a choice view of Steve's hole. It's small, pink, gorgeous, and between their ballsack and it, there are three oval rings; a blue one, a purple one, and then a pink one.


"Holy shit," Bucky mutters.


"That's all of them," Steve says. "I am thinking of adding more eventually, though."


"Gotta admit," Bucky starts, "I like that plan."


Steve looks down at him and grins. Bucky grins back, then cups the back of their right thigh with his hand, holding on.


"Can I lick you?" he asks plainly.


"Yeah," Steve answers immediately.


Bucky grins more and drops his gaze back to Steve's gorgeous hole. He leans in, mouth salivating, and gives it a taste. Steve lets out a groan, falling back onto the bed, and Bucky happily licks them again. He keeps his left hand on the edge of the bed, but grips Steve's thigh with his right to keep them spread open for him. He starts working his tongue into Steve's hole, lick by lick, and Steve goes from groaning and encouraging him to low whimpers that just make Bucky feel proud and possessive.


"Buck," Steve whines after several minutes, "come up here."


Bucky pushes up off his knees and folds over Steve, pressing their lips together right away. Steve catches his hair, moaning into the kiss, and after a second, they break apart panting.


“Where do you want to be, babydoll?” Bucky asks, sweeping his thumb across Steve’s cheek.


“My back,” Steve answers, eyes still shut. “There’s condoms in my nightstand,” they add. “Bottom drawer.


Bucky grabs one. He touches Steve’s face again and Steve lifts their chin.


“Can I move you?” Bucky asks.


Steve nods. Bucky puts a hand on Steve’s shoulder and pushes them back.


Steve goes willingly, lifting their arms above their head as they lay down again. Bucky curls an arm under the small of Steve’s back and shifts them further up the bed, getting them into the middle. Bucky climbs onto the bed on top of Steve, settling his knees astride their hips. Steve opens their eyes again, and now they are soft, doe-eyed and trusting. Bucky rests his hands on either side of Steve’s head, then sinks down to his elbows and closes the distance to kiss them. Steve returns it eagerly, but their hands remain lying on the bed above their head.


Bucky twists his mouth from Steve’s to go down their neck, at the same time, he moves his metal hand to grab both of Steve’s wrists. Steve lets out a soft sound and Bucky wraps his hand around Steve’s wrists, pinning them.


Then Bucky lets the gears and motors in the arm whir and his fingers lock.


“Try and break free,” Bucky murmurs into Steve’s neck.


Steve wriggles slightly. Bucky’s metal hand detects movement and pressure and does not yield. Steve struggles for real, then falls still, suddenly panting. Bucky smiles against Steve’s neck, then drops a kiss to Steve’s pulse point.


“You know what to say if you need me to let go,” Bucky murmurs again. “Otherwise, you’re staying where I put you.”


“Yes, Daddy,” Steve whispers.


Bucky’s body thrums with his hot blood. He licks over Steve’s pulse, then lets his right hand wander down Steve’s chest to their nipples. Bucky sweeps a thumb across a nipple and they shiver.


“Good baby,” Bucky says softly. “My sweet little sunshine.”


Steve makes a noise high in their throat. Bucky picks a spot on Steve’s neck and bites down.


Steve gasps. Bucky switches to sucking on the bite mark instead and Steve makes the high whine again, lifting up underneath Bucky; they lift their knees, now bracketing Bucky’s hips. Bucky presses down, pinning Steve to the bed by their wrists and their torso, and Steve whimpers for a different attention.


“I’m going to touch you, babydoll,” Bucky murmurs, his lips dragging up to Steve’s ear. “And you’re going to lie here all still and sweet for me, aren’t you?”


“Yes, Daddy,” Steve promises, their voice low.


Bucky pinches Steve’s nipple one more time before stretching his hand down. He drags his palm over Steve’s body, pressing his scent into their skin, until he gets between Steve’s legs. Bucky pets Steve’s inner thighs for a moment before reaching for their hole, wet from his tongue and their arousal.


At the first press of Bucky’s fingers, Steve arches back and whines again. Bucky shushes them softly, pressing kisses down Steve’s neck.


“Would you like me to mark you up, sweetheart?” Bucky asks. “Leave your neck a mosaic, hmm?”


“Uh-huh,” Steve whimpers. “Please, Daddy.”


Bucky parts his lips and starts to suck a hickey into Steve’s neck, occasionally biting at the skin to bruise it. He circles his finger around Steve’s slickening hole as he does and Steve lets out their breath in small, sharp gasps.


“Very good, sweetheart,” Bucky says, his lips brushing Steve’s skin. “You’re doing so well for Daddy.”


Bucky could not say if he had encountered someone like Steve earlier in life or if he was just a natural at this role. But Steve’s trusting surrender feels like a drug in Bucky’s veins and Bucky cannot think of anything he’d rather be than Steve’s daddy.  In the past three months, Steve and Bucky not only have waited to have sex, but for Bucky to meet Steve’s little side. Nonetheless, Bucky feels that he has been Steve’s daddy for a while now.


