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Caught in the Middle

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bea's chest was hurting, it felt like she couldnt breath, opening her eyes she saw she was in the garage on the floor and could see the door leading to the house there was smoke coming from there and you could see the orange coloured flames trying to break through, looking around she found shane laying beside her, rolling over she tapped his cheek

'shane, shane wake up... he groggily woke up and bea helped him to sit up

'what the hell happened? he coughed

'i dont know, shane look the house is on fire

'shit, the girls...they both jumped up and went to the door

'ahh fuck... bea yelled as she tried to open it up but it was scorching hot

'are you alright?

'yea, get me that that cloth there please... handing bea the clothe and getting one for himself bea tried to open the door

'fuck, its locked, DEBBIE, ALLIE, KAZ!!!! she yelled out but no answer, shane tried to open the main door but because the electricity had been cut it wasnt working

'shit were stuck, were gonna fry... shane said fear in his voice and eyes

'hey you listen to me, everything will be okay i will get us all out

'but how? were stuck, the girls are probably in there

'i have an idea, follow me..... going to the few cupboards bea has she swung the large one open revealing 2 fire blankets, 2 fire extinguishers an axe and a few other tools

'woah, how do you even have this stuff?

'i needed to make sure my daughter was protected no matter what happened and im not giving up now

'okay, im with you lets do this bea

'im going to work on the small door, i need you to work on the garage and get out of here, go to the neighbours and call for help and than smash open all the windows in the house so the smoke can get free

'okay.... as bea took a blanket, an extinguisher and the axe she went to the door between the garage and the house and started to hit at the door over and over again, she knew she was making progress when she could feel the heat coursing through the wood, she took a step back and kicked it a few times before it broke open and a fireball rolled over her head and she and shane dropped down

'shit are you alright shane?

'im fine, you?

'im good, im going in be careful

'i will...... putting the blanket over her and taking the extinguisher bea went inside the house which was well and truly lit up, her vision wasnt good due to the smoke, she could hear windows breaking so assumed shane had gotten out which was good, she made her way to the front door swinging it open as she could hear the fire engines and police sirens, going along the wall on her hands and knees she made it to the kitchen but couldnt see the girls there

'DEBBIE, ALLIE, KAZ where are you? she heard coughing

'bea... she heard a groan

'who's that? where are you?

'dining table... she heard over the roaring flames and crawled towards there using the extinguisher to clear a path

'kaz, are you okay?

'im okay but allie and debbie

'where are they?

'there upstairs

'alright hold on a second.... she went to the kitchen and found a few dish towels and soaked them, she also put the plug in to fill the sink and flood it to help out, it wasnt much but better than nothing, going back to kaz she gave her one

'keep this over your nose and mouth and crawl out to the front door, its open and shane is out there

'okay..... kaz took off towards the door and when she got there shane was there to help her out and carried her to the road where all the fire engines, police and ambulances were pulling up, when shane got out there were neighbours already there and had called the necessary people

bea put the other cloth over her face and went to the stairs, they were very unsteady but she needed to get her girls, crawling up as gently as she can she arrived at the top and heard a creak and jumped aside as the stairs collapsed,

'fucking hell.... she mumbled but she needed to continue, gong into debbie's room first she called out to them but nothing so checked kaz's room and than shanes but no good, crawling into her room which was well lit she called out again

'ALLIE, DEBBIE WHERE ARE YOU? she went over to the window and smashed it open before going to the bathroom as she couldnt hear any voices, thats where they were laying there on the floor allie covering debbie and both were out cold, allie was covering debbie's body to protect her from any harm, checking there pulses they were there but very faint, she kept slapping there faces but they wouldnt wake

'come on both of you wake up.... but she got nothing, she turned the shower on cold and plugged the drain with a towel, doing the same with the sink, there was no fire in the bathroom but plenty of smoke, she had to get them out so went to the window and stepped out onto the roof and shane saw her so he got closer followed by a few others

'miss im in charge here, call me matt, who's in there?

