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In the Palm of Your Hands

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She was famous.


"The girl who fell out of the sky.”

“The night-born angel.”

"The girl made of Stars."


People began calling her Starlight because for all their years with quirks, no one had been born from nothing.


She had no name. No family. An instantaneous birth, a gift from the cosmos. And it broke his heart when he saw the condition she was in. The wounds, the scars, the pain she emitted even unconscious.


It took most of his strength to transform and catch her and what a sight to behold; a lanky, tired man carrying an unconscious, bleeding child. He couldn't actively hurt her more so when asked what happened, he lied.


'A villain attack. She was taken and dropped from the sky.'


Of course, the nurses didn't believe him. They had heard the news, seen her fall, a broken angel twinkling in the nighttime sky. But they went with it. Who were they to deny this man, a man crying over such a small girl he knew nothing about? So they nodded along, wrote villain attack on her chart and Star in the name bracket so they had something to call her. They stitched and bandaged her and gave her IV after IV in hopes of bringing her body back to normal levels. In all honesty, she should not have been alive. Her vitals so low, the blood loss so severe. But by some miracle she was, and they brought her further from death with each passing day.


The Midoriyas were concerned. The young green haired boy had reported to his mother that his teacher and mentor had failed to show up at school for a week and they soon found out why. The mysterious Starlight child had appeared around the same time he vanished, and Inko cried when Izuku Midoriya told her the news.


For all of his years as a Hero, Toshinori Yagi had never seen someone so broken from life itself. Villains had destroyed innocent people, incapacitated other Heros, but the thing that broke his heart the most was this young girl. So from that day forward the mother swapped places with the Number One Hero, forced him to eat and sleep because he couldn't help the poor child if he became a skeleton. Well, more than he already was.


She had just traded shifts with him, spending her time rubbing the girl's hand, brushing her hair back as she whispered loving words and kind prayers when her fingers twitched. And the girl shifted ever so slightly. It had taken 17 days, but she was finally waking up.


Inko Midoriya called out for the doctors, quietly at first, afraid she was just imagining things. But when the small, star-kissed girl fluttered her eyelids and moaned, Inko yelled, hoping the Hero was close enough to hear her.


A soft noise calls out.


You become aware of your surroundings slowly, eyes heavy and unable to open, head aching as sounds begin assaulting you. You are keenly aware that something is touching you, lightly gripping your hand as if in fear. A soft voice murmurs encouragements and love.


Who is this person? Where are you? Is that a beeping noise?


Your breathing picks up as your body begins waking up more, and you let out a slight moan once you open your eyes, the fluorescent bulbs too much for you. You make a move to pull your arm over your face but are stopped by cables and wires connected to you.


“...ey. Sweetheart, are you awake? Doctor? I think she’s waking up!” The person is yelling now, voice too loud and shrill to your ears. Head pounding, you swat them with your disabled arm, tightening your grip on their own hand when you let out a pained yelp.


“Shut the fuck up .” Your voice is weak and it cracks, but the words hold enough venom that the person stops and instead begins rubbing your arm. Who is this person? And why the fuck are they touching you? Actually, better yet, where are you? Because last time you woke up, you were…


Well, shit. Where even were you?


It hits you fast and you bolt upwards, wires ripped off of you as you freak out. You curl up and smack away the person next to you as emotions hit and you start to feel numb when you see the bandages on your arms.


Not a dream. Everything was real. You finally went through with it… Finally succeeded. And now you’re back, alive, probably about to be shipped away.


The person next to you reaches out and rubs your back hesitantly until they are sure you won't fight them off.


“Hey sweetheart, are you okay? Do you remember what happened? Where you are?” The voice is soft, motherly as it asks you these questions. You tilt your head to her before letting out a small scream.


Inko. Motherfucking. Midoriya.


How? Why? This shouldn’t be possible. Are you hallucinating? You were no stranger to seeing unfamiliar images and shapes, but a whole person? You could feel her, smell the light floral perfume she wore, the room was freezing cold. Despite the bags of pain meds running through your system, the healing wounds still ache like hell. There was no way this was just a figment of your imagination. Everything felt too real, more so than it ever had before.


Sounds begin to fade-in again and you hear the door slamming open. Before you can react, you are pulled into someone's arms, held tightly against someone large and warm. You flinch at the person’s touch and you can feel the panic set in, but the arms wrapped around you never let go. They loosen, allowing you the ability to wiggle and breathe, but the person didn't dare let you go. Your senses are assaulted, soft mumblings in your ear, the voice deep, soothing. The scent of pine needles and firewood, warming you inside, giving you a sense of home. Who was this man? Why did it feel so safe with him?


