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His strong arm around her held her in place with her own arms locked at her side, while his firm hand over her mouth smothered the scream she had been just about to let loose. Panic seemed to fill her as she struggled to break free until his low, sinfully caressing voice purred in her ear.

”I would reconsider screaming, darling. Not that you aren’t delectable, but I don’t think we really want anyone else to see just how completely pornagraphic you look at this moment.”

”Magnus!” Lanie breathed a sigh of relief as he moved his hand, melting back into his arms.

“We’re you expecting someone else?” He asked, giving the chain now visible between her breasts a tug.

”I didn’t know what to expect,” she admitted, pressing her ass back into him instinctually as her nipples pulled forward. “I lost track of the person I was following, and then I realized I had gotten turned around, and with no sun to  judge the direction by, I didn’t know which way to go.”

”The person you were following?” He echoed, a steely note creeping into his tone. 

“Yes, and then all of a sudden it started to rain, and I thought I was done for.”

”I see... and who exactly was it you were following?” He asked, teasing tone gone as he turned her around around and held her in front of him at arm’s length.

Good lord, pornagraphic didn’t even begin to cover how she looked! Her pale sundress was completely plastered to her body, and rather than conceal anything, the now completely sheer fabric only served to accentuate every curve. Also clearly visible was the chain he had just been playing with, which had made her nipples so stiff and dark that they seemed to be almost pushing through the material. His mouth went dry as he looked at her, despite the buckets of water falling onto them. He was so hard at the site of her like this it was physically painful.

”I’m not sure,” she said, and it took him a minute to even remember what his question had been. He was frighteningly close to throwing her to the ground and rutting into her in the mud like a beast. “I saw someone walking this way, at least I think it was this way, and they looked rather shifty. You know, keeping to the shadows, darting around corners, that sort of thing.”

As Lanie rambled on in explanation, Magnus became aware of a ringing in his ears and growing fire in his chest. His mouth fell open as she described her pursuit and his lustful urges became inextricably entangled with the urge to shake her until her teeth rattled.

A jarringly loud crack of thunder was followed almost instantly by the cracking noise of lightning hitting a tree alarmingly close. Lanie shrieked and jumped, her breasts bouncing up and down invitingly.

”That’s it!” Magnus snarled, and grabbing her by the wrist he dragged her through the woods the short distance to the glassed in gazebo he had noted on his way.

Once they had made it to shelter, Lanie protesting all the way at his rough man-handling of her, he pushed her down onto the cushioned banket against one of the walls. Towering over her, he glared down at the shivering woman.

”Do you have any idea,” he said through clenched teeth, “how foolish you have been?”

”Foolish!” she protested.

”Silence,” he snapped, pleased to see her start at his tone. “Foolish and dangerous! You, all five foot nothing, went off alone and unarmed after what could have proven to be a cold blooded killer?”

”Well, it also could have proven to be a busboy in search of a fag,” she pointed out reasonably.

”Will you stop talking?!?” He bellowed. Honestly, no one in his entire life had ever driven him so crazy as she. “Did you learn nothing from the last time? Or perhaps you’ve forgotten how only a week ago, the last time you went bumbling off on your own -“


”- you were photographed by a murderous stalker and had your life explicitly threatened? Because I haven’t. The thought of it, if you lying dead in a heap, haunts me day and night. And even if, even if, Lanie, it were not the murderer you were following, do you have any idea at all how you look right now?”

”Like a drowned rat?” She offerd with a self depreciating laugh.

”You really have no idea do you? Every man in this place was dying to fuck you before you decided to perform a wet sundress contest for one. I just almost strangled a man with a cue stick for talking with his friends about getting you alone and raping you. And you wander off by yourself into the woods? How the hell have you survived all these years unmolested?”

Lanie shivered, wide-eyed, as he looked down over her, the reality of her situation finally sinking in. In the back of his mind Magnus felt a small pang if guilt for his part in her provocative appearance, but he was too angry and far too aroused to be self reflective. 

“Take off your dress,” he ordered her brusquely.

”What?” She squealed.

”Take. Off. Your. Dress. You are freezing.”

Hands shaking, Lanie took off the obscene dress and handed it to him. Magnus chucked it over his shoulder and raked his eyes over her before removing his own shirt and pants in quick succession. His cock, freed from the too-tight confines of his jeans, sprang up to hit his stomach.

”Get on your hands and knees on the bench,” he instructed her coldly, eyes burning. 

Trembling she did as he said, kneeling on the banket. The blue of the toy glittered dully between her ass cheeks, and the chain hung down, swaying slightly, from her breasts.

”Face down, ass up,” he corrected her, hand on her neck gently but forcefully lowering her head to the cushion so that her plump rear rose invitingly. His cock, red and angry as his face, twitched in excitement. “You know what is coming. You will count. And then, because you obviously need to learn more, you will ask me for another. Do I make myself clear?”

”Yes, detective,” she said meekly, making him pulse with excitement.

”Very well, let's begin.”


Lanie gulped as his large hand caressed her bare backside, the heat from him warming her cold skin with just a touch. Once again, he was completely overreacting to her very logical actions. Of course, that small voice in the back of her mind chimed in, he had been correct the last time, when he had feared the killer might be targeting her. Could he had be right this time as well? Was she foolish to have followed the mysterious person on her own?

"Well?" he asked, rousing her from her thoughts.

"Well what?" she returned, genuinely confused at what he was waiting for.

"You want to learn, don't you pet?" he asked her in a hard voice.

Suddenly she knew what he wanted, but her face blushed at the thought. One look up at his set face was enough to show her that she had little choice in the matter, so she took a deep breath and said what he desired.

