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Finding Donor 386

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Izzy stared down at the piece of paper that she held in her hand. After a bit of searching, Stormageddon had found this particular address and had written it down for her. Izzy didn't know what she was going to do with her knowledge of this address. She was eleven years old. Why would she seek out this address and the person it belonged to? The person who lived at that address was none other than Dr. Basil Foreman, the man whom she was absolutely certain was her biological father. Her mum still didn't know that her eleven-year-old daughter had found her sperm donor. Izzy couldn't tell her. Not until she knew what she was going to do with this information. Basil seemed like a nice enough fellow. Did she want him in her life? She hadn't really thought of this before. She looked up at Alfie. "What should I do with this?" she asked.


"It's up to you." Alfie said with a shrug. "He's your dad, not mine."


"He's not really my dad." Izzy said. "Not in the familial sense. He didn't raise me."


"You're still curious, though." Alfie pointed out.


"Of course I am." Izzy said with a frown. "Wouldn't you be curious?"


"I probably would." Alfie said affirmatively.


"Curious or not, I have no idea what I'm going to do with this information." Izzy sighed.


"If you come up with an idea, make sure to think it over." Alfie advised.


"I will." Izzy replied.


The main theme for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim started playing, indicating that Izzy was getting a call on her mobile phone. The ID said 'Mum'. Izzy answered and said, "Hey, Mum."


"It's time to come home." Clara said. "It may be 5 PM on a Friday, but you still need to do your homework."


"Fine." Izzy sighed. "I'll be right over, Mum."


"All right." Clara said. "See you soon. Love you!"


"Love you too, Mum. Bye." Izzy hung up before turning to Alfie. "Homework calls, Stormageddon."


Alfie nodded and said, "Okay. See you later."


"You too." Izzy said.


The girl then turned to leave her best mate's room before exiting his family's flat. She had some options regarding what to do with Basil's address. She would consider those options after she did her homework.




Clara stood outside the bathroom door. "Izzy, are you okay in there?" she called out.


"I'm fine, Mum!" Izzy replied, sounding almost frantic.


"Izzy, you really don't sound fine." Clara said.


There was the sound of shuffling in the bathroom. A few seconds later, Izzy opened the door, looking rather embarrassed. "Now Izzy, can you tell me what's wrong?" Clara asked.


"I had my period." Izzy blurted.


Clara's eyes widened in shock. "You did?"


"Yeah." Izzy looked away, embarrassed.


Clara smiled and said, "Well, that's wonderful!"


"Isn't eleven a bit young to have your period?" Izzy asked.


"I had my first period around that age." Clara reassured her daughter. "According to my mum, so did she."


"What am I going to do?" Izzy asked.


"Did you put something on?" Clara asked. "A pad? A tampon?"


Izzy turned bright red and said, "I put on some clean pants and used one of those thin things! All you had were those things and tampons!"


Clara nodded and said, "Well, make sure to get a jacket to put around your waist, just in case. We're going to the store to get you some sanitary towels."


Izzy was clearly mortified. Clara placed a hand on her daughter's shoulder and said, "It's okay, Izzy. This is something that every woman goes through."


"Is it always this messy?" Izzy asked.


"Like I said, this is something that happens to every woman." Clara said. "I've leaked through my sanitary towels and tampons a few times."


"Let's just get the sanitary towels before I make another mess." Izzy said.


"All right." Clara said. "Let me grab my purse."




Izzy found herself at the nearest Tesco. She was standing by her mother, who was perusing feminine hygiene products. The eleven-year-old was completely mortified and would periodically glance around to make sure that no one was watching them. "Hurry up!" Izzy hissed.


"Izzy, you have nothing to be embarrassed about." Clara said. "Millions of women all around the world buy sanitary towels every single day."


"It feels weird to be here again." Izzy admitted. "The last time I was here, I was here with Dad."


"He was picking up tampons for me." Clara said. "The cramps were bad that time."

"Cramps?" Izzy seemed quite alarmed at this.


"Weren't cramps mentioned when periods were discussed?" Clara asked.


"How bad are they?" Izzy asked.


"They can vary from person to person." Clara replied. "Does your lower abdomen hurt?"


"A little." Izzy admitted.


"We have some paracetamol at home." Clara said. "However, while we are at the store, we will get you the panacea of all that ails you during your period."


"A hysterectomy?" Izzy snarked


"Hah ha." Clara said non-seriously before smiling and continuing, "I'm talking about chocolate."


Izzy perked up a bit at this. "Any excuse to eat chocolate is a valid one."


"Here." Clara said. "These towels are the ones you want."


Clara held up a package of sanitary towels with the word 'teens' printed on it. "But Mum, I'm not a teen yet." Izzy pointed out.


"That's just what they're called." Clara explained. "These ones should be your size."


"If you say so." Izzy sighed.


"Cheer up." Clara said with a smile. "You'll get to eat chocolate and ice cream when we get out of here."


The two then left that particular area of the store. On the way to the check-out area, they picked up some of Izzy's favorite chocolates. However, when the eleven-year-old saw who was in line in front of them, her heart sank. "Clara! Isabel! I didn't expect to run into you here." Basil said with a smile.


