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Thunderstorms Bring Sunshine

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“I don’t understand how you feel at all.




Or could it be that




you don’t even have feelings?”




“Oi, wake up!”


Mob felt a faint smack on his cheek and opened his eyes to a familiar glowing green spirit. Rubbing his eyes, the teen sat up, the blob of ectoplasm continuing to speak.


“You were supposed to be at Spirits and Such about an hour ago! Jeez, we were waiting for you for ages.” He continued to ramble, Mob nearly choking at the words and hurrying to fold his futon and mumbling apologies, the spirit leaving as he did so. He grabbed a random outfit and shoved it on, rushing out the door as quickly as possible.


While rushing to the train station, Mob checked the time on his phone and realized that there weren’t any trains scheduled soon that were heading towards Spirits and Such.


I guess I could just run there and take a bus nearby, Mob thought, I’ve been skipping out on body improvement since summer started, anyway. The teen took a second to figure out which way he had to head before starting to pick up his speed into a light jog.


As he ran, he started to recount all that had happened over the course of his middle school years. Taking down Dimple’s cult and making allies with him in the process, his fight and friendship with Teru, joining the Body Improvement Club, Ritsu gaining powers, invading the Claw 7th Division, Emi being his (temporary) (fake) girlfriend, and investigating the urban legends. Overall, the year was extremely eventful for him and those involved. He could even say that, aside from the difficult memories, that he had fun.


Smiling at the memory, Mob stopped to catch his breath before realizing that he had no clue where he was - he had been too caught up in his memories to keep track where he was going. Taking deep breaths, he decided to look around at shops and scenery to get an idea of where he had ended up at, and started to walk back in the direction he came from, taking notice of the signs and shop names. After turning a couple corners, Mob found himself on a beachfront he couldn’t recognize; he knew there was one a few dozen minutes out from his house, but it was completely covered in trash, which only seemed to occupy half of this certain beach. Trying to logically think about this, he concluded that most beaches had the city’s name in its own title, which drove him to the decision that he should walk along the sand until he found a dedicatory sign.


Eventually, Mob ended up at the site of where most of the trash lay, with still no sign in sight. Approaching the piles of garbage, he was able to pick up the sound of two voices having a hushed conversation… from the piles. So there were two people in the middle of a load of trash, just… talking. Okay. Not weird at all. Feeling a hint of curiosity, Mob grew closer to the site, trying to stay quiet to pick up what was being said, edging along the towers of garbage. I want to see who’s talking, but it’s too risky to peek over in case they see me, Mob thought to himself, I guess I could use my quirk for a second to lift myself over the pile. I don’t think they’d see me…


His usual black eyes turning purple as a side effect of his quirk, Mob felt himself being lifted off the ground, slowly raising himself until he could see over the stack. Immediately, he took note of the back of a scrawny blonde older man taking initiative of the conversation, of which he was having with a plain-looking, freckled, green-haired boy. After a mere second, green eyes clashed with purple, startling Mob, which caused him to immediately release his quirk, dropping to the ground with a soft thud. He could hear the older voice stop let out a “What was that?” as the sound of feet scruffing against the ground approached.


Mob bolted to his feet, purple eyes fading to black as he started to back up from the source of the sounds, but it was too late, as the plain boy poked his head over one of the piles, his eyes brightening as they made contact with Mob - the green teen didn’t hesitate to strike up a conversation.


“I knew that I saw someone over the trash! I thought I was hallucinating, of course, but that could only be the work of a quirk! Say, is yours levitation? Or can you stretch your limbs to get really tall? Or dismember your head?” Out of nowhere, the boy seemed to have a notebook and pencil in his arms, the book seemingly burnt and shriveled. Panicking a bit under the pressure, Mob felt a few beads of sweat build up on his forehead as he shifted his eyes away, feeling obligated to respond.


“Well, uhm, it’s kind of… psychic powers.” He responded simply, his shoulders arched up due to his nerves. The green boy’s sparkling eyes shifted to his notebook as he seemed to write something down and mumbling to himself. Mob started to back away slightly, trying to escape the situation, jumping when the boy whipped his head up and began questioning again.


“What’re your limits? Your eyes turn purple when you use it, right? Is there a range? What does ‘psychic’ entail?” He continued, his words mixing together to become a mixture of questions and inquiries. However, before he could answer any of the eligible questions, the older blonde man placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder to get him to calm down.


“Now now, young Midoriya, it isn’t polite to burden a stranger with questions, right?” The man spoke up with a smile on his skeleton-like face, which seemed to make the boy - Midoriya, Mob assumed - loosen up a bit.


“Right!” He replied before turning back to Mob, “Sorry for questioning so fast! What’s your name, by the way? My name is Midoriya Izuku.”


“Ah, my name’s Kageyama Shigeo, b-but people call me Mob.” He replied quickly, stuttering a bit, but feeling slightly more calm than he did before. Seeing how excited Midoriya was over his quirk felt… strange, as he never thought of it to be a good thing.


“Mob, huh? Are you around my age? I’m actually applying to high school soon! I’m going to go to U.A. to become a hero!” Midoriya squeaked, seeming to perk up at talking about his dream.


“Y-yeah, I’m 14, and I’m starting high school too, though I don’t know where I want to go. I don’t really want to be a hero.” Mob responded honestly, feeling a slight hint of guilt when he saw the teen deflate a bit.


“Why not? Most people want to be heroes. Your quirk could be really powerful, too, if you wanted it to be.” Midoriya questioned, feeling genuinely confused as to why a normal person his age wouldn’t want to be a hero; the thought was foreign to him, as he wanted to be a hero all his life.


Mob shivered at the thought of his quirk being “powerful” or even using it against someone, taking a few moments to think of his response. “I just don’t like using my quirk on others. My master taught me that I shouldn’t use it against anyone.”


“I guess that makes sense… but if you’re a hero, you’re protecting innocent people from those who find joy in hurting others. Isn’t it okay, in that case?”


“I… guess so.” He responded simply, not wanting to go into further detail about it, as he took a while to process the logic that Midoriya put into his mind. I guess I’ll have to ask master about it… Ah, right! I’m going to be late! He panicked mentally and thought of a way to exit the situation. “W-well, um, I just remembered I’m late to meeting my master, so I have to go now. And, uh, thank you for the advice. If you don’t mind me asking, what were you doing by the trash?”


“Ah! I was doing physical training by cleaning the trash off this beach. The U.A. entrance exam is really tough, so I’ll have to practice a lot to get in.” He replied with a shy smile, a faint blush dusting his cheeks at the joy of making a new friend. “It’s been fun talking to you, Mob! I hope you’re able to change your view on heroes. If you don’t, that’s okay, though!”


“R-Right. Thank you, Midoriya.” Mob said as he gave a polite bow and headed off towards the way he came. As he left, he noticed something: a beach sign that had the city’s name on it. After a few seconds, he figured out the way he had to head to get to Spirits and Such - albeit two hours late - and quickly headed the right direction, his mind filling up with thoughts again, although he was careful to not get lost this time.

U.A., huh?

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