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this clara

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Upon finding someone who practically feels more like you than you yourself do, the normal, rational thing would be to dislike them. Quite a lot. One should be jealous or at the very least unnerved.

Skye, though, is simply in awe of this Clara character in her form class.

And Summer is baffled.

See, she can tell that Skye is entertaining the possibility that this Clara is Clara-Clara, with the birdcage planter and the velvet dresses. But, surely she knows that’s impossible? In Skye’s little la-la land, though... And she has a sneaking suspicion that Skye still hasn’t written off all her weird dreams that winter as silly coincidences, even after falling out with Finch.

Cherry, if reluctantly, agrees with Summer. She loves Skye’s imaginings, but she’s learnt the hard way that sometimes, you have to keep things boring for your poor sanity’s sake.

So, Summer and Cherry hover and hint, as they are prone to do. Still, it remains ‘Clara this’ and ‘Clara that’ with Skye, and Honey the Omniscient can’t help but chime in with her view that maybe what Skye’s feeling is a little more than admiration. Really, it could help explain the Finch thing.

Coco sees what Honey sees, soon enough, but she knows better than to get involved. She’s already got her own fair share of drama for the moment, thank you ever so much. She can’t quite see why Skye doesn’t share her sentiments, Finch thing considered. Surely, Skye should want to just sit with herself for a bit, to reset and cuddle with Humbug and roll her eyes obnoxiously at all notions of romance? Because Coco sure does.

And Skye — the clueless, whimsical dear — well, she herself barely knows why she seems to be the Tanberry least bothered by her own breakup. But, barely can be enough for a start.

And it starts like this: Skye slowly realising that perhaps, whether this Clara is that Clara or not, Honey and Coco might maybe have a point.