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Begin Again

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A quiet sigh leaves Fyodor as he slaps the hand that's been poking his cheek away, pulling the patchwork blanket over his head soon enough with a tired groan. This, however, only seems to displease his tormentor and lead them into the next horrible act.

POP QUIZ! How long until you get out from there? The countdown starts.. now!” That was all warning the raven haired boy was given before he felt fingers grip at his side, moving soon to tickle him as his roommate burst into a fit of giggles. He tries to stay composed, but his legs start kicking before too long and breathy laugher follows before he rolls out of bed and onto the floor to escape the other's cruelty.

Sitting up, he is first met with the image of a smiling Krusty The Clown printed on a baby pink shirt, and soon enough with the face of his roommate, Nikolai, whose hair was still a terrible mess, dark circles still visible. Seems he hasn't taken care of his makeup routine yet.

“A minute, that's a new record!” The blond smiled excitedly, lifting his arms up in the air as if celebrating.

“I would prefer if you stopped giving me reasons to raise the score.”

“Aww! But that's the only way to get you out of bed on Mondays!” Fyodor hates that he can't really disagree there. With yet another sigh, he stands up and walks over to the bathroom, opening the mirror cabinet to grab a bottle of iron pills before setting them on the sink counter. It was considerably lighter..

“Kolya, we'll have to go to the apothecary soon. My pills have almost run out.” The remark is loud, but blank in its tone, disinterested as Fyodor always was before his morning coffee or at least 8 AM.

“Got it, got it~! We can go after class today, if you want! We could go to McDonald's too!” The usual joy of his friend makes him smile as he focuses on the task at hand.

“Sure, why not?” Taking his cup, a plastic one with an image of a cute cartoon rat on it, he fills it with water and takes a pill as he does every morning.

By the time he's done, he hears footsteps in the bathroom and Nikolai's reflection in the mirror follows soon after. He seemed to be in his undershirt now, brushing through his hair as he walked.

Taking his own hairbrush, he steps away from the sink, sitting on the edge of the bathtub as he began brushing his hair as well. Meanwhile, Nikolai already began braiding his own and the raven couldn't help but observe quietly as he worked on his own.

“You know,” Nikolai began, already nearing the last section of his braid. He was rather quick with his hands.. “I had one of those nightmares again.”

Fyodor stops his hand, staring at Nikolai as his eyes widen for a moment before he continues as normal.

“Is that so? What was it about?”

Already done with his braid, the blond starts rummaging through his cosmetic bag that always stood on the counter before speaking up again.

“It was super weird! There was this guy who had his skin all peeled off and stuff! Arranged into a suit, no less! Ugh, there was blood everywhere!” He complained as he went about applying concealer over the corners of his dark circles.

“That does sound rather.. grotesque. Is there anything else you can remember?” Fyodor asked, running his fingers through his hair before setting the hairbrush where it belonged.

“I was laughing, I guess. I don't really get it.. Ah man, I should really quit it with horror before bedtime!” And they both knew it was a lie, but they kept it silent as they have been doing for a long while now.

Lastly, Nikolai finally draws that line over his left eye, a stylistic choice, and smiles at his reflection. Fyodor finally stands up from the edge of the tub, only to be met with a smug look from his roommate.

“Last to get dressed pays the McDonald's!” And with that, he rushes out of the bathroom like an excited child, and frankly..

Fyodor doesn't mind losing some money for this kind of cheer to remain by his side.