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- New portion of snacks incoming!

Izuku announced, carrying a plate of drinks and bowl of fruit from the kitchen. The moment he placed them next to the stack of books, two glasses flew into the air, as Ochako levitated Eri her drink, to help her relax after another evening spent on doing her extra homework.

- Hooray for uncle Deku!

Ochako watched as her boyfriend went through the notes she wrote, checking each and every single example, and then as he began explaining to their young friend where she made mistakes. Due to her past, Eri needed much more help with learning and acclimatising to the society, and Izuku instantly offered he'd help her. Their busy life as pro-heroes meant that sometimes only one of them could assist her, but they tried their might to spend as much time with her, acting as her substitute family.

Ochako smiled, at the same time when Eri did, finally understanding the material they were revising today. And as she looked at him, Ochako once again felt a very familiar sensation, and a particular thought came across her mind, one she had a few times until now, but wasn't able to properly verbalise so far...

- Looks like aunt Ochako needs more cold juice too!

Eri's sudden remark made Ochako look up, and when the now-teenager put her hands on her cheeks, Ochako realised how hot she felt, and she immediately scooted away, to hide her blush, much to the delight of Eri and some confusion of Izuku.

She tried her might to suppress her thoughts for the rest of the evening, but every time she heard Eri's joyful voice when she talked with Izuku, it came back, stronger and stronger. She knew the name of her condition, but dared not to think of it.

Half an hour later, it was time for Eri to end her semi-weekly lessons, though she wouldn't go without giving both Izuku and Ochako deep, long hugs before she waved them goodbye.

- She's getting better every day. - Izuku spoke, cleaning up after. - And her training is going well, I've heard.

Izuku was going to continue, but Ochako's lips interrupted him, when she pressed them against his, locking the two in a long, sudden kiss.

- You're a wonderful man, do you know that, Deku?
- Uh, you-you think so?
- Of course. - Ochako laid her head on his chest - And Eri thinks so too.
- Doing my best, I suppose... - he smiled.
- Deku, you should reconsider having interns this year - she suddenly grasped his shirt. - They wanted you to have them last year already!
- Yeah, but I don't know, if I'm old enough...
- Mt. Lady was younger than us when she started taking students for internship. - Ochako countered - And you'd be perfect!

She rose an inch or so in the air to meet his eyes, and closed her distance to him, touching her forehead with his.

- Deku, you'd be amazing with kids... I know that, I've seen you, watched you... They just trust you.

Her boyfriend didn't respond, but instead, closed his arms around her, as they pulled each other into another slow kiss, that seemed to end the conversation, putting both of them into a lightweight state of bliss.

- Deku... do you mind if we hit the hay a bit earlier tonight? - Ochako broke the kiss, and lay her head on his shoulder, whispering her words into his ear.

Despite the fact that they have been dating and living together collectively for more than nine years bow, Izuku still found himself mesmerised and flabbergasted whenever his girlfriend dropped her alluring propositions like this one, covered with layers of subtext. He wasn't sure whether it was the suggestive gleam in her half-closed eyes, the low voice she spoke in, or the subtle, yet powerful fragrance of her perfume that hit a very primal instinct in his brain when she got closer to him, but for a moment he found himself unable to gather thoughts.

- O-Of course, Ochako. Do you want me to...
- No, I'm gonna prepare it.

She replied quickly, her cheeks brimming with with excitement that turned them instantly rosy once more. She gave him a quick peck, and a moment later, she disappeared in their bedroom, closing the sliding door behind her, leaving him as astonished as when he was seventeen and she just agreed to their first date.

Izuku took a whiff of his shirt, and thought he might as well take a very quick shower before he'd jump into bed with her.


Like a student waiting for the exam result, Izuku waited behind the doors to their bedroom, listening for Ochako's sign, and when she told him he can enter, he found that she has put quite a show for him.

The lights, as he suspected, were dimmed, the effect strengthened by several candles set around their bed, but of course that was not what gained Izuku's attention. Ochako wore her night robes, covering her from head to toes, but as soon as Izuku stepped towards her, she uncovered herself, showing a set of pink lingerie adoring her body, complementing places they hid.

- Do you like it? - she asked, toying with the edge of the robe, as she watched Izuku's mesmerised face.
- Of course. - he replied, again some confidence - New?
- Bought a few days ago. - she smiled - Wanted for-for a special occasion...

As her boyfriend crawled towards her, she leaned against their pillows, and a moment later, the two lost themselves in each other's ravenous kisses, rolling back and for on their bed, their hands eagerly exploring their half-naked bodies, as if they didn't spend each night together already.