'my daughter and my girlfriend, there in the bathroom

'how are they doing?

'there both out of it i cant wake them up

'are they hurt physically?

'i dont think so, i think smoke inhalation, i cant bring them down the stairs collapsed

'alright im going to set up a blow up drop, can you bring them out through the window?

'yes i will bring out debbie first.... bea went back inside and crawled to the bathroom, rolling allie over and sliding her closer to the shower to keep her cool, she picked debbie up in her arms and slowly made her way to the window and getting out there, she saw a big blow up device on the ground

'is that safe?

'yes it is, as soon as she comes down the ambulance will take her to the hospital

'shane go with her please

'i got her bea i promise...... bea wasnt very comfortable on throwing debbie like this but she needed to do it, taking a step back to get a better stance she swung debbie back and threw her forward and let go, hoping with everything in her that should be safe, she watched as debbie's limp body landed in the middle of the device and they all scurried to get her off and in the ambulance, they put her on the bed and put the oxygen mask on her straight away and took off

'alright go and get allie... matt said.... bea went inside and the flames were much worse, staying low she made it to the bathroom and over to allie trying to wake her again

'baby wake up please.... but allie didnt wake, bea wasted no time in picking her up and making her way to the window but half way the floor gave out and her foot fell through

'ahhhhhh..... she yelled out, putting allie down she kept the fire blanket over her and tried to lift her self but there was a piece of wood in her left thigh and pulling it out was so painful, she had no choice than to pull the wood from the floor as it was lose and leave it in her for now, pulling herself up gently she grabbed a shirt from the floor that she found and secured it to keep the wood in place groaning at how painful it really was, taking a few deep breath's she looked down at allie and lifted her up again, limping to the window and climbing out of it with allie,

'hey hey she's back... one of the officers yelled and matt stepped forward

'bea how is she doing?

'barely breathing

'alright now you have 2 choices, throw her and than you jump or you jump holding her?

'she has to go first, i have a piece of wood in the my thigh.... she pointed out and matt nodded

'alright, the same way as debbie.... bea nodded and took a step back and swung allie and let go breathing a sigh of relief when she landed on the blow up device, once she saw allie being taken to the ambulance matt looked at her

'bea jump so you land on your back, so you dont make your leg worse.... bea nodded and taking a step back she went to take off when there was an explosion and bea was thrown from the roof but luckily not too far as she ended up ont eh device but right on the the edge and she was out cold, they all rushed to get her to an ambulance and check her injuries and was taken to hospital, kaz had gone with allie

'everyone get those hoses going.... matt said out loud and the hoses were on the house trying to extinguish the fire but by the looks of it everything was destroyed



franky was sleeping deeply after her night with bridget, they had gone to dinner and than spent the night talking in bed, her phone began ringing and she groaned, opening her eyes she saw it was 3am, she picked up her phone and it said private number, no one ever called her from private number but she answered it anyways

'hello? she groaned out

'franky, franky is that you? its shane..... she could hear the distress over the phone

'shane, whats wrong?

'there's been a fire at bea's house, the house is gone

'what? what the hell happened? she said as she sat up in bed, bridget had also woken by franky's voice

'i dont know, please come here

'where are you?

'at the hospital, allie, debbie and bea are all hurt please come... he choked out on the verge of crying

'alright calm down shane, im on my way

'okay... franky hung up and turned to bridget

'there has been a fire, bea, allie and debbie have been hurt... bridget's eyes went wide with worry about her niece and her friends

'lets go now franky..... they jumped up and got dressed and left to go to the hospital, fanky rang maxine and boomer and let them know what happened and they would meet frnaky at the hospital, she tried to ring liz but didnt get an answer so left a message, the radio was playing and it was all over the news about bea's house and it made both the girls even more anxious knowing the details, arriving they parked the car and ran inside to the reception desk

'im franky doyle i need to see bea smith, debbie, allie, shane and kaz, all of them from the fire that just happened

'are you family?