"Hello, Basil." Clara said with a smile.


"What are you doing here?" Izzy asked.


"I was visiting a friend and they ran out of milk." Basil replied. "Also, I needed batteries for my wireless mouse."


Izzy noticed that Basil had spotted the menstrual products. She was definitely embarrassed, but she was also grateful that he had the tact not to mention it. Still, she didn't think that she'd be able to look him in the eye for a while. After short while, Basil paid for his items before leaving. Izzy turned to her mother and said, "He saw them."


"Saw what?" Clara asked.


"The sanitary towels." Izzy replied.


"Well, he's a doctor, so that shouldn't bother him too much." Clara said reassuringly.


"If you say so." Izzy sighed. "Let's just go home."




Clara couldn't help but notice that Izzy wasn't touching her lunch. Her period had started Friday evening and it was currently Saturday afternoon. "Izzy, I thought you loved curry." Clara said, clearly concerned.


"I'm just not hungry, Mum." Izzy replied, still picking at her food with her spoon.


Clara thought about it for a moment before asking, "Is it the cramps?"


"Mum!" Izzy groaned, her face turning somewhat red.


"It's okay to answer me." Clara tried to reassure her daughter. "We're both girls here."


Izzy grumbled and said, "It's there, but it's not awful."


"What's wrong, then?" Clara asked.


"I'm just not hungry." Izzy said, frowning once more. "Curry doesn't sound good."


"What does sound good?" Clara asked.


"Chips." Izzy replied.


"I'm not going out for chips, Izzy." Clara said. "Maybe once you're done with your curry, you could check for relatives on the MyOrigins website. Have you found any yet?"


"Not many." Izzy said, still picking at her food.


"If you do find any, maybe we can meet them if they live nearby." Clara suggested.


"None of them live nearby." Izzy said.


"It would be nice to meet them, though. Wouldn't you like to meet a long-lost relative?" Clara asked.


A thoughtful expression appeared on the eleven-year-old's face. "Can I go hang out with Stormy tomorrow?" she asked.


"Sure." Clara replied. "Will you be staying for supper?"


"I'll call you if I do." Izzy said.


Clara was about to say something, but her daughter started to finally eat her curry. Izzy knew her daughter well enough to know that the way she was acting was basically a sign that she was done talking. It must be the hormones, Clara thought as she took a bite of her own chili.




It was another Sunday morning and Basil was in his house, generally avoiding people. He knew that he had to avoid them. His Catholic neighbors would always try to make him go to church with them. They must know. He knew that they must know. They could smell his fear. They had to know that he himself was a lapsed Catholic and wasn't even sure whether he believed in god or not. They probably didn't know, actually. How could they? They had no way of knowing unless they could somehow smell communion wafer on his breath after twenty years. They couldn't... could they?


No, he was just being paranoid. Everything would be better after some tea. Tea fixed everything. Tea was always the answer. Basil thought about this as he filled a kettle with water from the tap. "Definitely being paranoid." he thought out loud. "They're Catholics, not bloodhounds."


When John put the kettle on the hob, turning on the heat before heading to watch the telly. There wasn't really much on. On to Netflix, then! John had convinced him to subscribe. He decided on a documentary about deadly animals. He would have to see whether it was boring or not. Suddenly, there was the sound of extremely sensual moaning. Basil quickly answered the call on his phone. "Hello, Uncle Basil!" John chirped.


"Damn it, John! This is the fifth time I've told you not to change my ring tone!" Basil snapped.


"At least it wasn't Barbie Girl again." John pointed out.


"John, my ring tone sounds like a porn video!" Basil said angrily.


"That would imply that you know what porn sounds like." John said cheekily. "You've better not have been using my laptop."


Basil sputtered for a few seconds before shouting, "I do not watch pornography on your laptop!"


"Good." John said. "Though according to Missy, if you could get a computer pregnant, you and your monitor would have at least six kids by now."


"Do you want me to send her to your house?" Basil asked angrily.


"Please don't." John pleaded. "She doesn't know mine and Oswin's address. She already tranquilized Oswin's step-mum."


"Good point." Basil said. "Now, if you could shut up and never again mention pornography, that would be great."


It was then that the door bell chimed. "I'll have to talk to you some other time."


Not giving his nephew a chance to respond, Basil hung up. He then headed over to the front door. He opened it, revealing a somewhat familiar eleven-year-old girl. "Isabel!"


"Hello, Basil." Isabel said awkwardly.


"What are you doing here?" the middle-aged doctor asked. "How did you even know my address?"


"Internet." Isabel replied, as if that explained everything.


A stern expression appeared on Basil's face as he said, "That still doesn't explain what you are doing here, young lady."


Isabel ran a hand through her curly, brown tresses as she let out a frustrated sigh. "I thought I knew what to say." She said, sounding like she was on the edge of panic. "I should have made cue cards for this. I thought I knew what I was going to say. Give me a minute and I'll say it."


"Isabel?" Basil questioned, thoroughly puzzled.


Isabel took a deep, deep breath. Basil's mouth fell open in shock when the girl said, "My name is Isabel Pink," She looked up, directly into his face. "and I'm 100% certain that you're my father."