But that was the magic that made their love life truly wonderful. It felt as if they kept falling in love with each other every day and every night, still feeling a bit nervous, but learning their way around each other quicker every time. Though, of course, if Ochako's plan was to succeed, it would cause quite a stir in that idyllic state...

- And what's the special occasion, then? - Izuku asked, taking a much needed breath, after Ochako levitated and pinned him to the bedsheets.
- Well... - Ochako shied away for a while - It's just... I've been thinking, how for the last year you've been helping Eri, and Kota before that, and...

She closed her arms behind his head, bringing her boyfriend as close to her as possible, so that he could catch every single word of hers. She took a deep breath and spoke her mind.

- And I've been wondering if... If you would like to be a dad, Deku.

She looked up, and, understandably, found her boyfriend's eyes wide opened, as he processed her suggestion. He swallowed loudly, and Ochako could feel the slight trembling of his fingers on her back, as he formulated his reply.

- You mean...

She nodded.

- I thought about, Deku, and... I think I'm ready too. - she smiled, hoping her cheerfulness would spread to him, but as usual, it only put him in a state of deeper contemplation.
- But... You'd have to take a leave.
- Only after a while - she replied, giving him a kiss - And besides, we've recruited some more heroes to help with dad's construction company.
- I mean... - he hesitated again - I guess we have the money for a kid, but...

Ochako bit her lip, wondering if her proposition was too bold. The burning itch in her loins almost made her roll Izuku to his back and ride him senselessly regardless of his choice, but she knew she wouldn't be able to do that. Delicately, she cupped his face, gaining his attention and gave him a quick kiss.

- Izuku... - she whispered, staring into his wide, sparkling eyes - I know I kinda jumped the gun with this idea, and... I understand you might not want it now... I can start wearing the patches from tomorrow, and we can just, you know, cuddle tonight...

It took Izuku another long while to answer her.

- You're really on with this idea, aren't you?
- Only if you are.

The two stared at each other, savouring the short, blissful moment, conducting the silent conversation paused only by their occasional blinking. She could see the myriad of questions rushing through his brain, uncertainty filling his soul, and the problems, deep over the horizon he was already able to foresee. And when he looked at her, all he could see was the assurance that no matter how things would go, she'll be always with him.

The corner of his mouth curled into a smile, and before Izuku knew, Ochako was already on him, dotting his face with kiss after kiss, while their hands dealt with the few pieces of attire they still had on. While Ochako might have thought Izuku would like to take his usual, slow approach and tease her by slowly disrobing her, she seemed to have infected Izuku with the same determination she possessed. Silently, the two lovers seemed to have agreed that nothing should stand in the way between them, not even their clothesShe stopped feeling her bra after second time they rolled onto their bed, and it took just a bit more fumbling for Izuku to get rid of her panties, a feat much easier if one could levitate.

Izuku threw the soaking wet panties aside, concentrating on the reason they acquired such state. Her scent, mixing with her perfume was intoxicating, drawing him instantly to place first of many licks around her sex. Ochako's back arched before Izuku's tongue touched her, his breath mingling with the droplets of her copious juices lubricating her sex. She let out a cry each time Izuku drank her, her body twisting despite his firm grip on her thighs. On one hand, Izuku was curious how wet she can get; on the other, he heard the somewhat nagging whimpering from her and wanted to see how eager she was to go with her plan.

The answer cam when Ochako let out a final moan, bent, and grabbed Izuku by his should, only to make him fly through the air until he landed on her. Her arms and legs closed behind his back, and her mouth once again became hungry for his. Finally, the word she's been pushing aside in her mind, materialised in her actions, clear as a day.

She was in heat.

Their kiss broke when Ochako felt his swollen head touch her opening, and the two once again meet each other in a long stare, just as Izuku was trying to flex his muscles into a comfortable position.

- You sure about this?

Ochako nodded, and the very next second she let out a cry when Izuku filled her with first, precise thrust. As her body arched, he quickly sneaked his arms underneath her back for support, and with the next push of his hips, he was now freely hammering his cock inside her without any hindrance. Every few seconds, their bedroom filled with the unmistakable sound of flesh hitting flesh when Izuku hilted himself balls-deep into his girlfriend, their carnal sound of mating mixed with his grunts and her high-pitched cries, containing only one word.

As Ochako clung tightly to his body, it took her a moment to notice the change in Izuku's position. With each dive of his, he pushed her legs closer and closer to her body, and only when they touched her arms, closed around his neck, Ochako realised what Izuku was going to achieve. For a painfully long second or two, they had to stop, just so Izuku could put her legs onto his shoulders, locking her with him in a tight and intimate position she was dreaming of for the past days. Her flexible body easily accommodated to the change, allowing Izuku to mate-press her as hard as hew wanted to.