'yes i am, im shane's sister and this is allie's aunty..... she made up the lie about her being shane's sister otherwise they wouldnt let her in

'okay hold on a moment... the reception lady checked the details before looking up

'you can see shane and karen but the other 3 are still being assessed, come through this door and i will take you to them.... franky and bridget followed the lady down the hall and entered into a room with 2 beds in the emergency area, kaz and shane were laying down with oxygen masks over there faces

'shane, kaz.... franky went to shane and hugged the young kid, he cried into her shoulder

'hey its alright shane, its okay buddy.... bridget want to kaz hugging the blonde, after some time shane calmed down and franky pulled back wiping his tears

'just relax and keep this on

'did you find out about the others?

'there still being assessed, how are you 2 feeling? kaz?

'im fine just smoke inhalation


'smoke inhalation and a few stitches on my head

'what happened?

'we had dinner and we were sitting there talking when all the electricity went out so bea and i went to check the box, the wires were all cut so went headed back inside but i felt something hit me in the head

'did you see anything?

'no, bea woke me and we were in the garage and it was filled with smoke, both the door connecting to the house and the garage was locked so bea showed me her fire cupboard, she used the axe and broke the door down and headed in, i used her electric drill to brake the lock on the garage and opened it up, there were a few neighbours there and they helped me out, one called 000 emergency and another guy helped break all the windows, bea told me to do that to let all the smoke out, kaz came crawling out not too long later but kaz said allie and debbie were upstairs and bea had to throw them from the roof as they were out cold, plus the stairs collapsed

'fucking hell, thats crazy, 'who the hell did this? franky said

'probably joan... kaz said and dropped her head in shame, she didnt know what to say and was pretty sure joan did this to get back at her and the others,

'this is all my fault

'no kaz dont do that, if it was her its her fault and i will take care of that bitch, the fault lies with whoever did this

'but joan.... kaz tried to protest but franky put her hand up

'no dont kaz, i wont let you blame yourself for something that wasnt your fault.... kaz bit her quivering lip as the tears rolled down her cheeks, she was angry, upset, mad and everything else to go with it all, just as bridget went to speak they heard a loud voice


'miss you cant, your not family


'oh shit i better go get boomer.... franky ran down the corridor and opened the door seeing a worked up boomer and maxi trying to calm her

'boomer calm down

'eh franky she wont let me in

'nurse thats bea's sister she needs to see the family, they both do

'well she cant just be speaking like that

'i know, boomer apologise

'yea right... boomer scoffed

'boomer apologise or you wont be able to come in

'fine. im sorry your a bitch.... maxine snickered and turned her head and franky stepped closer

''BOOMER!!! properly

'yea alright alright, ugh im sorry i was loud and shit, but ya know i wanted ta see bea

'your forgiven, you can go in but dont be loud

'cheers ay... 'nurse ratshit... boomer mumbled as she and maxine followed franky where the others were

'hey guys you alright?

'were fine boomer

'how about bea, allie and debbie?

'nothing yet, actually franky why dont you come with me and see if we can find out anything?

'okay gidge, maxi please keep this one down

'of course love..... bridget and franky went to the nurse from before

'hi sorry about my friend she is just worried

'i understand, its okay

'is there any news on the girls?

'let me see a moment.... she placed a call to the doctor talking for a bit before hanging up

'okay so debbie and allie have been put on oxygen and they have given them something to clear there lungs, they will be rolled into the room with the other 2 very soon there just having a few tests done

'have they woken up?

'not yet

'okay, how about bea?

'well she had to have surgery on her leg as she had a piece of wood puncture her thigh and she lost some blood

'how long will that take?

