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Cosima liked to think she wasn’t one to rush into a decision before carefully considering the consequences. Sarah was meant to be the impulsive one, not her. So she really should have refused when Helena confidently wagered that she could eat a dozen hard-boiled eggs in ten minutes.

It took less than five.

Now, as she looked out over the still black of the lake, all she could think about was the sound they had made. One by one, torn apart by Helena’s vicious jaws. So squishy.

“Have I ever told you you’re my favorite sister?” Cosima pleaded. She shuddered as a frigid breeze hit her face.

“Many times, yes,” Helena said flatly. “Mostly tonight. Now take your clothes off.”

Cosima let out a long sigh, then started working the buttons of her coat.

“Usually a girl has to take me to dinner first.”

Helena didn’t laugh.

“Not hungry,” she said before letting out a burp that echoed across the water. “Eggs.”

“Yeah, no, I remember,” Cosima grumbled.

She paused with her hands at the bottom of her shirt, catching Helena’s eye.

“Just gonna watch me, huh?”

“Yes,” Helena said, unblinking.

“Cool,” Cosima said. She pulled her shirt off in one fluid motion, then tossed it on the ground. “Whatever.”

Cosima maintained uncomfortable, unflinching eye contact as she removed all the rest. It felt almost like winning. But it definitely wasn’t.

“Happy?” Cosima asked. She was so goddamn cold.

But Helena wasn’t happy, of course. She motioned to the water with her head. Cosima shut her eyes and drew in a deep breath.

“I hope those eggs give you food poisoning,” she said, and then sprinted full-speed into the lake.