And if his previous tempo was fast, then Ochako could only describe his current one as furious, as Izuku worked not just his hip but calves and things, pushing himself as deep into her as possible, dozens of times per minute, his sheer power transmitting to their bed's frame, as her legs flailed high up above him. Her voice cracked and modulated each time Izuku smashed her, causing her to only draw short intakes of air, and let out quick, sharp mewls, while the world around her seemingly shook with raw, unhindered power.

But then she understood it wasn't an illusion. There was the unmistakable, electrifying aura in the air, and when Ochako regained some of the senses to look at her lover, she recognised it instantly. She has seen the green sparkles emanating from his body many, many times, evoking the sense of finality, but she only experienced it a few times when they were in bed, and all of them were still the most vivid memories she had. The first time it happened, it almost ended with her getting pregnant, because neither of them could predict that Izuku's powers, still difficult to control, would shatter the condom and fill her up with his potent seed completely. This time, Ochako was hoping for exactly the same result that didn't become the reality when they were eighteen.

More importantly, tonight Izuku knew exactly what to do as well; Ochako saw the confidence and determination in his wide-opened eyes, and the fact that he was so dedicated to fulfilling her goal almost made her climax from that sheer thought alone.

- O-Ochako, I'm... I'm...!
- I know! - Ochako gasped - Give it to me, Izuku!

She pressed her lips to his, feeling the electricity raging through her body, multiplying the pleasure building in her loins.

- Give me... A thousand percent... - A million percent... Ten million percent!

Ochako cried, digging her nails into his back, delaying her orgasm for another fraction of a second

- Billion percent! Come on, Deku, let's have a baby!

And then, for what felt like eternity, everything seemed to have stopped. Floating inches above the bed, between his body and his arms, Ochako came to the profound realisation that she was with the man she loved, the man she wanted, the man she cared more that anyone else in the world, sharing their love for the most romantic and selfless causes... In the infinitesimally short moment of her peak, she understood everything, and could stare into her lover's eyes, filled with compassion, desire, and resolution, and only when she allowed herself to stop indulging in that otherworldly feeling, she crashed onto their bed, torn with a mind-shattering orgasm.

But that was nothing compared to what happened with Izuku. With air having escaped her lungs, Ochako let out a muted, sharp cry when Izuku groaned and hilted himself balls-deep into her one more time, sending a shockwave around their room that blew all the candles, and shook all the bookcases and items around. And at the same moment, Ochako felt the very first shot of familiar, and yet brand new kind of warmth spilling inside her. But instead of several hefty bursts she was used to, it was a continuous, torrential stream, filling her relentlessly with each second of their carnal connection. The same energy that tore Izuku's body seemed to be infusing her body as well, magnifying the climax she just went through, and jump-starting one after another, in turn milking him of all of his cum.

And in the mean-time, Izuku's hips worked, one brief push and pull at a time, sending more and more of his virile cum inside her, without him ever breaking eye contact with the woman he loved the most. Ochako couldn't see it, but she was sure that out of all the seed Izuku pumped into her, not a single drop has leaked yet, and when she looked between their sweaty bodies, she got the most realistic proof she could wish for. With each pulse of Izuku's cock, her abdomen twitched in sync, and when she put her hand over it, she could feel it, stream after stream of his warm essence pouring into her, each one giving her hope that she will be able to fulfil the promise to herself and her boyfriend.

Their lips met again, while Izuku continued his job. A minute has passed, then two, then five. And inside her, a new heat has grown from the warmth that has been pressured to flood her womb, having no other place to go, with Izuku's cock tightly blocking the entrance, ensuring Ochako's plan would succeed. Not many women could say they experienced it - heck, Ochako thought it was physically impossible until tonight - but if there was one man who could do it, then it was the one she chose to be the father of her children. Almost subconsciously, she moved her hand to where the heat seemed to be the biggest, and she was not surprised to find a flat, but vast, pulsing bulge exactly underneath where Izuku's seed gathered, making her feel she was pregnant already.

But at some point Izuku had to stop, though Ochako quite frankly wasn't sure when it happened. For what she knew, he could have been supplying her with his cum for hours, or maybe just ten minutes, which still was a feat unlike any other she experienced with him so far. Their lips parted, and they both took much needed gasps of air, staring into each other's gleaming eyes. Izuku wasn't sure how to react to the mind-blowing experience he just went through, but as soon as Ochako's lips curled into a smile, he responded with one as well. Next thing he knew, Ochako was all over his face, leaving kiss after kiss wherever she could, chirping short praises, though in reality, no words could describe her feelings right now.

- Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- N-No problem, Ochako. - he responded automatically with all of his modesty, as if he was still on duty - Though, you know, I didn't exactly made the next nine months easier for you, right?
- Of course I know that, silly. - she shrugged - But...

She closed her arms around him, bringing his head on her shoulder, so she could whisper into his ear.

- But I know you'll be with me. And with you, I could live through nine years of having to carry a baby.
- Be careful what you wish for, Ochako...
- Deku, you're a pervert! - she suddenly raised her voice giving him a quick, soft punch.
- Me? You were the one who just wanted me to go all the way on you, weren't you?

Dodging more playful punches and kicks, the couple rolled back and forth, trying to one-up each other, until Ochako once again landed underneath him, their lips locked in a long, breath-taking kiss.

- I wanted to, and you did exactly as I wished - she kissed him, catching some breath - You'll be a wonderful dad, Deku, I'm sure of it.
- And what a wonderful mom our baby will have...

He returned the kiss, placing one more on each of her cheeks, glowing with the deepest shade of crimson so far.

- Ochako, can I-
- No, stay, please. - she whispered, flexing her tired muscles around his body. - I just... I just want to feel you some more.

She pulled him towards her, and with the most delicious weight of her man on top and inside of her, she closed her eyes, ready to drift to sleep, filled with dreams of their bright and colourful future.

- Yeah but, uh, I-I gotta go to the toilet. - Izuku stuttered, breaking her moment of bliss.
- Oh, right.

Ochako let go of him, uncrossing her legs and arms, and just before Izuku was about to stand up, she grabbed him, prompting him to stop.

- Wait, do it slowly.
- Do wha-

And when he saw the mischievous smile on her face, he suddenly realised what she was thinking about. She grabbed her legs, pulling them up, he help spread them, and he moved back, inch by inch, revealing to himself, as well as Ochako, the aftermath of his work.

Ochako didn't have to wait long. When he pulled out, her muscles flexed one more time, sending a milky glob of his seed to spill from between her used lips onto their bedsheets. Then another one poured out, then two more, and soon a steady, thick, white trickle started bubbling up and overflowing her pussy, forming the most voluminous creampie Izuku has ever given her. His girlfriend looked like the most erotic mess imaginable, and the fact that she had no shame being one, filled Izuku with odd mixture of pride and excitement, as he watched his seed flowing out of her.
It didn't last long though; Ochako almost automatically flew a few inches into the air, tilted her body, grabbed the nearest pillow and slid it underneath her bum to let gravity put the stop to the lewd show she was giving Izuku.

- What? Gotta make sure we don't waste it. - she smiled.
- Ochako, I-I'm not an expert, but I don't think it will matter at this point, if you leak a drop or two.

"More like fifty thousand", he thought, looking at Ochako's pussy, utterly glazed with his sperm that was still gushing out, as well as the light bulge in her abdomen that truly showed how much work Izuku has done, fulfilling her wish and his job as a future father.

When Izuku stood up, he also took a long look at their usually pristine bedroom, now with lots of their belongings lying on the floor, twisted, pushed aside or in other way displaced by the rush of energy Izuku emitted when he filled her to the brim.

- Oh, you say it now, but there are couples who've been trying for years to get a baby, with no luck! - Ochako countered, crossing her arms. - And speaking of, you know we'll be repeating that every night this whole week, right?

"Whole week?!" - her words echoed in Izuku's mind, bouncing back and forth, before the realisation finally hit him. With the determination in her voice, her words sounded more like a threat than a delicious promise of making love to her.

- Well, yeah. I mean, I've got about five- or six-day window of opportunity when the ovulation happens, so we could have sex every two or three days, but you know just to be sure, I think we should...

Izuku wasn't listening to what Ochako was saying. Feeling utterly exhausted, he leaned against the wall and slid down to the ground, slowly tramping towards their bathroom. On one hand, the promise of a whole week of the most amazing sex he's ever had, combined with the sight of Ochako fully filled with his cum, and the knowledge that he was doing it all to impregnate her and unite their bodies as much as possible, was utmost exciting and tantalising, pulling a very primal, manly string in his brain.

On the other hand, he knew that with Ochako being this horny, this might the biggest, and perhaps last challenge of his life.

But for Ochako, his friend, his partner, and the wonderful woman he loved, he was going to do it. Izuku stood up, turned around, smiled, gave her a "thumbs up", and was about to put hand on the bathroom's door, when she spoke again.

- By the way, Izuku, I think I want to do it doggy-style now. - she turned onto her belly, showed Izuku her pussy, oozing with his cum, and waggled her bum invitingly. - I want you to breed me silly...