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Caught in the Middle

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The next morning bea had to leave as she had a few things to take care of but bridget and franky were there so allie was well taken care of even if it felt weird for allie to accept help from bea's ex-girlfriend, bea assured her there was nothing left between them but friendship, bea had to go to the insurance office and have a meeting with one of the managers about her claim, she also had to go to the police station as they asked her to come in which she ended up going there first, she used franky's car as she had a day off today, parking in front of the police station she got out and went inside to the front counter seeing an officer there

'hi miss what can i do for you?

'im bea smith, i got a phone call to come in

'oh yes let me get the detective in charge of your investigation, please have a seat... bea sat down and waited, her phone went off and she checked to see who it was and it was a text from debbie

'hi mum, i just spoke to allie and she seemed off, how was she before she left?

'hi deb, she seemed a little off to me too but she is still withdrawing from the drugs so she may be off for a bit

'im just worried about her mum, i told her i was gonna come over but she told me not too as she will just sleep all day

'maybe she needs to just rest on her own, i will call her after and see how she is doing

'okay, thanks mum, talk later love you

'love you too deb... she tucked her phone away and looked up when she heard a mans voice

'hi bea im detective montell... he shook her hand 'please follow me through to my office

'okay... they walked through the station and entered an office and sat down, the detective was going through some paperwork to make sure he had the correct information

'okay bea so as you know we have found finger prints on on of the petrol tins?

'i know now because of the news but in future i want to know everything before it gets released, that wasnt fair

'no your right and the only reason we didnt approach you is because of the situation with miss novak, we know she was still in hospital

'i appreciate that but either way i want to know everything, i lost everything in that fire, baby pictures i can never get back, debbie's favorite teddy, my glory box of all my memories of debbie, plus we all almost died

'okay i will make sure to keep you in the loop

'even if its just texting me what is happening thats fine

'i will keep in touch

'thank you, now tell me about the finger prints?

'well we had a special team come in and go through what was left on the property and they fond the finger prints

'who do they belong too?

'its hard to say right now, we are unable to ask people for there finger prints without proof of doing something wrong, we ran them through the system and nothing has come up yet

'have you spoken to the people on the list?

'we have spoken to joan and she says she was out of town when it happened, i know of the history with her and kaz and im keeping my eyes on her

'good, how about braydon?

'he is a tricky one, his family have the absolute best lawyer in the country and he is very blase about his where abouts, but we havent ticked him off the list, now harry smith, why do you think him? he died didnt he?

'so they say, he disappeared a long time ago but he was never found so they announced him dead

'but you dont think so?

'detective just because you dont see someone for some time it doesnt mean they are dead, he knows he is looking at a long list of charges and he will stay in hiding for as long as he can

'why would he torch your house?

'because he hates me, he thinks that i pushed him to do what he did

'you mean the abuse?

'correct, he has a big drinking and drug problem that he cant control, he probably thinks that if i was dead than he could come out of hiding and there would be no charges

'he cant be that stupid surely?

'he sure is

'even though his daughter was in the house?

'he would think that i turned her against him

'you really know what he is thinking? he asked interested

'think about it detective, when your angry and hitting someone the truth just spills from your mouth, i know everything about him and he doesnt even realize that, i used to be so scared of him but now if i saw him i would make sure the world is rid of him

'im going to pretend i didnt hear that, im on top of this bea and although it wont be easy my eyes and ears are open, nothing gets done quickly so just bare with me while i try and tick off people, i need to somehow get fingerprints of joan and braydon, but i dont have a reason to take to a judge

'i can help with that

'okay, go on

'joan ferguson, she is obsessed with kaz my friend, moved herself into her place and all of that so i took kaz into my house making joans anger turn towards me, she hates me now and i know she would do anything to get rid of me

'makes sense i can work with that, how about braydon?

'he is my daughters ex-boyfriend , he tried to introduce her to drugs but allie shut it down real quick, when i met braydon he came over for lunch and debbie found out he tried to threaten allie if she told debbie about his drugs so she broke it off with him, than he trashed debbie and allie's uni room and got arrested, we ended up at the station to find out what happened and he threw debbie up against a wall and threatened her which in turn i through him to the floor and bashed his face in, so now he hates me

'oh shit, i have been waiting to get the paperwork on that situation so thanks for letting me know, im going to write this all up in the next couple days and take it to a judge, hopefully they will get me a subpoena and force them to give us fingerprints

'good idea

'alright bea thats all for now, i will be in contact

'thank you detective... with that bea left the station and drove off, half an hour later she had arrived at the insurance office and went inside to the reception desk and spoke to the lady

'hi im bea smith and i was asked to come and talk about my claim

'let me just check who is looking after it... the lady scanned the screen 'oh yes miss miles is taking care of your claim, please have a seat and i will call her

'thank you... bea sat down and decided to text allie

'hey beautiful im just at the insurance place, how are you feeling? did you have lunch? she got a response straight away

'hey babe, im fine just laying in bed, i ate half an apple im not really hungry

'beautiful girl i need you to eat, please have a sandwich or something?

