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Project Red Iron

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Top State Secret File: Village (0-10R-7M1-9B6-7)

Codename: Red Iron

Private Message: “When the time comes, we must strike while the iron is hot, even if it burns our fingers.”

Incident No. 010268
Security instigated 'Operation Diaspora' as per emergency protocol. Able-bodied residents were successfully evacuated and relocated to another safe haven. The physically and/or mentally vulnerable were detained at the Village hospital and the Old People’s Home. Our specialized task force has been activated to ensure the welfare of the remaining villagers.

Ground assessment showed a large number of deceased delegates in the remains of the Assembly Chamber. Further analysis concluded that the first wave of fatalities was caused by sustained gunshot wounds; the second wave caused by the premature launching the rocket Orbiter 1, resulting in multiple injuries, heart attack or suffocation of the victims in the immediate area.

'Operation Aftermath' was instigated, where governments with mutual interests joined forces to deal with the deceased, lest the bodies become a biohazard. Unmarked ambulances were deployed for the corpses and euthanasia kits used in extreme cases where treatment would prove impossible.

Closure of case: 19-03-68