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At Last

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Franky had just rolled up the driveway, her keys in hand, toying with them anxiously. This was the night, Bridget was coming home after a long month of work out of town. She wanted to give her a warm, and of course a little naughty, welcome back. She had much to prepare, and was daydreaming of the feeling of Bridget’s lips against her own. The touch of her girlfriend’s fingers tracing along her collarbone, and the sensation of soft kisses being planted on her bare stomach. Soft or rough, Franky was determined to please Bridget in every way possible. Even if she would be too tired to do anything, she would respect that.

After about 15 minutes of thinking to herself, she finally got out of the car, and locked it behind her. Much to her surprise, she found the lights still on, and an unfamiliar cardboard box on the dining room table.
‘The fuck? So much for my surprise party.’ She thought to herself, quickly un-zipping her jacket and hanging it up in the front closet.
“Gidget?” Franky called out, sliding her shoes off, throwing them aside.
No response.
She walked towards the table, her dark eyes scattering the room for any sight of Bridget. None. Franky opened the small brown box, and found a note, reading; ‘Thought you’d look great in this, - Bridget, ’. But how did she?
She put the card down, and grabbed the piece of clothing, or rather pieces of clothing out of the box. A two-piece piece of lingerie. Dark red lace underwear, accompanied by a dark red lace bra. Completely revealing.
She scoffed, “Sweet,”

“You like it?”

Franky yelled, “Fuck Gidge! You almost gave me a fucking heart attack!” She hollered, hand on her chest, walking closer towards Bridget, who was wearing a black bralette, lace underwear and black thigh-highs.

“Glad to hear this outfits’ working for ya,” The blonde laughed, leaning in to give Franky a kiss, moving down to her neck, then her chest. Pulling at Franky’s plaid shirt. “Come on baby.” She said, seductively licking her lips and walking back up towards their bedroom.
Franky swallowed heavily, “Fuuck Gidge let me breathe would ya!” Bridget cackled in the other room, as she unbuttoned her shirt. She slid off her black jeans and underwear, replacing them with newer, sexier ones.

“I’m waiting!’ Bridget called out, yawning. “Hurry up!”

“I’m hurrying, I’m coming!” Franky yelled back, sliding a lace bra over her naked breasts.

“Not yet you aren’t!” Bridget hollered back, their mattress creaking as she shifted on the bed.

Franky bit her lip and kicked her clothes to the side of the dining room.

“Oi! Get your hot arse in ‘ere Franky!” Bridget yelled, teasing.

The brunette ran up the stairs.
“God damn.” Franky moaned, making her way to the bedroom door.

They locked eyes, Bridget licking and then biting her bottom lip.

“Come here,” Bridget demanded.

“Do ya want me? Ya want this?” Franky asked, a sly grin planted on her face.

“Yes. Please. I want you,” Bridget said submissively.
Franky walked deeper into the room, right in front of Bridget, who was now standing in the middle of the room. Their foreheads and noses touching, as Franky slid her hands around Bridget’s back, and squeezing her ass.

She stopped, and pushed Bridget onto their bed, kissing her aggressively, carefully placing a hickey on her neck and rapidly ripping off Bridget’s bra. The blonde was struggling to stay quiet, as Franky kissed her, fingers brushing occasionally over her throbbing area.

Eventually, Franky moved down to Bridget’s underwear. She was craving more, and she could see it in her partners’ eyes that she wanted the same. Bridget was shuddering, every muscle in her body, tight. ‘Please’ She mouthed as Franky was looking up at her.

“Wait, did I lock my car?” Franky asked, sitting up on the bed.

“What?” Bridget questioned, propping herself up on the mattress.

“I forgot if I locked the car,”

“You did. I heard the beep,”

“You sure?” Franky asked, “Wasn’t the neighbors?”

“Nop- How did you forget if you locked the car or not so fast?”

“You know, it's like when you enter a room and forget why you’re there. Or like when you take a shi- when you um, do a number two, and forget if you flushed, so you go back to check.”

“And? You want to go back out there in lingerie, while I lie here half naked?”

“Fucking hell,” Franky laughed, her nose wrinkling.

They locked lips again, wet and messy. Wasn’t long until Bridget pulled away, “Please?” She asked biting the left side of her bottom lip. Franky knew exactly what she meant, so she moved Bridget onto her hips, and pushed her onto the headboard, kissing her again. Her fingers ran through the blonde strands of thin, short, hair. Franky finally met with Bridget’s demands and pulled her underwear down, with her teeth.

Bridget was now naked, every roll of her stomach as she sat up, every part of her bare breasts, exposed. And soon, every inch of her inner-thigh would be exposed, too. She slowly opened her legs, and Franky leaned in, then looked into Bridget’s eyes. The blonde reached out for Franky’s hair, running her fingers through it. “I love you,”

With that, the brunette started. Her tongue making circles around her partners clit, Bridget biting her lip, as her chest bucked up from the sensation. Changing patterns after a few seconds, up and down, then slow circles. Bridget made a fistfull of bed sheets, as Franky continued.
She was close.
Franky stopped to kiss Bridget’s wet lips, then moved back down, thrusting her fingers into the blonde.

“Fuck!” She let out an ear-piercing moan, as Franky grinned, guiding her through her orgasm, feeling a rush of accomplishment.

Bridget had finally finished, and Franky had only gotten hornier.
“You’re beautiful,” She told Bridget, moving back to her partner’s red-rosy-cheeked face. Although Franky was tired, Bridget wouldn’t let her slide that easily, she wanted to thank her.

It didn’t take long ‘till Franky was close too, her eyes were rolling to the back of her head, as moans slipped out of her mouth. She got to the point where all she could feel was Bridget’s wet tongue on her wet pussy.

Bridget slipped her fingers in for a second time, Franky’s chest bucked up from the bed. She could feel her whole body shuddering, and her muscles tightening, eyebrows furrowed, mouth wide open, letting out loud moans.

Then, it was finally over, all of the shockwaves in her body had dissipated, because she had came. Bridget’s fingers left with plenty of white substance on them. She wiped the liquid onto her thigh, and shifted over onto Franky, on all fours. “You’re so fucking hot, Franky,” She said, placing a wet kiss on her lover’s neck.

“And you’re breathtaking,” Franky replied, once she caught her breath, then leaned in to kiss Bridget. “Breathtaking.” She repeated, moving on her side, and pulling Bridget under the covers with her. They looked at each other in comfortable silence, gazing into one another’s eyes.

“No but seriously, did I lock the car?” Franky interrupted, a smile on her face.
Bridget smiled back, and kissed the brunette again.