'a couple more hours, what i can do is once she is out of surgery i can get the doctor to come and update you

'that would be great, thank you for your help.... walking back to the room franky told them all the information that was given, not long later allie and debbie were rolled in and hooked up to the electric socket, the machine that they were connected to was to help them breath for a while till there lungs were clear of the smoke, bridget went to allie and sat beside her taking her hand and kissing her cheek,

'oh sweet heart.... she let a couple tears roll down her cheeks, franky and maxine went to debbie holding her hand to show her someone is here for her

'i cant believe what happened

'me neither maxi, has anyone seen the house?

'i watched the news in the car on the way here its gone, its completely gone, i saw it on the video it caved in... boomer said

'kaz do you know how the fire started?

'not really, but there was more the a couple people involved thats for sure, when bea and shane went outside allie and debbie went upstairs to get candles, i felt someone come behind me and put something to my face and i couldnt really breath, as i was losing consciousness i could hear a couple voices and one said go get the others upstairs, the next thing i know i could hear bea and than she told me to crawl outside, the fire was very much lit at this stage and it just continued to get worse

'fucking hell, they fucking lost everythin

'its okay boomer, as long as they are okay than everything else can be replaced

'except debbie's teddy bear.... boomer said and they all looked around knowing how important that was to bea and debbie,


years ago when harry had hit bea one day and left her a mess debbie came out of her room at maybe 5-6 years old freaking out as her mum had blood everywhere, she was screaming and crying in bea's arms, her little body shaking uncontrollable, bea had called an ambulance because she was having trouble breathing, thats where the officers found them when they got there, bea had passed out from the pain and debbie was curled up to her body crying, the next day when bea woke up all she could think about was debbie and in panic she tried to sit up but couldnt out of pain, as she groaned and moaned in pain she felt a little hand slide into hers and she looked to the side

'mummy, are you okay?

'baby... bea stroked her cheek 'im okay, are you alright?

'yea, liz is with me... liz stood by the little girl

'hey sweety, how you feeling?

'im okay... liz could see the pain in her eyes and nodded,

'sure you are, debbie is staying with me for a while and you will too when you get out

'i need to get out now

'no you dont bea, you need to heal and debbie is safe with me... taking out a $5 she handed it to debbie

'sweety there is a machine just outside the door go and get something for yourself

'okay, mummy do you want anything?

'no thanks baby... debbie nodded and walked out

'bea harry has been arrested, he is being held on remand at the jail


'yea, the police arent stupid and his knuckles were bloodied and bruised

'thats a relief.... she breathed a sigh of relief 'did you by any chance bring my phone?

'yes i did and your bag and your safety money envelope

'can you do me a favour please

'anything love

'can you take some money from my bag and go and buy a teddy bear for me from the shop down stairs

'i can do that, but why?

'you will find out soon, leave debbie with me

'alright... taking some money from bea's bag she bought debbie in who has some m&m's and sat her on the bed next to bea

'i wont be long... liz left and debbie looked at her mum touching her cheek where there was a bandaid

'are you hurting?

'i am but i will be okay

'did daddy do it? he is a bad man

'he is baby but you dont worry he will never hurt you

'but he does, when you get hurt i hurt here... she pulled bea's hand to sit over her little beating heart and bea had to wipe her tears away

'baby im so sorry you saw all that, i wish you never did

'i was scared mummy, i stayed with you until someone came

'thank you, you helped me so much... just than liz walked in handing the beautiful white teddy bear to bea

'sweety this is for you, whenever you feel scared, or worried or you miss me you just hug this bear and its like hugging me, im right here in your heart

'thank you mommy, i love you so so much,.... debbie had never let go of that bear since that day and now it was gone and both debbie and bea will be shattered, harry went to jail for 3 months but when he came out he beat bea like she was taking his last breath from him, the day he disappeared was the best day ever, she doesnt know what happened to him but she did know that he would always come back for her


they stayed there for some time till they heard some coughing and they all looked up to see debbie waking up, franky called for a nurse and 2 of them came in with a doctor, debbie was struggling with the tube down her throat

'debbie im doctor bennett you have a tube down your throat, just relax your muscles while i take it out... debbie nodded and grabbed franky's hand, within a few seconds the tube was out and debbie coughed a bit more

'water... she croaked out, franky helped her drink a little bit of water and debbie lay back down

'have slow sips debbie, your gonna be sore for a few days but you will be fine, we will keep you in for a couple days to make sure... debbie nodded

'okay, thank you doctor

'i will leave you guys to it... the doctor left and franky sat on the bed next to debbie

'you feeling okay?

