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We need to talk, brother

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Fergus was still looking for work and walked into the Tavern, hoping that he'd find someone to take him on. As a one-handed man he was finding it difficult to find someone to give him work, although he was able to do almost anything any man with both hands could do but all the men could see was his flesh turned to wood. He suddenly had a bigger appreciation of Mr. Murray. Ian, along with Milord, was one of the few men who knew he was just as capable of doing things as anyone else.

As he was about to leave, he bumped into a red haired woman who was making her way to the tavern bar, "Excusez moi, mademoiselle." he apologised in French before looking at her. His eyes widened as he looked up and saw a carbon copy of Milord. He barely heard as she replied in accented French.

"N'y Pensez plus, Monsiuer." she looked up and her eyes widened with a sudden realisation, "Fergus? Is that your name?"

"Aye...forgive me but you look like someone I know."

"Jamie Fraser?" She smiled as his eyes widened again. "my father. My mother is Claire. She told me about you, but in her stories you were a little boy. And so brave." She giggled and smiled at him. "I'm actually trying to find them..." 

Fergus excitedly cut her off. "Then look no further, ma soeur. They are here. In Wilmington, staying with me and my wife in fact. You must come. Milord will be overcome with joy. I dare say Milady will be too." he takes he arm and moves to pull her out of the tavern, almost bumping into Roger in the interim, Brianna was whisked away so quickly by Fergus that neither recognised the other, at first.

When he thought about it Roger realised the red head that the man had whisked away was Brianna. He followed and asked if anyone had seen a man pulling a red haired girl along, they led him to the Fraser house, he was one step towards his love.

Inside the house Brianna was led to the parlour by Fergus, Marsali looked at her and then at her husband. Confusion etched her face; "Fergus Fraser, I'd like you to explain why you've brought another woman into my house!" Brianna looked away.

"Marsali, be at peace. This is Milord's daughter. um..." he looked at Brianna.

"Brianna...Fraser." She chose to leave 'Randall' out of it, if what mama told her was true Brianna wouldn't bring up bad memories by uttering that name.

"Brianna." He smiled at Marsali, "Brianna, my sister. Where is Germain?"

"Go and see for yerself." She looked at Brianna, the lass had hair as red as Jamie's had been when her mam had first met him. If what Fergus had just told her was true then Brianna was also he sister as well as her sister in law. She missed her sister in Scotland. When Fergus moved to see his son she spoke. "yer parents are in there. Ye know yer mam, I take it ye don't know yer da?" Brianna shook her head"

"No. My mother...was married to another man. One of his conditions of taking me was that mama didn't tell me about him...I've known about Jamie for a couple of years but it's nothing compared to the twenty I didn't know him." She smiled at Marsali.

"Aye, my ma married Jamie and he became my da. But he didna love her, at least not as much as she did, and when yer mam came back it nullified the marriage between ma and da." She looked down. "Jamie was good to me though, he gave me away when I got married to Fergus. He wasnae related to either of us but he was there for both of us, the only family either of us had wi us." She grinned, "If I know Jamie Fraser, blood or no, he'll love ye as his own. Especially since ye are." Suddenly the door burst open and Claire emerged, Jamie hot on her heels.

"Bree!" She threw he arms around Brianna's neck and pulled her close. "What are you doing here?" 

Marsali stepped back and put a hand around Fergus' waist. Jamie stepped forward.

"Lass, I didnae think I'd ever meet you." He pulled both his girls close. "When Fergus told us ye had arrived in Wilmington we could scarcely believe it." He let out a deep, hearty laugh that made Brianna's insides warm. She looks over to see Fergus grinning and holding a baby close.

"And this must be Germain." Brianna moved closer. "He's so adorable."

Marsali smiled and nodded, "Aye, this is our wee Germain. Yer nephew." She looks at Brianna. "Even if Fergus didnae consider ye a sister, Jamie was ma da long enough that ye'd be mine." 

Jamie puffs out his chest. He's proud as punch that his daughter and his adopted son get along so well. "A leannan...yer mother and I were invited to a play tonight. Would ye like to accompany us?" 

Brianna looked to Marsali. "No thanks, Jamie..." as much as he tried to hide his hurt at the use of his given name by his daughter, she saw it. "I'll stay here and get to know my siblings." She smiled at her brother and sister.

"Alright a lennan. Take the time to get tae know them, then." Jamie smiled at her. "And, when ye feel ready, ye can call me...da..." 

Jamie's heart sang to look on his daughter take his grandbairn into her arms. This was gonna be the most amazing adventure. Takin care of a twenty-three year old daughter that had nee known him.