'bea im really not hungry, maybe later

'after i finish here i need to do a couple more things so i will pick up some dinner for us and we can eat together?

'i dont want to sit out there, i want to stay in my room

'thats fine by me, me, you and pizza?

'i guess so

'thats my girl, i need to go into a meeting i will text you when im on my way, i love you beautiful

'i love you too, can you bring some fruit please?

'of course, anything else?

'no thanks, why are you so good to me?

'because i love you and your my girl :)

'xxoo, love you more... bea smiled and tucked her phone in her pocket as someone approached her

'hi miss smith im linda miles

'hi linda nice to meet you, you can call me bea

'you too, come through to my office... bea followed her down this long hallways and right at the end she popped the door open and signaled for bea to sit down

'thank you for coming bea, i have all the paperwork and reports that was sent in from your lawyer franky doyle and the fire chief, i just have a few more question


'who else lives at the premises?

'there is me, my daughter debbie, my girlfriend allie, my friend kaz and a kid shane that im helping out

'yes about him, i have all the details about who he is and his record, its something we have to do with everyone involved


'i see here he has an extensive rap sheet and has been in a fair amount of trouble

'whats your point? bea snided

'well could he have been involved in the fire?

'no, he was a victim, why would you even ask that?

'well maybe he had set this up?

'why would he?

'why wouldnt he? he is a trouble maker linda said back and bea's anger was close to boiling over

'i will bloody tell you why, he finally has a stable and loving home, he has people who actually care about him, he is starting school to get his certificate and he has a job that he starting in a few days, now tell me something, is it fair to blame a kid for the fire just because he has had a shit history? his family didnt care about him so he has had to support himself and yes he did a lot of stupid things but that doesnt mean he is a bad kid it means he needs help, never in a million years would he do this or anything close to this.... before linda could say anything bea continued

'how could he be involved in the fire when he got hurt? i have him staying with my best friend and kaz because he is scared after what happened so dont you dare say that shit about him again, disgusting, blaming a kid because of his history

'miss smith i have a right to ask these questions

'no you fucking dont, do you judge everyone by there past? no you dont so pull your god damn head in!!! bea yelled causing someone to walk in

'whats going on in here?

'nothing sir, i was just asking miss smith a few questions about her claim

'a few questions... bea scoffed 'you basically made out like shane lit the fire, what the hell is wrong with you? the guy that walked in happened to be a manager

'miss miles i will be taking over from here, go take a break

'but i havent finished

'i will be taking over... he said sternly and lina huffed and stood up leaving the office, the guy sat behind the desk

'miss smith i am greg soldier the manager in the office, i apologize for what just happened, let me take a look at your claim... bea nodded and relaxed a little as he went through the paperwork for the next few minutes

'alright with the report by the fire chief i can push your claim through

'what does that mean?

'well we will pay out the cost of the house, car and all of yours and your families belongings

'okay, what happens with the property now?

'the property is yours and you can rebuild or clean it out and sell or sell as is its completely up to you

'okay, how long will the payout take?

'i put it through today so up to 7 business days, normally it would be months but you have lost everything and have never missed a payment with us so i pushed it through, i hope it helps in someway

'it definitely will. we have decided to move so we better get looking

'great, the money will go into your account

'thank you greg, do i need to sign anything?

'just this here to say we spoke and you have accepted the payout.... once bea signed she left and went to franky's place to check on debbie, when she pulled up shane was there and they were making cookies by the smell of it, walking inside she hugged debbie than shane

'how are you 2 doing?

'were good mum, i asked shane to teach me a bit about cooking

'thats good because you need help... she laughed when debbie scowled at her

'gee thanks mum

'oh sweety you know your not the best cook so it would be good for you to learn a little

''yea, yea, so hows allie? did you speak to her?

'i text her a couple hours ago

'how is she?