'yea, my chest is tight and my throat hurts but i think thats normal, hows mum and allie? shane, kaz?

'shane and kaz are right there... franky pointed to them and they waved


'she is here, she hasnt woken yet although she inhaled more than you so hopefully soon


'she is a bit worse off, she has smoke inhalation, her thigh was impaled by a piece of wood, not sure how and she was thrown from the roof by an explosion so were not sure right now, she is due out of surgery very soon

'she has to be okay franky, they both do

'i know debbie, just relax right now, you need to heal and hopefully we will have news.... debbie nodded and held franky's hand to her chest and fell asleep not too long later,



bea had woken up her head was throbbing and her chest hurt bad, looking around she saw a doctor and a couple nurses, she tried to speak but couldnt as she coughed and they turned to face her

'bea your okay sweety, you have a tube down your throat we are going to remove it... the nurse put on gloves and gently removed it from bea's throat

'alright bea just take slow breathe's in and out, do you want some water? bea looked at her confused, she saw her lips moving but couldnt hear anything,

'bea? bea scrunched her face up and the doctor took out a pen and wrote something on the pad and showed her

'can you hear? bea shook her head no, he wrote something else

'the explosion might have hurt your ear drums, im going to send you for tests.... bea nodded, he wrote something else down

'are you in pain? she nodded and pointed to her leg, head and chest, so he wrote down he would get some pain relief and get her to her tests, he went to walk away and she said something

'debbie... she turned to her and wrote on his pad again

'debbie is okay, she woke up and is with franky and the others,

'shane? kaz? allie? he took time to write the next one not wanting to freak her out,

'shane and kaz are fine, allie hasnt woken up yet but is in the room with debbie and the others

'will she be okay?

'she inhaled a lot of smoke and has a nasty cut on her head, hopefully she will wake soon... bea nodded worry etched all over her face, the doctor mumbled something to a nurse and she took off, bea lay there alone and scared, she couldnt hear and allie still hadnt woken up, just than she felt a hand slip into hers and she turned and smiled

'debbie... debbie waved been filled in on her condition, she grabbed the pen and paper she was given from the nurse and wrote down

'are you okay?

'i am fine, you?

''im okay... she wrote, 'allie.... bea nodded

'i know deb, it will be okay.... debbie wrote something else down

'the house is gone, teddy is gone... bea wiped the tears from her daughters cheeks,

'i will fix this, dont worry baby... debbie nodded, debbie saw the doctor and nurses come back in

'mum there taking you for tests now, do you want me to come? bea nodded and debbie smiled, debbie was able to sit on the bed beside her mum as she went and did her tests to see the extensive of the damage, once finished bea was taken to her room on the ward, it was for 4 people but no one else was there, they just lay together comfortable in each others arms for a while till debbie heard noise and looked up tapping her mum, they watched as allie was rolled in with bridget right beside her, kaz were rolled in on the bed and set up, shane, franky, maxine and boomer following on foot with the nurses and doctors one of them coming over to bea and debbie

'how are we doing?

'im okay, mum seems to be calm

'we got the results for the tests she has a piece of glass on the ear drum which is slopping her from hearing

'how do you fix it?