Steve clenches around Bucky’s fingers. Bucky sucks marks into Steve’s neck. Steve’s arms and legs and torso tense, a thin E cord ready to vibrate the second Bucky plucks it. Bucky kisses the corner of Steve’s mouth and whispers soft praise. Steve hooks their ankles over Bucky’s shoulders as Bucky rips open the condom wrapper. Bucky kisses Steve again, and again, and again. Steve clenches around Bucky’s cock.


“So good, so pretty, babydoll, you’re doin’ so good for Daddy,” Bucky gasps.


“Daddy,” Steve whimpers. “Oh, god, Bucky, oh – oh!”


“Can I knot you?” Bucky asks, getting desperate.


“Yes,” Steve says, “yes, please, Daddy, knot me! Knot me!”

Bucky presses his forehead just under Steve’s jaw, his mouth hanging open. He gives a few more reckless thrusts and his knot swells. Bucky gets a hand around Steve’s dick and jacks it a few times and Steve whines out Daddy one more time before they come.


Bucky presses into Steve’s neck, panting. Steve’s body sings its high note and slowly relaxes.


“Fu–uuu–uk,” Steve sighs. “Holy fuck.”


Bucky breaks into a smile and laughs. He kisses Steve’s neck one more time, then lifts up and kisses their mouth. Steve kisses back lazily for a second, then breaks into a grin and giggles under Bucky’s mouth. Bucky can’t help but grin, too; he releases the gears locking his metal hand and lets go of Steve’s wrists. Steve pulls their hands apart and their face settles into a soft delight as they flex their fingers. Bucky looks up and gently brushes his metal fingers over Steve’s wrist; there are bruises.


“Does it hurt?” Bucky asks quietly.


Steve shakes their head, stretching their arms out. “Feels good,” they murmur back.


Bucky kisses Steve’s cheek again. Steve smiles and shuts their eyes. Bucky pulls Steve’s legs down, then curls an arm under Steve’s back and rolls them both onto their sides. Steve curls their arms between them and Bucky and tucks their head just under Bucky’s chin. Bucky grabs a pillow and tucks it under his head, then curls both his arms around Steve; his metal arm tucking around Steve’s head and his flesh arm wrapping over Steve’s ribs.


Steve hums softly. Bucky nuzzles his face into Steve’s hair.


“Sweet baby,” Bucky murmurs.


Steve grins and snuggles closer, curling their leg over Bucky’s waist.


“Thank you, Daddy,” Steve murmurs and Bucky just pulls them closer.


They lay there, cuddling while Bucky’s knot deflates. After about fifteen minutes, Steve stretches out their arms and slips away from Bucky, breaking the connection, and they lie down flat on their back on the bed. Bucky props his head up on a hand and looks down at Steve, smiling. Steve looks over at him, then smiles back.


“Shower?” Steve suggests.


“Together?” Bucky returns.


“Duh,” Steve says.


Bucky grins and leans in to kiss Steve. Steve lifts up to kiss him back, but after a second, pushes Bucky off and gets up.


Bucky twists onto his back and pushes up on his elbows, watching Steve’s ass bounce as they slip off the bed. A smile twists Bucky’s lips.


Steve pauses by the bathroom door and looks back, a hand resting on the doorway. They raise their eyebrows at Bucky.


“Are you coming?” Steve asks.


Bucky pushes up and scoots off the bed. He pauses to remove the condom and tie it off, then throws it away as he stands and crosses to join Steve in the bathroom doorway. Bucky slips his hands around Steve’s waist and Steve turns to face him, lifting their chin, and Bucky presses a kiss to their mouth. They kiss for a long moment and when they break apart, Bucky reaches up to cup Steve’s chin and hold them in place to rub their noses together.


“C’mon,” Steve says, “there’s plenty of time to smooch in the shower.”


“Oh, there is, huh?” Bucky chuckles, following Steve into the bathroom.


There was plenty of time to smooch in the shower.


Refreshed from the shower and both still glowing from a post-coital bliss, Steve turns the blankets down on their bed. Bucky heads for the stairs.


“Where are you going?” Steve calls. “You still gotta snuggle me, pal.”


“To get clean underwear?” Bucky says, shooting Steve a smile.


“Oh,” Steve says. They flush and laugh. “Okay,” they reply, “but the curtains are probably open downstairs.”


“Ah, well,” Bucky says, taking the stairs down at a quick gait, “I’m not self-conscious.”


Bucky hears Steve’s laughter as he heads for his backpack sitting by the sofa. The curtains are parted, but the gap doesn’t put Bucky in the line of sight. Bucky opens up his backpack and tugs out some spare boxers, stepping into them before going back upstairs. Steve is already in bed as Bucky returns and they sit up when he enters. Bucky pulls the curtain closed over the loft and climbs into the empty side of the bed.


“Hi,” Steve says quietly.


“Hi,” Bucky answers with a grin.


Steve leans in and they kiss once before Steve turns and switches off the lamp. Bucky settles down in the bed, then lays his arm out to the side. Steve curls up next to him, pulling the blankets up and over both of them. Bucky presses a kiss to Steve’s pale green hair.


“Goodnight, sunshine,” Bucky murmurs.


“Goodnight,” Steve answers, then, quieter and with an audible smile, “Daddy.”


Bucky smiles and kisses Steve’s hair again.