'doesnt really want to leave the room except to use the bathroom basically, she only had an apple for lunch so im gonna get a pizza for dinner and take it there, sorry deb i wont be here tonight

'its fine mum, shane and i are going to have dinner at the new taco place in town

'like together? as in a date? debbie and shane's face went bright red

'no mum, gee as in friends

'oh okay, sorry

'its fine

'i just dont think its a good idea for you 2 too, you know

'oh my god mum stop, and anyways if we did decide to go out together there really isnt much you can do about it and i would think you would accept my decision like i did with you for allie

'thats different deb and you know that

'maybe a little different but im just saying, weather it is shane or some other guy or girl you would accept it

'i wont be happy

'you dont need to be, just relax anyways we arent dating

'good.. seeing how it became between the smith woman shane decided to change the subject

'so how about some cookies to take to allie?

'she would like that shane, thanks, so do you 2 need anything? i got my keycard today

'mum we need clothes and stuff

'alright how about i come tomorrow and take you shopping? or you can go yourself with my card?

'you come with us, you and allie need stuff too and tell kaz to come

' alright, i will tell kaz

'do you think allie will come mum?

'i dont think so but i can ask, she is still pretty tired

'well tell her we can get a wheel chair for her or a scooter, you can hire them at the shops, shit i want one too actually... bea and shane laughed at debbie's excitement

'i will ask her

'good and i will call her later to help convince her

'alright but dont push her too much deb she is very fragile

'i know mum, i wont

'okay wll i better be going, i need to order pizza as its nearly dinner time, here for you 2.... bea said placing $100 for each of them on the bench 'and dont argue just take it and enjoy your night

'thanks mum

'thank you bea

'no worries, alright i will text you both what time tomorrow

'sounds good, bye mum

'bye bea

'see ya guys... she hugged them bye and took off back to bridgets house picking up 3 pizza's, garlic bread, cheesy bites and soft drink on her way


letting herself inside with the key bridget gave her she found bridget and franky in the kitchen talking

'hey red you alright?

'im good franky, i bought dinner for everyone

'oh sweet im hungry

'where is allie?

'she went for a shower but has been in there for a while, i was going to check on her now bea

'i will do it, you guys eat..... bea went to the bathroom and knocked

'baby its me... she didnt get an answer 'im coming in allie.... opening the door her heart broke at the scene in front of her, allie was in the shower sitting with her back against the wall, her knees pulled up to her chest and her chin leaning on them and tears streaming down her face,

without saying a work bea turned the water off which was now cold, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around the shivering blonde and pulled her into her arms, allie clung to bea like her life depended on it, she kept the towel around her as she carried allie back to her room, bridget and franky saw her do so and were worried but bea mouthed 'its okay' to them both, going into her room she shut the door with her foot and lay allie in bed the towel still wrapped around her, bea worked quietly as she patted allie dry and than dressed her, brushed her hair and tucked her in, allie pulled on her arm to signal for bea to lay with her which she did so, sliding into bed behind allie she held her in a tight embrace to show she was there and not alone, she was safe and comforted

'i got you baby, always... allie held onto bea's arms the whole time scared to let go, eventually allie stopped shivering and ended up falling asleep, bea stayed till she was in a deep sleep and than left the comforts to use the bathroom and than go and sit down with bridget and franky at the table

'how is she?

'she didnt say anything, i dressed her and she is asleep, bridget what was she like when she got clean last time?

'like this, depressed, sad, emotional, not really sure what to do with herself, its like she is in a state of confusion sometimes

'yea the doctor said she will go through all different emotions

'when she got clean last time how did you deal with it all? should i be doing something?

'your doing exactly what you should be bea, she needs support and comfort but she also needs to feel her emotions, its hard to explain unless you have been through it like allie has but your doing great.... bea nodded

'i wish i could take it away from her, i hate when she hurts

'me too bea but all we can do is be there for her

'your doing good red, eat some food you need to keep your strength up

'yea im pretty hungry.... bea had dinner and than sat with the girls for a little bit

'im going shopping with debbie, shane and kaz tomorrow do you think allie would come?

'i doubt it, she is just too weak right now bea

'i thought as much, i will ask her in the morning and let her decide

'good idea

'anyways its pretty late i should get too bed, shit i need to check on the salon

'its fine red i checked on it today for ya, the girls are doing fine and have spread out your clients until further notice, maxine said to tell you to not rush back they dont need you right now... bea nodded

'thanks franky i really appreciate that

'anytime red and anything you need dont hesitate to ask us

'i wont, well im off too bed good night girls

'good night bea

'night red.... bea went back to allie's bedroom and slowly got back in bed behind the blonde and wrapped her arms around her sleeping form, she smiled when she heard the light snores coming from allie, she fell asleep not long later as the day had been busy and she was tired,


bea woke up in the morning stretching out her body, popping her eyes open she turned her head to see allie sitting in bed her back against the wall and she was eating pizza

'baby your eating pizza now... allie shrugged

'i couldnt be bothered making anything

'hmm, what time is it? you should have woke me to make you something

'its 9am, no no you needed to sleep, your tired

'i was but i would do anything for you.. allie kissed bea's lips and smiled a little when some sauce got on her face

'thanks, just what i wanted... bea smiled

'sorry babe, want some?