'its not surgery at this point, i am going to do it now and try and remove it

'okay, give me a few moments to explain it to her

'of course, i will be back in 20 minutes or so.... all the others had waved at bea but didnt approach her just yet trying to give her time to get her head around what had happened, debbie sat up and grabbed her pen and pad writing down what the doctor said, she showed bea and bea raised an eyebrow at her and she wrote something else

'it will be okay, im right here with you.... bea nodded and hugged her little girl, franky approached and looked at the 2

'you okay? bea nodded

'allie? bea said

'give her time, she inhaled a lot of smoke.... franky wrote down


the doctor managed to get the glass out easily which was good and in time bea will be able to hear properly, boomer came over to bea and wrote something on the pad

'shane is staying with me, so dont worry... bea smiled

'thank you... she wrote something else

'i will bash some tits in... bea, debbie and the others all giggled, only boomer can bring so much light to this situation, just than they all turned to see 2 police officers walk in

'we need to take statements about what happened? franky stepped forward

'you can take shane's and kaz's right now, debbie you can get tomorrow and bea cant hear yet, allie hasnt even woken

'who are you?

'franky doyle, there lawyer and im very interested in what happened?

'we know it was deliberately lit but apart from that not much, the fire is still going and there trying to put it out, the fire chief will be in contact as soon as he can

'fine give him my details.... she handed him a card from her wallet

'i will miss doyle, we wont be long, shane and kaz can you follow us to the room over here please.... franky nodded at them and they followed the officers, franky wrote on bea's notepad

'its okay they just a statement, deliberately lit but thats all they know, i will be your lawyer... bea nodded, once the statements were done boomer left with shane so he could get some rest, bea and debbie fell asleep, debbie hadnt even gone to her bed wanting to be close to her mum, bea had spent an hour staring at allie worried she wouldnt wake, her blonde hair was black , her eyes dark, her skin pale, her poor girl was hurt and she couldnt do anything to help her, kaz was also asleep, once she had fallen asleep franky gave them an extra blanket and than sat beside bridget who was still holding allie's hand

'she will be okay gidge

'60% of people with smoke inhalation die because there bodies cant handle it, allie body has been through enough and she may not be able to handle this kind of thing

'you need to stay positive, she is a strong girl and she has something very special waiting for her... franky nodded towards bea and debbie

'yea she does, i can tell that bea loves her and cares so much for her

'she does, shit red never looked at me like that

'oh baby i do dont worry

'thanks gidge, what can i do for you?

'you being here is all i need baby,..... maxine had gone to get food and returned not too long later with a couple trays of bits and pieces from the bakery and coffee for them all, bea and debbie woke to eat and than debbie went back to sleep but on her bed this time, bea herself needed to get off the bed so swung her legs around gently franky seeing this and went over to her

'what are you doing? she wrote down

'i need to see allie, i need to hold her hand

'bea your hurt.....

'i dont care, i need to make sure she is okay, i need to feel her.... franky understood and helped bea up and gave her the crutches

'just slowly okay

'im fine... bea hobbled over to allie and sat down beside her bed, franky elevated her leg on another chair and took bridget to have a break with maxine, bea held allie's hand and kissed her palm

'im right here baby, you wake up soon yea, debbie and i need you...... allie's hand was clammy and slightly cold but held on like her life depended on it, after some time she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see debbie



'wait, you can hear me?

'holy shit i can, my hearing is back

'thats awesome mum, what are you doing here? you should be in bed

'i needed to be close to her, sorry

'dont be, i understand... debbie said taking a seat next to bea and holding her mums hand

'are you okay baby?

'im sore but im okay

'do you know what happened? upstairs?

'we went to get candles and while we were going through your draws in your room a couple guys grabbed us and held something over our faces

'probably chloroform

'i guess so, anyways the next thing i remember we woke up and were on the floor in the bedroom and saw we were surrounded by flames so allie took us to the bathroom and she went to check if there was a way out but at that time there wasnt so she came back and hovered over me to not get hurt, she took in a lot of smoke mum, she had my face covered with her shirt which was wet, she saved my life as did you

'she sue did, now we just need her to wake up

'i hope its soon.... both girls sitting there thinking about this woman that in different ways saved both of there lives, she saved debbie from inhaling too much smoke and she saved bea in just being with her, the love just oozed out of her making bea feel complete and fulfilled