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Flashwing had lost count of how long he had been in this place, each cycle blurring into the last.  He had been taken in so many different ways, he had lost count of that as well.  Not just with his valve either.  The first time he was taken up the waste port was both revolting and degrading…and painful.  It had never even crossed his processor that there were bots that liked that kind of thing!  

He had also lost count on how many ‘partners’ he had been forced to take.  Admittedly that wasn’t difficult.  After all, he had no control here.  Not over when he ate.  Or when he slept or washed.  Certainly not over his choice of sex partners!  

The only saving grace was that, gradually, his customer count dropped.  Flashwing had his regulars though, such as ‘Considerate Miner’.  He had enough of those to keep him busy for some time. 

Eventually, his regulars started to stop coming as frequently.  Some, like ‘Considerate Miner’, stopped coming at all.  He almost ‘missed’ that one…as he was rather polite compared to most of his ‘customers’.  Guess he had become too ‘loose’ for him. 

“He’s losing his appeal…,” someone was saying, drawing his attention.  Flashwing had grown used to the noise beyond the glass and had learned to ignore it.  This, however, already sounded like a conversation he should pay attention to.  Sounded like the guard he had mentally dubbed ‘Blueface’. 

“Doesn’t help he’s not reacting like he did at the start,” another bot commented.  Which was this again? Oh yeah, ‘Redhands’. 

“Nah, he stopped reacting fairly quickly,” ‘Blueface’ corrected. 

That was true.  He had quickly learned that no matter how much he had begged or cried, they wouldn’t have stopped.  So why bother?  He had grown rather numb to it all, to be honest. 

“Hmm, true,” his fellow guard agreed.  “I think it’s also the appeal of fragging a traitor has faded. Those after the thrill of it had already gotten their fill.” 

Flashwing was grateful for the extended breaks because of it.  He’s gotten more recharge then he had in…scrap, he forgot. 

“I know there are a number of them that wouldn’t want to ‘dirty their spike’ on this guy anyway,” ‘Blueface’ remarked.  “Think it’s time to sell him off?” 

“Nah, I think we can squeeze more out of him before that,” ‘Redhands’ replied.  “Just need to change things up a bit…make him appealing to a different demographic.” 

Not surprising.  After all, he was nothing but a tool, a possession to abuse, over and over again.  Still, at those words Flashwing bothered to look over his shoulder at them through the glass.  Wondering just what kind of humiliation they were going to come up with next. 

“What, by ‘rewarding’ him with drugs like we do with some of the other slaves?” 

Flashwing’s optics widened.  Was that how they got Skywarp to do this kind of work so willingly? 

“Nah, the prob with the stuff we use now is that it kind of needs the coding mods to really be effective,” ‘Redhands’ countered.  “Plus, there’s the problem with our current ones developing a tolerance to the stuff.  We had to sell off one of our popular seekers due to it, remember?” 

Popular seeker…could they be talking about…. 

“Oh yeah, Skywarp,” ‘Blueface’ confirmed.  “The Prime himself bought that one if I heard right?” 

Wait…what!?  Which one!?  Flashwing prayed it was Optimus and not Sentinel.  He strained his audios, hoping to hear more details. 

“Yep, you heard right.  Rumor has it he has a whole flock of seeker slaves.” 

On the one hand, he was glad Skywarp was no longer in this place.  However, being owned by a Prime could be so much worse!  He was fairly certain Sentinel was bad news for slaves, since he started this whole slave trade thing to begin with.  Optimus…he had no idea:  he only knew about how he acted during the war to go by. 

“Lucky bastard, but then again, he is a Prime,” ‘Blueface muttered.  “So what to do with this guy….” 

“I know someone that may be able to help ‘spice’ things up with him,” ‘Redhands’ commented.  

“Oh really?  Do tell.” 

“He’s a scientist that has been experimenting with different drugs on slaves and ‘willing’ volunteers,” ‘Redhands’ elaborated with smirk.  “Surely, he has something to make this guy more exciting!” 

He didn’t like the sound of that.  As someone that majored in chemistry and biology himself, he already knew a number of compounds that had long lasting negative effects on a frame.  Some of those effects were rather crippling, if not painful.  Knowing his current ‘status’, they likely wouldn’t care if they caused such damage. 

“It will have to be cleared through the boss first,” ‘Blueface’ reminded him. 

“I know, but first I’ll talk to the guy, to see if he does have anything,” ‘Redhands’ told him.  “Be better if the guy can some here to ‘show’ rather than tell, no?” 

“Good idea!” 

The two bots left and once they were out of sight, Flashwing felt a shudder go through his frame. 

He prayed to Primus this ‘friend’ of theirs didn’t have anything they could use on him….