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Monika, their Goddess

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Fapping didn’t really help Yuri when it came to her horniess. Feeling desperate, Yuri took the needle, still covered in Sayori’s blood, stepped outside of the murder scene, and rode it like a dildo. Of course, that caused anal tearing, but she was so horny she didn’t care. She was pleasuring herself so much that her moans woke Monika up. Rather than being upset with Yuri for waking her up, she decided to pleasure Yuri. Monika picked Yuri up, stripped her, and licked her crotch with her gigantic tongue, savoring Yuri’s indescribable taste. Then, Monika started licking her boobs and coating them in her saliva while Yuri moaned and starting shoving TWO of her fingers into her vaginal hole for even more pleasure. Smirking, Monika stopped, deciding to take off her shirt and bra, dropping them on top of a sleeping Natsuki. She held out her massive right boob to Yuri, who happily sucked on her nipple while still fingering herself with her fingers, and Monika began fingering her anus. After some time, Monika and Yuri both orgasmed.


Suddenly, Monika knew what would spice up Sayori’s slavery. A threesome between Monika, Yuri, and Sayori! Monika reached into the house to grab Sayori.






“WAIT!” Yuri cried out before should stop herself, but it was too late. Sayori’s corpse was in her hand. Yuri had initially assumed that she would be pleased, but now she wasn’t so sure now that it was actually being revealed to Monika. What would Monika think? And would Yuri survive this Panic Attack?