“Toshinori you should probably let the poor girl go, she just woke up…” Inko Midoriya began, but she stopped herself and you soon knew why. Toshinori Yagi was crying. His tears were warm as they fell down, landing softly on your shoulders. The water, however, did not remain. Shortly after falling the droplets rose off of your skin and hospital gown and hovered mid-air around the two of you. The light shining through the windows hits them, causing a prism of colours to dance across the room. You could hear Inko gasp as she looked on in awe, distracted by the sudden spectacle. The Number One Hero pulled himself away from you, wiping his eyes off before running his eyes up and down your body.


Unlike you were accustomed to, these eyes held no malice or lust, the caring look he gave you as he surveyed your condition, right arm bleeding from where the IV line came out. This was not home. You were not surrounded by asshole teens or abusive people, but rather two of the sweetest adults in this world.


The world of My Hero Academia.


It felt odd to admit. Your mind unable to comprehend your existence here, or why for the life of you, the new illustrated appearance of this world seemed so normal.


Now that you were taking in your surroundings and really noticing where you are, the change is remarkable. Everything had a sharp edge to it, colours brighter than were possible in the real world. The floating water droplets were surreal, the prisms reflected much more vibrantly than when you first laid eyes on them. But you could only really tell a difference if you focused on it, and that left you with the beginnings of a migraine, so instead you focused on the two adults. Both wore hopeful expressions as they waited for something, and it took an additional minute before you realized what. They were waiting for you to speak and offer some sort of explanation. You could feel your face redden as you opened and closed your mouth, unsure of what to say. Before you could ask what happened, a phone rang and Inko flushed red.


Upon seeing her reaction, Toshinori nodded.


“It’s okay Inko, your boy needs you. And besides," he chuckles as he looks back at you, the shadows around his eyes lifting ever so slightly, "I am here." He grins at you, a goofy toothy grin that said, 'Yes, I am aware I said my own catchphrase, but you wouldn't know that.'


He's so full of himself, such a nerd. The thought made you smile. Meeting the man millions adored in his regular state, acting like a five-year-old that knew a secret. Inko dismissed herself and gave a small wave as she walked out the doorway and a realization hit you. If the two knew one another, then obviously you missed a full semester, given the two had not met until after the Training Camp Arc and the beginning of the Dormitories. The thoughts swirled in your head and you began wondering why you were brought here now, and why you were brought here overall. All Might waved his hand to grab your attention and your face flushed in response.


"Would you happen to know how you got here, young Starlight?"


Blinking a few times, you stare dumbfound. Starlight? Is that supposed to be you? Because the name made no sense until he began telling you your origin tale. Of the mysterious girl who appeared from the sky, falling back to the earth bathed in stars. The male's voice rose ever so slightly as he lies to you, claiming All Might had caught you and then gave you to him before vanishing. As he recounts his trip to the hospital and watching over you, your breath catches.


Somehow, a nobody like you had captured the Greatest Hero's attention and had single-handedly taken over his life with your mere existence. It hurt you to think of the pain he had obviously gone through, otherwise, he would not have cried earlier. That reminder made you feel incredibly sad and as your tears began falling, the floating orbs of water lost their iridescence and had started sinking to the floor, matching your own tears. It was an inconsolable sadness, brought along by the fact that kind strangers suffered so much at your hands. You didn't want to burden anyone which was one of the reasons for your choices, and yet here you were, listening to a stranger discuss the two weeks of solitude awaiting your return to the land of consciousness.


Before you knew it you were bawling, picking at the bandages wrapping your arms up subconsciously. Toshinori Yagi grabbed your hands and held them in his own, thumbs brushing the backs of them to offer some consolation. His movements were soft, afraid to cross a line he had yet to see.


So you offered up the truth. Of your real life, your name and age, of how miserable and terrifying your daily life way. Of the demons you faced at school, at home, alone. You talked until your voice was gone, until your eyes were so puffy and red from crying that it hurt to keep them awake. And once you finished your tale you had no strength left to prepare for the backlash you expected. But again, there was no harsh reality to come slap you awake; instead, there was a fatherly male, brushing your hair back lightly as he wrapped you in the hospital blankets.


Knowing what was happening, you huffed in irritation. Falling asleep again, after just waking up from a two-week coma? You would have fought to stay awake had you not remembered the troubles you caused him. So instead of fighting, you closed your eyes to rest yet again. Before you drifted off, you heard him speak once more, hushed so as to not disturb you.


“How do I explain this to Nezu and Shota?”


Oh boy, next time you woke up, it was not going to be fun.