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Psudo Heat

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The rise in hormones of a pregnant omega can often lead to episodes of high sexual desire directed at their alpha partner. This is similar to heats but not as surprising and uncontrollable. Not to mention the way these episodes are triggered are different. It didn’t take the impressive strength of an alpha, but rather something more homey. Actually, for Kirishima, all it takes is a soft bed and a much needed shoulder rub for some fun to begin.

“Ah, Katsuki –,” Kirishima purred, “That feels so good.”

Bakugou’s hands rubbed away any tension Kirishima had in his shoulders and back. With how quickly the pup had been growing, it was starting to put a strain on the omega’s muscles.

Kirishima eased his back into Bakugou’s chest and let out a relaxing sigh. The alpha then lowered his hands and wrapped them around Kirishima’s widening middle. Bakugou’s gentle touch on such sensitive skin was igniting feelings of arousal.

“Do you think you can do a bit more?” Kirishima asked.


“I need just a little more from you.” Kirishima breathed, turning around to kiss his alpha on the lips.

A swirl of pheromones were released into the air from Kirishima’s movements, they were easily drawn to Bakugou like a magnet.

Bakugou kissed Kirishima gently, and with a softness, lowered him down into their mattress. Despite wanting to give in to all of his animalistic desires, he refused to let it take control of him. Kirishima was pregnant after all, he didn’t want to accidentally hurt him.

Bakugou loomed over Kirishima and kissed him on the lips as frenzied hands removed any and all clothing. Kirishima was a sight to behold, at least, in Bakugou’s eyes. A gentle flush was beginning to bloom on his face, his body had become so much more soft and the swelling of his belly was gorgeous.

Bakugou’s kisses traveled down Kirishima’s body toward the sweet smelling section in between his legs. Kirishima took in a breath as soon as he felt Bakugou’s lips graze his omegan dick and sensitive anus.

“You like that, don’t you?” Bakugou teased, with a bright smile.

Kirishima didn’t have to answer, Bakugou knew he did, he could see it in the way his body purred.

“How about this?”

Bakugou’s playful tongue worked magic on Kirishima, all it took was a few carefully planned swipes of his tongue causing the omega’s body to go overboard. Bakugou smiled, he swept up some cum on his finger, and licked it, asking, “Are you satisfied?”

Kirishima could feel the orgasm begin to trickle out through the tips of his fingers and the ends of his toes. It never failed to amaze him that such a lovely sensation could even exist in the world. And what made it all the more unbelievable was that Bakugou was the one to create such sweetness in his body.

“I want more of you.” Kirishima propped himself up on his elbows and smiled back.

Bakugou leaned over and kissed Kirishima on the cheek.

“Bakugou please…” Kirishima begged, wrapping an around his alpha’s shoulders, “Please, I need you inside me…”

Bakugou pecked a few kisses on Kirishima’s jaw, “The last time you said that, I got you pregnant.”

Kirishima laughed, “Yeah, so there’s nothing to worry about now, huh?”

Bakugou knew Kirishima was right, but he couldn’t help but feel worried that he might hurt his omega. But…

Kirishima was just so damn beautiful and Bakugou wanted to give him everything he wanted.

Bakugou opened up Kirishima’s legs and slowly began to descend into his omega. The deeper Bakugou went in the more pleasure began to spark up through him. Kirishima took in deep breaths, it felt wonderful to finally have his alpha inside him.

He let out a moan, and begged, “Harder, Katsuki – I need you to – ahhh!”

Bakugou grabbed onto the headboard of the bed and began to thrust deeper and deeper. With each thrust Kirishima whimpered in absolute pleasure, the sound of his omega reacting to his actions was more than lovely.

“Tell me you fucking like it!” Bakugou demanded, wanting to hear those words come right out of omega’s mouth.

“I love it!” Kirishima practically shouted, “I love this and I love you!!”

As the sound of Bakugou’s deep grunting reached Kirishima’s ears, did he begin to feel his alpha’s knot begin to become engorged. Kirishima could feel it pushing against his insides, he let out a sweet purr as the pin pricks of orgasm began to spread throughout his body. He called out for Bakugou, who was only mere seconds away from orgasm as well.

All it took was the sound of his omega’s voice calling his name to cause the alpha to lose himself.

Kirishima smiled as the joy of relief washed over him and Bakugou snuggled up beside him the best he could since they were still attached. He settled his hand over Kirishima’s stomach, feeling the baby turn and kick.

“I didn’t hurt him, did I?” Bakugou asked.

“No, of course not.” Kirishima assured, “He’s strong, just like you.”