"Please, detective," she whispered, voice catching a bit, "I have behaved badly. Please punish me so that I can learn."

As his cock twitched against his hard stomach, Magnus raised his hand and brought it down hard on her ass, groaning as made contact with her flesh.

"One," she gasped, feeling the familiar burn on her bum and the corresponding warm dampness in her cunt. "May I please have another?"

"Since you ask so prettily," he said, smiling darkly as he spanked her again.

"Two. May I please have another?"

Magnus lowered his hand and played with the toy inside her, moving it in and out a few times before suddenly letting it go and striking her again.

"Ah!" she cried out, not sure if it was from pain or the jolt of pleasure that seemed to flash through her nether regions. "Three. "Another please, detective."

"You beg so prettily, sweet," he groaned, squeezing her reddening cheeks and making her moan. "You want to be good for me, don't you?"


"Four! Yes, detective. I want to be good. I want to obey your laws. Please give me more. Teach me to be good."



"I should keep going, I should spank you till your ass is crimson and you can't sit down for a week. But I'm afraid my cock just can't wait that long to sink into you. Just look at you! You look like my own private little whore, all covered in my marks, wearing the pretty jewelry I gave you, stretching you cute little ass for me so that I can slide right into it. Shall I, lovely? Shall I take ownership of that part of you?"

"Yes," she moaned, not caring any more that it would most likely hurt, just wanting his cock inside of her, wherever he chose to put it. "Yes, detective. Take it. Take me. Teach me to obey you."

Growling, Magnus reached down and slowly pulled the toy out of her, wiggling it around as he did to stretch her further. Kneeling on the bench behind her, he rubbed his cock over her dripping pussy, coating himself in her slick. Lanie panted as she felt his length slide against her, head hitting her clit a few times as he made sure he was nice and slippery. Lining up with her entrance, he slowly began to push into her, and she mewled in fear and light pain as he did.

"Relax, darling," he cooed, reaching around to fondle her clit. "Relax and let me in. You know you want this. You want me to own you. To claim every part of your body. Don't fight against it. Just breath and let me take you."

Letting his words flow over her as his fingers stoked her pleasure, Lanie felt her muscles relax a bit. As soon as they did, he pushed farther in, and she gasped at the strange feeling of fullness invading her. There was something so overwhelming, so truly dominating about this, it both terrified her and excited her to no end. 

"So good," he groaned, shallowly pulling out a bit only to press further in, taking her channel inch by agonizing inch. "You're so unbelievably tight. So fucking amazing. I'm almost there, lovely. Just a few more inches and I'll be home. And when I am, when I am buried to the balls in your gorgeous ass, you are going to scream out your orgasm for me, do you understand?"

"Yes... yes detective," she panted, barely able to form words as her mind and body reeled from the stretch he was forcing on her and the diabolical way his fingers toyed with her clit, knowing just how to stoke her desire.

"That's a good girl. I'm almost there. Cum for darling. Let me here you scream."

As he bottomed out with her Magnus pinched her clit with a twisting motion and Lanie screamed out, his name and obscenities forming a steady stream as her orgasm hit her hard. He laughed breathily and forcefully but carefully pushed in and out of her tight ass.

"Look love," he said, turning her head so she was facing out the glass of the gazebo. "The rain has stopped. The sun is coming out. Do you think anyone will be going for a walk yet? Strolling through the woods now that there is daylight again? Perhaps even looking for you."

Lanie whimpered as his thumb started to graze her button once again, fingers dipping down to finger the entrance to her cunt while he still lustily fucked her ass.

"What if they come this way? What if they look up from across the lake and see us? See you, face down, ass up, being fucked for all you're worth by my big cock right in your ass? Do you think they'll enjoy the view? Would you enjoy it? I think part of you would."

Lanie whined again, eyes going wide at the thought of being discovered in such a compromising position, but at the same time aware that she was drenching his fingers with the evidence of her arousal.

"That's it, darling. You want to scream again, don't you. Scream out your orgasm so that they'll hear you and come discover what a filthy little thing you really are. Let me hear it, love."

Unable to hold it back with the all out war he was waging on her body and her mind, Lanie clamped down again around him, cock and fingers, as her body rocked in an orgasm. Pulled on by her grip around him, Magnus' own climax hit, and she felt the hot, wet pulse of his cum filling up what little space was left within her and seeping out around him to run down her thighs.

"Oh god, yes," he grunted, rocking within her as she milked him. "Oh fuck, you are the sexiest woman I've ever know. So fucking perfect for me. God, I never want to pull out of you."

Bending his long body, Magnus folded over her, arms wrapping around her torso hold her back to his chest. Shivering now for a completely different reason, Lanie let his body heat warm her as he brought her down onto her side on the banket, naked bodies spooned against each other, still seated inside of her.

"Are you alright, love?" he asked.

Unable to speak, Lanie settled for nodding affirmative.

"You are you know," he said drowsily. "My love. It's too early I know, and I don't expect for you to say it back. In fact I'd rather you didn't now, because I'd always wonder if you said it just to be polite. But I wanted you to know. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and if I were to lose you to whoever it is we are up against, it would kill me. Honestly, Lanie, I wouldn't survive. So please, darling, please stop taking these foolish chances. For my sake if not your own. Have pity me."

Well, when he put it like that. Lanie turned her head and kissed him long and deep. He may not want to hear the words at that moment, but she tried to let her lips and tongue say all the things she didn't vocalize. All the reasons why she would never get enough of him. All the reasons she loved him.

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