'sure why not.... bea sat up and ate some cold pizza with allie 'you didnt even warm it up?

'nah i didnt want to wake anyone, do you want me to warm it up?

'no im good thanks, anyways you need a proper breakfast, how about if your up for it you let me take you out for breakfast? allie shrugged

'i dunno

'come on baby, than we can meet debbie, shane and kaz and go shopping, we all need to start replacing our stuff

'shopping? allie asked unsure

'yes shopping, we can rent you a electric scooter if its easier for you

'really? you wont be embarrassed?

'of you? never. of deb? well her food intake is ridiculous.... bea heard the smallest giggle come from allie's lips which made her smile

'i dont know bea

'how about we go and if its too much we can leave, no pressure?

'umm okay, i can try

'thank you

'no thank you, last night

'no need to mention it allie, i told you im here for you no questions asked unless your in the mood to talk about it... allie sadly smiled very thankful bea didnt want a reason for what happened because she honestly didnt know why she was like that, she was just sad and upset which was part of this whole crappy situation

'i love you... allie said kissing bea's lips

'love you more... bea replied kissing her back, they put the left over pizza back in the fridge and went for a shower together than got dressed and headed out leaving a note for bridget to not worry and allie was with her, bea still had franky's car so she drove to franky's place and picked up debbie, shane and kaz who were waiting for them, they decided to have lunch altogether at the shops, debbie's smiled from ear to ear when she saw allie in the front seat,

'im so glad you came... debbie touched allie's shoulder and gave a little smile, bea parked the car in the car park not long later and they all got out and headed inside, debbie wanted to get a juice from buist so they stopped there first, she ordered hers and allie's favorite first and than turned to face the other

'mum what do you want?

'umm, watermelon, pineapple, apple, kiwi fruit and strawberries

'oh make that 2... kaz said

'me too, that sounds good... shane replied, once they received there juices they began walking up to the area that had all the clothes stores and began to shop, shane and kaz had a trolley each for all the bags, the first hour went by fine and allie was doing okay but she quickly became tired

'wait you 3 wait here, shane and i will be back in a few minutes... bea, allie and kaz watched them both running off

'what are they up too?

'who knows kaz, them 2 together is trouble... bea and kaz laughed

'thats cause they like each other... allie said

'gee i hope not

'why not babe?

'i dont know, i just..well.. firstly shane is 16 and deb is 20, than we all live together, maybe not now but when we get our house he is moving back in with us, and well i dont know im just worried... allie grabbed bea's hand

'babe you forget that both of them have had to grow up so fast, they may muck around and all that but you and i both know they are very mature for there ages, yes deb is a little older but i think they are both smart so just see how it goes yea?

'i guess so

'you have to be supportive babe, like she is for us, im sure it wasnt easy seeing her mum and best friend together

'allie is right bea, just let them be and if they come to you, you need to lay some ground rules down

'ugh, i dont want to think about this right now... bea burst out laughing when she saw debbie sitting on an electric scooter heading towards them and shane was hanging off the back of it with big smiles on there faces

'oh god look at them... kaz cracked up laughing and allie giggled, they stopped the scooter right in front of them making skidding noises when debbie slammed the brakes causing shane to fall off laughing

'oh shit deb i almost died

'sorry, not sorry ya should of held on better... she giggled 'anyways come on bestie your chariot awaits... debbie got off and held her hand out and allie took it and helped allie onto the machine

'you even have a little basket here for your stuff

'thanks you 2, i appreciate this

'well we dont want you stressed so we do this... she flicked on the switch and the speaker on the scooter began playing the radio 'there we go, music for your ears, i know what you like so i programmed your favorite staion

'thank you

'anytime.... debbie kissed allie's cheek ' now lets go shopping, they spent another 3 hours shopping for anything and everything and when bea tried to pay for it all kaz was having non of it and nor was allie

'no bea stop, i can pay for my own stuff

'but your stuff got ruined at my house

'i dont care, you put me up and looked after me, i can afford to replace my stuff its no big deal

'i know you can but its not fair, you shouldnt have too

'bea you dont to feel guilty for what happened, you didnt light the fire


'no, no buts, stop blaming yourself none of us do

'kaz is right babe, you did nothing wrong and if it wasnt for you we probably wouldnt be alive right now, your the hero in this

'i dont feel like that

'well you should, so get used to it, come here and stop paying for everything, you can pay for yours, debbie's and shane's.... allie pulled bea to sit on her lap on the scooter which bea did so as there was no way she could say no to allie, once they were done they went to the food court and sat down to eat lunch,

'babe what do you want to eat?

