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Pain was the first thing he was aware of as he came too.  Flashwing whimpered softly as he onlined his optics, finding himself in an unfamiliar place.  With some effort he pushed himself upright into a sitting position, his hands flaring with pain as he did so.  After a quick look around, he determined he was in the back of a transport vehicle.  He was thankfully alone.  Perhaps they thought he would be unconscious for the deration of the trip to his new ‘home’. 

Not that it mattered. 

Flashwing looked at his hands, which were cuffed to the front for once.  That sadistic medic had cuff off more than he really needed to.  Some fingers had about a fourth of the distal phalanx removed and he could tell on a couple of them the finger strut itself was damaged, making those fingers particularly painful. 

In place of where his claws once where, a simple, flat plate was welded on.  It left his finger’s looking stumpy, almost grounder-like.  What points they still had due to the angle of the cut would be useless in a fight.  Not that he could fight right now:  if he so much as flexed the tips of his fingers he felt pain.  He could only hope the pain will lessen as his ‘modified’ fingers healed. 

It was going to be hard getting used to them as is. 

He felt the transport come to a stop a few kliks later.  Shortly thereafter, the doors of the cargo hold opened.  Flashwing grimaced at the sudden bright light. 

“Well, looks like sleepy head is awake!” the voice of the mech that won him called out.  “Are going come out willingly, or will we need to drag you out by the wings?” 

Flashwing winced at the very prospect before sighing.  He didn’t want any more pain today, so he managed to get to his feet and step out of the transport on his own.  Flashwing only caught a glimpse of his new surroundings before his arms were grabbed by two burly mechs.  He was then guided through what was apparently a small loading dock and storehouse before entering the actual ‘business’. 

As he was led down a hallway, he noted a number of doors.  From almost all of them, Flashwing could hear someone inside.  Some moaning, some sobbing.  A couple of screams.  Eventually, they reached a room that had actual windows to look through. 

Well, more like, the entire front wall was, what he assumed to be, a sheet of glass, though he doubted it was easily broken.  Even the door was made of it, affording no sense of privacy for those ‘assigned’ to this room.  Especially with a row of seats lined against the wall on the opposite side. 

As his current luck would have it, this was his new room.  Once he was shoved inside, he took a quick look around. 

There was berth in one corner that as adorned with various restraints.  There were more restraints on the far wall and set hanging from the ceiling.  He also saw a small washrack…which also had a few restraints.  Was he really bought by the bordello? 

That was what he saw from a quick glance as he was attached to the ceiling restraints.  There wasn’t much slack to the chain on these, only allowing him to bring his hands down to the level of his face.  From here he finally spotted what was likely his actual berth:  a simple, thin cushion thrown against the glass wall.  He noted there was a short chain and shackle attached to the wall there as well. 

“I’m glad those other two mechs didn’t screw up our plans for the day,” his buyer was saying, the mech lightly dragging a finger under his chin.  “We have a number of bots that wanted get a crack at you first thing…and I foresee you being very popular for a while.” With a chuckle, the bot turned and started to walk out.  “You will meet your first customer shortly….” 

Wait, they weren’t going to give him a chance to ‘settle in’ first? 

How foolish of him to think he would catch a break in this cruel new world…