'maybe indian

'sure, kaz?

'i might have indian as well actually, the tika tika please

'i will have the yellow curry

;okay i will get it, kaz you stay with allie

'no worries..... debbie and shane followed bea into the food are and she ordered indian for the girls and shane and debbie got maccas, bea ended up getting kfc, they returned to the table there hands full of food and drinks and put it down and joining the 2 girls, bea was definitely happy allie was eating, although not as much as she normally does it doesnt matter because she is eating something, bea was also feeding allie chips with gravy as she knew she loved them so had gotten extra for allie,

'hey mum all this wont fit in your car so how about me, shane and kaz take out stuff with a taxi to franky's place? its much easier

'are you sure? i dont want to just shove you in a taxi

'yes of course mum, other wise you will have to do 2 trips

'alright lets go return the scooter and than go to the taxi stand and get one for you guys... once they found a taxi and the boot was full of there stuff the 3 of them took off to franky's place and kaz would get her car from there, boomer had invited debbie to join her, shane and kaz for dinner and games night and would most likely spend the night there so bea was going to stay with allie, as bea and allie slowly walked towards the car they held hands and bea smiled as she kept looking at allie

'why do you keep looking at me?

'your just so beautiful

'as if

'im serious baby, your so damn beautiful and im so glad to have you

'i think im the lucky one... bea blushed

'lets say we both are.... allie yawned a second later


'hmmm, yea i am

'well how about we go back to bridgets and you have a nice bath while i unpack your stuff?

'on one condition

'whats that?

'that first you scrub my back and than cuddle with me

'i think i can handle that

'good... bea smiled and allie giggled, they arrived home allie almost falling asleep

'baby dont fall asleep yet, lets go inside come on.... they went inside and franky and bridget were watching a movie and paused it

'hey girls, how was shopping?

'it was good, it was a little tiring for my girl so debbie got a electric scooter to use which helped out heaps

'sounds fun, where is your shopping?

'its in the car, i just want to get allie in the bath and than i will get the bags

'no sweat red, we will get them look after your girl

'thanks franky, come on baby... they went to the bathroom and bea began to fill the bath tub adding the lavender bubbles she bought allie yesterday to help her relax, once the bath was full she undressed allie and helped her into the water, she put a towel on the top for allie to rest her head and she stroked her fingers through blonde locks

'how is the water?

'its amazing, thank you

'happy to do it, im just going to check the bags and get you something comfy to wear

'okay... bea went to the lounge room and saw all the bags on the couches

'thanks guys

'no worries, do you need help red?

'i will unpack later but i need something for allie to wear now.... looking through a few bags she finally found the one from the pajama/underwear store and pulled out fresh undies, pj's and a robe

'this is what i want, allie is tired so she will probably have a nap

'no problems bea, we are just relaxing for the rest of the day, what are you 2 doing for dinner? bridget asked

'not sure yet

'well im going to cook roast chicken with rice and salad so dont get take away

'sounds good bridget, i better get back to allie

'if you need anything just call out

'will do... going back to the bath she sat down on the edge and washed allie's hair before rinsing it and than pulled the water out, she washed allie's body and rinsed her with the hand held shower head before helping her out of the tub, drying and dressing her

'there you go all fresh and clean

;thank you babe, your amazing

'you are beautiful, how about a lay down?

'yes please im so tired.... they went to the room and allie got into bed and bea pulled the blanket up

'i need a quick shower im sweaty from all the shopping, i wont be long, you go to sleep.... allie nodded, bea returned 10 minutes later and saw allie was trying to stay awake

'allie i thought you went to sleep?

'well i dont like being without you... she said as her eyes rolled around, bea got in bed behind allie and held her in an embrace and kissed her neck

'go to sleep beautiful girl

'i love you... allie mumbled

'i love you more.... bea responded and heard a little giggle from allie before she fell asleep and with allie in her arms bea had never felt so comfortable so she too closed her eyes